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(Original Air Date: 02/03/03) We now know that the combination of fast food, video games and a sedentary lifestyle have contributed to one out of every three kids in the United States being overweight. With the population of obese children reaching epidemic proportions, Dr. Phil reaches out to parents dealing with obese children. Meet a mom whose 4-year-old son weighs over 100 pounds. Hear why she thinks countless doctors and nutritionists haven’t been able to help her little boy, and learn what role Dr. Phil thinks she plays in her son’s health and well being. Can Dr. Phil convince her that saying no when her child asks for junk food will not make her a bad mom? Find out what role Dr. Phil believes this mother — and all parents — play in their child's health and well-being. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: birdie9007 on Jul 1, 2009, 10:17PM - In reply to eayore7
Forty years ago you brought food for the family after a death to relieve the mother from cooking.  Today you bring "fast food" to relieve the family from seeking their own "fast food".  There was very little fast food that existed in the "old days".  Women spent a lot of their time cooking.

This family (Tina and mother) are clearly devolved into their own beliefs.  I've never seen anyone so stubborn as Tina, until I saw her mother.

Thank the father for stepping up to the plate.  What a good guy!
Replied By: birdie9007 on Jul 1, 2009, 9:50PM - In reply to graciegirl2004
This child needed to be taken out of a completely toxic situation that really had nothing to do with him.  Thank God his father wanted to and was able to rescue this adorable boy.

I don't think Tina (the mother) has a clue what a toxic influence her mother is, but families tend to follow their own story line.  I could not believe how stubborn Tina was in making herself "right".  She seemed rational at times, but I understood as soon as her mother spoke.  Tina didn't dare go against that "wicked witch".  I suspect the "wicked witch" grandmother has a history that she followed.  I don't really think either one of them is evil.  I think they are just too stupid to break their pattern.

I'm sure Joshua's father and step-mother have faults as well, but he is obviously thriving under their care.  I wish all of them well (including the "evil" mother and grandmother).  I differ from Dr. Phil many, many times, but he nailed this one.  I hope the mother and grandmother get help.  And I'm absolutely delight that Joshua landed in the care of his father.
Replied By: helleborine on Jul 1, 2009, 9:59AM - In reply to betsyesther
To believe that a diabetic diet was good for keeping one's weight after (as she claimed) consulting with numerous nutritionists, is stupid beyond words.

But then again, so does hanging on to the delusion that said nutrionist advised that the child needed MORE food.
Replied By: graciegirl2004 on Jul 1, 2009, 9:45AM - In reply to helleborine
I could not believe the stupidity of this woman and her mother.  If a nutritionist is telling you to feed your obese child more, wouldn't you at least have the common sense to question this?  Apparently not!  I knew as soon as Dr. Phil offered this woman and her child help, it was to no avail as I thought no one was going to go into that house and refuse that child any type of food he wanted because mom or her foolish mother wouldn't hear of it.  They both need help.  Hopefully Joshua will remain with his dad and continue on to good health.  He looks wonderful and I'm sure he feels so much better now.  Any judge that would give custody back to his mother needs his head examined!  Let him remain with his dad and stay healthy and happy!  Good luck Joshua.
Replied By: betsyesther on Jul 1, 2009, 7:56AM
Someone at some point should have told this "just want to be on TV MOM" that the amount of spaghetti and other "stuff" (note the kitchen scene when he was digging in) was more food than one 4-year old child needed to eat in a day and she gave it to him in one meal.  Most adults who are trying to lose weight would not eat that much.  Also, who told her that a diabetic diet is non-fattening!!!!  The father taking that child had probably saved his life.  And boy, isn't he a handsome lad now??!!.  Watch out parents of daughters!!!!!
Replied By: eayore7 on Jun 30, 2009, 9:04PM
I am now a stay at home mom but before I had my daughter, I was a bariatric nurse (obesity treatment- medications, nutrition and surgery patients).  Although there are conditions like Prader-Wili which can cause extreme obesity in children, it also causes other problems as well- such as autism and usually will have at least some form of pica (eating inedible things).  And if diagnosed with it, there is no treatment just management of keeping stuff out of reach, etc...  This mother unfortunately did not have the tools for how to care for herself, let alone her son.  Unfortunately, he paid the price for her overindulgance.
Our society is to blame though too.  We turn to food for everything and we still teach our children to do this.  When we go to a weddings, baby showers, family get togethers, etc... we have a reception of food.  So almost all good emotions are centered around food.   Funerals, immediately after someone dies we bring food to their house, someone gets ill or has surgery, etc..., we bring food for those as well.   Until we change our attitude toward food his story will just repeat itself in other children and the next generation.
As a child being overweight the pain is severe and the mother is showing this by having a chip on her shoulder and having the "us against the world" and if he doesn't like me then no one will.  I would suspect that  before she gave birth she had the idea that her son would be able to give her love and feel good about herself rather than her being a good parent with positive reinforcement but with boundaries. 
I am glad that the boy is doing well and hopefully the diet changes were made early enough where he will choose healthy food and habits over things that will cause weight gain.  I hope the mom and grandma are getting help though also because although it's difficult, it really is never too late to make changes.
Replied By: blooge9 on Jun 30, 2009, 8:23PM - In reply to caprismama
Your answer to the situation doesnt hold water. Did you not see the end of the show where it showed the child after the father took over custody. He was thin and looked terrific. So, all the answers that you submitted in trying to defend his mother just dont have any logic considering the outcome.
Replied By: wyoguy on Jun 30, 2009, 7:58PM - In reply to caprismama
Are you kidding?? Look at Mom and Grandma. This is more than metabolism.
Replied By: wyoguy on Jun 30, 2009, 7:56PM
This goes way beyond the mother of the four-year-old. Grandma is the driver of the bus. Mom is in the front seat but hearing the Grandma speak told more about the situation than any other discussions.
Replied By: wyoguy on Jun 30, 2009, 7:33PM
 What a waste of airtime letting this irresponsible obese woman defend her ruining her sons life because she has no clue.
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