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The news of kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard found after 18 years, alive and living with her alleged captor, Phillip Garrido, has shocked the country. What are the circumstances surrounding the lives of Jaycee, now 29, and her daughters, ages 15 and 11, who are allegedly fathered by her alleged kidnapper? How could a convicted sex offender allegedly conceal three women in his backyard and keep them a secret for 18 years? What did the neighbors see, and why didn’t Jaycee attempt to escape? Plus, when anonymous 911 calls were made regarding this family, what kept police from connecting the dots?  Dr. Phil and his panel of experts discuss all angles of this chilling report of life in captivity.

Dr. Phil explores the shocking story of kidnapped 11-year-old Jaycee Dugard, recently found alive and living with her captor 18 years later. Learn more about this chilling report of life in captivity.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: filemaker on Jul 24, 2013, 12:51AM
Jaycee Dugard was also kidnapped by Donald Atkinson ex-El Dorado County Deputy Sheriff now in prison for 22 other felonies since the day he participated, aided, planned and abetted the Garridos in Jaycee Dugard's kidnapping. Here's the proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-EyNSns9NY

Donald Atkinson recent previous arrests so far: http://www.inedc.com/1-229
Replied By: voicenmotion on Oct 29, 2009, 1:56PM

On the Antioch CA website it states a quote from JFK, ...

"The level of crime in a City is in direct proportion to the will of its citizens and Law Enforcement Officers to tolerate it". President John F. Kennedy.

We have come to the conculsion that the City of Antioch tolerates it!

Neighbors and myself are angry and appalled at the Antioch Police Department & the City Officials. It doesn't surprise us that the Ant-PD wants to call the prison, where Jaycee Dugaurd was discovered, 'Near Antioch'. We live in the 94509 zip code of Antioch same as the Garridos.

When we call the Ant-PD we now tell them this isn't near Antioch, it is Antioch!
We have called the Chief of Police-James Hyde, the Mayor-
James D. Davis, the City Manager-Jim Jakel with our concerns about the Public Nusance and Disturbing of the Peace in our neighborhood -second hand marajana smoke in our living rooms, vibrating doors and windows in our homes from loud music, strangers tresspassing on our property, and we have yet to speak to any one of them. Not one member of the City will call anyone of us back.
It 's no wonder why they allowed Garrido to keep his prisoners. Antioch Officials do NOT LISTEN/nor do they HEAR their law abiding/tax paying citizens and they should be held accountable. We are terrified. We do not feel protected in our own homes/neighborhoods because there seems to be another agenda going on here.

These City Officials need to be held accountable!




Replied By: robynesque on Sep 15, 2009, 5:07PM
Dear Dr. Phil,

I noticed on a recent program that was about a young girl that was kidnapped as a child that she still looked like a child and it was very difficult to guess her age. I was wondering if it is a recognized phenomenon that being robbed of childhood creates this appearance because of a missing stage of development.

In the case of Jaycee Dugard, one of her aunties had kept a Barbie Doll for all the years she was missing. It may well be a big part of healing to allow oneself to play, no matter what age you are when you gain freedom. It is something I recommend for everyone and because I gave myself permission to be immature, I have had the best times playing console games with my grandchildren. I am not afraid to squeal and laugh with them and my grown children just think its part of being a grandparent. I know in my heart that I am also filling a void that was there for a long time.

I was isolated by my parents though not held captive and without any knowledge of the world or society, I was confused and embarrassed and strange when I finally got some freedom.

Having not had nice things as a child, only the barest necessities I wanted desperately to have a nice room, nice furniture and toys, dolls and teddy bears. I managed to get nice furniture and some teddy bears in my 40’s. My room is much more comfortable as a single bedroom and it suits my celibacy. It is only now in my 50’s that I have began to get over it. Like some missing part of my life has been somewhat satisfied.

I hope and pray that the young people on your show and Jaycee, can fill the rest of their lives with so much that the pain of their childhood will diminish day by day, to be a very small part of their lives.

Thank you,
Robyn Winters
Replied By: fairydusthill on Sep 11, 2009, 6:33AM
I think that it is messed up that my community wants to have my dog put down because she is a pit bull and has done nothing wrong. And only based on her breed not anything else. That seems a little unfair that our laws allows a monster to walk among us and our children, and my dog can't!

Get real we need a law Over Haul in America, go back to basics Hangings in Time Square immediately after a trial from a jury of your peers.

This is bull and everyone knows it!
Replied By: bgranny on Sep 10, 2009, 7:02AM - In reply to brenton
I am sorry for what you have gone through. May you be fully healed. Be blessd.
Replied By: bgranny on Sep 10, 2009, 6:52AM - In reply to preraph
The danger to our family came NOT from the outside, I was always VERY careful to never let my kids out around strangers, even homeschooled them.  Then my son-in-law raped my younger daughter when she was 13. You are exactly correct that the REAL danger is usually from the INSIDE. Even though he went to jail and confessed to me that he had also molested a small child of his step-brothers, now he is totally trusted because he joined a religious group that teaches that it is wrong to even mention the "sins of the past" and "all things are new" and there is absolutely nothing to worry about and we are just "unforgiving" people and "unforgiveness is the worst sin of all". The preacher of the church introduced him to a young Mexican girl who has no brothers or father but has 6 little sisters and they were married in 4 months and everyone is "Thrilled" that they are having a baby because they know he will be a "wonderful father". (This will be his 4th child by the 4th woman) My daughter who was raped had a baby who she placed in an open adoption, my daugther who was married to him already had a daughter by him and he inpregnated another girl just before he went to jail. (By the way he had given this girl a fake name and identity and it was a miracle that we were able to find her.) When I went to our pastor because I thought he seemed to be acting strangely around my younger daughter, I was told that the pastor had no concerns about him at all and I should just stay out of everything and do nice things for him as it was obvious to all that he was a wonderful Christian man. BEWARE BEWARE
Replied By: card72wild on Sep 10, 2009, 6:12AM
I think that the real problem is that there are some people...in addition to those who committ crimes...who should be held accountable for the repeat offenders.  Those people should be law enforcement officers, judges, and the parole board.  We need laws...local, state, and federal...that enables the victims and/or the families of the victims to file a civil lawsuit against those who release the future repeat-offender, and file criminal charges as well.  This would be the same thing as a parent who is held responsible for his/her kid who breaks the law.  The people need to stand up and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"
Replied By: ahummingbird on Sep 9, 2009, 10:53AM
don't get me wrong - I am so happy that Jaycee and the girls have been found and that they can now start their healing process.  and yes, we need to be aware of our children and who lives in the neighborhood and how to keep them safe.  but what about all the kids living in similar conditions, with similar fears and pains whose only difference is that they are being held by their own families?  Truth is, they aren't being looked for at all and no one is out there praying they will come home. 
Replied By: preraph on Sep 6, 2009, 11:16AM
I'm kind of a crime buff, and I get very frustrated with the level of misinformation and misconceptions out there about predators, especially where it concerns child abduction/molestation issues because it seems to me that in recent years, parents have increasingly overprotected their children from stranger abuduction but stubbornly refused to acknowledge the points Dr. Phil and all his great guests were making, which is that nearly all incidents of these crimes against children (and against women, for that matter) happen in and around the home by relatives, friends, and other acquaintances who have contact with the child. 

The last statistics I had seen were some years old and said the number was at least 80% were known to the family.  I appreciate Dr. Phil bringing forth his recent statistic on the subject.  It's very important that parents hear this, and Dr. Phil and the guests were clear in their message. In my own personal experience I have encountered a stubborn resistance from parents when I tell them what proflilers and the crime community have long known, which is that people always think they can trust their family and friends and that they always think they could tell if someone was dangerous, but they can't.  In my experience, people think I'm crazy to suggest that the likelihood of anything happening to their child by a stranger is practically nil, while there's a pretty good chance that it can happen among them and their friends, family and support community. 

The trend in recent years is for parents to network and keep kids in activities or all grouped at one parents house or another every waking minute.  This, of course, gives them some free time.  I see it up close and personal with a friend of mine, who immediately moved to town and began entrusting her child with other families in the apartment complex.  These crimes are a crime of opportunity, and the more people you entrust your kid with, the more likelihood they will encounter someone who will do them harm.  I know parents don't want to hear that all these play dates and activities can lead to more exposure for molestation, because it takes away an avenue of childfree time for them and allows them to lead a more pleasant life, but it's a fact, and I'm glad Dr. Phil and his panel formed a cohesive front in getting this message to them, because his is a powerful voice.  Thanks.
Replied By: housewife52 on Sep 5, 2009, 4:07PM
I find this to be a horrifyingly captivating story. I'm thankful that they were finally rescued. It makes me wonder, as it did when Shawn Hornbeck was rescued, are there others out there, and how many? I have noticed a small dark colored growth on the kidnapper's face near the corner of his eye and nose. To my untrained, non physician's eye, it appears to be a cancer. I say that because a woman I personally know had a growth that started out looking like that and eventually got bigger and she put off having anything done until recently and just in time, because her surgeon said that if she had waited any longer it would have gotten into her eye. This has made me think differently about the possibilities of other situations like this one. I think we all need to be more vigilant, whether we're citizens or the authorities. I will say this, I have never, in my wildest dreams imagined a scenerio quite like this one.
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