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(Original Air Date: 04/21/05) Dr. Phil goes into his mailbag to answer kids' burning questions! First up, 16-year-old Rachel likes to go clubbing with her friends, but says her 1:00 a.m. curfew is way too early. Are her parents too strict, or is she being unreasonable? Then, 15-year-old Kayla hasn't lived with her drug-addicted mom for three years. She's sober now, but should Kayla let her back into her life? Plus, meet a woman who's been struggling to keep her family together since she was 13 years old. You won't believe what Dr. Phil has waiting for her! Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: katiekatherine on Aug 6, 2009, 1:15PM - In reply to scarleta
Just go to www.marrow.org and you can find any information you would need there. Trust me, people who need it definitely appreciate you joining. I donated in 2006 at the age of 19. I was the youngest non-related donor in my area, as well as the fastest match that had been found in my area (I was matched 7 months after joining, which is very rare). My recipient didn't make it, but I am still a huge believer in trying to get others to join and give others a second chance at life they otherwise wouldn't have had.
Replied By: dessert1st on Jul 30, 2009, 6:07PM
I was brought to tears when I saw what Dr. Phil and the show did for Tyerra.  She is so deserving of everything and she seemed sincerely appreciative.  It is good to see that good things happen to good people!  My prayers are with her.

Thank you for caring.

Replied By: scarleta on Jul 30, 2009, 4:46PM
I saw your show today on a child that didn't need bone marrow, but many who do.  How do I go about volunteering for that?
Replied By: firehouseoic on Jul 30, 2009, 4:01PM
I am a 17 year old male and I think a 01:00 curfew is ridiculous.  I don't have any rule in my house stating what time I must be in mostly because I am very responsible and because I am never out that late because I don't care to be out late.  Parents, you need to take responsibility, especially if your 16 year old thinks a 01:00 is too early.  I am telling you it is much too late.  You can never blame the child for it is the parents who are required to be responsible.  I guarentee this 16 year old would not think a 01:00 curfew was too early if she had not had that late curfew in the first place.  I thank the Lord everyday for my personality.   As a teenager I can be a little tempermental about some things, but I sure have good morals and I do what I want because what I want is what is right, fair, and responsible.
Replied By: pferryman on Jul 30, 2009, 3:35PM - In reply to ebuzz73
This is to the parent of 14 year olds who go out the window. You are legally responsible for what your children do. When my oldest got to where I could not control his behavior I called the jouvenile court in town and had him arrested for being an incoragable child.  You need to get help for yourself and the children now before instead of bringing home somone drunk or stoned they bring home a body.
mama of 5 grandmother of 8
Replied By: doomsdaydiva on Jul 30, 2009, 2:56PM
1 AM is WAYYYYY too late for a teen to be out!!!  Any kid still up and out at that ungodly hour is up to nothing but trouble. Teenagers are constant liars who think they're idestructable, so this girl's parents are perfectly right to worry about  what stupid situations she'll get herself into. If she thinks they're too strict and overbearing, well AWWWW. Ever heard of the "Mean Mother" story?  It says things like "my mother raised a bunch of squares because we had to be home by 11 and we weren't allowed to date until we were 15 and we never did drugs or spent the night in jail." The world needs "mean" parents like that more than ever. Until that girl reaches around 25 and her brain has finally developed, you will not be able to trust her or her.  I live in an appt. building where kids stay out late at night where they throw eggs and rocks at buildings, smoke and drink beer and scream and curse like demons, and that's after 10 PM!
Replied By: dakiela1974 on Jul 30, 2009, 1:53PM
I know how it feels to have your childhood snatched away.  I did not have to raise my siblings, but my world was crushed at the age of 16.  

I am a single mother of 7 children.  I cannot complain about my current situation, because it is no ones fault, but my own.  I have been depressed since my dad told me that he was HIV positive.  That broke my heart into a million and one pieces.  All I could think about was, "How long will I have my dad for?"  Oh, my God, I am going to lose my dad, my heart filled up with tears, and it was so heavy.  My dad was my best friend!  I would call out his name, just to hear his voice, because I knew one day, I would  no longer hear it.  I prayed for God to take my dad out of his misery, I said that I would be okay.  I mean, I knew he was struggling to stay alive, and it hurt so much; I knew it would be better if he was out of his misery.  I prayed that he would be cured, but if there wasn't a cure(there wasn't) I wanted God to take him home.  I figured I would just hug and kiss my dad, at his awake, and funeral; and I would be at peace.  I was in for a rude awakening!  My mom was a young widow, and did not know anything about making funeral arrangements, so she allowed my grandmother to make them.  I wrote God a note, and told him that although I am hurt, and I miss my daddy, I promise that I will be okay once I kiss him and see him at peace.  That was my promise to God, and to myself.  We went to my grandmother's because I wanted to go to the funeral home to see my buddy, and she told me to call Mr. Williamson.  I did, and he said, "I'm sorry he has already been cremated!"  Devastation, was not even my true mood!  My grandmother had him cremated without even giving us a chance to say goodbye.  Oh God, my heart is broken forever, I cannot kiss my dad goodbye, I can't hug him, lie my head on his chest, see him at peace, and therefore my world is forever destroyed.  How dare she?  What in the hell gave her the right to think that we did not need to see our father?  Are you serious?  My daddy is burned to ashes, and there is no goodbye!  My grandmother told me that I had said my goodbye the other night.  LOL.  You have to be kidding me.  I was visiting my dad, but I was not saying goodbye to him.  I was coming over that Saturday, because he and I had a bet.  We bet that I would not have any derogatory comments on my report card; I was always a good student, but ooh, my mouth was something else.  I got up early that morning and took my shower, I was just waiting for the mailman to come.  I was on my best behavior for the 10 week marking period.  Now, it is 8 am, the phone rings, my heart drops into the depths of my stomach.  It is grandma's voice on the other end, deep down I knew what she wanted; but hey, I'll cut her off!   In order for her not to say what she had to say, I said "Grandma,  where is my daddy?"  She said "let me speak to your mother."  She must didn't hear me, "Grandma, where is my dad?"  She said, "Kiela, I need to speak to your mother!"  Ma, grandma wants you!  I stood by the phone, because I was determined to speak to my dad; and then she said it.  "Karen, Ray passed away about 8 o'clock this morning, I am sorry."  I ran and screamed, yelled, cried, screamed some more!  Devastated, my world as I knew it came to an end.
     I have a bachelor's degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice.  I am currently enrolled in the RN program at Niagara County Community College.  I am trying to get into court and fight my former employer for race and disability discrimination; it is hard.  I am trying to find a way out of this nightmare.  I have a sun porch roof that is falling a part, drywall on walls coming down, and I just don't know what to do.  I am a very charitable person, I am always giving to others, but no one can ever help me.  I believe in reciprocity, but in my case it is give and no receive.  Don't get me wrong, God has been looking out, and I know that we will have our house(it is not a home just yet) repaired so that we can be proud of it.  I don't want to live in a big fancy mansion, I just a safe home for my family.  I know it won't take away the pain that I am living in, but it would put a smile on my children's face, thus making me smile.  I struggle, because this is the highway that I chose, and there are no U Turns allowed.  I am not upset about it, I have to deal with it.    If there is someone that could just help with a tiny sun porch roof, it is just like a mini balcony, and the bad walls, we would be so grateful.  My bathroom shower wall is rotting at a fast rate, and we need help.  I usually don't ask for help, because I am used to helping, but I am stuck.  I have two children who lost their dads, and are slowly losing me to depression.  I don't even care about my daily headaches, numbness in my left arm/hand, back pain, knee pain, the sexual assault at the age of 15(I can get over those things).  I feel horrible for them.  Anthony, his dad died as a result of a hospital mess up.  Leslie, his dad was murdered almost two years ago; and he is very angry about it(that is what he told his counselor).   If there is anyone out there that can help just a little, we would be grateful.  I am a single mother of 7, and my daughter has a son.  We are a very proud family, and would not ask for help, if we did not need it.
Replied By: janetfuterman on Jul 30, 2009, 1:17PM
I am.. deeply appreciative of Dr. Phil's and Miss Robin's concern and care for children, specifically the way they enabled that lovely young woman to attend college.  I was also moved by Dr. Phil's call for bone marrow donors and plan to register tomorrow.

Thank you, Dr. Phil and Robin.  You are inspirational!

Best regards.
Replied By: slantedfacts on Jul 30, 2009, 6:54AM
wow ... I just have to say that the respect I have for her is more than I have for most of my own relatives.

EVERY American needs to learn from this lady! If people had just one fourth of her commitment toward family - this country would REALLY be a much better place!

This is something I rarely say out loud - especially in a public setting ... "may God Bless YOU lady!"

The face in the pic -- actually cried like a baby with the admiration and whatever - it tore my heart up!

I am amazed at the quality of commitment - everyone can gain from this lady and her value of family!

I am so glad Doctor Phil helped you ... I wish I could help - but I am a mess myself ...

Replied By: ebuzz73 on Jul 27, 2009, 6:46PM - In reply to dkildea2
I am a mother of 5 beautiful girls ranging from 32 mos to 19, and my 2-14yr old have a curfew of 12midnite and they cant even abide by it. They come home at anytime they want. Then when we ground them for their actions, they say it makes it worse. Meaning that when they're grounded, they will just not listen anymore then they do, or take off on us through the basement window...and im thinking of putting the curfew at 11 again as to what it use to be. Im going through such a rough time with my 2 teenage girls and have no more options as to help goes...Just dont know what to do anymore. Feel like just throwing in the towel. Just give up.
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