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Dr. Phil takes to the streets of New York City to kick off an all-new season! From park benches and pizza parlors to bridal boutiques and taxicabs, he tackles big questions from the Big Apple.

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Replied By: kristinfire on Oct 12, 2009, 6:11PM - In reply to beck98
I would love to see Dr Phil do a show on the development of babies in the womb and the trauma caused to the women who have killed their babies.  I don't know what his view is on this because during the first "Dr. Phil Family" show when the older daughter was pregnant, they had 3 teens on to tell what the "right" choice was for them when they got pregnant.  One kept the baby, the other adopted it out, and the other had an abortion and they were all accepted on the show as the "right decision" for them.  I was very disappointed that he allowed that! But I agree with you totally! I love animals and I love babies! 
Replied By: manykidstolove on Sep 28, 2009, 11:34PM
Tracey is truly a selfless person who should think of herself as nothing less than heroic.  What I recall Dr. Phil saying is that her brother was selfish and didn't appreciate her selfless act enough.  He chose a wrong path to go down, and ended up taking his life.  I have a different take on this.  I obviously don't know the whole story, but is is possible that he felt a tremendous amount of guilt  that he was responsible for Tracey's scars?  Possibly, he was extremely grateful for her actions, but just took all of her pain upon himself and self destructed.
Replied By: kararob14 on Sep 19, 2009, 2:38PM - In reply to samdson1
Thank you so much for the kind words of my children...My twins came into the world at 29 weeks weighing 3lbs each...The boys lungs were so under developed that they had to remain in the NICU/PICU for close to 6 months.....That is honestly when our lives started falling apart....We knew Keegan had failed his ABRS after leaving the NICU but the nurse at the time told me that allot of Preemies fail the first time around...so thought nothing of it...Just blessed to have him with us... At the age of two, a Speech Therapist asked me to get another test done as she was very concerned with the lack of babbling he had...We went to a number of ENTs, As well as had many hearing test at different hospitals, Finally a year later we found out that he had something Called Auditory Neuropathy. Couldn't figure out WHY or HOW ...Why would god give me Identical twin boys and then do that to just one of them..I was beside myself, Heart broken, WELL 2 years  later, I AM PROUD TO HAVE Keegan as my DEAF SON.... BUT it comes with much struggle, pain and Joy...Keegan screams, I MEAN SCREAMS non stop...Life at the Hendrick Home has gotten WAY OUT OF CONTROL..all we seem to do now is scream at each other..I have so many worries that my children will carry this on to their children etc...I wish I knew what I could do to make him stop the screaming ...I have Made Keegan a Promise that I WILL NEVER ALLOW HIM TO GROW UP TO BE LONELY OR FEEL DIFFERENT IN HIS OWN SKIN.... I had once heard that people shy away from Deaf People in fear that they wont understand them...that kills me to think that this beautiful boy will grow up a lonely man...Right now I am on a mission to get more sign language in my area as our family struggles with Simply communicatingwith him...But also because I feel if I can get as many people to learn to sign "HI HOW ARE YOU?" than at least I know he will be ok!!! He has learned sign at his school but for the rest of us, we learn what we can from him or from something called Signing Time...It breaks my heart to think of other families that will someday have to travel down that AWFUL road we had once went down...I have to help make a change and make sure that I stay true to my promise that I made him!!  I would love to hear more about your deaf son as I love to get all the advise and Ideas I can...Thank you again for writing in about my family...Kara
Replied By: samdson1 on Sep 18, 2009, 6:19PM - In reply to countryrocks
I wish you spent more time with the mother of seven children. Those children are beautiful, those twin boys stole my heart. I read on this board that one of the twins is deaf. My only son, who is 30 now, is deaf. He is a great son and is a very strong person and he had to be because when he was growing up he was isolated because of his deafness.  I cant imagine trying to raise 6 other children, while trying to be there for the deaf child. Why wasn't it mentioned on the show that one of the children is deaf. That would be a great show for Dr. Phil to do. I would like to see how she handles all of those kids while trying to deal with raising a deaf child also. My prayers are with you mom of 7.
Replied By: countryrocks on Sep 18, 2009, 12:54PM - In reply to tamrod17
In regards to the Mom..she is my friend and not only does she have 7 kids,  the youngest are twins and one of them is deaf.  It is definitely a very loud and stressful household.  Not that mine isn't and i have 3 kids but the simple fact of her son being deaf and trying to deal with that and the other children is very over whelming.  I think there are a lot of issues that she needs help with and would really like to see what Dr, Phil would have to say to help her out.  By the way...they are awfully darn cute!!!!!
Replied By: ladyjessica on Sep 18, 2009, 4:59AM
Please Dr. Phil don't do these shows any more. There is just noise and yelling from the crowd, you have to yell to make yourself heard, and the worst of it is that people who really need help  - like the beautiful woman with scars, the mom of seven, etc, are treated superficially. If I want noise I'll watch a game show.
Replied By: goodoralhygien on Sep 17, 2009, 8:17PM
I was disappointed you advised the young couple on today's show to get a divorce.  What about the vows they made?  Do they mean nothing?  Is there anyone left out there that cares about marriage vows any more?  I respect your advice that you have to earn your way out of a marriage, I clearly do not think the young couple on today's show has done that.  There are consequences to our actions.  Maybe they married when they should not have but that does not mean they should take the "easy" way out with out first at least trying to make their marriage work. 
Replied By: aprebish on Sep 17, 2009, 6:58PM - In reply to temp4me
Hey there!  It's Jim and Autumn, the couple that Dr. Phil talked to in NYC about long-distance relationships.  We agree that it can work, for a short period of time for some couples.  But you're right, you have to have brutal honesty and great communication.  Thankfully, Jim and I have that and that is what got us through more than a year of travelling back and forth between homes.  I think what Dr. Phil was telling us is that you can't keep it up forever.  Eventually, one of you will want to settle down and have kids or just have someone there with you every night.  And when you throw kids into the mix, it makes the relationship that much harder.  My little girl cried every Sunday night when Jim had to leave and she couldn't understand where he was going.  The other issue is if you're living two completely different lives.  Jim and I both had houses, our own bills, activities, etc.  He wasn't just working away during the week; we were living every moment separately.  I think that's the difference between our story and yours.  The good news is that Jim found a great job in my area, sold his house and moved in just two days ago!  Good luck to you!
Replied By: beachlvr53 on Sep 17, 2009, 6:26PM
DR. PHIL, You forgot to mention the best thing at the Carnegie Deli. The wonderful New York Style Cheese Cake. I go there everytime I am in NY not only for their wonderful sandwiches but they have the absolutely best CHEESE CAKE, strawberry is my favorite.
Replied By: tamrod17 on Sep 17, 2009, 5:15PM
Ok I am still in shock that there is a mom out there raising 7 children with no help!! I must say she looked pretty good for having 7 babies. But something stuck out to me, You seemed to not really give an answer to her. THE WOMAN NEEDS HELP !!  7 kids   WOW    You really don't see that anymore, and if you do, they have their own TV shows. I think this mom needs a HUGE gold star!!! Dr Phil maybe its because i am a stressed out mom with ONLY 3 kids, but I think this Mom needs somebetter advise! Heck share it will all of us...
ps..Her children were beautiful
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