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Dr. Phil is LIVE from Philadelphia! First, it’s the story that has the city and the entire country divided: The NFL’s reinstatement of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who served an 18-month prison sentence for his role in running a dogfighting ring. Dr. Phil’s panel of experts discuss the Vick controversy. Does he deserve the second chance he’s been given? Then, Dr. Phil leads a company ready to hit the ground running with a plan to get fit. Plus, go behind the scenes as Dr. Phil returns to The Oprah Winfrey Show for the first time in seven years. Dr. Phil kicks off his LIVE show with a bang! Don’t miss it!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: graybp on Sep 17, 2014, 9:13AM - In reply to goldstone
I watched the show on WTLZ, an NBC affiliate out of Columbus, GA.  It is no longer on.  I did a search and found this site.(  http://teeveetee.blogspot.com/2013/02/breaking-dr-phil-yanked-from-schedule.html ).. I am still not sure I understand what happened.
Replied By: chanel777 on Sep 13, 2011, 6:02PM
I would love to see Michael Vick explain his actions of cruelty and disregard for his dog's pain and suffering to a blind person who depends on a guide dog AND a quadrapalegic , or any of a number of persons with life-altering disabilities who are able to live somewhat independently AND safely because of their assistance dog.
Not to mention me--a single woman that lives alone and would have absolutely no way to sleep at nite without my dogs here to protect me. (After that huge, lengthy power outage here last week , my dogs are TRULY priceless).
THEN,  and only then would I be able to try to forgive his actions and considered him "rehabilitated".

(As the owner of two toy poodles, a yorkie and a cat, I know of things that dog fighter "trainers" do that are too atrocious for me to put down. I hope that God forgives you Michael Vick, and your ilk. I strongly doubt that I ever could).
Replied By: prpbutterfly on Oct 5, 2009, 9:10PM
I just wanted to committ on this particular show. I'm a true Dr. Phil fan and I record your shows on my DVR and watch them when I get a chance. I watched this show last night and was kind of upset about everyone making a big deal out of Michael Vick for his dog fighting incident. He is not the first person that has done this and he will not be the last. He should return to football, because this IS his job and not just a hobby. I think that the media and the animal rights people have over reacted in this situation. I agree that it was totally wrong for him or anyone else to do this type of cruelty to an animal. My concern is, what about human beings? They are willing to lock him away for having dog fights,  but for people that committ murder, no one makes alot of drama out of it as they have this incident. Are we at the point that a animals life is worth more than a humans? One thing that i disagreed with Dr. Phil on was when he was talking to certain members in the audience and the young man that was getting ready to say something about the other NFL player that hit someone with his car, Dr. Phil cut him off and didn't let him get his point across. I think he should have been able to speak his mind, but no one wanted to hear what he had to say.  Should Vick have done what he has done? NO, absoultely not, but it has happened and he has served his time and I think he should be able to go on living his life. I think that he is very sincere for what he has done and he is making the efforts to turn his life around. I think everyone should just LEAVE  HIM ALONE!!!!!
Replied By: laschock on Sep 27, 2009, 2:58PM
I have been reluctant to say anything over this regardless of my strong feelings on the topic.  What Michael Vick did was horrible. I loveanimals and hate to see what he did to these innocent dogs. To me it is unforgivable, but the logical part of me knows he can't be in prison for life over killing those dogs. One thing I have a problem with is that is has been said that it is culturally acceptable to fight dogs because he is from the south and that is how he grew up?? I was born and have lived in Oklahoma all of my life and it has NEVER been ok to fight dogs and treat animals so cruelly. It is also said that he "paid his time." Well, if he had been a teacher he would have been stripped of his teaching license. That is the problem I have. Is he really paying if he gets to go right back to what he did before??
Replied By: shmelly on Sep 22, 2009, 9:48PM - In reply to sackvick
No need for further abuse in the case of Michael Vick.  Bottom line is his paycheck needs to be taken away by the football commissioner.  By not allowing him to return to the game will be the true punishment.  There are many different arguments on this topic, but the best way to teach that man a lesson is where it hurts him most...his pocket book.  I don't believe dog fighting has anything to do with race and everything to do with the our societies "turn the other cheeck" mind frame.  Many cities don't have the time or resources to deal with what may be considered "minor infractions".  Until the laws, judges and court systems really take this issue seriously and our cultural mindset changes, its a reality that this unthinkable behavior will continue.  Its disturbing that humans can have such disregard for animals.  If Michael Vick wants to truely redeem himself, let his actions speak loud and clear....Only time will tell.

When you look at it, dog fighting is really only one animal "entertainment" that is abusive.  What about Greyhound races, Horse Racing, Cock Fighting and of course the good 'ol Circus.  Interesting.
Replied By: gwynn37 on Sep 22, 2009, 9:18AM - In reply to barbarak7777
I commend Dr. Phil's show on the way the Michael Vick story was approached.  To point out that such serious abuse of animals is shown to be deep seated and perhaps lead to more serious crimes against humans is just what bystanders need to understand.  And almost everyone has an opinion on the dogs that were forced to fight - a sad, unforgivable situation that should never be allowed to go unpunished.
Dog rescue groups all over the country (including the one I work for in Hewitt, Texas) work 24/7 educating the public on dog personalities, training and rehabilitation.  It takes time and trust from both the dog and the trainers to bring these dogs back to life - and most find that it's a gratifying and lifelong passion that bring meaning to both the dogs and the human's lives.
Thank you Dr. Phil for shedding some light on how these animal abusers may function and what we may all need to watch for in the future.
Happy Endings Dog Rescue, Hewitt, TX
Replied By: ashley1111 on Sep 21, 2009, 2:00PM
The subject of Donte Stallworth vs. Michael Vick kept coming up in the show. Although I agree that both are their own person; I would be interested in hearing more about the two sides and if their punishments where justified and if Donte should be in the NFL.
Replied By: sackvick on Sep 19, 2009, 6:39AM - In reply to recebir
so it's ok to abuse these animals because you think they are vicious????  they are innocent.  and who are you to say that us people who care about these innocent animals don't care about the other horrible things that are happening around the world??  this is NOT A RACE ISSUE.  and i am so sick of people PLAYING THE RACE CARD.  every chance you get that's what i hear about.  GET OVER IT.  all of the white people that  have committed terrible crimes... we don't stand up and say "oh, it's because he was white, that's why he's being picked on."  PLEASE.  so pathetic.
Replied By: recebir on Sep 18, 2009, 9:53PM
Again i will attempt to convey a message,to DR PHIL.I think the show on michael vick,really shows the abject idiocy,and denial of the truth,by a large segment of the "american people"AND yes it is a RACIAL ISSUE"only a person wearing blinders"cant see that.The lunacy that these animal lovers have displayed,shows their priorities,are several "sandwiches"short of a barbecue"Anytime you have people who are so outraged,by the treatment of some of the most vicious dogs,known to man,but say nothing when thousands of innocent women/children,are killed in IRAN,AFGHANISTAN,THE GAZA STRIP, Just to name a few places,where people and their homes are being gutted,and for what?Let me be clear,i dont condone wrongdoing of any kind,that includes the treatment of animals,but i value HUMAN LIFE more than any other form of species.And if you cant relate to that,than you people are even sicker than you already appear to be.America is on its way out,because of the foolishness of its citizens.People want to bury a michael vick,for something that
wont register on the RICHTER SCALE,But will allow a man like PRES GEORGE W. BUSH,to get away
with literally destroying america.GOD HELP US!
Replied By: aphillynative on Sep 18, 2009, 2:58PM - In reply to tamnzs
To add on what about the other restaurants like D'Allessandro's. It's not all about Pat's and Geno's.

Dr.Phil may need a good hoagie in his life and a Tastykake. Philadelphia is not just famous for cheesesteaks.
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