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(Original Air Date: 09/27/13) Nichole says her husband, Don, gets violent when he’s drunk -- and the police are often called to their house. She claims he’s bitten her, given her two black eyes, threatened her with a knife and even punched her in the stomach when she was pregnant. Don admits that he takes his anger out on his wife but insists he’s never physically abused her -- or else he’d be in jail. What does he say causes him to lash out? And, can Dr. Phil help calm the chaos for the sake of their five children? Then, Theresa and her husband, Steve, say their 23-year-old son, Steven’s, rage is out of control, and they fear for their lives. Theresa says Steven was pushing her, spitting on her, throwing objects at her and threatening to kill them every day -- until three months ago, when after an altercation, Steven was arrested and a judge placed a no contact order against him. Now, with the no contact order lifted, they face their son on Dr. Phil’s stage. Hear what Steven has to say about his behavior. Can Dr. Phil help this family resolve the conflict and find peace? Plus, hear from two victims of a terrifying road rage incident that was caught on tape.

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