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When Dr. Phil explored infidelity in a recent show, the debate sparked thousands of viewers to weigh in. Dr. Phil addresses the flood of comments he received on his Twitter and Facebook pages, on the message boards and his blog, and he answers the question: “Is it possible to make your marriage affair-proof?” Sarah Symonds, leader of the online group Mistresses Anonymous, maintains that the other woman isn’t always to blame. Don’t miss what happens when she faces off with Melvine, a guest who says she was cheated on. Then, Steve, who calls himself “unapologetically male,” says men are prone to stray. See what happens when he hits the streets of Los Angeles for a male perspective on infidelity. And one viewer, Debbie, explains why she’s angry with Dr. Phil!

Dr. Phil weighs in on infidelity. Read his blog, and leave a comment!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: muse323 on Feb 2, 2015, 10:59AM
my father was notorious in the 1970's.  He was married to my mother. My step-mother knew my father was married because my unts brought her to our house they so happen to be jogging by? WHAT! after which she just so happened to get a job with my father.  My mother was a house wife she worked out every day as a professional body builder and she is still a beautiful woman today .... AFTER 30 (+) years now my father says he wishes he never cheated, left and divorced my mother for this other woman? The other woman gave my father a sales-rep first then once he brought into her fakeness and married her she gave him the real deal. my step-mother got pregnant then claimed I am not my fathers real daughter she talked about me for years yet i respected her called her mom I would call her before i called my birth mother for advise which all she told me was a lie my father put his new family in a 3500sf house. Now he lives downstairs and she (my step-mother) lives upstairs. My step-mother said i would never be anything or go anywhere? Lies !!! I graduated with not one but TWO Bachelors: (1) in Business Administration and (1) in T.V. and Radio Broadcasting. My 1/2 half sister from my step mother lives in the projects of New Jersey, does not work, no education .... My father did not stop with my step-mother he still keeps company with other women. i am angry, hurt by my her and what she did to our family! The other women should not entertain a man who is married you do not know what is going on our side. I work with a women who is cheating on her husband he has no idea i keep talking to her about her cheating ways .....she has no idea what she is doing to her family...
Replied By: muso_89 on Feb 21, 2010, 6:06PM
I live in Australia so obviously, this is a bit of an old episode that I am just now receiving. However, I just want to say how absolutley disgusting it is to either cheat on your spouse, or enable someone to cheat by sleeping with a married person.

If you no longer feel attracted to this person, or you no longer have desire for them, or you no longer have anything in common with them, or you just can't stand them anymore there is another option - LEAVE. There is no reason to cheat. Ever. People who can't stand their partner, and cheat but still stay with their partner are selfish. All it is is that they want to have their cake and eat it too.

Infidelity is like suicide. It is a selfish act that affects everyone involved. My dad cheated on my mon several times. My step dad cheated on my mom. When she divorced, mom helped a married man cheat to "get back" at my step dad. Did that accomplish anything? NO. All it did was hurt the other woman, their son and our family.

People change after they get married. That's life get over it. It is human nature to get bored. So why cheat on your partner when eventually you are going to get bored of the person you are cheating with there is no utopia there is no perfect relationship. That person you are cheating with will not bring you happiness. They will get bored of you and you of them. And you will cheat on them or they will cheat on you. Are there exceptions to this rule? There are exceptions to every rule. But thinking of yourself as the exception is dangerous. Say you have a $100 bill. It gets old and a little bit wrinkled sitting in your wallet. Along comes a crisp clean $50 bill. Do you trade in your $100 because it isn't new and doesn't look as valuable anymore? It still retains its worth.

Sometime you meet someone and for some reason become attracted to them. It happens. There is more than one person for everyone. But it is what you choose to do with those feelings that ultimately determines your character. There is always a moment where you can give into temptation or you can walk away. An even better idea? Don't put yourself in the road of temptaion. You want a thrill seeking adventure? Try cliff diving or rally car driving or bungee jumping. Destroying a marriage or helping someone destroy one isn't a thrill inducing activity. It's dangerous and selfish.

If you don't believe in monogamy, if you want to have as many sexual parteners as you feel like, great for you. Just stay single.
Replied By: sissi52 on Dec 9, 2009, 4:10AM
I just wanted to say that...that guy is right. I have 5 brothers and they have done the same.
I grew up in a neighborhood where guys would be going out on their wives alot. I have seen it
so much. I can't even think of anybody i know (guy) that hasn't.
Replied By: pianissima on Dec 5, 2009, 11:53AM
I was shocked to see links for these self-promoters on the Dr. Phil website.  What were you thinking?  If this was their requirement to get them on the show they should have been told "forget it."  People like these two clearly don't care who they hurt.  They are perfectly content to make money providing excuses for victimizing a trusting spouse.  [BR][BR]
And to all you guys out there making excuses for cheating, I've got some food for thought.  Who do you think other cheating men are cheating with, the same 5 women?  While you are out there fooling around your wife could be doing the same with some other man.  I bet that would look very different, though, wouldn't it?[BR][BR]
Bottom line? Cheating is wrong because it is cowardly and dishonest.  The cheater loses any right to self respect and the spouse and children feel degraded.  Have the guts and maturity to work on your marriage or get out.  Better yet, if you're as immature and self-centered as the two featured on the show do some nice woman and man a favor and don't get married in the first place.
Replied By: funnycool on Dec 5, 2009, 9:32AM
ok i'm 45 i was out a few weeks ago haveing fun listing to live music. i ran into a nice sexy young 25 year old. was haveing great time with him. i asked if he had a girlfriend he said no. so i went to his hotel room. we talked did alittle kissing. i would not give into him i said to him no expectations. let's get to know one anouther. we made plans for the next week. he wanted to party. so i went to his hotel and i wrote a note putting what was on my mind. i went home he called me back telling me he had a girlfriend. i have a very open mind. he has only been with her 2 to 3 months. but i told him we needed to get to know each other better. he agreed. so we make plans for me to come over to his hotel before i go down stairs for music and meet a friend. we talk i give him a massage and few other things. this has never happend to him before he was scared.i'm at my peak at 45 he is 25 he is at his sexual drive.so should i contiue with this. he said that he wanted to do things with me and have fun. can i give him something he has never had. could this lead to something like a relationship. help people. he is not married just with someone that he can't even say he loves. it takes time to love someone. smiles suzy q
Replied By: theadmiral on Dec 4, 2009, 4:19PM - In reply to gaborten
Your claim:
"Bananas have 90% the same DNA as humans!"

I ask for a reference.  You say Colgan & Boyce.

I look it up (you gave no link) to find it quoted on the "Institute for Creation Research" ...big surprise. 

But wait, there's more.  Even that site quotes the DNA ratio at not 90%, but 50%.  So again, where's a reference for your "fact" of a banana having 90% of human DNA?  I'll tell you, it's no where, because it's wrong.  And you know it is, but you're so desperate to salvage your position you'll use such made up BS in the hopes people will buy it. You've made it clearly apparent to me you're not interested in serious debate.

I'm not going to continue wasting my time with your BS claims over and over.  Anyone masochistic enough to have followed this thread will, by now, be able to make up their own mind... between someone who supported their argument in referenced, logical terms- and you, who've done nothing but repeat yourself, ignore facts and promote falsehoods. 

This will be my last post.
Replied By: gaborten on Dec 4, 2009, 1:52PM - In reply to theadmiral
You actually outlined my point!!! Your comments about brown-eyed parents, etc.  That was my point when I discussed the genetic makeup in your pond!!!!  We give birth after our own kind, a scientific law. There are boundaries in reproductions (i.e. mules).
My point about the DNA of a banana: Coglan & Boyce, New Scientist 167 (July 1): 5, 2000.

You don't believe me about pig DNA?  Are you serious?  That's why we use pig valves in heart transplants, rather than from apes. heart-valve-surgery.com

I think your pond findings hardly prove a thing! Someone long before Darwin would have jumped on such dizzying evidence.
Replied By: theadmiral on Dec 3, 2009, 9:52PM - In reply to gaborten
>>"The genetics for the white fish is still there, even though the white may disappear.  I truly feel you are misguided."

You think this isn't true?  Are you saying a brown eyed mother and a brown eyed father will always have a brown eyed child?  Of course not.  Sometimes the children will have different colored eyes, usually from their grandparents or great grandparents.  Just because you don't see blue eyes on a person doesn't mean they can't carry the gene for blue eyes from their ancestors (and you think I'm misguided?).

>>"We share 95% DNA with chimps.  That would impress me if it were not for the fact that we share 90% with a banana. Human DNA actually closer resembles that of a pig than it does a monkey."

The "90% or our DNA from a banana" figure is web folklore and completely untrue (I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that you're basing your conclusions on such false data).


As far as human DNA more closely resembling that of a pig than a lower primate... where are you getting this stuff?  Do you have any solid references for such claims?  Look... you want to call fully accepted science a big "joke"? go ahead.  I can only wonder what your take on gravity must be.
Replied By: gaborten on Dec 3, 2009, 3:37PM - In reply to theadmiral
Something we can agree on....people disagree sometimes!!!!! No kidding.

The genetics for the white fish is still there, even though the white may disappear.  I truly feel you are misguided. 

We share 95% DNA with chimps.  That would impress me if it were not for the fact that we share 90% with a banana.  Human DNA actually closer resembles that of a pig than it does a monkey.  The theory of evolution is the biggest joke, O captain, my captain.
Replied By: theadmiral on Dec 2, 2009, 2:45PM - In reply to gaborten
In just 5 short years I was able to see a dramatic change in the appearance of the fish population.  Every so often a gold or silver fish would re-emerge in the offspring but will, again, get eaten.   Not all the newborn fish look the same, some will have traits from the original population, but then get picked off all over again. Others will have new variations.  Evolution occurs through the odd and mutated traits in offspring.  It's this mechanism that allows for adaptation of life so it can continue to survive. 

Now, if such a dramatic change of appearance can occur within just 5 short years, imagine that very same process going on for millions of years.

You say the jump from monkey to human is too great?  What are you basing that on?  Sounds to me like you're stating just a personal opinion.  Open your mind...we're talking about eons of nature in progress here.
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