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(Original Air Date: 01/28/10) Should mental illness prevent a woman from being a mother? Shelly says she agreed to be a surrogate for Amy and Scott and later gave birth to twins. But weeks after they were born, Shelly and her husband, Paul, made headlines when they asked that the babies be returned. Shelly says Amy withheld important information about her past, including a criminal record and having been diagnosed with a mental disorder. Was Shelly within her rights to demand the return of the infants? Attorney and CBS analyst Lisa Bloom weighs in. Plus, Amy and Scott join the show and say they never misled Shelly. And, audience members sound off about the story. It’s an emotional Dr. Phil you don’t want to miss!

Should a mental illness prevent a woman from becoming a mother? Share your thoughts on Dr. Phil's blog.

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Dr. Phil confronts Alexandra about her rebellious attitude and shares some of her bad behavior caught on tape. Alex may have forgotten that our cameras don’t stop rolling during the show’s commercial breaks. Does the young mom intend to raise all three of her kids? Will she raise Tony Jr. herself, or does she expect her parents to step in as they did with her son and daughter, Nathan and Leilah? And who does Alex want in the delivery room? Find out why she breaks down in tears when she talks about her mother, Erin’s, interest in the baby she’s carrying. Then, sparks fly when Erin calls her daughter out on her alleged drug use. Plus, Erin shares why she doesn’t want Tony in the house or around her at all! And finally, will this be Alexandra’s last appearance on the show? Find out what pushes Dr. Phil to the edge, this time with Alexandra.

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“No matter what makes her mad, even if it’s not related to me, she’ll find something to be mad at me about." Read more of Alex's candid thoughts about her relationship with her mom on her blog.

"As much I have tried to create some space and breathing room between she and I, I am worried about my daughter." Erin shares her candid thoughts about her daughter, and she reflects on her own behavior. Read her blog.

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It’s been a very dramatic summer for The Dr. Phil Family! The last time we saw 22-year-old Alexandra, she was seven months pregnant, and her parents, Erin and Marty, feared she was taking drugs and still partying with her boyfriend, Tony. In the final weeks leading up to the baby’s arrival, Erin’s concerns escalate, as she says Alex refuses to return phone calls and stops visiting her children, Nathan and Leilah. Alex claims to be on bed rest, but watch what happens when Erin makes a surprise visit! And, hear Alex’s shocking side of the story. Then, on delivery day, emotions arise to a fever pitch. See who’s allowed to stay for the birth, who’s kicked out of the delivery room, and who gets physical! When the baby is tested for drugs, are Erin and Marty’s worst fears confirmed? Dr. Phil reveals what you need to know about preventing teen pregnancy. Parents: It’s an explosive show you can’t mis!

Find out what happened on the show.
Last week, Dr. Phil confronted Alexandra's fiancé, Tony, about the bruises on the neck of Alexandra's 2-year-old daughter, Leilah. When Tony’s initial polygraph test indicated deception, he asked to take the test again. Will Dr. Phil finally be able to get some answers today when Tony shows up for test number three? Just before Alex and Tony tape the show, they have a heated argument. Will it be the end of their relationship? Next, emotions run high as Erin and Tony engage in a verbal spat that ends with Tony walking offstage. And, Alex requests private time with Dr. Phil backstage. Can Dr. Phil wake up Alex to her harsh reality? Find out if she will heed his warning.

Erin shares her thoughts about Tony and his polygraph results. Read her candid thoughts on her blog.

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(Original Air Date: 12/15/09) Two years ago, Kate was a typical 4-year-old girl who loved to draw and take ballet lessons. But her world turned upside down when her mother, Diane, was diagnosed with cancer and was forced to move them out of state so she could undergo treatment. When Diane passed away, Kate became the focal point of a tumultuous custody battle between her aunt, Deborah, whom she lived with, and her biological father, Peter. Along with their lawyers, Deborah and Peter join Dr. Phil onstage to answer tough questions about where Kate belongs. Deborah says she has pictures that she claims are evidence of Peter’s questionable home environment. Could the photos damage his case? And, Mel Feit, a men’s advocate, sides with Kate’s father. Find out why Mel says he’s disgusted by the custody battle. And, family attorney Areva Martin weighs in.

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Dr. Phil sits down with Alex, and the mother of two drops a bombshell that just might have you screaming at your television! Find out how Alex's mother, Erin, sister, Katherine, and father, Marty, react to the shocking news. Dr. Phil confronts Alex with tough questions. Does she have a plan in place for the tough road ahead? Then, despite divorce proceedings with her husband, Chris, Alex believes he still has feelings for her. Is he still in love with her? When Dr. Phil delivers the hard truth to the young man about his relationship with Alex, you may be surprised by Chris' response. And, find out Chris’ reaction to Alex's latest news and what it may mean for him.

Find out what happened on the show.

Alex shares her thoughts about her latest news. Read her blog.

Katherine reacts to her sister's news. Read her candid thoughts on her blog.

Erin shares her thoughts about Alex and her recent news. Read her blog.

(Original Air Date: 04/14/10) No one wants to wind up in family court, but with over 50 percent of marriages failing, it’s a familiar place for thousands of parents. Dr. Phil shines a light on the American family court system and how often it fails its citizens. Concerned for her 9-month-old son’s safety, Katie pleaded with Judge Robert Lemkau to order supervised visits for her ex, Stephen, who was threatening to kill their son, Wyatt, and then himself. When she was told that the couple should work it out, Katie returned to court on four additional occasions, desperate for someone to believe Wyatt’s life was in danger. Tragically, despite her exhaustive efforts to protect her son, Stephen did exactly as he threatened. Will the judges be held accountable? And, protesters of Judge Lemkau’s re-election want their stories heard -- heartbreaking stories of how they say the family court system failed them. And, one teen speaks out on behalf of kids caught in the middle of custody battles and court rulings. At the hands of an abusive father, she says the court system ignored her pleas for help. Don’t miss this eye-opening show!

Find out what happened on the show.
Alexandra recently revealed she is pregnant with her boyfriend, Tony's, child. Despite the news and a pending divorce, Alex's soon-to-be ex-husband, Chris, has been calling and texting her, and he even sent her flowers with a love note she refused to open. Dr. Phil sits down with Chris to tell him that Alex is no longer in love with him, and during their conversation, Alex makes a surprise visit. Chris' emotions get the best of him and he acts out. Next, Dr. Phil offers Alex advice for dealing with an ex who still has feelings for her. Then, Chris opens up and shares why he believes Alex is hiding her love for him. You won't believe some of things he says and does. And, the family admits their biggest mistakes, and discusses the progress they've made and what they're still working to change. Join the discussion.

Alex shares her thoughts about finalizing her divorce. Read her blog.
Erin opens up about an addiction she faces. Read her candid thoughts on her blog.

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Alex says the latest developments in her life, including taking parenting classes, an upcoming deposition, a parental fitness evaluation, money troubles and the ongoing custody battles for her two children, have her so stressed out, her hair is falling out. She joins the show via satellite to reveal news about her baby and answer tough questions from Dr. Phil about her current situation and the choices she must make regarding her future. With custody determinations of her children on the line, will she ask her fiancé and father of her unborn child, Tony, to move out? Next, Erin shares her concerns about Tony, and the two face off behind closed doors. Then, Dr. Phil shares an important message with the young mom. Will she heed his warning? Get caught up with this family.

Alex opens up about her behavior in her relationships with Tony and her children. Read her blog.

Erin shares her concerns about Alex and her future. Read her candid thoughts on her blog.

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Alexandra and her younger sister, Katherine, used to be best friends, but after Alexandra's first pregnancy at age 15, the two have lost their bond as sisters. Katherine recently announced that she'd testify against Alexandra in the custody battle for her son, Nathan. Can they end their sibling rivalry, and will Dr. Phil be able to bridge the bond that their mother, Erin, says has been broken? Dr. Phil puts Alexandra in the hot seat, asking her if she’s ever truly taken responsibility for the impact her choices have made on her family. Find out what she has to say about her behavior. And, Dr. Phil delivers an ultimatum to the women of the family that they never saw coming. Maybe you’ve been waiting for this very moment. You won’t want to miss the family scolding!

Alex addresses her "diva behavior" and her relationship with the Dr. Phil show staff. Read her blog.

Erin explains why she was caught off guard by Dr. Phil's comments, and reflects on missed opportunities.  Read her candid thoughts on her blog.

"I was not angry with the way Dr. Phil spoke to me. I was definitely surprised when he started to reprimand my sister and me." Read more of Katherine's candid thoughts on her blog.

Find out what happened on the show.
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