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(Original Air Date: 10/18/02) Do you know people who use work, food, shopping and money to the extreme? When does this behavior become too much? Dr. Phil's guests are self-proclaimed work-, shop- and food-aholics. They say their incredibly strong need for these things feels almost like an addiction. Meet Sylvia, a mom who says she medicates herself with food. What's at the root of her need to binge? And, Rod says he's in debt because he's addicted to spending money. Can Dr. Phil help him overcome his urge to splurge? Find out when too much becomes too much. Talk about the show here.

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Replied By: famousmrthomas on Mar 8, 2010, 10:01AM
I myself am turning into a bit of a workaholic and i know how it can be as im starting my own business in the hope that one day it will run itself and i can live my life without the need for 9 to 5.  Trisha needs to know that a guy in the UK is hot for her, and that she needs to make time for a visit from me!!!! :)
Replied By: caroln43 on Jul 19, 2009, 7:50PM
Dear Dr. Phil,

In watching your show on the 16th of July, 2009, I saw myself in each of the 3 settings you talked about. Fortunately I feel I have dealt with all but one of my issues. And I know why I haven't dealt with it. In any event though, I had an answer to your main question of, "What are you hiding or running from?"

I eat because I am bored. I spend money because I want things I know I can never have, if I wasn't bored with where I am in my life, I probably wouldn't notice the things I do when I am out walking in the malls or through stores and I wouldn't be spending money I don't have because I wouldn't be bored. As for being a workaholic at every job I have ever had? I have stayed late and have gone in early because I am bored once I get home. I live to be bored and I am dealing with it in my time. However, all is not lost because I do know what I need to do, I just choose not to make that decision as it will cause pain to several people and it's easier for me to settle for being bored.

Rod reminded me of myself of soooo many years ago. When you were asking him the tough questions, I was answering them for him. I saw his tears and the pain inside of him. I truly hope your specialists  will be able to help him find the love he has for himself; and that he will return to your show in the future to show us all what a special man he knows he is and that he was able to beat his spending and lose the weight he so desperately needed to lose for his own health and dream.

Thanks again for airing this show. I basically have grown a lot from when I had no love for myself and I was so unsure of my own life. Knowing where I was once and seeing how far I have come, proves to me that I can move mountains in my own life, when I need to. And who knows maybe one day I will make the decision to end my boredom. I think for now, I shall continue to find silver linings in other peoples lives and practice maintaining a positive attitude.

Thanks again.
Replied By: remodlr on Jul 16, 2009, 9:32PM
Hi Dr. Phil,
That cute little workaholic you had on just after Rod, she reminded me of myself- not because Im really cute like she is, but the all consuming workaholism. I have never been fun to be around, and I know it stems from my youth, getting beat up and my folks not protecting me. I've always been in search of a protector, and I manifest victimization problems in my life to prove that nobody really cares about me.

Since I have come to this realization, I have control over it.

I still love beautiful girls, and I guess I always will.

I Thank you (and God) for your goodness Dr. Phil.
Replied By: hulagirl1 on Jul 16, 2009, 9:09PM
Well, I was going to comment that Rod was adorable, but everybody else already beat me to it! That big teddy bear should get a whole lot more confidence when he sees how much the ladies like him.

I liked this show because this stuff is the everyday type of misery that so many of us go through. Really maybe even most of us, either overeat or overspend or overwork or smoke or whatever. If you look around, it seems like almost everybody over 35 is too fat, for example. 

So I don't think it's all due to avoiding a big issue of some kind. I think often it may not be that deep at all, just a bad habit you get into, just because it's pleasurable, not due to any big underlying cause. We all have to keep trying, that's all I know. 

I don't know how many times I've quit smoking, gone on a diet, got out of debt, etc., over the years but sometimes, like now, it's all just about straight. When I went for several years letting myself go in all areas, boy was I miserable when I woke up and realized how far I had to go just to get back to normal. One thing at a time and it all gets straight in a year or so though, it's not hopeless at all.
Replied By: sugarcarol on Jul 16, 2009, 5:33PM
I was watching your show today and as it often does, it hit me in the stomach. I never respond to shows but today I feel the need to do so. This show was very informative to me as it made me think of my own existence. A widow since 2002, overweight, addicted to food, no purpose in life, no self confidence, becoming a stay at home lonely gal. Most of my friends have passed away, only have friends that live in other States (phone conversations only)...I realize that I eat to overcome boredom. Health issues, financial burdens and age are becoming a part of my life at rapid speed. After watching your show today, I feel I need to talk to myself and bring ME out of this depressed state of mind. Can I do it, I do not know...All I know is that your show has opened a door for me and I hope I can get thru it before it slams shut and I am locked inside with the same boredom and lonely feeling as I have experienced in the last few years. Thank you for the show today and for how it has me think.
Replied By: yesyoucan on Jul 16, 2009, 4:31PM
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Replied By: francescal on Jul 16, 2009, 2:44PM
Dr. Phil I really like the guy on your show today. There was something really magnetic about him that  touched my heart . If possible, I would love to meet Rod. - Francescal 
Replied By: msrhearhea on Jul 16, 2009, 2:30PM
Dr.Phil, I truely enjoyed today's show!! My heart was touched and I had to speak my mind. When you introduced Rod, I noticed his eyes. I believe you can see a person's soul thru their eyes. And Rod has a beautiful soul. I too, am a very caring and giving soul. Takes one to know one! Rod showed awesome manhood by sharing his addiction to spending money. And like Rod, I used to try to buy my friendships and I was overweight. That got so old. I began loving myself more and gave to charity. I lost the weight. This process started in 2003. And I'm still FINE!! I would have loved to have a person like Rod in my life. And he wouldn't have to buy my friendship. He is beautiful inside and outside. He is an educated young black man and should be an awesome mentor to us all. We all have shortcomings but we should try to learn and grow from our mistakes. So, Rod keep up the good work. Remember love God and then love yourself!!
Replied By: mariejam on Jul 16, 2009, 1:43PM
My jaw dropped when I saw Rod.  I have alot in common, but I'm a bargain hunter who loves to save $$$.  As a result I've been called cheap by those who are now feeling the pinch from having not saved any $$$ of their own.  My mom would love a son like Rod (who splurges) for she's constantly calling me cheap for saving.  But hey, he who laughs, laughs last.  And the laugh is NOT on me.  Too bad I could not meet Rod.

Replied By: lllori on Jul 16, 2009, 9:50AM
I just wanted to hug the guy on your show today!   He sure is hurting inside ~ feelings I feel much of the time!  Give him a hug for me and I will pray for him and his happiness!!!!    Lori
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