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Whether it's physical, sexual or verbal, abuse is unacceptable. Are you a survivor? How did you cope? Share your story.

If you believe you need immediate assistance, please call your local emergency number or crisis hotline listed in your local phone book's government pages.

You can also find additional resources by clicking here.

Help end the silence on domestic violence.
Replied By: radiantroxie85 on Oct 1, 2015, 3:02PM
I was just 13

Rape is no game

How can anyone think that it is not true?

Why would 13 years old put her through hell by saying that?

I was just 13

Rape is no game

My life is so hard because I had no one to talk to about being raped

I was just 13

Rape is no game

Since I had no one, I started to cut myself at 14

I was just 13

Rape is no game

Since I had no one, I start with the eating disorder at 16

Moreover, everyday it is hard for me to fight with feeling of cutting but even more with the eating disorder because I can eat one day and go for days without eating anything at all
Replied By: boyert1969 on Sep 30, 2015, 1:31PM
My wife and I married just over a year ago. There were little signs while we were dating but hoping this relationship would work out I ignored them. Before we got married she talked me into borrowing $6000 from her for a down payment on a new car to replace the gas guzzling van I had. A couple months after that, the subject of marriage came up. I told her I wanted to marry her but I couldn't afford an expensive ring, so i said let's try the pawn shop. She didn't like that idea so we went to a jewelers and the only one she liked was $5000. I told her I couldn't afford that. She again talked me into letting her lend me the money (at this point I now owe her $11,000). After the wedding she said she would handle the finances. I have poor credit so i said ok. we purchased a new bed (sleep number) and new shed for extra storage. We still owe on both. She says that with two car payments, insurance, etc that all of HER bills have increased since we got married and I moved in. As for income, She gets money from her mom and I give her my WHOLE paycheck. She's trying to get disability that she says she deserves.  She was giving me an allowance for a short time (approx $60 every two weeks), but I was told that was to be used for gas and soda ONLY! I spent $1.39 for a pint of milk for breakfast on the way to work, she got mad saying I was wasting money and stopped my allowance! Now, I get MAYBE $20 a month if I'm lucky. I recently had to have have some emergency dental work done that had to use her credit card for, now I owe her that as well. Everything I need money for Medical, dental, etc she's adding to my "bill". I currently owe her approx $20,000. She constantly reminds me "You owe me everything"! or you'd have nothing with out me!" I made a joke about her owning me, she looked at me very seriously and said You're right". Several times she has threatened to take my car or force me to put the my car in her name so the car would be hers to get her money. Don't get me wrong she can be very loving and sweet but she starts thinking about money and she changes. The least little thing I do sets her off! If I adust the thermostat even one or two degrees or move something she'll get mad and say "Just leave things alone!" What I don't get is when she does something it's fine but when I do it I get trouble! We were talking about hobbies, her hobbies are collecting coins and hanging with her friends. When I mentioned finding me a hobby, she said "Not for quite a while! With what you owe me, you can't afford a hobby! She is allowing me to do digital photography only because I already have the camera. She is also allowing me to follow one of my dreams but said to forget the rest of my dreams, they were never going to happen! I'm getting tired of being put down, treated like a two year old. I'm constantly told to "Use your brain!", "You're so frustrating!", "You're so confusing!", "What are you doing?", "Where are you going?" She makes me want to die or walk away. Death has been appealing more than once.
Replied By: edmicequeen on Sep 28, 2015, 2:44PM
.I am a victime and a victor a survivor and yes maybe an addict ....I do not do heroine like those girls do mine is prescribed but i dont know how i would deal with my body pain without it ....i was raped from the time i was 6 to the time i was 14 when my brother my abuser finally killed himself . my father killed himself does it come to mind of course it does every single day .   Since i had been physically abused by a mom with issues of her own she was not my ear of choice to stop the rapes actually there was no ear of choice i told no one . Therefore now i sit i am 48 years old i have flash backs when i sleep horribly of my youth ....I get why these girls did heroine but i dont i believe it is not one drug addicts position to judge anothers . Everyones hell is there own . Mine is to fight my own urges and to stay in a postion daily that makes me at least not hurt physically and be able to walk and function ...My abuse caused me to get fibromyalgia i have it severe ii take two different kinds of oxy and a cocktail of happy pills to keep me off the bridge ...i am not writing this as a sob story pity i have no time or need for i am writing it so people will realize sometimes when the world has you from such a young age and you can scream and no one hears you you look foor something in yourself to calm the voices .Maybe thats the bigest problem with addictions is it DOES CALM THE VOICES
Replied By: edmicequeen on Sep 28, 2015, 2:40PM - In reply to taylor0698
i so get what you are saying my sons dad was evil of a whole different kind he was ruthless till the day he died and still to this day me being with him changed me fact i been single for eleven years now and i dont think i will ever take that chance again .
Replied By: edmicequeen on Sep 28, 2015, 2:37PM - In reply to fayebombard
that isso true i couldnt of said it better myself 

Replied By: edmicequeen on Sep 28, 2015, 2:32PM
i need to scream to all the world       why is it when i told my mom that i had been abused for all those years by my brother  

her comment was it was fault for any abuse after the first time because i never told her and now she says i best not write a book tell anyone 

i should put my memory in a bubble and blow it away and stop dwelling on it .......i cant get past this if i dont get it out .......its been too many years it has run my world  but i dont want her to hurt anymore either ........

we had such a horrible life my dad killed himself then later my brother did too the useless piece of crap 

i told him too ....i wish i could tell everyone somedays
Replied By: edmicequeen on Sep 28, 2015, 2:30PM
Here i sit talking to a world of people i dont know.I stare at my computer screen wishing it wopuld yell an answer back at me .
I feel like i am tangled in a world of horror but can not escape.
The horror is in my mind 
My memories how do you conquer your memories
How do you get past what has formed you to be what you are 
It is like like trying to run with no legs 
or swim with no limbs.
The feeling of slowly being unable to breath 
but yet there is no end
it is like running down a dark tunnel that has no light at the end 
how long do you run 
is it right to quit running or is it just a dream to die 
Replied By: fayebombard on Sep 9, 2015, 11:21AM
The older sister is being sentenced,on September 18, her birthday ,to a maximum security prison in New York for being arrested again for the same drug charges.
I don't believe this would have been her destiny had she not had such a terrible childhood.
You tend to live your entire life with lowe self esteem. Always being afraid of failure so you don't try and do the things you really want to in life.
Please head my words. Do not put your child through this. Give them a chance at a good life without fear to be all they can be and have plenty of self esteem.
Replied By: fayebombard on Sep 9, 2015, 11:16AM
This story was my life along with my two sister's lives. We are 53, 55 and 56 years of age now. My older sister was physically abused on a daily basis by my alcoholic father. The middle sister was physically aShe's not very smart because she was arrested for tge same thing this past April and has been in jail since then waiting for her setencincing on September 18, her birthday n to see how long she will be srnt to a maximum security prison ib New York.
I dont believe this would have been her fate had she not had to live such a difficult life with no self esteem.
None ofed as well but not as often. I am the youngest and was never struck by my father but by my mother!!
Our mother never stopped my father from physically or verbally abusing us. She stayed with him.
I have a 22 year old son. While he was growing up he lived in a home with me and his father constantly yelling at one another. He has never once been hit by either of us but he now says that would have been easier to deal with than all of the yelling.
I am still married to his father after 23 years and we are a happy family. Our son is doibg very well in the US Navy and we are successful in life living happily in the Florida Keys.
It is not an easy task trying to live your life tge watt it should be led when you grow up in an abusive family.
The ole older sister has had MS for five years. She has been married five times. She was arrested for selling drugs from her home last year but got off because she turned in the otger people doing it with her. She
Replied By: dewdrops484 on Sep 6, 2015, 10:02PM
Poem reflecting on unconditional love
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