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With Alex and Erin still at odds, Dr. Phil stresses the importance of coming together for the benefit of the Alex's children. Can mother and daughter move past their issues and agree to support each other? Then, Dr. Phil sits down with Alex, Chris and their attorneys to hash out the remaining details of their divorce. Find out which sticking points are keeping the sides from reaching an agreement. When Dr. Phil suggests a compromise, will they agree and sign the divorce papers? And, Dr. Phil offers the soon-to-be exes advice for moving forward as co-parents of their daughter, Leilah. If you're considering a divorce, tune in to learn the healthiest ways to dissolve your marriage, and find out what your children will need most during this difficult transition.

Is Your Daughter Like Katherine from the Dr. Phil Family?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: lavenderkate on Feb 3, 2011, 8:14PM
I've been watching this family since the beginning.  I can't believe I watched again today on their first day back for the season. 

I think Alex should go to detox, and forget about men for a long time.  You are just beautiful, but aren't using the brain God gave you.  Erin and Marty are godsends to your beautiful children.  I hope you will be forever grateful to them.

Alex, I see you as going to detox and coming out a new person.  Going back to school and studying something that interests you; and getting a job.  See your beautiful children as much as possible until you can care for these children that God sent to you to nurture.

I see you one day soon, being on Dr. Phil's show, beautifully dressed with your children in tow, thanking him for showing you the way.  You will be on the road to recovery and will be so happy enjoying life with your children.   

It can happen Alex, start right now!   
Replied By: superbiblestar on Mar 18, 2010, 11:51AM - In reply to csidney
I am a Dad, and I wish i could be a part of their lives, especially the young children. My daddy died when I was 12, and I remember all the times we had together.
Replied By: goodspirit on Mar 17, 2010, 9:43PM
Why do guys hop in relationships with others when they don't even love/happpy/understand/care about themselves by justifying their sins by blaming good women?! The same story but different technics by all abusers, who in the hell is teaching them these bad traits & why is it still allowed?! Women have been taking the blame for everything wrong the guys do for way too long. This must stop.
Replied By: lavenderkate on Feb 22, 2010, 3:53PM
Alexandra, why do you 'hang out' at your parents home if you don't get along with them?  You should seriously put your baby up for adoption, try to work things out with Chris for Leila's sake.  If may work and you would have much to gain.  It's obvious you still have feelings for Chris and that's understandable.  

Where's Anthony is this interview process, Alexandra?  You people are just too much.   
Replied By: adelling on Feb 2, 2010, 6:07PM - In reply to gator11
How can u sit there and make judgements about this family and what Alex decides to do!!! NATHAN IS HER CHILD and she had the right to decide to keep her baby or NOT! and I support her for that!!~ She was only a kid!!!! Both parents need to shape up for them kids and yes many YOUNG MOTHERS make mistakes and many grandparents have to step in and I applaud Marty and Erin for being there while Alex gets things right!!!~ I know Alex can be a good mother and it may take time but in the end I know she really loves her kids, even if @ times she acts out!!! What parent hant made mistakes????????
Replied By: anonymous83 on Jan 18, 2010, 7:17AM
I have been watching this family from the beginning and would like to just address all of my questions to this one episode.

First of all, Erin is a hoverer, which is a mother who just hovers around everything their kids do in order to make sure they do everything to her own standard.  Not only is that severly annoying but it does not allow the children to come to YOU first.  Back off a bit, let them come to you if they have a problem, you being in their face all of the time makes them get sick of you.

Second, have both daughters been given drug tests?  If there is a concern about it and all you think they are doing is lying give them a RANDOM drug test, do not give them notice as you did with Alexandra, she was given enough time for any drug to be flushed out of her body.  They say that hair folical tests are the way to be sure that any drug has not been out of the system for weeks!

Third, why does everyone disbelieve Chris when he has said that the he never cheated nor has he ever hit Alexandra.  Yes, he may have been drunk on occasion, but Alex has abused meds and if you have ever watched intervention, there are medications that are so strong that causes hallucinations, and one woman had hallucinated that she had been raped, I get the feeling this is what is going on here.

This family is made up of expert manipulators and I believe that they all have Dr. Phil, the producers, even the audience wrapped around their fingers.  Because why does everyone feel as though the grandparents deserve the child they have held at hostage over the BIOLOGICAL father.  I am so glad that Nathan gets to go to his REAL family.
Replied By: lavenderkate on Jan 11, 2010, 2:38PM
I was surprised to see this story on air again.  I've never seen such a dysfunctional family.  I think Erin and Marty should say goodbye to their daughter's and grandchildren for awhile.  There isn't enough reasoning on anyone's part to work on solutions.  Maybe if they have no contact for a long time, (years if that's how long it takes) all parties will grow up and they can start anew.

Dr. Phil, you have done so much to help Katherine and now the preview shows she's using alcohol and/or drugs.  Don't help this family anymore, they are enjoying the drama too much.  I don't know if I can watch anymore.  They're is bad shape.   
Replied By: csidney on Dec 17, 2009, 8:33PM - In reply to wasner
LOL  ........... at "control freak".  Everyone should have such a control freak in their life.    Marty and Erin  provide love. food, support, clothing and stability.  The only "control freak" here is Alexandra.

Replied By: wasner on Dec 16, 2009, 1:59PM
so tired of hearing about this family....alex is obviously  young and needs alot of help, but the mother is a control freak who wants to control even her grandchildren...unfortunate really! but either way it goes these grandkids are likley to be as messed up as their parents and aunt (maternal side)and grandmother (maternal side) and parernal side isnt looking to promising either....give the kids to the next closest relative who is healthy and not mental stunted until they grow up....but alex should have the kids if the next best thing is the ex husband and alex's mother
Replied By: shetypes on Dec 11, 2009, 6:10AM
Watching this, I thought: 'Dr. Phil, put  a wig on or maybe hang a light bulb on set'.  What on earth is this crap?  I do nto want this series to end yet.  So many people out there need the same kind of help that this situation needs, especially children.  This ex is such a con, he argued over money?????  WTH?
He had no right to any say in it, neither did Alex, although I agree he should of been stuck with the cost of that ring but not from that return.  ALL of that money should have went to the person taking care of the children, let the rest get a job with all that free time without children to do that?
I was appauled that a Judge would order visitation to the father before the child may be ready?
What is wrong with that picture?  This child is afraid of men!  All of them!  Why would any one put a time frame on the healing process of a child?  In her time, not the adults!  Sickened me to hear that he would get over night visits after an ordered time frame.  This little girl needs her own time frame to heal.  No one knows what happened, she cannot articulate it and this 'father' is a stranget to her UNTIL she shows different?  Thus the needed light bulb hanging on the set because that was not near as important to discuss as money?  Neither parent should get over night visits until the child shows signs of non threat to herself by being put yet again into a unsure place in her thinking?
I would like to hear that truely the children are made important, I have seen others for far less get royal chewing out's, why not this group? 
Put that man in a suit, I still seen right through him.  He is using this show to get attention, tak eblame off himself and a free trip?  He did not talk about the pain his daughter was in, he showed emotion over money and losing his wife?
Katherine, I think it is time you speak up for your Nephew and Neice.  I do not see at this time a true voice for them, as much as the too often it is Alex seeking a hero, it is the kids who need it.
You may be the only  one who actually speaks for them now.  your Mom is far too stressed over them for it and it is high time someone puts a dot on the 'I'.
Alex gets Hero's of her choosing and tosses them away.  Your Dad comes along when it suits him.
You let too much of the 'all about Alex' to push you away,  Take a different approach, go straight after the reality of the situation!  tell them all off!
A ring, money, smoking, past pains, all while the children are hurting in the middle zone.
Sound familiar?
Someone give them children thier own lawyer, couselor and spokes person, that sounds fair!
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