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Six years ago, viewers were introduced to the Dr. Phil Family -- an all-American family struggling with their pregnant teen's decision to raise her baby or place it for adoption. Dr. Phil worked closely with Alexandra, 15 and pregnant, mother Erin, father Marty and 13-year-old sister, Katherine, to get them through challenging times. Now, a new crisis has them asking for Dr. Phil's help once again. Katherine, now 18, had dreams of going to Harvard and becoming a lawyer, but her path has taken a frightening turn. Erin shares her deepest concerns about her daughter and how she believes this downward spiral began. When pressed by Dr. Phil, will Katherine finally come clean about her life? And, Erin reveals shocking information she recently found out about Katherine that has Dr. Phil extremely concerned. Talk about the show here.

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Replied By: bookshopmom on Sep 25, 2010, 10:44PM - In reply to eldriscoll
Well said! There are so many of us in the Dr. Phil audience that would love these babies! Thank God for Erin and Marty stepping up to fight for custody of all three of them.
Replied By: blondiexx on Sep 21, 2010, 1:13PM - In reply to joecoool
If anyone believes Alex is trying ,they need to go on the Dr. Phil show themselves. Who places their children in jeopardy both unborn and born? I believe that Dr. Phil hit the nail on the head. Alex wants what her Erin wants, and will fight to keep her from that. Marty and Erin what would have happened to those children if they didnt step in. Kudos. I wish it would have had a happy ending, but the baby now has a chance. Alex said she did not need rehab. omg. I hope she gets help for her sake, but as far as the children are concerned she lost the right to have them in her life.
Replied By: eldriscoll on Sep 21, 2010, 6:59AM
Dr Phil! I was absolutely appalled by the show on Alex yesterday! I cannot believe that poor innocent baby had to suffer through all of that!!!! i just had a baby 6 months ago and it kills me if he gets a diaper rash because I know it hurts him. How can she do this to her baby!??!?!?! My heart literally hurt after watching this and all last night. It is the next day and I cant get that poor baby off my mind!! I think Erin needs to cut off ALL TIES with Alex until she can prove without a doubt she is serious ans clean and has gotten help! She will never learn if mommy and daddy always rescue her! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE advise ERin and Marty to stand up for those kids! Alex is not doing it so someone needs to...if not I will take them and give them the right home! This is so upsetting to see the baby have to be on morphine for 4 weeks....just unbelievable and SAD! Makes me want to cry just thinking about it!
Replied By: memedee3 on Sep 20, 2010, 2:43PM
My daughter was a herion addict!!!!!  I did the rescue from jail and the person that she could convince that she was clean.  I was the one that was always there to help her find her strength, only for her to get healthy again to go right back to using!!!  It came a point where I knew she was going to die and I quit rescuing her.  I begged her probation officer to revolk her probation and bring her in front of the judge again.  Finally this happened, that was the first time I slept in years......for 6 months she did not speak to me but I was ok because she was in jail and getting healthy.  She called after 6 months and said she needed a re-hab and has not looked back.....She has been clean for 4 years and has her life and children and husband back.  We also now have a 22 month old baby!!!!  Today I can be a happy meme and mom instead of taking flowers to a grave and crying!!!!!  Jail will not kill them, and they will get clean long enough to have a clear head to see what they have lost!!!!!!  My daughter was 25 she is now 29!!!  Oh and the judge took her off probation 3 years early and gave a long talk to those in court that day!!!!!
Replied By: bgierzak on Sep 2, 2010, 11:36AM - In reply to lisaa25
I soooo disagree with you!  Alex and Katherine are such Drama Queens and are so selfish; they ONLY THINK OF THEMSELVES!!!!  Erin and Marty are really trying and have put their marriage back together.  It's time to let the chips fall where they may.  Alex and Katherine need to fly on their own now and live with their own mistakes.  They want all the perks and help from Erin and Marty, but they don't want to abide by any rules!  It's time for the girls to join the real world!
Replied By: bgierzak on Sep 2, 2010, 11:30AM - In reply to joecoool
I agree about wasting time on the girls, because they are just absolutely clueless and only think of themselves.  But, I believe that Erin and Marty are trying to pull things together.  At least they are back together and seem to be in love again.  Why else would you put yourself out there in front of the whole world, if you did not want things to change or to seek help for change?!  That doesn't make sense, because it's embarrassing to air your dirty laundry!  I would like to know what condition the family is in now, as of 9-02-10.  I hope that we will see an update.  The family is from my neck of the woods, just a couple of miles from me in Florida!
I have been praying for them and wish them all the best!
Replied By: lisaa25 on Jul 20, 2010, 4:32AM - In reply to joecoool
i think that alexandra is really trying to get her kids back she is trying hard to get control of her her life but its not going to happen if erin keeps acting like a spoilt child that wants everything her way i have sat back and watched the shows and erins attitude is disgusting she says she is trying to help alex when all she is doing is trying to control her at the end of the day the kids are alexandra's kids not erins, and its also disguting the way she speaks of alexandra's boyfriend they have a baby on the way and erin speaks of him in a disgusting way erin needs to back off and take a look in the mirror because she is the one that has problems not alex.
Replied By: joecoool on Jun 27, 2010, 8:33PM
Dr Phil I cant understand why you persist in trying to help Alex , she is a total fruit cake who lives in fantasy land.  All that wasted time, effort and money could have been used  on  someone who really needs help and willing to take advice, it looks to me like she has no idea. From the first show to the last i can see no progress, just continues to lie after lie., and pull those  stupid faces. It looks like it has something to do with their genes, the whole family  is in trouble, they are all crazy.
In 10 yrs time i can see Alex with 10 kids, all different  fathers and none living with her,
Please Doc dont waste any more time on these "NUTSOS"...
Replied By: cadescove99 on Jun 14, 2010, 4:03PM - In reply to clynn05
Just now read your reply. It's been a few months since I visited the message board for this episode. your sentiments are mine, too. It's good to read a message by someone who tries to understand Erin's plight, instead of seething with jealousy because Dr Phil 'gave" her a face-lift and/or casting her as the meanest mother who ever walked the earth. Some actually seem to be projecting Alex's attitude onto her.
Replied By: janklen on May 18, 2010, 8:12PM

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