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It’s holiday time, and Dr. Phil and Robin invite you to celebrate with their family! You’ve shared your funniest and most embarrassing holiday memories caught on tape -- don’t miss the hilarious moments! And, Robin reveals her favorite family traditions and shares the importance of giving this time of year in her new book, Christmas in My Home and Heart. Then, learn some tips for a holiday on a budget; see some amazing gift giveaways and watch a star-studded holiday performance! Plus, see a surprise for deserving kids. Join the McGraws for a heartwarming holiday celebration you won’t soon forget!

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Replied By: lisasotelo on Dec 6, 2009, 7:01PM
Dr.Phil/Robin, i have been watching your show for many years and for christmas i sit here at my house and just wonder how nice it would be to sit in the audience just so i could get some nice gifts like everyone, but then i'm glad that you put smiles on people's face and especially children for christmas. I have been married for thirty years with the same man but i find myself very sad i don't understand myself, i feel bad and i feel sorry for him cause he had been sick we almost lost him last july 08 he suffers with internal bleeding and doctors don't know why, but anyway i guess i feel obligated to him and i don't want to hurt him he is back to work but something is not right cause he works in the oil field driving a chemical truck treating wells i wish i could investagate the chemicals to see if it's what cause's his bleeding and now he's had a problem with itching all over his body. it's a long story i could go on and on. i also take care of my mother who is 85yrs so i am very busy all the time, i don't have very much time to myself so i get very irratated and depressed especially during the holidays. i would like to help the needy especially the homeless because i have a friend that is homeless and it makes me very sad to see him suffer not knowing if he will have a warm place to sleep or have something to eat. i donated some food from the angel food ministries i just wish i could do alot more, i tried talking to several different people to try and help my friend and make him happy for christmas but i've had no luck, he stay's with his mother at the housing authority at times but she can't have anybody living with her. when i talk to him i see it in his eyes that saddness cause he doesn't know where to go or what to do, he has no car no home no job, he lost everything when he got hurt and was hospitalized. so you see this is why i get depressed, i take care of family members but i can't take care of others, what am i suppose to do? especially for christmas. 
Replied By: jjbene3 on Dec 5, 2009, 12:01PM
I wish everyone could have a Merry Christmas. We went back to the basics and all the gifts are mostly hand made. My husband and I are living in two different places because I can't be with him because I need help to get around. Until the doctors figure out my situation, I am stuck living in ID while my husband is in WA. I can't drive my car because it is a standard and I can't get Chrysler to do anything. We have lost our home in CO and have so many co-pays we can't get our heads above water. My daughter-in-law beat stage 4 cancer 4 years ago but still has alot of back bills. We are trying!!!!! We just remember that Jesus is the Reason for The Season!!!! It is just hard to hear the grandkids pay for us to be able to pay our finances at their every prayer time at ages 7 and 6. God Bless and keep people like us in your prayers.
Replied By: cyndiebert on Dec 5, 2009, 10:34AM
If there are any more tickets I would love to come and bring some friends.  I need to get in the Holiday Mood since I've been off work for 4 years and don't even want to put up a tree.
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