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Jaycee Lee Dugard was allegedly abducted and held captive for 18 years by Philip Garrido. When she was recently found, the news shocked the country. Now 29 and mother of two daughters, Jaycee recently returned home to the family she once knew. Find out how she and her daughters are faring. Next, hear from one of Garrido's rape victims. Then, the children of Marcus Wesson, a convicted murderer who impregnated his own kids and grandkids, open up for the first time on TV. Hear their advice for Jaycee. And, hear from the courageous reporter, Alysia Sofios, who took this family in after they were ostracized from their town. Tune in to find out how to keep your children safe. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: karenirene47 on Oct 21, 2009, 8:25PM - In reply to jeanettev
Dr. Phil.  I just watched the Wesson show...God Bless each and everyone of them.  They seemed so timid and scared.  I want them to know life is out there  - grab it and embrace it.  I admire each and everyone of the Wesson's.  I have something to offer them.....my friendship!  To imagine their childhood is impossible, to imagine a great future - priceless.  YOU ALL CAN DO IT!  It won't be easy and it will be a life long  project, but let's do it together, that's what friendship is about.   In my heart if we never met or talk, you are now my friends, my family.  Thank you Dr. Phil for introducing me to the Wesson Family.

In friendship,


Replied By: casey91 on Oct 4, 2009, 8:45AM
My heart goes out to Jaycee, I cannot even imagine the He#@!!  she went through at the hand's of this
HORRIBLE MAN & WOMAN, I do not believe she did not know. tThere is alway's a feeling, and she knew about the backyard, I feel she was scared of him, or enjoyed it , one or the other!

Will she ever have a normal life , I DOUBT!!


I am a survivor of Severe Emontional Abuse at the hand's of a Nieghbor ( everybody loved), I never told my parent's until I was in my 20's. , I am in Therapy for what he did to me verbally ( I still have some blocked memorie's, and my Therapist said for now, we will work on what you remember!, he said my mind cannot handle the rest right know - so we are dealing with the memorie's I know.  The other's will come in time !

But the scariest thing I had to admit to, is that after he was out of our nieghborhood, I continued were he left off, hearing my Sam ( my therapist) and realizing what he said is " SO TRUE!"! I took over the verbal abuse of myself.  ( HARD TO HEAR AND ADMIT!! )

I have the hardest time TRUSTING ANYONE!!  I am happlily married going on 16yrs. this October.

But I still find it hard Trusting him.  It is built in me and I have to stop it, not easy. I am now 41yrs.old,
but if someone say's something that resemble's what he said to me; It all come's flooding back, and I am that 12yr.old again.

So to Jaycee I wish you the best of luck, and please " HAVE THERAPY FOR YOU AND YOUR
CHILDREN  ( they will have to realize their father is a " MONSTER "! ) Not a good thing to hear.




( I understand the fear of a Mob attack, I have many Police Friend's, but we don't need the exact address, but we sure as " HECK" , deserve to know where they our in our Community.


Replied By: jeanettev on Sep 28, 2009, 7:36PM - In reply to stormygail
I live in Canada and we unfortunately do not have a service like this. Only the police and childre's aid are allowed to know who these people are. What's more, they are not allowed to tell anyone else.
The law is really strange here. We had a neighbour who had served jail time for sexual offences against a14 year old. When he moved to new nighbourhood my husband told his new neighbours about him. He got wind of this and the police infromed my husband that he would be charged with harrassment if he told any more people. So much for watching out for each other, you're not even allowed to.
Replied By: stormygail on Sep 26, 2009, 8:09PM - In reply to rita98
Here is a totally free site to find sex offenders in your neighborhod. You can search by name or location. The dots are colored according to offence. Click on them to bring up the exact address and a picture of the offender.

Replied By: faeryedark on Sep 26, 2009, 3:37PM - In reply to darleean
Your daughter's friend's father needs an attorney because like it or not, he's innocent until proven guilty and the police will try and twist ANYTHING he says. He'd be stupid not to ask for one esp. if  he was innocent.
 There's alot of people who think kids can't lie about this. Umm..... yes, they can. There's a whole worldwide web out there with all sorts of information  on these topics..
 Small children probably arren't going to lie about this unless they're being coached by a parent but teenagers, yes they will lie about  sexual abuse (which is sad) because it takes away resources from those who truly need it, as well as destroy lives and families.
 I know this to be so, because I've seen up close and personal 2 cases where the teen was lying. One was my cousin who 20 years later admitted she made accusations against her step-dad because she was mad that he was with her mom and she was gonna get back at him the best way she could.  

 The other is a close family friend whose husband was accused  of molesting his daughter. However, there are a whole lot of things that don't add up  and it's very  messy

 First the daughter, 9 mos. before had been molested by a 23 year old  (she was 13) who lived next door to an Aunt and Uncle. She claimed (when it was found out) that she was in love with the guy. Her dad called the cops and had the guy put in jail.
 Then they told the daughter she wasn't visiting the Aunt and Uncle anymore (it happened in their house) for overnight stays and could only go over if her brother went too.

 It went downhill from there. She got in trouble in school and was sent to an alternative school (no homework, work at your own pace, get off early on Fridays) and then she'd sneak off and they'd find her at the Aunt and Uncle's . 
  There were tons of fights with her parents (many witnessed by me) where she'd say "if I want to go live with them, I'll find  a  way".
 Well, then the alternative school decided she was ready to go back to the JR high, she flipped out and was threatening to pull a stunt to stay. Three days later she didn't come home. there ws a messge from C&Y that there'd been an allegation...and... get this....they'd placed her with the Aunt and Uncle.  
 Well, that didn't fly, her mom called up C&Y and told them "look she was molested in that house by a neighbour get her out . They did move her the next day

Anyway, now why would dad send his daughter to speak with police about being abused if he himself were doing it too? She was alone in an interview room for a couple of hours with the detectives (mom was allowed to watch from outside the door)
 in her letter to the guidance councilor at the alternative school, she pleads to stay there because of the"awful things" she went thru. And she says it happened when she was 9,10 or 11 she can't remember exactly...okay maybe if her dad had not been working 3rd shift 7 days aweek with 1 day off per month...ummm...when did he have the time? 
  Oh, and she always had friends over . One of those friends wanted to testify for the defence because the daughter had been trying out her story on a bunch of people and "tweeking" it.

So, it went to court . dad was facing 20 years since he wouldn't plead to something that  he didn't do and he would have still gotten 5 years. 

 Well, after the daughter testified we heard the Uncle  ask her (they were down the hall but voices carry) "did you use your words, did you turn on the water works, think they believed you?" then they high -fived. Later we heard the Asst. DA  going over her rebuttal and having her change her testimony to counter the defense and what she basically had her do was lie.  The ASst. DA was also overheard by my pastor , no less saying she didn't care if Mr. ----- was guilty or not, she just wanted to win the case with so little evidence.

In the end the jury was hung, and her dad was offered  3 mos. in county with work release if he plead to something way less (which he still didn't do) but rather than drag everyone back thru 9and maybe lose) he took it. He has 2 sons and a wife to think about.

So, before we all go judging everyone as guilty and they should be hung, castrated etc. Let's remember the system is not perfect.
 yes, there have many guilty set free to do it again and probably a good many innocents who got tired of fighting a twisted system.
Replied By: gunumasci on Sep 25, 2009, 11:48PM

We watch the Dr. Phil show all the time and are big fans.

Did I miss it or did Dr. Phil not mention it, but what about offering counselling to the Wesson family? Anybody know if they were offered help?

Dr. Phil almost always offers support to families and people who come on the show and that is great, he gives back when most shows just exploit the guests and offer no help.

But on some rare occasions he doesn't or at least doesn't mention it. 

I sure feel this family needs help.
Replied By: dallastown on Sep 25, 2009, 8:48PM - In reply to spiritmatter
Thank you for writing your comment because it is so true.  The majority of the victims are not rapped although they still do suffer in silence.  Someone has to get them help for them.  This is what happened to me when my psychiatrist made me go to SIA (Survivors of Incest Anonymous) meetings.  Thank God she did!  I can enjoy the rest of my life now.
Replied By: missdenisce on Sep 25, 2009, 10:27AM
OMG !!!  I cried the entire show!!!  My heart ached for those children.  I just could NEVER imagine the pain that they have endured as children and now as adults attempting to deal with all of those issues !!

I just dont even know how or what to say !!  (Me at a loss of words ... this is definitely a FIRST!!) I hate for my children to cry, be hurt, be sad, ect ... I just could NOT imagine that their hurt and pain would be because of me!!!    OMG !!!  Again, I just cant think of anything to say..(and I dont think that what is on my mind at present is in fact allowed here)..my mind just keeps jumping back to the horror that those children have been thru and the difficulties they will face as adults to attempt to put their lives back on track and into prospective.

My heart and prayers are with them ALL !!!  And I want to say "I am sorry"!!  I am sooo very sorry that you were a victim for so many years and that you had to endure such pain in your life!  I wish you all the best of luck and again, my prayers are with ya'll !!
Replied By: courtneydenver on Sep 25, 2009, 8:33AM - In reply to xxdante
an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. if he was in aanother country they would tie him by his balls and drag him by a truck until he had none left and then let him die a slow and painful death.    the problem is he needs to go to some Chinese concentration camp . lets see how much he would appreciate his life . 

 what he took away from jaycee is beyond anything i have ever heard or seen.
 let him ask for forgiveness for his soul and then let him die .  he will get out and do it again.  child molesters can not change.      ever....ever  ever      I think he has killed other kids by reason  they wouldnt comply with his needs /  he definitely had something to do with the dissaperance of the ones seen missing at the time he got out of jail the last time. ... why shoudl their be a next time.  he kidnaped and raped a woman who spoke out.    .Its been proven in the brain of a molester , that they can not change.   lets face it everyone , many times they have tried to rehabilitate them and think about it. they can not .  they never change their desire for children. it is your and my tax dollars paying for them to stay alive. they get a degree , they get everything you and i get plus free room and board. they get free food.  they never have to pay for what they did.   does that make anyone angry?  we support them after they either   hurt a child to go free again.   

 if and when  they get out re offend innocent children like Jaycee again. they should not live . but thats only my opinion , and if they do die then they die. so what ?????   do you think these molesters  deserve a chance again and again  and again  ??????  our justice system totally is out of order in this society.  offenders do not stay long enough to get help. this is why they need to be put to death,........... people need to get educated about child molesters and  put a stop to them re offending. i know if someone did that to my daughter they would not be living and get a chance to  sit in a court room saying they were not guilty .its the defense lawyers that have a problem along with our whole justice system. other countries see this on tv. what do they think about us??????????         
Replied By: divajinx on Sep 25, 2009, 7:21AM
I was rather insulted when Dr. Phil said that being a hoarder could be a sign of his perversions. I beg to differ: I'm a hoader (tho I prefer the term "pack-rat") but I have no lewd or nefarious thoughts. That's bunk! Just because we aren't all  "Susie Homemakers" and "Mr. Cleans" doesn't mean anything about our social behaviour. I like my clutter and everything that's in it. Dr. Phil, you need to apologize for assuming hoarding leads to evil! It does NOT!
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