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Dr. Phil hits the road to kick off an all-new season! First stop: New York City! From park benches and pizza parlors to bridal boutiques and taxicabs, he tackles big questions from the Big Apple. He meets with singles who are looking for love, brides-to-be planning their dream weddings, pays a visit to the queen of soul food and more! Don't miss his Season 8 premiere from New York City on Tuesday! Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: dtourville on Sep 15, 2009, 5:35PM
Forget about Dr. Phil :-)
Just let ME on that Amtrak train!!!! My dream is a train trip going ANYWHERE, don't care where, I just want to be on the train! But, it would be really great to meet Dr. Phil and Robin. I have questions for Robin about BHRT!
Replied By: senorasisti on Sep 15, 2009, 5:12PM
Dr. Phil's greatest fear that something bad might happen to one of his children happened to me . My beautiful son passed away on Thanksgiving Day in 2005. I have often listened to Dr. Phil tell a grieving parent that he will never say "I know how you feel" . However, I was surprised to hear him say today that if the worst ever did happen to his child that he would just go to the dumper.
 I made a conscious decision after my son's tragic loss to be a positive role model for my surviving children so that they would not have to suffer any more than they already were. I choose to be as happy as I can be because of the great amount of love that I have for my family. Grief is not for the weak and if you truly love your child you can never "go to the dumper" . That would be a selfish and unkind thing to do to your family , to yourself and to your beloved child who is gone.
Replied By: jonesna1 on Sep 15, 2009, 4:38PM
You said at the end of your show today that your greatest fear was that something would happen to one of your children.  Your comment was something like "they'd have to send me to the garbage heap."  I  and everyone who has experienced watching their child suffer or losing their child can relate to that sentiment..  I watched my husband struggle through years of depression after the sudden loss of our twenty-year-old son. And, I have to ask, "what message does that send to your surviving child/children?"  We make explicit promises to our spouse when we marry and we make implicit promises to our children when we conceive. That sense of  responsibility to my marrige vows and to our surviving children is what got me through those darkest days.

And, yes we are still married ten-years later and have found it possible to be happy again.  I know our son would have wanted it that way.
Replied By: bettyboop288 on Sep 15, 2009, 4:28PM
I don't watch the view a lot but a friend told me you were going to be on. What a let down, How can you comment on someone who is not there? I can't stand Jon and Kate to begin with but the man was not there and you sided with her?? Big let down .
Replied By: malittlej on Sep 15, 2009, 4:21PM
What happened to Dr. Phil in Houston?   I have been unable to find it anywhere on the cable schedule.
Replied By: gen53hu on Sep 15, 2009, 4:20PM - In reply to mildmannered
I am upset that Channel 2 KPRC in Houston, Texas  took Dr. Phil off the air and replaced him with Dr. Oz.  I was looking forward to the new season, and had an unpleasant surprise yesterday - no Dr. Phil!  I'm sure Dr. Oz is a very nice man, but he is not Dr. Phil.  This is the one show I watch everyday it's on.  If you are in the Houston area and miss Dr. Phil, please contact Ch. 2 and let them know.  Maybe they will reconsider their rash decision.
Replied By: lcorri1010 on Sep 15, 2009, 4:14PM
I love Dr.Phil. But what a disappointed today when he shared his greatest fear. Fearing the loss of a child is a very valid fear. I found his statement that if anything ever happened to his children you could just throw him away. I understand that this statement was most likely to support the fear but how was that suppose to make a person who has lost a child feel. Should I feel like I shoulg give up. Well I did feel like that for a while but I had to learn to live for my other children and despite the pain and heart ache I have endured this has changed my life for the better.
Replied By: redneckrose on Sep 15, 2009, 3:46PM
Dear Dr Phil,

I have been a fan of yours for many years now stemming back to when you were on Oprah.  I watch religiously every afternoon even the re runs.  You inspire me to do better with my life and it is wonderful to have such a program on TV.

However, I sat down today to watch your season premire with your new taking it to the streets format.  I certainly hope this is not a format that you will continue to use.  It is loud, abnoxious and I don't get any satisfaction from watiching it.  There is no feeling of empowerment from this.  I look forward to you being in the studio and helping people.

I know my opinion probably doesnt matter to you but I have one all the same.  Go back to helping people in a positive manner rather than try to boost ratings.  Your job is too important to feed int mindless hollywood garbage.
Replied By: sharonroghaar on Sep 15, 2009, 3:29PM
I was so happy to hear Dr. Phil share his greatest fear. I thought I was wierd for having that same fear. I almost lost my son when he was 4 years of age. Loosing him has since been my greatest fear--for the past 23 years. The experience, while horrible, made me appreciate the fragility of life. I have lived my life differently due to the experience.
Replied By: getrealtime on Sep 15, 2009, 3:27PM - In reply to rachaelvanherk
First you should really know about what you speak before doing so. First off America is NOT the largest contributer of pollution in the world THAT would be China and they have no plans of changing it. Nor does Korea .

As for your Canada has great Health Care , then why are your ppl comming here to recieve better
faster care here?? Why are towns in Canada having to have lotteries for their doctors?? Why is Canada health care going broke???

Government HC here in America for 15 million out 3 hundred million that has privite Ins. does not make sense.  You talk about the fat ppl and the smokers well if they have privite HC they are not costing the Tax payer a dang thing. But they will when they lose their privite HC.

*living green is cheeper* really then why is it that when this Carbon Tax bill goes through Our electric bills are going to double?? Why is it in other countries that went green lost 2 privite jobs to every green job made???

*Americans do not know what true poverty is* and we would like to keep it that way. DUH

America is the most giving Country of any other country.It has done more give more and is the youngest and most strongest because of what we where founded on.

Canada is a weak country and if it was attacked tomm. who are you going to call??? Your mother country and then what ? France? Not much of a military there.

If Canada is so great why don't you have ppl running to your Country?? Tell you what we will bus some up to you if they will go, but they might choose to go back to Mexico instead.
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