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Imagine cleaning your house for hours on end, washing your hands up to 30 times a day -- sometimes until they bleed -- and having the urge to repeatedly check that doors are locked and appliances are turned off. This may sound like extreme behavior, but 2.2 million American adults live with a debilitating illness known as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Learn the warning signs and what you can do to overcome anxiety. Lisa says she's so petrified of germs that she scrubs her kitchen floor four to five times a day and constantly washes her hands. She even homeschools her three young children because she's afraid that being around other kids will make them sick! Her husband, Khristian, fears that they 're raising a bunch of "shut ins" who will be terrified of going out into the real world. Will Lisa be able to manage her disorder and move forward with her life? Plus, Phyllis, a former guest, says she cleaned 16 hours a day and rarely left her home. Find out how she's doing today, and hear the advice she has for Lisa. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: fancyn on Feb 5, 2011, 4:39PM
I watched the show on OCD and I though to myself , OMG that is me!  Thank God it is not on the same level but I am concerned.
Replied By: kkvermi on Jul 13, 2009, 10:29AM
OCD Family Study

Study Seeks Families with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Gerald Nestadt, M.D. M.P.H.

The Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

Families with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are invited to help scientists learn more about the causes of OCD. Recent advances in molecular biology and statistical genetics make it possible to identify and describe specific genes that may cause complex diseases such as OCD. We are seeking families with OCD to help us conduct these studies.

You Can Help!If at least one member of your family is diagnosed with OCD or exhibit symptoms, your family might be eligible for this nationwide study. Participation includes a confidential interview and a blood sample. The interview will be scheduled at a time and place convenient for the participant. Participants will be compensated.

Your Help Counts! Each participant’s help is vital and DOES make a difference.

Families may be referred by a clinician or may contact Krista Vermillion at (410) 923-2918 or kvermil1@jhmi.edu
Replied By: fluffyfat on Jul 12, 2009, 4:45AM
Please keep in mind that when Dr. Phil makes a statement such as, "Home schooled children are less advanced socially  and acedemically," he is saying that large studies of thousands of children have determined that to be the case [i]on average.[/i]

Of course there are exceptions.  He wasn't talking specifically about your children or your grandchildren but the average child, who, like it or not, doesn't do as well on acedemic tests as the public school child.

I don't know why so many mothers today think they can do a better job teaching their children than teachers who have had four years of college devoted to the skills needed to be a good educator.  I think there's some vanity going on in most cases.  Children need to learn all subjects and they need to learn how to get along with all sorts of people. 

Religion can be taught at home and in church but children don't need to have a dose of Bible study along with math class.

If you are religious, teach your children to pray before school.  This wil be good training for when they pray before going to work.
Replied By: yborcityborn1 on Jul 11, 2009, 2:41PM
I  have tried  to get my story to  you--Miss O--Montle--even Racheal Ray but no luck my letters come back to me..My family and friends have tried to get me to write  you guys for years.. I always felt foolish as so many others in life needed more than I.I  have so many  books within me that I don't know   which you would want to know about 
<1>.trying to kill myself from age 5 tiill at 18 yrs. I reached to the hospittal D..O..A..I had avery Spiritual experince. From that day I neveer disrespected the life the Loard gave me.
<2>.phycially- emontional and   menatly.. and spiritauly. beatings.
<,3>. I've had  knives put on my tounge being told it was going to be cut off...My finggers being put on   the table with a bucher knife on my fingers andd told they would be cut off
<4>Being molested from age 5 to 14.Having my head broken open with an iron spoon  9 times..
<5>I have at lest 40 more storys inn me but my past 13 yrs.is the one I'm going through now as a Quad.
<5> 13yrs. ago I wentt to sleepp and  woke upp with  terrible pain in my back. when I syretched out I   became a Quad on life suport not being able tto move anything but my eyes..Mmy nightmare I'm stiill
living in just not as many nighttmare at tthe tiome. In13yrs.I lost use of mmy body-my bestfriend-my daughter-my husbbbbband lost his job became a total drunk.
Stayed druunk  wouldn't move me till both my heels  rotted to the bone.Theey wanted to cuut the bone and sew me up. I wouuldn't let them that would mean I couldd never stand
Both my arms and hands became deformed.I went days without my meds or food.My mother aaaand friends helped all they could ..After beinnng home for just a few months my husband was killed two blocks of our hhome.He was drunk and pulled out inn fronnt of a tracker trailer at 4:30 am.
I thought I would go insane and nnow to plan aa furneal for my husband..In 13 yrs. I  have beeen robed 5 times of all my savings.All my friends are willling to talk too or  any of  yooour staff.In 2004 I learned my moom was dying of colon cancer.They were going to be put in a room to die aal;one. Theerre was no way I would let myy mom die in a cold room alone.
She stoood by my side till the day she died.They didn''t want to let her coome to me cause I was a Quad ! I told them my mother was coiming home with  me to help her  go across  witthout me.She haad nno one.So I had to plan another furneal .  I lied by her holding her hand as I was in a recliner next tto her..Hospic  was wonderful help to me.My mom only lasted 7 days but they were the best 7 days yrs. of our lives. /we forgave earh other for everything we had done.I knew   I would have to   teach myssef to live alone..My angle went across knowing she was loved and not alone.
Besides after being almost killed by  4 caregivers  .. It's a goodd thing I'm a stronng weed in the garden off the Lord. Seven yrs.  ago I made upp my mind I would learn to live alone.My mom always said it'ss better to live alone than with  Bad commpany.. I was so scared but I learned to be alone not 6yrs.I would love to feel safer in my own home? As I said yoou can call me at 813-248-6232 home neext my cell 813-817-9727...............
I pray so hard for othherss but today I pray for me too..

Replied By: bellefonteel on Jul 11, 2009, 2:19PM
Amanda needs to be very careful. She is going down a very slippery slope!! However, sounds like Randy needs to pay more attention to her. Maybe he could get an email account and he and his wife can talk on that, as she does with other men. Or he could call her on the phone and talk sexy to her. Try a little tenderness around the house. Have a date night.
Replied By: glamgirl66 on Jul 10, 2009, 5:24PM - In reply to pa99664
It's so interesting that you would associate strep with OCD. I had strep ALL THE TIME when I was a kid. I had it seven times in six months and finally got my tonsils out.

I don't have the germophobe thing. My OCD is around a fear of choking. I have to have a bottle of water with me at ALL TIMES or a completely freak out. I've had other anxiety issues as well, up to and including agoraphobia. It was horrible.

I'm pretty functional now, as long as I have my water. I am on two antidepressants, which have changed my life dramatically for the better. I tried seeing a CB therapist, but I couldn't stand the guy after the first visit. He was totally judgmental and obnoxious. I do want to find someone though. I watch the show "Obsessed" on A&E. I want to go through the exposures and learn to deal with my anxiety in a functional way.
Replied By: meganmindy on Jul 10, 2009, 5:21PM
I suffer from pica, a disorder where I am "pushed" to eating non-edible items (for most people it's dirt, chalk, or even feces, but for me it's that stuffing inside of couches and foam pillows). From what I understand about OCD, the same feelings that OCD sufferers have when they don't perform their rituals is similar to those I have when I don't eat my couch innards. I wonder if pica would be considered a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Are there any professionals on here (or perhaps any fellow picas) who have any information on this?

Also, if you also suffer from pica, how do you handle/manage it?
Replied By: doomsdaydiva on Jul 10, 2009, 4:44PM
I can completely relate to this lady's fear and obsession with "stomach flu". When I was in 3rd Grade I told my mother one morning that I didn't feel well, couldn't eat my breakfast. But she sent me to school anyway, where I was soon violently sick in the garbage can next to the teacher's desk in front of the whole class... just typing that made my hands shaky. People don't realise how traumatising that is. They accept it as being a part of life. I did not and could not. I became literally terrified of everything to do with throwing up and as I got older my whole life began to revolve around it. if there was a stomach bug that was affecting ppl in middle school I lifed every moment in fear and started to have anxiety attacks, missed a lot of school and my grades plummeted. I avoid alcohol, I'm very afraid of food poisoning and I think morning sickness is ten times worse than childbirth pain. I've often felt I would rather die than be sick. I didn't know what was wrong with me until I read about emetophobia- an irrational fear of throwing up. My fear is not as bad as it once was but I still have it. I've lately started to become obssessed with illness and germs in general. Oh, I don't spend every minute washing my hands but I am very uncomfortable around crowds, children, waiting rooms at hospitals and so forth. It seems now that a case of the sniffles could suddenly develop into a killer virus that will end your life.  I am usually quite healthy but when I do get something it causes me a lot of anxiety and I also feel ashamed. To me throwing up or getting sick is something only weak, unhealthy people do. I know that's wrong but I guess I don't really care... :*(
Replied By: dancersmom1962 on Jul 10, 2009, 4:19PM
my 13 yr old was recently diagnosed with Impulse Control Disorder (non-specified). This particular type was not talked about on todays show. Is anyone out there familiar with this? Would love to chat...
Replied By: countryknci on Jul 10, 2009, 4:12PM
If you are suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or any similar disorder, I would like to share with you the doctor that I met about 2 years ago. In my opinion, she is the best in the business. I have suffered from OCD  for 22 years and have been to various doctors/therapists over the years. When I met Dr. Robin Zasio, who is the director of the Anxiety Treatment Center in Sacramento, Ca., OCD was really starting to interfere with my life and take a lot of time out of my day. It was very frustratingand I was having a hard time keeping it under control with the techniques other therapists had taught me. In the time that I have been seeing Dr. Zasio, she has helped me with Exposure and Response Prevention to really work hard and manage my OCD symptoms. With Dr. Zasio, you will see progress because she really makes you work hard and encourages you every step of the way. She is absolutely fabulous! And if you want to make the change and will commit to the therapy that she does with you, she will do anything to help you succeed, including helping you to get your insurance company to cover your visits to her office. I know this from personal experience with her! My insurance company was saying that they would not cover my therapy with her because she was "out of network" and I didn't have out-of-network coverage. However, thanks to Dr. Zasio's dedication and commitment to me as a patient, her profession, and her desire to help OCD sufferers, she worked very hard with me, and together, we went up against the insurance company until they agreed to cover it. Since then, she has done everything possible for me and really gone to bat for me wiith the insurance company, helping to keep the insurance company covering my sessions and group meetings with her. Thanks to her continually getting in touch with my case manager and her outstanding dedication and desire to help me, she has continued to get the insurance company to authorize more visits and make some of the coverage retroactive to cover previous therapy sessions. Even if it means staying in a hotel nearby or driving several hours to go to her intensive outpatient program or to individual outpatient therapy sessions, she is well worth the time and money!!!! Thankfully for me, she is right here where I live (Sacramento, Ca.). However, I know that many of her patients commute from serveral miles and hours away to get treatment. Although I've never been in her intensive outpatient treatment program, I have heard from a large group of her patients that it is a really good program. I have been seeing Dr. Zasio for individual outpatient therapy, and in my opinion, whether you do that or the intensive program, if you have the drive and desire to get your OCD under control, Dr. Zasio is the way to go. Dr. Zasio is well-known around the nation as an OCD therapist. She speaks at several different conferences and meetings in many areas around the country each year. She is also a member of the OC Foundation, and you can get contact information for on their website at www.ocfoundation.org or at the Anxiety Treatment Center's website at www.anxietytreatmentexperts.com. She also runs the Cognitive Behavioral Center (www.cognitivebehaviorexperts.com). She is also usually at the OC Foundation's yearly conference. I highly recommend her! Good luck! I pray for all of you everyday because I know how difficult life can be with OCD. Thanks!
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