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Alex is currently facing two custody battles, harsh allegations of drug use and claims from her family and her children's fathers that she's an unfit mother. Alex says that she is drug-free, but when a Dr. Phil producer suggests she submit to random drug testing, will she comply? Next, Dr. Phil receives a disturbing e-mail and immediately contacts Erin. What does Erin hear about her grandchild that brings her to tears? Then, Dr. Phil confronts Alex about her attitude. And, find out why she was a no-show at an emergency custody hearing and why there was a warrant out for her arrest.

Is Your Daughter Like Katherine from the Dr. Phil Family?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: deedees77 on Feb 6, 2011, 5:03AM - In reply to chrissullivan
your welcome I just wish she would sit down and read these maybe one day something will sink in...but I doubt it!!!
Replied By: momma85 on Apr 27, 2010, 9:11AM - In reply to vall_14
No I never had a drug problem but I was accused of it numerous times. I did have a boyfriend at the time that no one in my family accepted and sadly it was just because of his race. If she was in a car accident and given a prescription for pain medication then obviously she was in pain and the doctor decided to give it to her. As long as she takes the pain medication the way it says to take it on the bottle and listens to her doctor there shouldn’t be a problem. If she had to go to rehab koodoo’s to her at least she now realizes she may have had a problem and now is getting help for it. That takes a BIG person to admit they have a problem. The show is making Alex look like the villain, I highly doubt you have been through any of the same circumstances she has been through so how can you judge and give your opinion with something that you don’t have any experience with? I know exactly where she is coming from when it comes to medaling family members and being constantly judged, not to mention the whole parents showing favourism over one of there children over the other. Every aspect of her life is controlled and anything she says or does is judged nationally, give me a break. How would you feel if you were in her shoes? When I had my daughter at 17, thanks to my medaling family they almost destroyed motherhood for me. They didn’t even give me a chance and I had to constantly listen to them nagging and bringing me down. They made me feel like nothing I did was good enough and I was an ungrateful brat, which isn’t true at all. Now years later after everything is said and done (5 years have past) and I have my daughter that I went through the traumatic experience with, one of my family members still takes it upon herself to e-mail me approximately every six months to remind me that I am an ungrateful human being and a waste of skin. Don’t tell me Alex doesn’t deserve a chance at being a mother. I don’t even want to start on that nonsense about Erin and how she is “guardian angle” coming to rescue of those children. Erin needs to get a job, maybe then she wouldn’t be so bored and could stop medaling in her daughter’s life. Erin has her own skeletons in her own closet. Her failing marriage is just one to mention. Erin is a manipulative, vindictive woman who is trying to destroy her daughter’s chance to be a mother. It flabbergasts me how some people can be so cruel. Obviously your sister isn’t thinking about putting her child first or she would of have gotten off the drugs and looked for a rehab. Even if she couldn’t afford it, how about asking family for help!  I don’t think it’s the same for Alex she wants to be a part of her children’s lives.  I believe that Erin isn’t suited to have the children she needs to be evaluated she has a need to control people around her which is a real disorder. “Power helps such people fool themselves that they are exempt from the essential human condition of helplessness and dependency. Dominating and controlling others is a cover for our own weaknesses. It is easier and safer to control someone else than face our own faults or undertake the work of rectifying them.”  
Replied By: westerngal on Apr 21, 2010, 6:53PM - In reply to dutchie80
Yes, there are lots of frustrated, judgmental people in the world. It's not easy to separate the good, thoughtful and helpful advice from that which comes from who are venting.  Good that you can see that.
Just a thought after watching last night:  Try going into the heart more than into the head.  Not easy in a frustrating situation, of course.
Perhaps you have already done this, but I wonder what would happen if you just embrace Alex (physically and psychologically) even when it doesn't seem logical at the time.  (Maybe take a few breaths first!).  Those who study addiction often write and say that we must go INTO the pain WITH the person in pain and "just be" with them.  Nothing like empathy and care.  Sometimes, it's the paradox that works.

Best wishes, WesternGal
Replied By: zifflehonky on Jan 22, 2010, 4:08PM - In reply to quantummech
I dont remember Alex taking her children to a crack house or having any sex offenders watch her children? That is exactly the point, her mother lies and blows things out of proportion, which just makes things worse, if the courts went around taking children away from bad parents we would have an even bigger problem with foster care than we already have. Being a bad parent isn't the same as an unfit or abusive parent.
Replied By: zifflehonky on Jan 22, 2010, 3:57PM - In reply to missnik
I so agree with you, I cant figure out why Dr Phil doesn't see what is going on here! Erin is obviously ill and making her children ill. I keep watching, waiting for Dr Phil to say something to her. And why doesn't he show any of the video footage of the home life? I understand the caution in blaming the mom but after so many years of this I think it has become apparent that Erin has some serious issues and those girls wont be able to lead healthy lives until they realize this and seperate from her.
Replied By: zifflehonky on Jan 22, 2010, 3:47PM
I too have been following the family from the beginning and from the start I thought Erin was very ill, and from the little bit we have heard from the father makes me think he has issues as well, the more I watch the more I believe this. I can see the girls are messed up but who wouldn't be with those parents. I think Erin makes up alot of the things she says her children are doing to make them look bad, I have yet to see any real facts showing what a mess her girls are. I dont think the girls can get better until they have a chance to get away from Erin and deal with their issues on their own, seperate from their mothers lies and accusations.
Replied By: interestedmomm on Jan 12, 2010, 5:16PM
I am a mother of a 4 month old and a stepmother of a 2 year old son whose biological mother is a drug addict, who has never been there for him has missed every big event in his life for drugs, and it pisses me off when women have children and cant or wont be a mother but whenever it comes down to it calls themselves a mom... I am 19 years old and a mother of two now, I have been a mother to my stepson ever since he was born, and women or girls like alex or like my stepsons mother embarasses and makes the rest of the young mothers in the united states look horrible!!! its truly embarrasing... Alex either get your shit together or give custody of your children to your parents who have obviously always been there for your kids and stop calling yourself a MOM because your NOT!!! A mom is someone who loves, supports, and takes care of their children... And i know you arent supporting or taking care of  your children, and im not even sure that you really love them!!! i think you love yourself more!!! let me tell you I am a stay at home mom and make no money, my fiance brings all the money in, but if he left me today i would get my ass a job move back in with my mother and do whatever the hell it took to make sure my kids were cared for!!! NO GUY IS GOING TO COME IN YOUR LIFE AND SAY OKAY LET ME BE YOUR BABIES DADDY AND SUPPORT YOU!!! NOWAY!!! no guy wants responsibility of another guys child(ren).... Shut up move back in with your parents be with your children, forget about this guy, get a job, and be in your childrens life!!!! THEY ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY NOT EVERYONE ELSES!!!!
Replied By: dixie88 on Jan 11, 2010, 2:15PM
Erin needs to calm down about Nathan going to a different school this year. Due to my father's job (mapping the entire USA), I went to SIX first grades, in 4 different states. We moved 48 times b4 I was 13.  I was reading on a college level by age 10. The travel, living amongst all different kinds of people, made me love my fellow wo/mankind. I saw the horrible treatment of blacks during the early 60s & worked hard to fight prejudice & war in the 60s, as a teenager.  Yes, it wasn't easy to be the "new kid" at school 3-6 times/year. But I learned a lot from having all those experiences. It seems that Erin wants to just shield Nathan from everyone but her. She can't accept anyone else into his life, including Nathan's mother.  Clinging to pain & anger won't help Nathan at all. Everyone has problems & ups & downs. This family has no more problems than most families.  Going over & over their problems is making things Worse. Of course, Nathan's father was immature when Nathan was born, he was jst a kid.  This boy needs his entire family to grow up & act kindly toward each other or at least civilly for the child's sake!
Replied By: iamsues on Jan 11, 2010, 1:39PM
you dont just one day go into court and have a judge rule against you  and remove your children from your care. it is pretty difficult to lose custody of your kids. so you must have failed miserably as a mother to have this happen to you. warrants out for your arrest for being violent, allegations of drug use!!! good gravy girl you need to grow up. i cant for the life of me understand how in the world you managed to become pregnant twice, did you learn nothing from having your first child. we live in the 21st century and birth control is legal and easy to get. i cant understand how your mother and father manged to fail you on so many levels. you have grown up to think that without a man you are nothing and by your own account want some man to come along and treat you like a princess. you arent a princess alex, and life is NOT a fairy tale.as long as you are thinking along these lines you will be a failure in your life and be a failure as a parent. you need to STOP thinking about having a man come along and save/take care of you.  you need to start taking care of yourself and leave men out of the entire equation. you are twenty one years old and have managed to bring two innocent children into this world with no thought to how you are going to afford raising them and parent them. you have relied on your mom and dad financially and your only hope for the future is to have some dupe come along and take on you and your children as his resposibility. i tell you that if my son brought you home, i would stop at nothing to get you GONE!!! you are toxic and a spoiled little girl who has no place bringing any more babies into this world. your children are PEOPLE, not dolls or items to be shuttled back and forth between your parents and their father's parents. if i were a judge ruling on your case i would keep your parents as far from them as i could. seriously they have no parenting skills whatsoever and have learned nothing from raising you and your sister. both you girls are failures as people, and will continue to be as long as you hold some fairytale dream of prince charming coming along to save you. if you were my daughters i would have smacked some sense into you long before you brought two innocent babies into the world, two precious lives that at best will be ruined by your foolishness and at worst turn out as silly and toxic as you are.
i have raised five children. four of them are daughters. not one of them is foolish enough to think that they need a man to be anything. not one of them has had sex without seeing it for what it is... did no one ever take the time to explain to you that no matter what you do pregnancy can happen and if you arent ready for a baby you are definitely NOT READY for intercourse. did no one ever tell you that anytime you take a man into  your body you are risking pregnancy. birth control fails and sex and children are a HUGE responsibility, one that you are obviously not ready for. the best thing that has happend to  your children so far is being removed from yours and your mother's care. grow up, get an education. leave your children to the real adults in this situation and get your life together. stop wantonly having children lke you picked them up in the toy department of wal*mart. you are a sad representation of young girls in the usa. no wonder your counrty is falling apart.
Replied By: destiny1105 on Dec 3, 2009, 5:55PM - In reply to bullroar
I agree with you.  Those kids need to quit blaming their parents for their mistakes.
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