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Six years ago, viewers were introduced to the Dr. Phil Family -- an all-American family struggling with their pregnant teen's decision to raise her baby or place it for adoption. Dr. Phil worked closely with Alexandra, 15 and pregnant, mother Erin, father Marty and 13-year-old sister, Katherine, to get them through challenging times. Now, a new crisis has them asking for Dr. Phil's help once again. Katherine, now 18, had dreams of going to Harvard and becoming a lawyer, but her path has taken a frightening turn. Erin shares her deepest concerns about her daughter and how she believes this downward spiral began. When pressed by Dr. Phil, will Katherine finally come clean about her life? And, Erin reveals shocking information she recently found out about Katherine that has Dr. Phil extremely concerned. Talk about the show here.

Is Your Daughter Like Katherine from the Dr. Phil Family?

Want Dr. Phil to be Tougher on the Dr. Phil Family?

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: last2email on Sep 18, 2009, 8:13PM
We keep hearing about the first family and getting updates, but nothing is ever said about the second family.  I know they were difficult to work with, especially the mother, but I would still like to know how they are doing.
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