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(Original Air Date: 11/03/09) As many as 1.6 million teens abuse prescription medication. Could your child be stealing pills from your medicine cabinet? Rick and JoAnne admit they missed the warning signs when their 19-year-old son, Michael, started taking OxyContin to increase his alertness in school. Now they believe their son is hooked, and they say he lies, cheats and steals to feed his addiction. Dr. Phil conducts a coping exercise with the family that brings them all to tears. Does Michael want to kick his habit, or is it too late for him to change?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: hewittrobyn on Jul 7, 2010, 7:46PM
Thank you for sharing the story of Mike's drug addiction. I have a 19-year old daughter addicted to heroin and it's destroyed more than her life. She's in rehab for the 2nd time only after delivering her the ultimate decision: rehab or life on the streets. It's a nightmare and I too ask myself "how did my daughter get here". She has two fraud cases pending against her; stole thousands from myself, her dad and grandmother. The final straw was her stealing items that were memories for me; my first ring; my necklace I wore to my best friends wedding and so on. She had it melted down and used the money to buy drugs. Where do I go from here? Where does my daughter get the strength to battle this addiction? Why? Just like Mike's parents, I love my daughter even through all of this and would and want to do what ever I can for her. I've spent thousands on rehab and halfway houses, not to mention counseling all while providing a roof over her head, a bed to sleep on and food in the refrigerator. Help is something I don't ask for and at this point, it's all I can ask for
Replied By: chancef21 on Jul 2, 2010, 6:57AM - In reply to davidcarols
I was so glad to read your story that you got your son back.  We are struggling with drug abuse in our family at this time.  We have a 21 yr. old son that has been in and out of jail and 3 rehab centers and 2 intensive outpatience programs.  He was released from jail in late March and on Monday of this week we found out he is now using meth by injection and manufacturing this in our home.  We told him he would not be allowed to stay at our home and put his brother and our home in danger.  This was the hardest thing I have ever done.  I hope it pays off.  I can't stop wondering where he is, what he is doing, is he high, is he hungry, does he have a place to sleep.  I fear the worst I go into panic mode everytime the phone or doorbell rings.  I would welcome any advice you may have for us.  This is such a difficult time. 
Replied By: redssr on Jul 1, 2010, 4:17PM
My daughter is currently incarcerated for fraud to obtain a controlled substance, felony impersonation and fleeing. She also has outstanding warrants in another county that will have to be dealt with as well.

She is 36 years old and this is not her first experience with illegally obtained prescription drugs. I have taken the 'tough love' approach for several years---not allowing her to live with me and not supporting her financially. She has been living across the state from me and her children for the past 3 years, so I don't really know about her financial situation.

I was contacted today by her public defender and asked to call the pharmacy the Detention Center allows to provide prescripton medication to the inmates,  They want me to give a credit card number so that my daughter can receive hormone therepy (she had a complete hysterectomy in 2007) and an anti-depressant.  If I pay for the meds is that defeating the tough love stance I am trying to stick to? 
Replied By: chief007 on Jul 1, 2010, 3:22PM - In reply to dteehan
How can you blame the pharmeceutical company for the misuse of their product?  you yourself said he snorted it because he thought it was cocaine!  that may not be the most ignorant thing ive read in my life but its way up there!!  thats like saying its the fault of the baseball bat manufacurer because some idiot used one to kill somebody!!  when are people going to start taking responsability for their own damn actions?!?!   if its not oxycontin its krylon paint or gasoline!   oxycontin gave me a life back and i dont feel one bit sorry for stupid individuals who abuse it! their problem is much deeper than oxy abuse and it just pisses me off that people will blame everyone but themselves for their own actions!  WAKE UP!!!!!
Replied By: mandi112406 on Jul 1, 2010, 3:12PM
This show really got to me. My little brother is 21 and had got prescribed perks when he got in a car accident and ever since he has been abusing perks and oxy's. It ruined his life. And its so sad because we grew up with drug addiction around us. Our parents had issues with drugs, thankfully not no more.we were very fortunate to have our grandparents to take care of us, but unfortunately my brother headed right down the same path. He started stealing from my grandparents and other little stuff. He got arrested and has been to jail several times for violating probation b/c he couldn't get off the pills. We tried having him go to a rehab in our area and he just left. And the courts all they wanted to do was send him to jail they didnt even want to help him with his problem. And he only does those things since he has been on the pills. He just recently got sentenced 9 years in jail due to the theft from my grandparents. And its tearing my entire family up. This show just reminded me so much of my brother and his situation. It's so sad how so many people are getting addicted to these drugs and the judicial system doesn't want to do anything but throw them in jail and thats not going to help their drug addiction. And my brother is only 21 and will spend 9 years paying for the mistakes he made by being addicted to those pills.
Replied By: leogorky on Jul 1, 2010, 11:18AM - In reply to dcmartin2435
Very true...alcohol is the true gateway drug
Replied By: psawashington on Jul 1, 2010, 10:44AM
I so agree with the two below posts.     How many families can afford to send their kids to LaHacienda.   I could relate to last nights show .   We have had the same exact problems the last couple of years with my now 18 year old grandson.   My single daughter did try working with school and hoping to find someplace to go for help on what she should or could do to help.   She did take him to the drug testing facility the school offers.   Once he tested positive he was enrolled in a school class once a week where Drug Counselor teacher dealt with those in the class.   She at one time wrote school and asked if there was a place they would recommend so they could go as a family or just her or grandson that could help him actually see he had a problem or her help deal with it and figure out solution.  They told her that was against privacy issues for the student so no they wouldn't even give her the name of any place that she could go for help.    She knew and they knew that she knew their were drug problems but they would not even tell her where she might start checking for help.     NO way my single daughter can afford LaHacienda.    Nor I for that matter.    
Replied By: dteehan on Jul 1, 2010, 9:19AM - In reply to lauracain99
I couldn't agree more with the last post that I read.  Your show was on point with tough love and I am also happy for Michael and his family....maybe he will be one of the ones that will be saved, but the average family that is dealing with this hell doesn't have the money to send  their kids to La Hacienda.  Our loved ones go to jail or end up dead.... La Hacienda isn't a real option for a middle class family.
Replied By: lauracain99 on Jul 1, 2010, 7:02AM
It is my opinion that the only positive thing Dr. Phil did on this show was bring attention to a very serious issue in our society today.  As far as this show “helping” those afflicted with this disease, I just didn’t see it.  All I got was that Dr. Phil threw his money around and sent this young man to a very expensive rehab centre.  Dr. Phil, how many people do you think can afford what you did for this very fortunate young man???  Not many.   I am happy that you provided this opportunity for him but Dr. Phil, if you are going to do a show about this disease, at the very least you should provide solutions that average people can afford and more importantly solutions that the addicts themselves can afford.

I work in an addictions clinic and deal with this every day.  What we are lacking in our clinic, is proper counseling for our patients.  Dr. Phil, your money would be better spent by donating it to an addictions clinic so that the patients there can get full treatment and care.  It is one thing to treat the addiction but the emotional afflictions must be treated as well.  We simply don’t have the funding to do both.

Stick with what you know, Dr. Phil….relationships.  Leave the rest to those of us who know what we are doing.    
Replied By: dteehan on Jul 1, 2010, 6:59AM - In reply to chief007
I understand that oxy is obviously bringing great relief to for your pain,however, the sad truth is that thousands and thousands of young children and adults are becoming addicts and dying from  the fact that this drug is overprescribed and can easily be altered to become a highly addictive killer.  Perdue Pharmaceutical could be doing something to help prevent this yet they don't.    When the drug is not swallowed as intended and is ground up and snorted instead the time release action of the drug disappears.  As a result, kids become addicts within somewhere around 24 is that fast.  They are addicted and the road leads them to hell.    Perdue Pharmaceutical is aware of this and refuses to spend $$$ to address issue.  I am from Massachusetts  (though I live in Jersey know) where my nephew at 17 got hooked on oxy and from there the road led to heroin.  Which is the story for thousands and thousands of families.    There is an excellent support Group called Learn to Cope which was started by a mom who was desperate to find resources to save her own son from an oxy/heroin nightmare.   Her son served in the Gulf War and received medals for his duty.  Got out of the miliatry a hero.  Went to a party at a friends house and made the drastic mistake of snorting a line of what he thought was cocaine.  Turned out it was oxy ground up.  He left that house the next evening an oxy addict.  It is that quick.     I am sure  Perdue pharmeceutical is making billions upon billions off of oxy.  Why can't they be held responsible to prevent it's misuse.  You obviously need oxy to live.  The prescription for this drug should be highly monitored and only available to those like yourself who need it.   There is an epedemic of oxy to heroin abuse that needs to be addressed.  Oxy is an extremely dangerous and highly addictive drug that should only be available for those who really, really need it.  The fact that doctors prescribe it like candy is outrageous!
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