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Dr. Phil hits the road to kick off an all-new season! First stop: New York City! From park benches and pizza parlors to bridal boutiques and taxicabs, he tackles big questions from the Big Apple. He meets with singles who are looking for love, brides-to-be planning their dream weddings, pays a visit to the queen of soul food and more! Don't miss his Season 8 premiere from New York City on Tuesday! Join the discussion.

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Replied By: uppereastmom on Sep 17, 2009, 12:52PM
The messy mom really needed your help!  Loved the segment.  When are we going to see the follow-up and newly organized apartment?  Loved that funny, funny mom.  With two young kids who have medical issues, she could use some help in getting her apartment straightened out and organized  - keeping a neat home is not as easy as some people seem to think it might be.  I bet that once it is professionally taken care of, she keeps it up. Can't wait to see!
Replied By: dayna54 on Sep 17, 2009, 8:02AM - In reply to oneinpain
I completely agree!  Dr. Phil kept asking her what was the payoff and she couldn't seem to get to the answer. Instead of helping her get to the answer, he just badgered her until she threw her hands up in the air and then covered her face. But he never really helped her get to the answer and understand why. This mom was very fiesty but it was clear that Dr. Phil really liked her. But did she get the help she needed? Then later, she kept trying to speak, but he kept going to the junk truck. You were right, you just saw her anxiety and her stress. Yes, she needed to throw things out, but it seemed she was asking for help to get organized.  Throwing things out is one thing but that seems like that hasn't been something she's been able to do on her own. How is she supposed to do this on her own? Was sending her a truck the right tools? Looking forward to see if this mom get what she really needs.
Replied By: getrealtime on Sep 17, 2009, 6:36AM - In reply to rachaelvanherk
Well lets use something more in this decades lol... like 2009 China produces half of what we do and it uses coal factory with NO emissions. Plus China is growing with leaps and bounds and have no plans to cap their emissions. Plus their ppl walk around in mask do to the pollution. We here in America don't. I guessing you used the 1999 info because it fit your debt the best but all it did is make you sound bias and just another American hater. lol...

Canada can have its Gov. run health care, Americans don't try to tell you not to, unless ppl like you come and try to tell us how great its is. Why do ppl like you feel the need to degrade the U.S. Your country does not compare to this countries good deeds its wealth and its freedom. Canada is this country that never impacts anything its just there is all most can say about it. Your health care system is failing it is one of the worst in the world and your ppl come here to receive better health care. 

Does America have its problem. Sure it does. But we are the most giving of all other countries in need we are the first to be called on for help. If our country effected your economy then take our own advice and depend on yourselves and stop depending on America for your gains and blaming us for your woes.

What has Canada ever offered to the World but their opinions??????? When Canada can say its the leading force effecting good in the world more then us, then come back and tell us how to be until then bug off.
Replied By: oneinpain on Sep 16, 2009, 8:15PM
I am a BIG Dr Phil fan, and love that he has done so much good work helping others and teaching us so many things over the years, but I was dissapointed by the manner in which he attempted to help the "messy mom."  I know that  segment of the show maybe was supposed to come across in a humorous way, but I found it very frustrating when Dr Phil was talking with her about getting some kind of payoff  by living with the mess. When she resisted that as being the reason, he didn't seem to help her ( and us the viewers) understand about  "pay offs" being the reason for things we do, or how one goes about trying to figure that out..When they later were outside on the stage, and he showed her The Junk truck waiting to go to her house, I felt he came across as  totally insensitive as to her reaction. I could feel her anxiety and it was distressing to watch! I was shocked that he wasn't reassuring her in regards to any worries,fears, etc. that she probably was experiencing from it being a surprise, and because things were moving so fast. I would imagine that she also felt out of control as it seemed Dr Phil wasn't listening to her as they walked to the truck..Also, perhaps she was worrying she would have no say in how the whole project was going to go down.Maybe it was planned ahead of time, but I thought it made Dr Phil look almost mean, which isn't good! I thought you should know how it came across to one of your viewers. I would like to know if any other viewers sensed something similar. ??? Thanks!!
Replied By: rachaelvanherk on Sep 16, 2009, 6:02PM - In reply to getrealtime
Ahhh, ignorance is bliss. Here are some numbers for you….I took the liberty of finding some figures so you can see yourself and if you think I’m pulling this from the sky you can Google it afterwards. On top of being the largest polluter of carbon dioxide and nuclear waste the U.S. is NOT one of the top 5 counties that work on being green the most.
Pollution > Carbon dioxide 1999 (most recent) by country
#1 United States: 1,499,850
#2 Russia: 392,287
#3 Japan: 315,274
#4 India: 293,938
#5 Germany: 216,213
Pollution > Nuclear waste (most recent) by country
#1 United States: 2,100
#2 Canada: 1,340
#3 France: 1,130
#4 Japan: 964
#5 United Kingdom:
And here the countries that work on being green the most..
Environmental agreement compliance (most recent) by country
Rank Countries Amount (top to bottom)
#1 Finland: 6.72
#2 Denmark: 6.67
#3 Sweden: 6.54
#4 Austria: 6.33
#5 Germany: 6.27
Living green is cheaper. If your electricity is going to double I suggest you use less of it, which I believe is the point behind that law. Your electricity bill increasing is not a form of you living a green life. YOU as a consumer and how you live your daily life is how your going to save money that you can put towards your new electricity bill (which you should feel obligated to pay seeing as it’s for the damage your country has caused).
Canada isn’t going to be attacked tomorrow. American’s wear Canadian flags when traveling for a reason.
I don’t know anyone personally who has gone to the U.S. for better health care. Better faster care??? If they do go it’s because procedures that are unsafe or useless to perform are done in the U.S.; some doctors in the US will accept any patient because they are paying them a substantial amount of money. Even though it will have a detrimental effect on that person’s health. So no, Canada won’t give a 55 year old a hip replacement because they only last a few years; we have standards that protect us!! So don’t worry, there is method to our madness.
As for going broke…what country was that again that is responsible for a global economic recession?
And lastly, your comment “Americans do not know what poverty is and you want to keep it that way duh” I’m speechless. You obviously know very little about you own country and have absolutely no empathy for other country‘s.
 Be thankful for what you have was my point. My other point: you buy something it’s yours-along with the waste it produces-so dispose of it responsibly and research where it actually goes.  REDUCE ,REUSE, RECYCLE (watch what facility you go to because some in the U.S. just ship it  and dump it off in another country even though they claim not to [for money of course]-that was just in the news a week ago about you guys) 
Replied By: doomsdaydiva on Sep 16, 2009, 3:11PM
I've seen a number of people on the show with this problem and it bothers me that there doesn't seem to be much psychiactric help for what must be a disorder . Compulsive hoarding is often a symptom of people with OCD, which is a bit strange since the illness is famous for making people obsessed with germs or handwashing. But to just come in and take away all the trash and junk will just increase her anxiety and she will soon start hoarding again. It's a terrible thing to have to live with but blame and ridicule will just make the person feel more anxious and embarrassed about something I feel they have no more contol over than a person with diabetes has over their blood sugar.  People with this problem need professional help, they need not to feel ashamed or CRAZY.
Replied By: doomsdaydiva on Sep 16, 2009, 3:00PM
It really makes me sick that so many other women spend so much time money and energy on their wedding without even thinking about the marriage afterwards. They must not now the difference between romantic fairy-tale weddings where they all live happily ever after and all that garbage and real life weddings where they NEVER live that way. No wonder most people end up divorced.  Am I the only single woman on this whole planet who feels this way, and no I'm not divorced. But I have no desire to get married or even have a love interest, I've never even really fallen in love and I'm 35. I hate living in a world where you just have to be like this or you're not a real woman. Men don't have to put up with that and it's not fair! I just want to be independent and free and be able to take care of myself. I have Asperger's Disorder, so being alone is not a huge deal to me. But having to live in a world where oooh you're such a loser because no man wants you and you're gonna die alone is driving me in-SANE.
Replied By: ellavin on Sep 16, 2009, 1:39PM - In reply to marydegnan
My cousin died in a car accident three years ago. She was a college student that was being the designated driver for some of her partying friends. On the way home from dropping one of them off at home, a drunk driver sped through a red light. My cousin was 20, being responsible, and her killer, a 40-somthing year old lady that was more than 3 times over the legal limit. It is a horrible tradgedy, and was hardest for my wonderful & caring Grandfather. He was, and still is, angry, sad, depressed. No grandfather should have to bury a grandchild, it just isnt fair. He changed from a happy go lucky man, always smiling, telling stories, a rock of our family, to a very unhappy and sorrow driven. No one blamed him for his anger or his hurt, but as we all tried to let time and family heal our greif, he stayed down in the dumps, unwilling to see the light of day. My cousin was a beautiful and intelligent young woman, very special in every way, but did he not see that he had 7 more granddaughters, 4 grandsons, 7 great-grandchildren, three children, including his daughter who was also grieving from loosing her eldest daughter, and a wonderful woman that he had just shared a 50th wedding anniversary with? We want to be there for him and want him to be there for us. Saying that we are all sad is an understatement, but our lives must go on, and we want him to be more a part of it, the ways we remember in the past. Everyone is changed by the accident, but we are all still us, all still a family, and it is hard on us that he has drawn away from that family. We need his love and attention too, I know he is just like you, and wants to be taken to the dump, but we love him and want him to love us enough to stick around, just like I can imagine you family could you use to be there to support them through the same challenges of their lives.
No one will take you somewhere else when you are right where you are needed most.
Replied By: sisterinnyc on Sep 16, 2009, 11:09AM - In reply to anurse
Hi!  I am the blonde sister that was able to find my dad after 43 years!  I want to encourage you to try to find your half sister.....whether or not you will be well received!  There is so much more to my story that I wish I could have shared:  how much my mom had to struggle, how my mom never told me information about my dad, how she passed away, leaving me an orphan at 16, and how hard it was to find this side of my family.  I met up with so many obstacles, which is why it has taken me so long to actually make a connection.  But I never gave up and let me tell you, I have had so many revelations since finding them.  I regret that I never got to meet my dad:  he passed away in 1999.  But my brothers and my sister have been fantastic!  Having closure on this issue is so gratifying and I feel as though it has changed my life forever!   I hope though that you can take some advice based upon my experience and that would be to not wait too long!  Often we think that life will wait for us to get around to doing tasks, but sometimes it doesn't.  Had I found my father 10 years earlier, I could have thanked him for my life and had so many questions answered!
Replied By: ca_livin on Sep 16, 2009, 9:21AM
For those interested in what Dr. Phil had to say to the two ladies in New  York . . . It will be on part 2 of the show on Thursday night. I guess, if you count both parts as "the show" then he technically was right that he would tell the answer.
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