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How many times have you heard a shocking story and thought, that could never happen to me? What if something devastating did happen to you? Would you be able to pick up the pieces and move on, or would you fall apart? Stacy says that her 19-year-old daughter, Heather, was an honor roll student and captain of the debate team, so she was stunned to get a phone call telling her that her child is now a porn star. Is Heather ready to change her life, and is there hope for this mother/daughter relationship? Then, two women went to a cosmetic enhancement party expecting a fresher look, but say they ended up with disastrous results. Find out how a simple procedure went way wrong and how to protect yourself from being disfigured. And, Julie says she can't forgive herself for driving drunk and killing a 16-year-old girl over a decade ago. Will Dr. Phil's exercise help the grieving woman find the answer she's been looking for? Tune in to learn the tools you need to move forward when life throws you a curve ball.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: kcrrr97 on Nov 13, 2009, 7:36PM - In reply to carolmqe
Most likely she does still drink-  I went to the victim impact statement and the women showed no emotion as she did on the show!!!
Replied By: kcrrr97 on Nov 13, 2009, 7:34PM
Today I sat and watched the show, like many of Bambi's friends. The action that Julie choose was an action she'll never forget and she shouldn't  Bambi was a great person,  and she was taking away from alot of people that day. Julie stated this and that on that show, but what about after it happen didn't she bar tend shortly after, so instead of reaching out to others she was other there serving others to do just the same thing. You know it does happy alot, people killed by drinking and driving, I just can't believe that Julie went on Nation television to try to  get sympathy I have none for her...... she took my friend away. I was a classmate of Bambi's and i know that this will probably be taking off her, but you know what at least I got it off my chest... Julie did something that hurt alot of people and you know there are many places that could have helped her instead of going on TV and showing her self.  Dr. Phil- also you had no right to say if Bambi was a great kid as you say then she would ask forgiveness, well she was GREAT and I didn't appreciate that comment!!! Thank you !
Replied By: barrelracer78 on Nov 13, 2009, 6:54PM
14 years ago I also worked with Bambi. In fact she worked for me that night, I look at that night as it could have very easily had been me. I travel that same road everyday to and from home.  My mom and actually drove by the accident that night as all the rescue squad, police and ambulances were at the scene.  All of us that worked together were a very closely knit 'work family'. Everyone of of us including upper management and owners attended her funeral. This was (is) one of the hardest things anyone should ever have to deal with.  I agree with alot of the discussion on the show today. If she could Bambi would have sat there and probably said those things- she was just that type of person.  However I do not agree with only a three year sentence. People are being sentenced to life for doing drugs (hurting themselves) while others are killing innocent people and only 'doing a few years'. Julie had several choices, her choice was obviously to get in a car and drive drunk. Her second choice was to slow down at that intersection and stop, she chose to speed up.  I only live about 4 miles from the place of the accident, the choices Julie made crosses my mind everytime I drive that highway.  The pain of losing a friend, a co-worker will never go away. 

I am also shocked and upset that a little more of Bambi's family was not discussed, yes I know the show was about Julie. Her mother will probably never get over losing a child, but her father died just a few short years later from being electrocuted by a power line. I wondered if Julie was even aware of this. She stated a couple of times that she wants to speak to her family.

I will admit, I have tried to forgive. But Bambi was one life that should not have been taken so soon, and wouldnt have been if the right choices had been made.

To Bambi- we miss you and you will always be in our hearts forever!  Love all of your team members.
Replied By: mrjoe2you on Nov 13, 2009, 6:19PM
I'm sorry but regarding the Mom With the Adult Star Daughter I think Every over reacted so bad  i am friends with a lot of adult Stars That live Very normal live's with the exception of their jobs. To say what she is doing is sleazy  and its gonna lead to drugs and drinking problems is just not true. girls that work with good company's wanna stay clean and sober to keep there contracts.Then to say about the risk of std's well how many people not in the adult business Have sexy and don't ever get tested or ever use condoms . i think Dr. Phil used his Personal judgment to much rather then facts as a Dr..
Replied By: carolmqe on Nov 13, 2009, 5:48PM
My best friend, her five-year-old daughter, and her seven-month fetus were killed by a drunk driver in 1969. She was 27 years old. Forty years later It still brings tears to my eyes to remember.  The woman on tonight's show who killed a 16-year-old while driving drunk is guilty, there can absolutely be no doubt about that. However, she also needs to forgive herself, and like Dr. Phil said, do something positive in hopes of preventing other deaths at the hands of drunk drivers.  I do find it interesting that she did not say if she still drinks, nor did Dr. Phil ask.
Replied By: wwooozzz on Nov 13, 2009, 5:40PM - In reply to coachjoeh
Yea, sure I wouldn't want my daughter in porn. Having said that....PORNO is SAFER.....MUCH safer compared with NON-PORN sex. Also, in parts of Vegas where prostitution is legal it is even SAFER....SUPER SAFE because testing is done when work begins not up to 30 days before. The women live at the brothels while they are working for safety reasons. CONCLUSION: IF we the people were as careful as the PORNOGRAPHERS and LEGAL PROSTITUTES we would have MUCH MUCH MUCH less STDs and probably abortions too. In light of these facts what should our morality be? Remember, morality is not a contraceptive. How many hundreds of thousans or even millions of innocent men and mostly woment who have never had sex outside of marraige are HIV positve?PORN and LEGAL VEGAS STYLE PROStTITUTION have done a FANTASTICLY great job in preventing STDs perhaps better than churches have. Comprehensive sex education(which teaches birth control and abstinance both) works abstinance only is not as effective. LETS LOWER TEEN PREGNANCY, STDs and ABORTIONS!  ....by pointing the finger at ourselves ....we could learn even from the porn industry  about safer sex.   How about we all eliminate the 30 day rule , make it a 1 day rule. not test no sex. not so practical........hmmm...think about it.  How safe are your really??????
Replied By: luvudevinc on Nov 13, 2009, 5:11PM
I would have loved to been able to talk with Julie, as a mother who lost her child due to a careless driver, I would have loved to have seen the compassion and  remorse that she showed.  My only hope is the family of this young girl comes forward and forgives her.  No one ever gets over a death of a child and it is a long and difficult  journey , forgiveness is  part of the healing process. For these two families to come together would  open the door for tremendous healing! Who knows what kind of power  that  union could create for the  greater good in memory of this precious child .  Thoughts of love and prayers go out to Julie and this family.  Sandra Hannis 
Replied By: coachjoeh on Nov 13, 2009, 4:18PM
I can't speak for anyone else, obviously, but I was raised in a family where sex was normal, natural, and healthy.  I can remember being a young boy and being allowed to look at my grandfather's Playboys.  My parents saw nothing wrong with it, because as a young man it was natural for me to be curious and want to look at naked women.

As I got older, having sex as an open topic in my family became an asset to me.  I could ask my mother and sisters anything I wanted to without feeling embarrassed or shameful.  My mother made me believe that sex is a wonderful thing and to never be ashamed about anything I do (sexually) as long as all parties are of age and consenting.  In fact, my mother defined "porn" as anything involving someone underage or who did not consent.  Anything else was just sex on film. 

Heather is of age and all parties are consenting, so what's the big deal?  STDs?  Sure, that's a concern.  But no more than in the regular world.  In fact, didn't Heather say they are tested every 30 days?  Can you say the next one-nighter you pick up has been tested in the last month?  Sounds like her odds are better than ours on NOT getting an STD.  Besides, if you have watched a professionally filmed "porno" lately, you'd know that condoms are usually used.

Finding a husband?  Is this really a concern?  Before I married, I knew my wife had previous sexual partners.  And, now being divorced, I'm sure the next woman I meet will have had previous partners.  Why would it matter if she had sex on film or privately in the bedroom?  Many of us have videod our encounters.  Just because someone got paid for it shouldn't make a difference.  After all, and remember this is coming from a man, sex is sex.  It doesn't have to do with feelings.  It has to do with feeling good.  I can't love every woman I meet, but I can have sex with them.  I know that sounds bad, but try to understand my point.  It's just sex! 

She was told to go to college and get an education.  I have nothing against that advice!  Nothing!  But let's take a look at the money involved.  I have a friend who has two Master's degrees.  She makes $95,000.00 a year.  Great money!  More than twice what I make, having no degree.  But I have read where some of the women in porn make $20,000.00 a month!  Isn't that almost 1/4 million a year?  Just for having sex!  Something she's going to do anyway.  Only it's on film.  Big deal.  I have video taped me and my partners.  If I could get paid for it?  Hell, yes!  But I'm not 19 and beautiful.
Replied By: ingrams191 on Nov 13, 2009, 4:15PM
I would like to tell you that I am very upset with you at your comment about the drunk driver and the girl she killed being the only two victims of this tragedy.  What about the girl's family.  My sister, niece and nephew were killed by a drunk driver.  We have not been the same since.  Fractured family, panic attacks, anger and shear sadness.  I have no sympathy for that woman, she should think of what she did every day and not only did she kill that girl but a severly damaged a family as well.  I don't blame the family for not talking to her, she does not deserve their time or their help in her healing.  They think of their loss everyday too.  Especially during the holidays when there is one or even three empty place settings at the table.
Replied By: rbmyers on Nov 13, 2009, 3:52PM
Is this not about forgiveness? Forgiving herself, the woman who caused the drunk driving death of a child.
The hardest person there is to forgive is yourself, we are our own worst critics and beat ourselves up over errors in judgement like no one else can.  I disagree with the philosophy that the woman must make an example of her life and speak about her accident to all drunks, mothers and children who will listen.  Why would she need to continue to relive her experience again and again by talking about it.  God has forgiven her, the child has forgiven her, and you, Dr. Phil had a perfect opportunity to help her forgive herself, but instead you chose to ask her to devote her life to changing others and become some sort of spokeswoman for all drunk drivers.  Is there anyone in this world or the next that would want this woman to punish herself further?  I think not, my heart and prayers are with her.  I hope she can find the love needed within herself to forgive herself.  That is my prayer for her.
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