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(Original Air Date: 11/18/03) Dr. Phil turns the spotlight on a family in serious crisis. They seemed perfect from the outside, but behind closed doors, bad choices, deceit and a teen pregnancy are tearing them apart. Meet Martin and Erin, and their two daughters, Alexandra and Katherine. During this season-long series, Dr. Phil goes in-depth and one on one with this family in crisis. He starts them on the long road to recovery by focusing on their most crucial issue: a pregnant teenage daughter and helps them rebuild their shattered lives one at a time.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: dkleam on May 15, 2013, 8:50AM
I am mother of a seventeen year old who got pregant. I have supported her over the last yearand her baby is 9mths old now shes just getting her ged and it's now as her peers are going threw their last weeks before graduation she's having the hardest time because she now see's what she's given up. she loves her daughter and has be a good mother to her daughter but she hasn't had the responsibility of being finaically responsible. she's trying to find work but it's hard with my disability to keep her full time. she does't get assistance because the base her income on me.my income is only about two thousand a moth and i still have my fourteen year old son at home as well. He has had a hard time because she gets so much of my time because of her and the baby. Not just my time but money to. I'm upset with how some of these teen pregancy programs make it look so easy for these teen moms and makes these teens famous and for what getting pregant!!!!! where are the ones who rave about the honor roll teens and who do things like my son who not only does this but takes care of me when im in so much pain i'm can't get out of bed for days. All my kids since my accident at work have done this over the years. where is their praise and famous. This girl has no idea at how much she is expecting out of her parents it's things she can't even see yet
Replied By: kaynette67 on May 5, 2011, 3:02PM
I just wanted to tell Erin how very sorry i was to hear about the loss of her little sister just know she is with the angels and she has no more pain May God be with you and your family
Replied By: trevorage8 on Oct 5, 2010, 1:59PM - In reply to hangininthere
I think Alex is a self-centered very sick drug addict. She only cares about Tony and herself. I don't blame Erin for being angry and upset. I raised my grandson for 8 years starting at a very young age because my daughter was very addicted to drugs and in and out of jail.   Putting him in a foster home was out of the question.   I only had one - Alex has dumped 3 on her parents now.  Both those girls feel they are entitled and probably were spoiled by their parents.  Alex needs help but won't get it..  She makes me sick.  Her sister is just as bad.  They need a good kick in the you know where.  I have followed this show from the beginning and they were given such a once in a lifetime chance and all they did was lie to him. Alex doesn't deserve those kids. 
Replied By: sarab246 on Feb 16, 2010, 10:12AM
Alex is pregnant AGAIN and her excuse if she couldn't afford birth control. How is SHE going to pay for doctor, hospital and baby? Probably going on welfare and having US pay for it.
Replied By: hangininthere on Nov 14, 2009, 7:19PM
i feel empathy for alex i hear the same tone in erins voice as when she was calling alex a slut when they first came on the show erin has an air of arrogance
and it seems to me alex is  choosing the lesser of two evils when she is with the men in her life
alex seems beat down
and i think her real relationship issue with katherine is that katherine is thick skinned and acts like erin
Replied By: cadescove99 on Oct 19, 2009, 2:12PM - In reply to alicebluegown
Erin replied to a similar question on another board. She'd taken Katherine to a number of doctors who still haven't pinpointed the problem. But, they think it might be kidney stones.
Replied By: alicebluegown on Oct 6, 2009, 7:07AM
I watched yesterdays show about Katherine and her boyfriend. Katherine commented that she couldn't get a job because her health  is so bad. Does anyone know what is wrong with Katherine. I watch Dr. Phil everyday and I can't recall hearing that she was ill. I don't think that Katherine and her boyfriend are serious about changing anything about their relationship. I broke my heart to see Erin so sad and upset. I wish I could communicate to Katherine just how much her mother has her best interest at heart. I wish I would have listened more to my mother at that age. I tuned my mother out when she tried to counsel me about my choices in life. Today I am regretting that I didn't give any  credence to my mother's suggestions. In hindsight I can see clearly how no one cares like your mother does. Does anyone have an answer about Katherine's heaolth?  Thanks for listening.
Replied By: cornvillelady on Jul 30, 2009, 9:39AM
I was very young the first time I had sex.  I am very lucky that I didn't end up with a child.  I truely beleive that all children should wait sex changes everything.  At 14,15 even into your early twenties you don't understand a lot of things.  For me it was like sex kept the boyfriend.  I didn't understand a lot of things and kept breaking up with my boyfriend that was in the service.  Today there is a lot out there so the young teens really can get help.  I wasn't doing it to stay with the cool group, I was a loner and it just happened and I felt I truley loved him.  Every time he went back to the Navy, about a month later I would break up with him, then he would come home we would get back together.  This went on for 4 years even when he came home.  The he got killed in an auto accident.  I am still woundering today if we hand't had sex would things have been different. 
Replied By: tbablb on Jul 25, 2009, 5:06PM
We received an update on how older sister is now married with a baby girl. Did Katherine get to go to Harvard?
Replied By: fromthemts on Jul 24, 2009, 2:13PM
I apologize for the double posting below; I was having difficulty getting it submitted!
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