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With the economy in trouble, a lot of people are under pressure and getting desperate. Learn the tools to protect yourself from liars, cheats and scammers who are trying to take advantage. Research says most people lie at least once a day, but Shanna says her husband, Jason, can’t open his mouth without lying. Jason says he fibs to avoid arguments with his wife. Will Dr. Phil’s demonstration teach Jason how hurtful his behavior is? And, a body language expert shows you how to pinpoint deception. Then, Melissa says her 12-year-old daughter is lying, cheating and stealing, and she can’t figure out why. Plus, two women who claim they are victims of sweetheart scams share their stories. Find out the latest scams and learn how to avoid being victimized.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: artist62011 on Mar 17, 2011, 1:18PM
I have always thought of myself being smart and intelligent but I have since come to realize that even people that view themselves this way can become a victim of scam.  Being a recent widow "almost two years" I was lauled into convencing sweet talk through a website, ChristianCafe.com, where I felt that I had meant the man of my dreams.  He was supposely located in Houston and was an articitet soon to retire.  He was so smooth with his loving comments and sweet "love quotes" that my heart was starting to be worn on my sleeve.  No money was mentioned for about four weeks.  He had to make a business trip to Sweden to deliver his last project to a developer there and was going to meet with his deceased mother's lawyer while there.  Wouldn't you know it, the mother's lawyer gave him papers that showed he was next of kin to some gold bars in Accra, Ghana.  Of course he had to go to Ghana to have everything transferred into his name.  Well, he wen't to Ghana and then found out his American Express card would not give him cash advance.  So he asked if I would send him $2500 so he and his "messenger" could go to South Africa to get his cash and would return to Accra.  I did, indeed, wire transferred the money to him but in the name of his "messenger".  Upon returning to Accra and supposingly transferred ownership of the gold bars, he went on a road trip and was robbed and beaten of his cash.  I then wired him $1500 to help him.  Shortly thereafter he developed Malaria and was hospitalized.  After a week in the hospital he asked for some more money to pay taxes on the gold bars and try and leave Ghana to come "home to me".  I sent money for his flight home but it wasn't quite enough.  I continually sent small sums of money here and there and finally he was to fly home.  He left Ghana, arrived In Amsterdam to change airlines and as he was going through customs he was detained for not having the proper documentation for proof of insurance of said (one) gold bar.  After, supposingly speaking to a Custom Official, I spoke with "my friend" and was told unless I could come up with more money for the updated insurance, he would be deported back to Ghana.  I have, finally, refused but only after wiring him an amount totalling over $10,000 during our "courtship". 

Please, please...even on a "christian website" be so very careful.  I know my first red flag was when he asked for the $2500 but still I was convenienced that he was telling me the truth.  The longer you chat with this type of person the more vunarable you will become as this is their tactic.  I also found myself involved with re-shipping which is, have packages come to my house, re-packing them and mailing them on to Ghana.  I was lucky as it seems the items I shipped were not purchased with stolen ID...but it could have been a different outcome.

If I can just save one "senior citizen" from this type of scam, then I feel like it will be worth the money I am out of.  It has been a hard lesson for me and has added me to lack some self-esteem.  Hopefully, within time, I will be okay again, God willing.
Replied By: jams789 on Dec 8, 2009, 10:35AM - In reply to yvonne0172
After years of deceit and repetitive dishonest ways by my husband, I find myself feeling the same.  How are you suppose to love someone who has not shown you respect and trustworthiness back in return?  My husband has forged my name on bank loans, purchased large ticket items without any regard for me, embezzled from his employers and has us over a million dollars in debt....the list goes on and on.  He has lied to me about other things not involving money also.  It just never ends.  How do you regain any love that you ever had?  That little skit Dr Phil did with the board atop the two saw horses really "hit the nail on the head"!  Slowly those lies break down the relationship until it "cracks".  It becomes so broken.  How are you going to repair that broken piece.  The liar just doesn't "get it"! 
Replied By: janhollywood on Dec 2, 2009, 8:32PM
Dr. Phil,

Scams happen everyday using every form of communication there is!  I thank you for your informative data on Internet scams - but you have totally dropped the ball by not having a special episode addressing the current scams that occur over the phone - BY TELEMARKETERS!

I am now involved with the National Telemarketer Victims Call Center - a non profit group who calls people all over the United States to warn them about individuals calling them by name over the phone, and offering them investment opportunities!   AARP, a very well respected group, provides some of the funding for the  NTVCC and the collect data from victims and provide it to the various agencies for criminal prosecution. 

The most common misconception by the public is that  those people who know your name are legitimate and can be trusted!  

* Just becasue they say they called you last year - DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.  Hang up the phone. 
* Never let emotion drive your reasoning to part with money you CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT! 
* There is no such thing as a SURE THING. 
* Just because there is a return PROMISED doesn't mean there is a return coming.   

THESE MEN AND WOMEN ARE TELEMARKETERS.  Many being paid minimum wage and not personally out to defraud you - because the themselves are being used.  They are trusting the script they have been provided by the guy that hired them - the guy that "runs the room".  That man makes the telemarketers leave their desks spotless when they leave for the day. Why? No evidence if they are raided!

There are actual agencies that SELL and TRADE "investor lists" that supply the name, address and phone number of individuals across the nation who are accredited investors right next to the name address and phone numbers of those who are not.  These lists get bought, sold and traded. The more you listen to their sales pitch the more lists your name will be on.

The lists are purchased by the company trying to get money from you.  Once they have the lists, they hire telemarketers, place them in the "boiler room" and the calls begin.  The "fronters" get your attention and pass the call to the "closers".  The CLOSERS are experienced and know what buttons to push, how to get you excited and ALWAYS tell you there are only a very few investment opportunities left so you have to ACT NOW.  Many times the closers don't even use their true names!

Dr. Phil, in May of this year, the FBI raided several offices of independant film production companies. These companies are alledged to have used telemarketers to solicit  investors to finance the making of a feature film.   While there are some legitimate films seeking funding, THERE ARE FEW WAYS TO KNOW FOR SURE HOW THE MONEY IS GOING TO BE SPENT ONCE IT IS COLLECTED.  A film budget is no different than a personal budget - just because it says the money is there to pay a bill - doesn't mean the bill gets paid!

A very common scenario is for the unscrupulous production company CEO and execs to live outlandish lifestyles BEFORE they even have a film to be sold or distributed.  Also, that the "fees" paid to the fronters and closers are not included in the films budget - yet the percentages range from 20% to 50% of your investment dollar going to pay the people who suckered you into the investment!

Another scenario is that the CEO opens a new production company under a different  name, changes bank accounts and gets the investor to believe they may have been duped by the "other guy" - but they are legit!

Dr. Phil,  I know what I am taking about!!  I lived, breathed and suffered as I became aware of what was happening at the production companies I worked for.   At the end of 4 years, several projects and MILLIONS of dollars, no project was finished and 568 investors were out over 11 million dollars !

The investors were not savvy in the procedure to take after the production company turned off their phone, vacated the office, never to be heard from again.  Therefore out of 568 investors I am only aware of about 2 dozen who filed the proper complaints with the correct government agencies.

The FBI is under a 5 year statute of limitations.  If you don't contact them until the second or third year, and no one else has come forward with a complaint - the time will run WITHOUT ANY KIND OF PROSECUTION !!

Bernie M. made life miserable for a lot of people who will not have riches when they retire - the scam artists I am warning the public about are taking the ENTIRE nestegg from your aunts, uncles, brothers,  church decons, and grandparents.  

Two specific instances I want to share with you:

1) The man who was promised a HUGE return on his money in a span of only a few months.  The took cash off of his credit card.  The screenplay had not even been written much less was not ready to begin filming.  His marriage is in jeopardy now.  Embarrassment and shame are often side effects facing the victims and their loved ones.

2)  When I was contacting investors to come forward to be witnesses against the "closer" involded in some of the fraud I uncovered,  I e-mailed a gentleman who I knew was disgrunteled abount hearing nothing about his investment.  It took two e-mails to him before he wrote back.  He was a military man - currently  doing a tour of duty in the Middle East.   He said it was a honor to fight against the terrorists in Iraq but how sad it was that the real terrorists were at home enjoying benefits from money he will never see again.  I wept!

I have named myself the Erin Brocovitch of the movie industry - shedding light on "Hollywood's Dirty Little Secret" !  I am on a one woman crusade to ensure independant fim financing fraud is NO LONGER A SECRET.

Dr. Phil,  please feel free to contact me - I would love to be on the show - i would love to co-produce a segment providing your viewers with information that will place these perps in the eye of the media - many of which have anti-personality disorder who are narccistictic and feel NO REMORSE for the money they have stripped from their victims!  Help me get the word out!   PLEASE!!

I remain a very steadfast fan !!!  Thanks for "Keeping It Real" Dr. Phil.

Replied By: gagemini42 on Nov 27, 2009, 10:36AM
For over 3 years, I've dealt with my husband lying about little things as well as very serious issues, right down to signing my name to a joint tax return check. I've been on an "money allowance" that only covers gas to get the kids to school and maybe $50 worth of groceries/necessities. Our monthly bills should only take up 3 of 4 of his paychecks per month but yet everything runs behind. I can only account for one half to two thirds of his net income over the past 4 years & we do not live high on the hog. (My car is 14 years old!)  I have no idea what my husband brings in weekly (net) nor which bills are getting paid (even though all bills are in my name). I don't even buy the groceries because I'm not allowed to do so.  Sometimes I have to resort to rolling pennies to have enough gas in the car to take the kids to school. I have begged, pleaded, screamed, cried, & even quite calmly attempted to discuss these issues with him to no avail. The one smart move I made was finishing my college degree last year (totally on a student loan). As soon as the holidays are over, I'll be seeing an attorney to file for divorce. I'm at the end of my rope with the situation and I must think of the stress it is putting on myself and our 12 & 5 year old children. It has become obvious that my husband resents being here but does not have the "man up" abilities to say so. Quite frankly, he is not the man I married 13 years ago, by any stretch of the imagination. It is a sad situation but the unbelievable stretch of lies & deceit is just simply too much to bear. Life is too short to be unhappy and miserable. *My bachelor degree is in Public Service which is basically an "upgraded" psychology degree or sometimes referred to as a "Human Service Professional" degree. If there is one thing I 've learned, it's when to move on!
Replied By: camelheigh on Nov 26, 2009, 6:01PM
I was married to a person like Jason.  My ex would lie and tell me  just like Jason said, that it was my fault he had to lie to me.
  He would lie about everything!  I would hear him lying to others and when we were alone I would ask him why......he said it was easier that way.  It never made sense to me.
June 22 2008 , his birthday, he told me we were getting a divorce cause he wasn't happy. It was a total shock!  I didn't see it coming.  His reasons?  my fault, and all the reasons were B.S.......again lies!  But the real reason?  he had a girlfriend.  To this day, he won't admit that there was another woman.  But that is ok, cause as time goes by, I know I'm so much better without him.   I'm sure he is still lying to those in his life.  Hopefully he will wake up and realize the only one he is fooling is himself.
Replied By: homeschoolrock on Nov 26, 2009, 9:23AM
Just wanted to comment that people who are personality disordered tend to lie and is linked to narcissism...all about them and they have no empathy. Please look at  the way someone grew up and know that if they were abused or traumatized, and if they have not healed from that they may have a personality disorder that will hurt you if you marry them. Why Does He Do That by Lundy Bankroft....a life saver for me to understand that the personality disordered cannot change til they get serious help!!!!!! Lying shows that someone does not operate with empathy......they are the center of their universe.....thanks for letting me share........
Replied By: homeschoolrock on Nov 26, 2009, 9:14AM - In reply to myblueeyesx123
thank you so much! I appreciate that there is hope!!!!!!!! God bless you and your wonderful man!!!!!!!
Replied By: marianparoo on Nov 26, 2009, 3:38AM
....just thought I would remind you about that.

People have been scammed by newspaper ads and by friendly strangers on a train or even on the street. I remember Art Linklatter warned his viewers many times about the lost pocketbook scam.

Don't blame the 'net!

It's just the latest method for mean people to take advantage of people who are less intelligent or greedy or both.
Replied By: marianparoo on Nov 26, 2009, 1:12AM - In reply to valmeow
You have said it all!
Replied By: branwell on Nov 25, 2009, 9:58PM
Dr Phil meaningless quote for the day," Trying to run that by me
is like trying to get sunrise from a rooster." end quote.
What the ^&%$ does that mean?!  His stupidest quote to date
(in my opinion) was one from a few years back, "You can't see your
face without a mirror." Well,duh!  p.s. That Jason was a total
jerk trying to pin his lying on his wife. >:(
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