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After nearly one year of marriage to Chris, Alexandra is ready to end their union, because she says he is abusive toward her. Dr. Phil confronts Chris and asks him hard questions. Hear Chris' side of the story and his reaction to Alex's allegations. Does he want a divorce? Then, Alex returns to the stage by herself, and Dr. Phil asks tough questions and offers advice regarding her plights to gain custody of her children. When he tells her what she must do to have a positive outcome, will she comply? Then, Alex’s sister, Katherine, shares her candid thoughts about her sister's current situation. And, Erin joins her daughter for an emotional conversation. Find out what Alex wants from her mother, and if Erin is willing to provide it.

Is Your Daughter Like Katherine from the Dr. Phil Family?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: laura2010 on Feb 23, 2010, 9:32AM
I'm not a doctor or anything but I can see the hurt in Alexandras eyes, in her voice and in her face. Everyone is on the parents side and no one is by her side. I know what it feels like to feel that no one cares about you, that you have no one to turn to not even your own family. Everyone has shut you out because you made some mistakes. Well I feel her pain and I wish that people would stop being ruthless and start showing her some compassion. That is what she obviously wants. She's crying out and everyone just wants to be against her. She's an adult let her make her mistakes and learn from them.
Replied By: lharderson on Jan 18, 2010, 3:16PM
I watch Dr Phil every chance I get, because I really think he is doing good things.  That said, I really wish we could let this whole drama go!  After 6 years...I don't think there is a need to keep watching the same old same old drama unfold!  I was somewhat sad for this family's hardships at first.  After all this time though, I don't think they want to change.  Why should the Dr Phil show keep putting money and resources out there for this family that doesn't want to shape up?  I am sure there are many other families that could really use, and would actually appreciate the help being offered.  After watching some of the shows where Erin seems cold and condescending towards her children who have this immense sense of entitilement,  I don't really want to see any more!  I don't think Alex is grateful for the help she has been given time and time again...if she was, she would have changed a long time ago!  Katherine also has some issues, and they both need to grow up!  The two grandkids are suffering in all this mess too, and they don't deserve this!  I just pray this family gets it together and puts the KIDS first!
Replied By: swgaguy on Jan 15, 2010, 4:20PM
How long will this endless drama, turmoil, chaos, and mayhem continue to be broadcast?  I am tired of these people.  I had some empathy for the family at the start when Alex was first pregnant.  But after watching the venom Eric spews, the disrespect and dishonesty of Alex and the out and out lack of common sense with Katherine, I am just fatigued by this family.  Nothing every gets better with them because they have chosen the life style they are living.  Dr. Phil is wasting his time, money and energy trying to save this bunch.  These girls have grown up in an environment void of family caring, parental love or emotional functionality so they will never be able to parent successfully!  Where is Department of Family and Children Services in this matter?  Each person in this family has shown they are incapable of raising a child in a healthy environment so why do any of neglectful and odious people still have custody of those precious children?  Call in the authorities and pull the plug on this family…people just do not care about them any longer!

Replied By: booandbear on Jan 14, 2010, 11:30AM - In reply to coolascolorado
I agree - I thought the same thing - she looked great - no lines or signs of stress - what happened
Replied By: coolascolorado on Jan 13, 2010, 10:32PM
Please forgive me....I have enjoyed these "Dr. Phil Family" shows because I have similar issues...not the same, but I guess I would be Erin in our family.

As Erin, I also show stress on my face.  Why on Monday did she not have a single line or bag under her eyes?  I am just plain jealous!! 

Now that is answer that I really want to hear...she looks 10 years younger!
Replied By: viewerinore on Jan 13, 2010, 12:31PM - In reply to loveschildren
i agree one hundred percent!!!! i watch dr. phil to learn something, not to see constant drama, they need to get some private counseling
Replied By: termite70 on Jan 12, 2010, 12:38AM
i have watched every one of these dr,phil family return episodes and i can not for the life of me figure out why dr.phil is not just taking these people and shaking them. these babys need the best and well they are all crazy. ERIN who seems to be the sane one proves how insane she is everytime she speaks.in the same breathe she wants her daughter to raise her kids and then wants the children to live with her. someone needs to let them know that partenting is not something you can turn off and on.alex missed court it wasn't important enough to her to do the right thing.alex has had every chance under the sun to do the right thing and still chooses her needs over the childs needs.an aunt who well is the bottom of the the list of role modles for these children.maybe the court ruling was the best thing let the paterrnal grandparents raise naten  maybe now these people will take the time to breath and regroup and figure out whats important this bickering among them is probably why natan is actingout.he has probably had his fill.its been going on for his whole life and maybe now he will get a little peace since he is not right in the middle of it. grow up people these kids feel all this tenseness between all of you and i can not imagine what they are having to deal with tension between mom ,dad,grandparents,aunts,moms boyfriends give the kids a break. kids are way to resptive to it all for you to be able to hide it.. lastly im so disappointed at the way dr.phil has become so partical in this soga open your eyes as your #1 fan i can not help but say you seem to have tried to help alex and erin with everything possible chance but have put everyone else as the vilans .alex can make mistakes but chris can not chris seems to be tring and putting his child first while alex still is willing to put her boyfriend first. if it was posibility that my boyfriend could have bruised my child he would not be there. come on people get a grip. 
Replied By: pauliewarren on Jan 11, 2010, 6:28PM
Dr.Phil ,In watching your show today I felt as if I was watching my own story,  I would only like to say that a child of any age can express if they are where they want to be.  If these two women are so connected with these grandchildren they should know that. 

My son and daughter in law were married at age 16 and 17.  They were very young. I knew they needed allot of support and guidance for many years.  My granddaughter was born,  they had there ups and downs, as couples do.  when my granddaughter was 3 my daughter left leaving my son a note she was going to find herself a better life, taking my granddaughter into a life and an inviorment she knew nothing about.  My son filed for temp. custody and won.  He immediately got my granddaughter, approx. 24hrs later.  He did not see my daughter in law for approx 4month.  She was dating a felon on the run.  after 4 months she showed up in court with an attorney.  The courts gave custody to her.  This was a hard pill to swallow for me and my son.
since he had moved in with me after the separation.  We hired an attorney.  after a year long battle they got joint custody my son had Alexandria 4 days and his x-wife had her 3 days.  This was very hard on my granddaughter.  When it was time for her to go to her moms. she did everything from running and hiding, to screaming, kicking, crying and just showing us she was not happy with her mom.  We did every thing from call cps to child mediation.  Her mothers response was she'll get used to it. She never did.  she would also come with bruises.scrapes and cuts.  Her mother had an excuse for them all/
My granddaughter turned 4 her father was arrested for defending himself in a situation.    My daughter-in law made it so I could not see my granddaughter.  I did not see her for 1 month that is the longest time I have ever gone separated from her.  I was told by my daughter in laws attorney there are no grandparent rites in the state of Cal.  I researched it more and found out there are.  I got letters from my church (where Alexandria has gone since birth with me.) my co workers, I any of these women are as close to these children as they say they are someone should have witnessed them.  If there are no grandparent writes in your state do the research and be and advocate.   I was awarded g'parents writes
I got my granddaughter every weekend in fact I got her on the same days her dad did.  After my son was arrested.  My former daughter in law moved out of the house she was living with her Aunt and moved in with her father,boyfriend, brothers and there girlfriends (all living in a 2 bedroom duplex)  even though there was nothing legally I could do.  I was just there for my granddaughter.  After 1 year my former daughter in law gave guardianship over to me.  her words were "She has always been a daddy's girl
she needs to be with her dad and you guys(meaning her fathers family).  My granddaughter lives with me as I was awarded guardianship over her.  Since my son has been incarcerated he has met many people who knew his x-wife.  they told my son many stories about what they witnessed regarding his daughter.  My granddaughter is 6 now and lives a very normal life, Her dad phones her atleast  2times a week.  he writes her and she writes me.  We hardly hear from her mom  She has since had another child and lives with the father of that baby.  My granddaughter tells me things now that she was exposed to when she was with her mom.  Some times it seams like the light at the end of the tunnel is a frieght train but hold fast.  just be there for your granddaughter and grandson. and pray God has his own way of protecting our children remember they are also his kids, good luck to you both.
Replied By: momafun on Jan 11, 2010, 6:05PM - In reply to nanderella
I completely agree.  Erin is not the parent she is the grandparent.  As a parent she has failed both her daughters.  Nothing but anger, hatred and lies come from her daughters.  It's time Chris was given the chance he is entitled to.  The chance to raise his children.  I don't think Alex will ever put her children before herself and what ever boyfriend she would currently have. She just doesn't want Chris to have them. 
Replied By: beaber73 on Jan 11, 2010, 5:47PM
Today's Dr. Phil Family show really frustrated me...  I have watched and watched this "family," for years now, and I see NO improvement!  Every single member of this "family" has major growing up to do! The Mom is the first one that needs to check herself out! Please someone get her some counseling!!  This episode showed some major true colors, and I now see where Alex gets her attitude!  Maybe you should have a Dr. Phil House Show so that we can see of the true colors for all of the "family" members!!!!
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