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Viewers first met Alexandra when she was 15 and pregnant. Now, at 21, she's a mother of two, on the verge of divorce and facing two custody battles. Alex describes life with her husband, Chris, and explains why she wants to end their marriage. Find out why she wants full custody of her 20-month-old daughter, Leilah. Then, Alex's mother, Erin, says she's caught in the middle of the feud between Alex and Chris. Hear why she feels torn. Next, go behind closed doors for Alex's first meeting with her attorney and hear their strategy for the divorce and custody proceedings. Then, Chris speaks out for the first time. Learn his side of the story and how he feels about his soon-to-be ex-wife. You may be surprised by Alex’s behavior and Dr. Phil’s candid thoughts about the young woman. Join the discussion.

Is Your Daughter Like Katherine from the Dr. Phil Family?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: bestgammy on Feb 7, 2011, 8:59PM
I am not very good at the computer, I just need to talk to you.  I am in the same boat. 
Trying to save my daughter and her son.  I have no one that understands.  My husband is like yours, loves me and her but doesn't stand up to her--- contact me please.......
Replied By: jodiec75 on Mar 24, 2010, 8:34PM
I've only just seen this show but felt Dr Phil was way to nice to Alexandra, all the things he should have said to her, he said to her mother after she left the stage. I've seen him alot harsher to others for alot less
Replied By: starbarham5 on Feb 15, 2010, 4:24PM
You know there are alot of us out here who have children that have gotten themselves into bad choices. I have a daughter who got pregnant at 15 also.  However, I made it so that she had to be responsible for her child, my grandson.  I believe that Erin took over for all the wrong reasons and what a drama this has become. There are so  many of us out there who would love the chance to have you help us, and I think this family is taking advantage of the publicity, and it's getting really old......
Replied By: tetnie on Dec 1, 2009, 4:29AM
My hope is that everyone involved will get drop their pride and egos long enough to not argue all the time. Hopefully these babies are not seeing any of these disagreements. They are going to blame their-selves. Children think that everything is their fault when nothing is. Especially when they are hearing their names thrown around. And then when they get older and go on the web and see how all of this unfolded since day one. My prayers our with the children and all involved that there can be a happy healthy resolution.
Replied By: tetnie on Dec 1, 2009, 4:23AM - In reply to tavishmom
I did recognize Tony's body language and Alex's as well. I noticed her looking at him every time she spoke. I am not sure if it was in fear or what. I found that very concerning. That little punk couldn't take on an agitated puppy much less the world. I swear these days boys are never going to turn into men when they act like that. I totally agree with you. Another thing I am not even sure what he has to do with anything. Why was he there? To intimidate Alex is my guess. Who knows? This story changes with the wind blowing. :)
Replied By: tavishmom on Nov 29, 2009, 3:20PM - In reply to pcaves
There is so much shameful behavior in this situation. Forget Katherine, she has no excuse for her behavior. Shame Erin for bringing this situation to television in the first place and for telling her daughter that DCF has low standards. Caseworking is a difficult job, but Erin seems to think that she has more smarts than the state. And Alex. What a drama queen. As the weeks have gone on, my empathy for her has completely left. Her histrionics, the eye rolling, choosing a man over her children. The body language of Tony is unmistakable. He leaned forward and looked like he would take on the world . Clearly Alex was concerned about what she said as she looked at Tony to see his reaction. The complications of their problems seems unsolvable. Kids: This is a great study in how not to bring up children.
Replied By: csidney on Nov 27, 2009, 10:41PM - In reply to wildrose7
Alex doesn't present as someone who has been abused .   A spoiled brat is more like it.  She has refused help from every source available.   The kids are the only thing that matters here .  Erin made mistakes raising her girls ...... but she's doing what needs to be done for Alex's children.  Thank God for Erin !
Replied By: csidney on Nov 27, 2009, 10:35PM
ME ME ME ME ME ME ................ That's all that's important to Alexandra.  She acts like she's 5 years old.   She can't see the forest for the trees.    She just keeps on lying ................ hoping someone will eventually believe her BS.   Please give those kids to anyone but her !

Replied By: kimwwombolt on Nov 26, 2009, 6:28AM - In reply to canadianna
I realize that the mother has not YET taken the children away, but she would like to.  I wrote earlier before I was able to see the rest unfold.  I was so ready to take Alexandria's side in all of this until she did not appear in court and until I found out about the bruises on her baby's neck and until she would not take a drug test.  I am fed up with her excuses.  I also blame the mother for the beginning of all of this mess and her showing favoritism. 
I cannot figure out the father's role in all of this.  Does he not have a say or is he just hiding out afraid to take a stand? 
I think the whole family deserves each other at this point.  I only worry about the children and what kind of an effect the arguing and going back and forth between parents, grandparents, etc. is going to have on them.  Maybe they should be taken away from all of the immature people and given to people who would give them a stable home and just love them for them instead of using them for a weapon.
Replied By: gboynton on Nov 24, 2009, 7:28AM
Each week while watching Alex display all of her attitude I just want to reach through my TV and shake her!  How dare she sit there and imply that her Mother is causing harm to either of those children.  She should be thanking God that Erin is there to provide a stable environment for them with love, safety and a soft spot to fall.  Most mothers put their children's needs first no matter what.  Alex is acting like a spoiled brat putting her wants and needs first and the only thing she seems to be good at is critizing her Mother whenever she gets the chance.
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