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(Original Air Date: 10/27/10) Have you ever been blindsided by tragedy? Dr. Phil shines a spotlight on two horrific stories that shattered families forever. Nick says he was devastated when his father, Michael Nicholaou, shot his stepmother and stepsister and then turned the gun on himself. But the grisly story doesn’t end there. Michael was a possible suspect in a string of unsolved murders in the Connecticut River Valley in the mid-1980s. Can Nick stop blaming himself for the crimes his father committed? Then, Jane was seven months pregnant when she was stabbed 27 times. For the first time, she’ll meet Nick, the son of the man whom she believes attacked her. Don’t miss their intense encounter. And, if you’re suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Dr. Phil has tips to help you move past the pain.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: bexbennett on Dec 1, 2013, 4:19AM
Wow! This 'man'  (Michael Nicolaou) sure caused a lot of pain to so many people during his time on this earth. I really hope Nick his son well. It's huge what he's been through. His father did one thing right in his life as Nick is a lovely lad. I really hope he has had the help he deserves and is moving on with his life. His father destroyed so many people I hope Nick doesn't become another victim. I hope he realises how special he really is. I also wish all the best to the mother who was attacked when 7 months pregnant. What an amazing brave lady and a wonderful daughter she has. All were inspirational. May God restore the years the locusts have eaten. 
Replied By: christina1987 on Sep 14, 2010, 7:32AM
I watched this show today (in Australia). I was really touched by this story and just wanted to send my well wishes and prayers to both Nick and Jane. The compassion and bravery shown was an inspiration to me.
Replied By: phulax on Jul 22, 2010, 6:46AM - In reply to chuggins
I am a person no different than any other human being who also needs love. It is VERY CRUEL to call anyone "crazy." just because they express an opinion you disagree with. I went through hell in my childhood because of my own father & his perverted attitude towards me (which I will not go into detail about). But years later after I became a born-again Christian, God healed me of that & other things & I was able to forgive my father & have a proper relationship with him. Because of what he saw God doing in my life he gave his own life to Christ just before he died.

Be careful of what you say to people. You could cause trauma with you loose tongue!
Replied By: phulax on Jul 22, 2010, 6:34AM - In reply to godmyfirstlove
What do you mean I have not gone through what others have? You have no idea what I have gone through! I have gone through my own personal "hell" in my life - & it started with my father when I was a child. But years later right before he died he gave his life to Christ because of what God had done in my own life that he had seen. I preach forgiveness not only because Jesus commands it but because I have had to practise it myself in the hardest of circumstances.

Quit feeling so sorry for yourself!
Replied By: irishmama05 on Jun 30, 2010, 6:32AM
dear Nick I think u r a handsome, sweet, sypathetic man. I hope ppl can see past what ur father did but if not itz their loss not urz! U don`t need ppl like that anyway!
Replied By: arjnsdca on Jun 24, 2010, 5:58PM
I cannot express the sorry and compassion I have for Nick and what he has had to live through.  In my opinion, all I see is a beautiful, sweet, kind, compassionate, caring man.  Please pass on to Nick my blessings and wishes for a wonderful life.
Replied By: justmom4 on Jun 24, 2010, 4:07PM
I just wanted to thank Nick for his courage to appear on Dr. Phil.  It was so hard to see the pain he is in, but I think I saw by the end of the show that he really did feel the love and caring people around him and he seemed strengthened to carry on, heal and probably to help others, he just seems like that kind of person.  I could see the pain that his father's actions had caused him and I want to confirm to him that he can't take responsibility for someone else's actions and also how different he is from his father, his compassion and empathy for a stranger's pain is so obvious.  I thank God that he is such a good person!  Nick, yes what happened to you wasn't fair, you are a good child of God and we parents aren't anywhere close to perfect as we try to raise you kids.  Don't dismiss your memories of your father because they are your childhood and thats real.  You couldn't have known anything else, you were a child, accepting and believing as a child.  If you need help I hope you get it and let Dr. Phil know how you are doing because i think you will go on to do good things because you have been able to survive so much, I'm sure its for a great reason!!!
Replied By: mandysgrandma on Jun 23, 2010, 5:25PM
I thought I had gotten past my dad being a killer, until I saw the show today...as I told my therapist, I am sick of blaming or reaching to my past to define my PTSD symptoms...I'm 65 and have lived with this since childhood...How I pray that Nick can get the help, love, acceptance, patience, etc. that he needs, so that he can walk out of his past while still young...I had been doing  well for 10 yrs.+ until I chose to be a caregive, yet once again....to a man with Leukemia...this shortly after loosing my only grandchild, I walked through the chemo with him, and he was one of the rare ones in which the cells bonded and he was healed...however, once the Dr. gave him the news, he went to drinking and smoking...even worse than my dad....and somewhere in this mess of lies, etc...I lost myself...and was for the first time diagnosed with PTSD, and was told that this relationship with this man rubbed all the scabs off of my wounds of childhood..with the lies, smell of booze, and tobacco..and that I now have to one more time heal the pains of my childhood....it confuses me...as I have been on this journey since Oct. '09, when I stopped all contact with this man....and have had few good days...and I relish those...in the process, I choose a new Dr. as mine would yell at me...things like you are just going to have back pain, ok...I mean yelling...with a red face and veins popping out in his neck...my kids were with me the last time he did it, and said, mom, you will not go back to that man...any way the new Dr. is treating me for thyroid, goiter, nodule, atrial fibrilation...hormone imbalance...thankfully he is a Dr. who does not believe in treating symptoms...but rather find the source of the problem. Once he ran all of the test, he said, he is going to have to pin all of my symptoms back onto the PTSD...I could go on, but won't take up time and space venting my stuff....Nick, you are young, and I so pray that you take any good help offered you, and work through this tragedy, that is not about you...nor is it your fault....I learned the 3 C's...1. I didn't cause it, 2. I can't control it. 3. I can't cure it! I kept praying for you, and everyone on the show as I watched it through my tears..mostly for myself.. None of us deserves what happened to us, nor is it fair that we continue to suffer for something that was not our fault...I'm so tired of the symptoms, I've been dealing with since oct. last yr...but am told both by my therapist and psychiatrist, that it takes time...and I am having better days....and some not so good days....in the beginning of this journey...they were all bad....YOU CAN do it, Nick....You are in my thoughts and prayers, as well as the lady who had been stabbed and her beautiful daughter....I just sense that you are destined for great things....God bless. Sharon
Replied By: icerider2007 on Jun 23, 2010, 5:23PM
I would be proud and honored to have this caring, intelligent, strong,handsome young man as my son. Stand tall young man. You have nothing to be ashamed of and much to teach us about compassion, humility, and courage.
Replied By: momic43 on Jun 23, 2010, 4:39PM
Hi my name is Cynthia Spence. I live in a small town in Ontario Canada. This story has hit me very very hard, as you see I too have had to deal with the sins of my own father as well as the sexual abuse I had to endure at his and many many other dirty sick drunk men he allowed to also have their way with me and many many other children from the early 50's  up till feb 1991.And they still haunt me still today more than 13 yrs after his death in jail. Which I can honestly say problely never would have happened if I had finally broke the silents. If anyone can remember back in 1996 or so there was a story in the Ottawa Sun newspaper called Portrit of a Perdofile while that was my dad. Let me tell you I had to lose everything to come out of the closet and it was only because one of my abusers abused my son and he told at 1 week less than his 4th birthday. I was told he's young enough it would be better to keep he away and not try to lay charges. This I did from Oct 25th 1991 till Feb 1992 when an OPP officer by the name of Fralic called me regarding my dad Bill Bradley Sr. I at once said to this Officer that I would answer any of his questions regarding my dad if he inturn took all my abusers down and not just the 1. He agreed to come see me and at that time I was living near Toronto. He came up and we spent many hours together. I went with him to many of my dad's victims and let them know it was me who was behind getting all this abuse stopped. That was fine however the public in Smiths Falls didn't like what was happening and I go many phone calls the windows in our home were shot out . I ended up in the hospital in major fear.  There were a lot of people who knew about what my dad and these other men were doing but NO one helped the kids. You see going back to the mid 60's no one wanted to help nor in the 70's or 80's so it's not just the states that has these kinds of sick people but I'm learning it's all over the world. The one thing I could say to anyone dealing with this kind of abuse it tell and keep telling until someone hears. Don't trust anyone I have been told over and over again to write a book and I really should however what keeps me from doing this is I'm not a very good speller but have what's called an audito visional memery and have been put to the tests many times trying to discredit me to No advail.
Dr Phil I would love to get into this deeper with you cause I have a feeling if anyone can help me deal with the back lash and feeling of shame it's you. I've watched your show many many times and some days 3 and 4 times depending on the show but I have to tell you until today I have never felt so in need to reach out to you. I understand I'm not American but in fact Canadian I 'm reaching out to you. I sit on all 4 points of the fence. I am the daughter of a pedoifile the victim of over 18 men who had there way with me from July 25th 1967 till 2001  the mother of three children who have been abused . I have dealt with the courts aas well as making it a point of keeping the abusers behind bars. What I have learned is that when some people find out about it all they want to blame me and other victims for it and the Childrens Aid Society in Canada tent to use it against the victims with regards to how we try and raise our children. Please Dr Phil get back to me I have no problem speaking up on this matter.
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