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Do you feel like your heart is racing, your mind is all over the place, and you just can’t focus? Do you live in fear of losing your job or your house? If life is getting to you, and you’re tossing and turning all night long, you are not alone. Dr. Phil speaks with guests struggling to cope with the stress and anxiety of their daily lives. Learn how to manage emotional turmoil, sleep like a baby and finally get some peace! Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: quiltfairy on Mar 20, 2010, 12:13PM
i am 54 yers old and worked hard most of my life i was ijured on the job cloed head injury brocken nose and broken neck it took a year fight a an expensive attorney to fight workmens comp the ijury was june 8 2007 i finnaly got surgery to fix my neck in april of 2008 i settled with workmens comp for a lsarg sum of monsy my attorney got 45,000 of that amount there was still plenty left but i got married in june of 08 my husband steaked his claim on the money he spent it all i have nothing left when the money was soon to run out with only 7,000 left i refused to give it to him he went into a rage and became violant an threating  his screaming and threats were heard a bloc away in a bussy grocery store an off duty DNR office heard the yelling and came close to the house to investigate he soon called 911 the police arrived shortly after i had kicked him out of my house and i got a restraning order the next day i continues the abuse through friends they call me in a panick telling me what he is about to do to try and keep me in a panick i have told them all if they call i don't want to here it i am doing my best to go on they make it so hard it is like reliving it ever time they ask about it it has been discovered throuhg MRI's that he did some serious damge to my body when he forced me to lift heave objects befor my neck was ready now i face another major surgery on my neck i struggle with pain but i do find if i do just one thing everday that the depression is not so bad i make quilts i have completed 3 since he left one has taken a year to do becaus he just wouldn't let me work on it i also have three more redy to go to the quilter and she has one more that she is working on now i should get it back in about a month i started seeing a therapist which really helpes but my therapist was killed in a car accident in a snow storm now i am starting with a new therapist the things that keep me going is a lot of hope and not giving up i recently had a freind tell me she just couldn't go on any more she was going to kill herself so i made some phone calls she is now in a safe place last time i spoke with her this is wat i said and it is one of my strong beliefs that keep me going SUCIDE IS A PERMANATUE SULOTION TO A TEMPORAY PROBLEM  there are times i get so frustrated i keep repaeting that to my self i also have a storng faith in god i attend church regulary and i do what i can to help otheres in doing so i am helping my self and the pain is not quit as bad if i don't absess on it
may god be with all of you
Replied By: abasketcase on Sep 8, 2009, 7:04PM - In reply to hulagirl1
I agree.  This is only part of the puzzle, but she needs to give up some of her control and put those teenagers and husband to work with chores and such to help her out.
Replied By: elizabethbarry on Sep 6, 2009, 1:58PM
It doesn't matter why you're tired, woman in all walks of life have been trying to be "Super Women" for too long.
Please go to www.theworkinggirlsguiltlessguide.com  and find out how you can plan for the Weekend Collapse you know you need and want before it plans itself!
Replied By: papa_nana on Sep 5, 2009, 6:59AM
I was somewhat disappointed that last week's shows concentrated (again) on the economy. We know we are in a recession. Our spending is down. Our stress is up. Yes, life is getting to each of us. I do not need to be reminded of our precarious economic situation when I turn on Dr. Phil - my most anticipated release and relaxation for the day. I would much rather watch human-interest stories that do not revolve around money or lack thereof.
Replied By: boogamom on Sep 3, 2009, 5:49AM
I'm sorry but but i have to say that i dont think that Dr. Phil gets that poor womans problem. Having a special needs child who is labeled so for behaviour issues myself he just sooo didnt get it. I'd rather sit back relax and think of something more than just that one child. I have three others that deserve our attention as well. I get it lady its not easy to slow down and its soo very theriputic to have tons of other things to think about throughout the day than wondering how that child is going to streess you. I just think he cut her off when she wasw trying to say what wasw going on. Dr. Phil, take a behaviourly challenged child for a weekend and see how easy it is to destress while they are constantly taunting you breaking stuff, hitting other children then give that lady some better advise. I hope for her sake shes recieving further help that i havnt seen.
Replied By: kitspics on Sep 3, 2009, 3:02AM
I listen to all of the stress in your lives.......losing loved ones, caring for others, financial problems, losing your homes......and I know the overwhelming fear...the loss, sadness, depression and futilitiy...

The only answer I can humbly offer is for you to have faith in your maker...and if you don't have that faith....then I will have it for you!

You may want and need healing, money, a home, etc.....My thoughts, prayers and heart are with you in all these things and more!

Profound illness for over 6 months ending in May by exploratory surgery with the expectancy of terminal ovarian cancer....I dodged that bullet......but had a long recovery, 2 children and hospital bills......living wtih a crazy man....yelled at me for 9 hours once..... then after one of his hours long rants the night before on October 27 morning went to work.......had a major car accident, lucky to be alive....while recovering on Nov 3rd at 6 a.m. our home burned to the ground.......everything we owned went up in smoke....I just thank the Lord we all survived it.....

That was 20 years ago......I am married to that man.....he is changed.......

I count my blessings now......
I don't focus on the bad things in my life......
nor worry about things that may or may not happen....
I take one breath at a time........
one moment at a time....
I am in constant physical pain, but I'll be dam-ed if I'll let it hurt my spirit also...

Just remember, things change and so will you....
Roll with the punches...don't let your earthly problems steal your spirit...

I learned to stay strong by leaning on the Lord!
Replied By: kittiesmom on Sep 2, 2009, 11:21PM - In reply to dennie0444
Throw her ass out!!!

Dr. Phil has addressed this issue a number of times. Your daughter can't drain you of money unless you allow it.
Replied By: kittiesmom on Sep 2, 2009, 11:12PM - In reply to kmpenman
Have you ever considered being a volunteer? I've done that at several hospitals over the years, and it gave me a great feeling to know I was helping people. At one of the hospitals, I went from room to room, refilling patients' water pitchers. Patients always seemed to appreciate having someone show up with a smile, asking how they were doing.

For the last couple of years, I've volunteered at my local public library, relabeling books. While it sounds like a boring task, it really isn't. It's a big help for the library to have someone who can handle stuff like that when their regular employees have to be busy doing other things.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you find something that you enjoy. It feels great to be out with people, and it gives you a reason to get out of bed every day.
Replied By: kittiesmom on Sep 2, 2009, 10:58PM - In reply to brightsmile1
You are definitely not being selfish by taking care of yourself. I'm a big believer in counseling and am glad you're walking that path. It can often be painful, but it can sure feel good to gradually shed the burdens you've been carrying for so long. I wish you the best!!!
Replied By: kittiesmom on Sep 2, 2009, 10:52PM - In reply to ciluflet1
I wish I could think of an idea to help you and will keep you in my thoughts.
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