Wow! We have a lot going on today as Dr. Phil catches up with Marty. Bridget, who recently appeared on Dr. Phil, is a young woman whose mother chose a detrimental lifestyle over her own children. Bridget makes a very emotional plea to Alexandra. Her candid message speaks truth from her heart. I hope Alexandra can hear what Bridget is saying.

I am thankful Dr. Phil is able to meet with Marty face to face and talk with him about our daughters and grandchildren.

Marty is the kind of man who likes to get things fixed - quickly - and move on. He has been working very hard to listen, understand and influence Alexandra and Katherine. I think Marty finds both of our daughters very frustrating. Occasionally, we experience a small flicker of hope with Alexandra. She appears to truly understand what Dr. Phil is saying; when our hopes are dashed as she makes excuses for her poor decisions or denies her poor choices ever happened.

Dr. Phil's comment regarding Alexandra: "I think she has an involvement with these guys who feel safe to her, because they don't require anything from her." Dr. Phil's observation makes perfect sense. I was never able to understand why she chose the particular caliber of men in her life. It is obvious now: Marty and I did not require enough from our daughters when they were young. Now, they do not require enough from themselves.

Marty and I realize the mistakes we made with Alexandra and Katherine. Dr. Phil helps us by giving us better parenting and relationship tools.

Every day, Marty and I work on making our home a peaceful, safe, sanctuary. We are not  "The Cleavers"; we get it wrong more than we get it right. However, at the end of the day, we review what we did well and what we can do better. We recognize our own errors and we take responsibility for our actions.

Marty and I grateful to Dr. Phil and his staff for all the help he has provided for our family.

We take one day at a time.

Talk with you soon,

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