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Bleach, bologna and super glue -- Do you know what these items have in common? They have all been used by people to get revenge against another. Dr. Phil, along with criminal defense attorney Anthony Pope and revenge expert and blogger Dr. Gina Barreca, delve into headline-making revenge stories of retribution, like the women from Wisconsin who were arrested for using super glue on a man's private parts, and Michael Brewer, a 15-year-old who was badly burned after telling police that boys stole his dad's bike. Next, Todd says months after he separated from his wife, Deborah, she took revenge against him, and he landed in jail. He says now it's payback time, but find out why he doesn't act like it. Then, hear Deborah's side. When Dr. Phil drills down, will she admit to criminal activities? You won't believe the strange behavior of both Deborah and Todd. Anthony and Gina weigh-in on this battle, but they see it way differently. And, a woman tried to get even with her husband's ex-wife, but the outcome wasn't what she expected. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: trishra on Mar 25, 2015, 11:39AM
Watching this episode on OWN today, I was  so incredibly disgusted by Gina Barreca laughing about David Harris dying crushed by a car. Barreca incorrectly said the jury was so sympathetic they gave Clara Harris the minimum sentence. Passion provocation murder in Texas has a minimum of 2 years - the jury recommended the maximum: 20 years.

Barreca's telling also left out the fact that victim David Harris' teen daughter in the passenger seat - screaming for Clara to stop - during the killing. Hilarious.

Barreca said - in her zeal to justify revenge - that revenge is something powerless people do. My first thought was that the Mafia hitmen don't think they're powerless. Did Vlad the Impaler think himself powerless when he killed thousands?  Clara Harris was a licensed dentist who created a thriving business - hardly powerless. 

The feminists like Barreca who stick up for murderesses - even twisting the story to make these violent adults appear as victims - not only infantalize adult women as incapable of abiding the law when they don't get their own way, but create a double standard where a man's non-lethal behavior (in Harris' case, telling her with words  she didn't appeal to him) "deserves" a violent death, but a murder (crushing a man several times with with his child in the car screaming for Harris to stop) "deserves" not only leniency but to be met at release from prison with "flowers and food". 

I understand that Phil's show is entertainment, but it didn't reflect well on him that he let Barreca's disgusting attitude, and factually incorrect version of the Harris murder, go unchallenged.

Replied By: candymcmordie on Jul 17, 2014, 6:47AM
These people you have saying what is ok and what is not ok are nuts. It is people like theme that is dragging down the morality of this country. When you make excuses for the wrong that people do to each other then you are telling those people that it is ok and they had a good reason to do what they did. That is crap, crap, crap. If you have a cheating spouse leave them. You have no right to ever physicaly harm another person nomatter  what is going on Because you always have a choice to walk away.
Replied By: dynas2001 on Jul 13, 2010, 1:22PM - In reply to andimartin
the same kinds of women who hi jacked the real femanists movement long ago.

Anyone who would chuckle and think it's ok to hit someone with a car, or put someone in jail or poison them for breaking up or cheating is crazy.

Reverse the genders, and she would be outraged and asking for those men to be put to death. 
Replied By: andimartin on Nov 18, 2009, 1:08PM
I was completely shocked and disgusted by Dr. Gina Barreca's comments and laughter about the woman who hit her cheating husband with the car.  No one has the right to assault another being unless it's self defence.  And how about the 3 women who superglued the man's genital area.  There were people in the audience snickering about that, but I'm sure if that was 3 men who did that to a woman it would be called sexual assault and they would be put away for a long time (hopefully).  I cannot believe she would think it's ok just because it's a man and felt that because he treated a woman badly he deserves to be assaulted.  This is just sick.  I honestly cannot believe Dr. Phil did not intervene when she was commenting.
Replied By: lvlywords on Nov 2, 2009, 2:13PM - In reply to daradecember
For the three years I lived with a very narcissistic, cheating, lieing, womanizing, humiliating man..I catered to his "celiac (wheat allergy) disease"..even though I became convinced he was no more allergic to wheat than I was..he simply used it as an "attention-getter". 

Once I had installed a computer-spy program on our computers and had proof (it took having it slammed in my face to REALLY accept it)..I began to feed him as many wheat products as I could..cakes, cookies, pies, gravies, breads..all the while telling him I was using the "special" non-wheat products.  Sat there and watched him eat it all..listened to him say that FINALLY they are making non-wheat foods that are edible..I'm like..yup...you betcha...eat it up, Bun Boy.
Replied By: berdeniafaye on Nov 2, 2009, 1:30AM
If there is ONE thing that I have learned in my 68 yrs. on this earth, is that what goes around comes around. When someone offends they become their OWN WORST enemy. They may THINK that they will get away with it, but I ASSURE YOU that is NEVER the case. Our Lord God is the final judge, & I know that when my life is over here, I want to hear him say, job well done, my good & fateful servant. People's actions ALWAYS come back to them when they least expect it. It can come back in many ways, that you would never expect. Forgiveness FIRST & foremost is the right way to react. There is no one that hasn't been hurt angry disappointed, let down & yes wanted revenge, at some point in their lives. Those that have done harm to me has been without a doubt their own worst enemy, as payback always came to them, without me doing anything to them. I personally think that is when God takes his hands off, and the enemy comes in. I want every BLESSING that God has for me, and I have been so BLESSED by those that came into my life unexpectedly. Not by those that did me harm, but never the less they suffered in one way or another, and that was payback to what they had done. Hopefully they learned a lesson that they knew better so they did better, in the future.
Replied By: gr8karina on Nov 1, 2009, 9:56AM - In reply to dawnkemmerlin
i agree 100% !!! If she was so traumatized, why is it that when questioned about some things, she "doesn't recall" What kind of crap is that! I would have LOVED to have been Dr. Phil's substitute for that show!
Sometimes I believe Dr. Phil is too lenient with his guests. This always leaves me stressed out, like I was denied the satisfaction of hearing him rip these people apart. I think I need Zoloft now!
Replied By: beansister on Oct 31, 2009, 6:22PM
I think that since Todds wife admitted to falsely accusing him to get revenge that she should have to pay. First of all, she broke the law by lying. Second, it's people like that taking advantage of the law that ruin it for people who really need to depend on the law and can't. Third, why would he want to get back with someone who would see  him put in jail for something he didn't do at her hand? What is wrong with him? What is wrong with him for not wanting to see her put in jail for lying. It would be justified for him and for the number of innocent people who can't depend on the law when they really need it.  And while she's in jail, he needs to get divorced.  He's sleeping with the enemy and if he gets back with her, he can only blame himself for what will come from her in the future.  But she needs to  keep in mind, too, that when she takes advantage of the law, she's ruining the system for those who need it. The system is messed up in so many ways anyway, we don't need people like her to ruin what little good is left of the legal system.  I'd like to see a follow-up show in the future to see if this woman has paid for her lie.  I don't think she should get away with that.     Just my strong opinion!   -Regina-
Replied By: dark_horse on Oct 30, 2009, 1:29PM - In reply to amazon1960
I love your comment! 

It is very wise and I've been very lucky to have come to the same conclusion within my own life. 

My ex-wife was, and still is, very manipulative (psychopathic); once I came to my senses I got out of the 23 year marriage.  My life has become SO MUCH better and continues to get better, now that we've divorced!  I still have a long way to go; she's still trying to control me through our younger children.  But their smart and can see through the BS their mom tells them about me.
Replied By: dark_horse on Oct 30, 2009, 1:05PM
It never cease to amaze me how women seem to feel that taking revenge on the men in their lives is somehow okay and expect to not be held responsible for their behavior.  Additionally, what concerns me is how other women view these vengeful actions, committed by women, find these actions as exceptable behavior by women.

Consider the differences in outcome:

The show mentioned the case of four women using super glue to attach a man's penis to his leg as an act of revenge.

"IF" four men had super glued a cheating woman's breast together, what do you think the outcome would have been then?

I look forward to reading your comments!
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