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Since returning to the Dr. Phil set, Katherine’s troubles with the law and boyfriend, Sean, have taken center stage. Now, for the first time in five years, Alexandra is back and talking about the dramatic turns her life has taken with Dr. Phil. Get an inside look into her troubled world. You won't want to miss the shocking statements she makes about her sister and mother. Next, Marty, Erin's husband and father of Alexandra and Katherine, sits down with Dr. Phil. Hear his candid thoughts about his daughters' current predicaments. Then, Katherine shares her update. Find out if she's still dating Sean and what she has planned for the future. And, Alexandra makes an emotional plea to her sister. Is Katherine moved by the tears? Plus, find out what makes Erin break down. Join the discussion.

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Replied By: mrschin on Nov 17, 2009, 7:13AM - In reply to jjhummer
Three cheers for you!
Anyone who cries "unconditional love" in these situations is full of crap......
Replied By: daisey9 on Oct 31, 2009, 6:06AM - In reply to viewerinpa
How pathetic they are.  Total drama - what you told them 6 years ago did not register, so THE END.  They are a mess so let it be.  The girls are totally out of control and were from the beginning.  BUT, Alexis, keep in having those kids so they can live in disfunction also.  We are all sick of the whole family.
Replied By: johnanon on Oct 28, 2009, 6:27PM
I just don't get it. I don't understand why  a lot of people are defending Alexandra and Katherine. I don't understand why people are defedning Erin.  There are no good guys or bad guys in this sad, sad story. I posted perviously and zi said ZI wasn't all that crazy about the mom. I have changed my opinion somewhat. I think Mom could use some therapy hersonelf on hwo to talk with her children I can understand her frustration but frankly I think the parents brough t it on thesmevbes when they decided to let  Alexandra keep the baby. 

I have been thinking and i n my opinion what I think they should have said Ok if you want to keep the babgy then you have t o raise her  w/out our help.  You have to be the mom thep arent You have to support  yhour son,  nurture him and bring him up on your own. You wanted to get pregant and now you are faced with the presponsiblity of  yhour actions.

IBut I am not the parents and I wasn't faced with the problem. Had I had a fiftenen year old daughter who wanted to keep the baby I probab ly would have done the same thing they did. I wouldn't want to see the baby suffere. They are cought in a rock and a hard place.

Mom is trying to do the best tshe ican do. She probably isn't handling the situation in the best possilbe way but who the hell could in her positoon.?  She might be misguieded  She needs help herself. so she can be a better Mom  to her grandchildren. The natural mother doesn't seem to be  capable aor really interestied in  holding down her end of the deal.

I feel bad for all of them. Those girls, They are a  sad piece of work. They arfe on  the fast truck to  nowehre. I hate to see anyone mess up  theire lives like those kids are doing. I honestly hope they can get  it  "together  and get it right.  But they need some seriios serious help. I still stayu they shold be seeing a local spcyhaitrist / therapist familycouncelor intead of being exploited on tv. But then again it might be pretty hard to tell who is doing the expointing 0 Dr Fill or Katherine and Alexandra.

Replied By: mchavez27 on Oct 28, 2009, 6:01PM - In reply to charlee95
Dr. Phil had no authority in deciding if the baby should go up for adoption or not. The problem is, that most teenagers think that babies are like toys. Babies are not toys and they need constant attention. A baby does not know or care  if the parents are tired or stressed out. All babies know is that they are hungry, if something hurts, or if they are uncomfortable. Alex decided to keep the first baby. I'm pretty sure the parents contributed a lot with that first baby. She didn't feel the weight of responsibility on her shoulders so she decided to be careless again and have another one. It's now that she feels the weight and pressure because her parents are fed up with raising kids that aren't theirs.

I understand that they love their grandkids but it's not the same to have them over for a visit, as it is to take care of them 24 hours a day.          I don't know why people have the nerve to criticize Erin. Is she supposed to let everything go by like nothing and say to Alex, it's okay, do what you want, I'm here for you and the kids." An attitude like that will get her a half a dozen more grandkids that she will end up raising. And when they're all grown up and don't need the attention and care that they need now, guess who is going to be proud and take the  credit? Of course, it will be the biological mother-Alex.   
Replied By: viewerinpa on Oct 28, 2009, 10:31AM
I wasn't even going to watch the show on Monday cause I'm so sick of this family but there was nothing else on at that time so I watched. YUK! This family is even worse than I thought. Erin's a jerk! She's a spoiled rotten attention seeker, and her daughters have learned well from her how to be just the same. What a bunch of self centered, spoiled brats. Those grand kids should be taken away from the whole bunch of them because they're all too busy thinking only of #1. Erin "claims" her main concern is those babies....HOGWASH! Just like both daughters you can tell she's lying cause her mouth is moving. No one has mentioned the "other" grandparents. There must be a decent relative SOMEWHERE n that bunch who can take those precious little ones. Mark my words....if they are raised by Erin & Marty OR Alex Dr Phil will have another show down the road....this time it will be all about Nathan and Lala and what losers they turned out to be.  
Replied By: dtbigrig on Oct 27, 2009, 11:32AM
Erin, - I think you really need to step back and take a deep, deep look at your daughter.  She needs you!!!  And she needs you to accept her for who she is.   She is begging for your love and acceptance.   Just give it to her, with no strings.   Help her.
Replied By: bethdemwills on Oct 27, 2009, 9:56AM
Until yesterday's interview with Alex, I had not realized that Nathan's father was working, paying child support and pursuing a law degree.  Since he is not "named" on the show,  I'm guessing that he does not want the television exposure.  He does, however, seem to take responsibility and have goals which leads one to believe that he is more mature than Alex.  Unless Alex does something productive with her life which will eventually enable her to support her children, she will continue to spiral downward and face an unhappy future(which most people on the message board have indicated).  In the interview, she claimed that she "tries so hard".  Working one night tending bar, living on her son's child support and unemployment does not appear to be "trying hard".  Our city's community college has programs for single parents which help them earn associate degrees for jobs in our area.  They provide childcare, financial aid, counseling, self-esteem sessions, etc. for single parents in difficult situations.  The financial aid is available to a parent with two children who makes less than $27,000/year.  My guess is that Alex is not getting that much income even including her child support.   If Alex did not obtain a HS diploma, the college also helps a student get a GED.  This girl needs guidance from trained professionals to help her get on track--not exactly profound!.  While working on herself(WITHOUT a live-in boyfriend), she may have to put up with her parents assisting her with childcare, their financial help for her children(food, haircuts, dental bills, clothes, toys, etc.).   I hope that Dr. Phil can help her see that she needs to grow as a person to become independent, instead of emotionally and physically needy.  This pattern in her life will only result in a tragic ending.  Alex's facial expressions and avoidance of information resulted in her being an "open-book" in Dr. Phil's interview.  Unless she'll turn herself over to some professionals, five years from now will be no different for her.  Probably worse!  By the way, what happened to the truck Alex received from Dr. Phil?
Replied By: janisde on Oct 26, 2009, 8:17PM
Alexandria is so hurt and scared. Why can't her mother see that? Why can't her mother hold her and tell her she loves her? Where is the incouragement? I so wish I could have have been there to give this girl a hug, a giant hug!!!

I'm sure Alexandria is no angel. I'm sure her mother isn't either!!

Alexandria you can achieve what ever you set your mind to.

Mom hold your daughter and tell her she can do anything and that you will be supportive and encourage her in her goals.

Mom I'm coming down on you because of the shows I have watched it appears you are more concerned with what the general public thinks and what you want and how you have decided lide should be. What about what's good for your children and grand children. Guess what it's not about you!!!!!!! It's about your daughter having a healthy loving relationship with her children and the children having the same with both their mother and father. You are just fueling the fire between the father and the mother to achieve your own mind set on how things should be.

Alexandria, I don't think you told the truth on the show tonight. But as a Mom I would still want you know that you are special, you are worth being loved and I could see your hurt. I could you are scared. You should be. Take control of your life now. Get the help Dr.Phil has offered and has always offered you. No one fix the situation you are in but you. They can help you, but you have to do it. If you are on drugs get off now!!!!  Get a job,whether it is at a fast food chain, grocery store any legal job. If mom won't help with watching the kids enroll them in head start or before and after school programs. Do as much as you can on your own to take care of yourself and your kids.

Your house my not be as big as your parents house. But houses are just sticks and stones and are not what makes a home or loving enviroment for you and your kids.

I wish you and your children all the best. I too was a single mom but at the age of 23. It was hard enough at that age with the love support of my family. But you can do this!!!!

Replied By: deedee1718 on Oct 26, 2009, 6:39PM
Just finished watching  todays show, Alex is so immature,in denial,about her life, she has real serious probllems, having 3 inarow boyfriends who are losers, I was very annoyed watching this show. she needs alot of emotional help for years. Dr. Phil should have had her take a drug test right there and now.
Replied By: jjhummer on Oct 26, 2009, 6:02PM - In reply to marcukaiti
what is your definition of unconditional love? It's not letting your child make bad decision after bad decision and standing by supporting those choice. If Erin were to let Alex continue to neglect the children, and then one of those children were to be hurt, would that be unconditional love? If children are in a dangerous situation, the most loving thing you can do is step in - it saves the children and it saves the parent, who may have had to live with that guilt forever.
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