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(Original Air Date: 11/17/09) What possesses a child to light a classmate on fire over a video game? When a young girl is brutally gang-raped, why do onlookers fail to intervene or call police? As a parent, would you ever think that your child could be capable of such horrific acts? How much responsibility falls on parents and teachers when children act out? Dr. Phil hears a firsthand account from people close to the case of the 15-year-old girl in Richmond, California, who was allegedly robbed, stripped, beaten and gang-raped while witnesses reportedly jeered and took cell phone photos. Hear from a reporter covering this story, the girl who called 911, a teacher and a defense attorney for one of the accused. Then, Glenda says she’s terrified that her 10-year-old grandson is going to be the next Jeffrey Dahmer. She says the boy is extremely angry and violent and has killed multiple family pets. What is going on with this boy, and can his behavior be reformed?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: lmrose on Nov 17, 2009, 3:35PM
I am so glad this boy is going to have tests run on him. Often chemical imbalances in the brain can cause altered behavior. It is very frightening for a parent when they don't recognize their child because of their changed violent behavior.  Parents also sometimes a bit slow acknowledgeing  something is wrong with their child. Saying so makes them feel they did something wrong.So they stay in denial until the situation is out of hand. They feel guilty.

The effects of alcohol fetal symdrum and schizorphrenia sometimes don't show up until a child is older either.Then there is lead and arsinic poisoning and so many chemicals in our environment there will  probably be a lot more violent children. No one said if this mother took drugs or drank alcohol while pregnant?

However when a child kills animals and hurts their parent and grandparent the adults have to put their guilt  and fears aside and get help which this grandmother and mother did however late. The sexual assault I hope was not swept under the rug and covered up. Adults who do this to kids should be locked up for life or casterated!

I am beginning to think everyone who wants a child should have to take  parenting courses. and pass exams before becoming parents. Then maybe  they might be more aware of what is happening with their kids. That said; I hope people won't crucify this mother for not being more on the ball. What she didn't know she didn't know. Not all parents are  smart as we hope they would be. The good thing is they did finally reach out for help.
Replied By: bigperch on Nov 17, 2009, 3:27PM
How dare that defence attorney call the gang rape of a child a tragedy!  A tragedy is an earthquake or a flood that harms or kills people, this was a crime no matter how much he tries to candy coat it.
That poor girl will never be the same.  That punk and his cohorts need to be sent away for a very long time.
Replied By: mastersgirl414 on Nov 17, 2009, 3:15PM
The molestations of the boy began at the age of 6 - his violence towards animals began at the age of 4. The molestations are not the root of the problem.   
Replied By: shadmin on Nov 17, 2009, 3:01PM
Just a couple of points, those boys who attacked and brutalized that 15 year old girl in Richmond need to go away for good! They are old enough to know that, assaulting, holding down and forcibly raping an intoxicated girl is wrong and is against the law! Some people always want to attribute a crime committed by an individual to either the victim or some other factor like drunkeness or upbringing which is outrageous and is a BIG part of the problem we have today! I don't care if she was drunk and walking naked in front of them, that does not give them the right to beat and gang rape her! The only person responsible for the crime is the person committing the crime, period! I cannot understand what the he@@ the onlookers were thinking? What kind of people are these? Why in G*d's name would they sit there and watch a helpless girl get gang raped by 10 guys and not try to stop it or call the cops? They all had cells I bet? Worried about being a snitch is bulls**t, they are frigging high school losers not La Eme or Cosa Nostra? Makes you wonder what this society will be like in the not so distant future? The problems we have in this society with repeat offenders is due to the mistaken view that they can be rehabilitated, which is held by people of a certain political persuasion which I will not mention for the purposes of this debate. Some crimes rise to a level of atrocity which needs to be treated as a one time only offense and if you commit these crimes you go away for good! We as a society need to recognize that violent sex offenders and pedophile/child weirds cannot be rehabilitated and that committing these crimes even one time is once too many! If we had put these incorrigibles away for good the first time then many lives would have been saved as well as other children and women not being kidnapped and brutalized by the likes of Garrido and Bar-Jonah etc. There are people who for whatever reason cannot be rehabilitated be it a physical issue where there is actual pathology involved or is a purely psychological issue which is a factor in causing these individuals to victimize others with violence and/or sexually! Many of these perpetrators are very cunning and know how to manipulate the psychiatrists and authorities who evaluate and/or supervise them? Garrido is a prime example of how the system does not work and it is far too dangerous to allow these predators to be released from prison, even under supervision, the current system doesn't work period!! Secondly the lady with the violent 10 year old, why would she get this psychotic kid more animals to torture after he had already hurt the pets they had? That really burns me up? I hope that Dr.Phil was able to convince the Mom and the Grandmother to get the cat and any other pets out of there before this little monster can hurt them or kill them? The Mom/Grandmother does not seem to realize or be very concerned about what this kid may do to the animals they have left? I still cannot understand why she got him a guinea pig after he had already killed several pets before that and then she gets him a gerbil after he put the guinea pig in the microwave? What the heck?
Replied By: busboy78 on Nov 17, 2009, 3:01PM
Can anyone remember the name of the hospital in Dallas that Dr. Phil recommended the boy to go to?
Replied By: palmbreeze1 on Nov 17, 2009, 3:00PM
my question is to anyone who can answer it for me. Dr. Phil stated on the segment that dealt with the 10 year old boy that appears to be a ticking time bomb that children aren't born that way. What about the bad gene? is it for real and could it apply in this boys case?
Replied By: mothermai123 on Nov 17, 2009, 2:59PM - In reply to colagirl1104
That's what i'm saying
Replied By: torilynn50 on Nov 17, 2009, 2:57PM
I was really saddened to hear the story today regarding the rape victim in Richmond, Ca. I’m really proud of the students who stood up and call the police. She should receive a metal. As far as the students who made nasty comments and did nothing. I wonder if this happen to you or someone in your family how would you feel. This world is not a safe place so never think it can't happen to you. I will be praying for the victim and her family. I pray justice will be serve to the people who committed this act.
Replied By: meggymeg70 on Nov 17, 2009, 2:57PM
The show today really made me have little hope in humanity:

I'm totally disgusted with people saying that the girl who got raped deserved it/  Who expects something like this from anyone, much less by hanging out with someone you''ve know 5+ years?  Granted, I wish she would have been more careful and not have drank, but that is not an excuse whatsoever that guys should be able to take advantage of her.....

And what's the deal with attacking single parents on this board?  Coming from a single (mother) household, I'm frankly offended that people feel that they can judge the upbringing I received based on the lack of my father's presence in my life.  People, when it comes to parenting, it's quality not quantity, stop being so simple!

And I do have to agree with some people on the board though when it came to the mother and grandmother of the violent little boy.  I can understand the first pet, maybe even after some time and couseling the second pet, hey I'll even give them the third, but they are just ridiculous!  I felt like I was listening to the details of him touturing and killing like 10 animals!  After 2-3 there shouldn't have been anymore!  Really 1, but I can understand trying to give him more chances.  And they still have animals!  Call the humane society!  And I know it was said that the mother had a history of drug use, and excuse me for being rude, but she just seemed "off" to me and either the drugs fried her brain or it's not in her past like she says....  And last, why has this boy been molested so many times?  WHO is doing it and how have they gotten access to him?  *Shaking my head in disgust and pity*

And to the people who wanna march on Washington and protest violence or sex for that matter in the media, then you shouldn't be parents....  Children are impressionable yes, but like I said before, your parenting skills should be able to override all the crap in the media, and putting your children in a bubble is not going to work because chances are they're gonna be exposed to such things somehow/somewhere.  Explaing to your child (age appropriately of course) why certain things are not tolerated goes a long way, stop being scared to talk to your children!  Better you then their friends!

*End of rant*
Replied By: floradoragirl on Nov 17, 2009, 2:57PM - In reply to jaisjewels
I have to say something about this kid.  I am a survivor of a violent sexual assault by a family member two weeks after my ninth birthday.  I was also physically and mentally abused until I left my mother's house, which also included an attempted drowning incident when I was around five years of age.  Never ONCE did I ever harm an animal or another human being!  I just can't imagine putting a guinea pig into a microwave.  This child may have been molested, but he is clearly exhibiting signs of being a sociopath.  He needs help now!  The man who sexually assaulted me enjoys torturing and killing animals, and even broke my aunt's cat's neck and left her in the garage for her to find.  He also took my beloved pet parakeet Freddy out of his cage and pretended to squash him in his hands right in front of me and when I started screaming, he put the bird back, laughing at my reaction.  I was in grade three at the time.  My family stands by him, and I have been excommunicated from the family because I chose to speak out to the police about this monster.  What's worse is that I am not the only victim of his sexual abuse in my family.  At least two others have been molested and attacked by this creep.
I am not a violent person.  I suffer with post traumatic stress disorder and I still would never intentionally hurt anyone.  I am tired of the abuse excuse.  If anyone has a reason to be angry, it's me.  I have been left permanently disabled as a result of what happened to me, but I have hope that things are better.  I've just written a book and I hope to have it published soon. 
I almost feel like the mother and grandma are in some sort of weird denial about this child's behavior...or else, why would they bring in pet after pet as he consciously and willingly kills them?  This child needs serious, intensive help which should span over his lifetime...otherwise he could turn into something like the man who violated me.
That is my worst fear...that he will indeed kill another human, and chances are, he probably will.
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