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Imagine your 15-year-old daughter announces that she's pregnant. As a parent, you would have to make tough decisions. This is the reality for Dale and Kelly. Dale says they had the all-American family until their teenaged daughter, Brittney, revealed she was pregnant. How did this honor roll student and star soccer player end up in this predicament? Dr. Phil sits down with the teen and asks her some hard questions. Is she confronting reality or living in her own world? Brittney has not decided if her future involves her being a parent. What do her parents hope she chooses? Dr. Lisa Masterson, OB/GYN and co-host of The Doctors, meets with Brittney and three other young women who found themselves in similar situations as teens. Will their stories help the mom-to-be make one of the biggest decisions of her life? And, Brittney and her mom accompany Jody as she travels across the country to pick up her adopted child. Emotions escalate and Brittney ends up in tears. Follow the drama as this family struggles through this tense time that will dramatically change the course of their lives. Join the discussion.
Replied By: pruett66 on Feb 5, 2013, 8:34AM - In reply to l0v3zj
My daughter Kayla got pregnant at 14 and needless to say it was a shock. My husband, who is her step father, was livid and other family members thought it would be a trainwreck and told her she should abort or give the baby up for adoption. I had my doubts but I supported my daughter,gave her advice on her options and what her choices were. I told her I would help her but that the responsibility was mainly hers. Needless to say she kept the baby and it was the best choice she could have made. She had a little girl named Vanessa. Vanessa is now almost 6 years old and is a very well adjusted and much loved little girl. We had tough times and things were tight money wise but I wouldn't change a thing. Kayla and Vanessa's father got married and things went very well for awhile. The sad part is that they didn't last but both of them are very committed to their daughter and love her very much. Both of them are in new relationships and have blended their new families together to make Vanessa a very happy little girl with 2 step brothers and 2 step sisters. My point is this, if you know someone who has a young child that is pregnant then I think you should do your best to help them discover every and all options available to them. The most important thing is love and support for the pregnant woman and her baby daddy. We all make mistakes but anger isn't going to help no matter what the problem may be.
Replied By: l0v3zj on Nov 21, 2012, 8:37AM
I know this episode is pretty old, but I JUST saw it for the first time today, and I must say that I'm rather upset with it.  While I don't agree that it's ok for her to expect her parents to help her, I don't think it's right to scare her into terminating the pregnancy or adoption or what have you.  I feel like this is completely overexaggerated and was used as a scare tactic on her parents' part.  Yeah, you don't like the fact that she's pregnant at 15.  If my daughter got pregnant at 15, I'd be pissed off too, BUT I'd give her the facts, and try to support her emotionally as much as I could.  Yes, it's up to her to support this baby if she so chooses to keep him/her, but her parents' are being absolutely obnoxious.  Yes, it's going to be difficult, but bouncers don't cost $150 if you aren't going to some baby specialty store. You can get one for as little as $20 at WalMart.  And public school isn't the absolute only way to get through high school.  This episode was recorded in 2009.  This is the 21st century, people.  You can complete high school online or go to an alternative school.  Yeah, you're going to miss out on A LOT of social events and time with friends, and I'm not saying it's going to be easy because it won't be, but y'all made it sound like doomsday for her.  Giver her the facts, let her know what's out there for choices, and let her decide.  She's the one who made the decision to have unprotected sex, she's the one who got pregnant, and it's her body.

I'm about 5 months pregnant right now.  I'm 22 and I work a full-time job with dirt for pay.  I literally have nothing to offer this child right now, but I'm going to try my damnedest to get her what she needs.  It's not easy for anyone when it's unexpected.
Replied By: elimguy on Dec 6, 2009, 3:43PM
I thought it was discusting the way that eveyone was pressuring her not to keep the child. She had made her decision based on what felt was right for her and that is all that matters.
I'm a 19 year old guy and I have safe sex but if I had ever got a girlfriend pregnant I would want to keep the child, to the point where if she wanted to abort or adopt out I would offer to take on full custody. A child is a gift, and no matter what you will end up loving that child.
Replied By: enlightened_1 on Nov 20, 2009, 11:25AM - In reply to shanda1
I am insulted that some people still have it in their heads that teen parents are unable to care for their children. By stating that we cannot give our children the best life possible, you are condeming thousands of pregnant teens to believe (and act out) that scenario.

I am a teen mother, and I am proud to be who I am. At 16 I got pregnant, and gave birth to my daughter 2 months after my 17th birthday. I am still completing high school, and I am going on to post secondary education.

Although it is difficult to raise children on a low income, it is not impossible. Me and my child go wih out some days, but it does not mean that her quality of life is any less than that of a child born into an upperclass family. She is still well cared for, happy, and full of life. So who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do?

To all the pregnant girls out there, I wish you the very best, and hope that you stay strong in adversity.

To all the negative indiviudals that feel that teen mothers are inadequate: I hope that one day you will see the truth.
Replied By: jobarber on Jul 14, 2009, 7:56PM
My husband and I had just built our new home, My daughter just graduated high school, Life was good. It was now "our time". I got a phone call on my cell phone and it was my daughter crying saying "Mom you have to come to the doctors office" Now I knew she was going to the Ob/Gyn's office and I'm thinking "OH MY GOD, They found a lump or a bump and all I could think of was CANCER. Now I have to tell you that I am a Cancer Patient. I have Multiple Myeloma and have been living/fighting for 10yrs now. I told my daughter I will be right there. Driving like a fool I got there in no time, ran into the building and was led into the exam room. The doctor stood there as my daughter crying hysterical told me..."I'm pregnant" The blood rushed from my head, and all I could say was "Is that ALL?" at that point the doctor left us to talk and I was holding my daughter and telling her that everything was going to be alright. Now she was 17 and she had been taking the pill for over a year, because she knew how I and her father felt about abortion and how we always preached "safe" sex to her and to her older brother. She had just broken up with her boyfriend of almost 2yrs. and was moving on. When I asked her if he was the father I got the shock of my life when she told me no, that it was a guy who coached at the gym she belonged to for Cheer Leading . He was 25! When I look back now there was never any question as to what would happen next. Abortion was NOT an option and Adoption was something that she would never be able to do after carrying the baby for 9mnths. So that evening Mr. Wonderful came over to the house so that they could BOTH tell her father. After the initial shock he told them both what he expected from them. Mr. Wonderful moved into our new house and got a real job. Aiden Michael was born Jan. 11 2007 9lbs 9oz.
He was always a good boy and it was such a pleasure to have a baby in the family again. Things were getting a little difficult because my husband and I were seeing things about Mr. Wonderful that we did not like and of course my daughter saw nothing wrong. They moved out into an apartment of their own. My daughter had a great job and he,... well he continued to "coach". After less then a year out on their own he decided he wanted to be with someone else. My daughter was CRUSHED. She continued to live with him because of the lease on the apartment and then they went their separate ways after she lost her job and the lease was up. As it is now my daughter and precious grandson live with us. I have always been Aiden's only babysitter. We have such a special bond. My daughter works 2 jobs has just earned her State Certificate for Certified Nursing Assistant and continues to stay on good terms with Mr. Wonderful. I can't begin to tell you the amount of stress our lives have been subjected to in the last 21/2 years. I can't begin to tell you how tired I am at the end of the days that I watch Aiden full time and still continue to take my medicine. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this little boy. I can't even begin to think what my life would be like if he was terminated or given up for adoption. Has it been EASY for any of us? NO WAY... Has it ruined my daughters life? NO WAY.. She is a good mommy and I am very proud of her. So I guess I just wanted to tell everyone that there is LIFE after a teen pregnancy. It isn't an easy life, but it is a wonderful, crazy, exhausting, rewarding, crazy... LIFE.
Replied By: autumnlynn on Jul 14, 2009, 2:33AM
Our 15yo daughter told us a month ago that she had sex with her boyfriend.  Today she asked if we would sign papers and let her marry him cause she is going to continue to have sex.  I am afraid she will get pregnant on purpose to marry him.  What is the best thing for us to do as parents?
Replied By: dkcp91306 on Jul 13, 2009, 8:31PM
I could have written this story myself six  years ago.  My 20 year old daughter announced she was pregnant in 2002; a doctor's appointment on my 25th wedding anniversary confirmed that she was indeed pregnant - five months along - with TWINS!!  Her father & I urged adoption; she interviewed couples looking to adopt.  We submitted to family counseling, which was a joke because she manipulated the counselor at every turn.  When she was hospitalized for the last month of her pregnancy, the babies' father returned to the scene and professed his love and promised to take care of all of them.  Long story short, he did not keep his promise, and our daughter and her twin girls have lived with us off-and-on ever since.  My daughter still hopes for the day when he can be part of their "family."  They lived together briefly, more than once; he is physically abusive. 
We are at odds with our daughter all the time.  She will not listen to our advice/experience, and repeats many of the same mistakes over and over.  I hope Brittney's parents have the strength to take a stand and stick to it; because it NEVER GETS ANY EASIER!!
Replied By: ashleyhempel on Jul 13, 2009, 1:21PM
i just wanted to let you know that i am a teenage mother. I got pregnant at 16 and had m son at 17. I currently have a 6 month old son. The decision to keep him was the hardest thing i ever had to decide. Still to this day i struggle with money, the babies father, and family. In the end it was all worth it. When you look at your baby and see him/her smile for the first time, or rolll over. there is no doubt in you mind that the baby is worth keeping. Im not telling any body that its easy, cause trust me its so not. but i wouldnt give up my son for anything. He is my world, and there is so much you can do to keep your baby. Parents are supposed to be there to voice opinions and give support. If the babies father doesnt want u to keep your baby then fine, let that be his dicision but choose for yourself what u want to do with your baby.
Replied By: babeec09 on Jul 13, 2009, 8:15AM
Hi, I was 15 and pregnant too, only thing is that I had gone through an abortion because the father felt that we were too young and that he was afraid of what his parents would say. I am now 18 and pregnant again but the advantage with this pregnancy is that we have a stable roof over our heads and both of our families are supportive. I currently go to college and my parents fell that it is better for me to only worry about getting through school instead of school and a job but my partner needs to get the job to support his child, in this economy it is extremely hard to find one. Brittney does have the option to do as she feels with her child but I feel that her parents should support her no matter what desicion she makes, they shouldn't critize her for her mistake they should appreciate that she had told them and didn't hide her pregnancy all the way til she was ready to deliver.Yes i understand different people different views on life but my best advice for brittney is to do what she feels is right for her and her child.
Replied By: luckygrl05 on Jul 10, 2009, 9:19AM
I saved this weeks shows on TiVo and watched them late last night.  I COULDN'T SLEEP!   I cried and cried....My husband and I have been through years of fertility treatments and would give anything to be expecting a child.  Also, we have an adopted 3 yr old and I think that adoption is one of the hardest more unselfish act that a girl could do....they are totally putting the babies life first.  In March, we though we were going to get to adopt a baby girl and it fell through.....it was the hardest thing in the world but the girl chose to parent and we understood her decision.  I can really relate to that adoptive mother that has gone through the failed adoptions.  WE WOULD LOVE TO ADOPT AGAIN and I think that adoption is a very loving decision....
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