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Whether it's physical, sexual or verbal, abuse is unacceptable. Are you a survivor? How did you cope? Share your story.

If you believe you need immediate assistance, please call your local emergency number or crisis hotline listed in your local phone book's government pages.

You can also find additional resources by clicking here.

Help end the silence on domestic violence.
Replied By: bcwillia on Mar 22, 2017, 10:16AM
Dear Dr phil

I think Dr Phil needs you be more inclusive with regards to domestic abuse. I am definitely offended at comments like it alright for a woman to hit, punch, but the male is suppose to walk away. I wish Dr Phil would have say that both men and woman should not hit anyone since it seems he is saying it's alright for woman to hit their partner. The point of being on television is to educate us on domestic abuse and not pit one gender against the other. I would have said you the couple that it's not ok to hit him and it's not ok to hit him. Also emotional abuse is just as damaging as physical abuse and no one shoild have to deal with that regardless of gender. Please Dr Phil you really need to talk about domestic abuse on both genders and not through the lens of a woman's point of view.
Replied By: lorigrim on Mar 17, 2017, 6:38PM - In reply to lorigrim
Most people can't do it without Dr. Phil
Replied By: lorigrim on Mar 17, 2017, 6:29PM
I just have to say that with no money it is impossible to get the people you love help.  I'm tired of dr Phil giving a lot of people crap for "thinking they are helping them" by enabling the user. That's all we know and the only way we as family to actually get through the pain. Yes, it's selfish but we can't see letting a person who is so messed up, who can't gather thoughts and make good decisions let him lose his job and apartment and become homeless when we can at least stop,those things for happening,  I'm sorry but they become our problems!!!  I know dr phil will say we are just helping kill him. But it is our natural inclination to also protect ourselves.  In this world, the way healthcare is, we have no chance to help the addicts UNLESS you aremfortunate enough to get on dr Phil and have him help. Otherwise, we are stuck not affording the care and accessibility to the care these addicts need. I don't want to,get hammered on dr Phil because I am enabling!  Guess what? that's our human nature.  When you don't have $$$$$ that's our human nature to do what you have to do for the time being..   It is sad, because if he dies, we didn't help, but neither did our healthcare system.  maybe the next show should be about the resources for poor people to get the help we need. at this point I a, just waiting for my brother to,die. We need support from our constituents, senators, councilman, etc...  As may laws have passed I still can't get him affordable help
Replied By: malli12 on Mar 14, 2017, 10:19AM - In reply to allice123
I know it sounds harsh, but sometimes to save yourself you have to actually cut the cord.  I've had to do that to survive and have a life today.  

Sometimes you have to put yourself first. I know you're concerned about your mothers welfare, but that's her choice to make. You can make your own choices too.  I have had to do the same and at first it feels wrong, or like you're being a biotch or something, but hang in there and after a time it all falls into place.  Life is short, don't allow other people to steal your joy out of guilt or obgligation. We all have choices, and sometimes we need to be our own advocates. 

Good luck with your situation

Replied By: allice123 on Mar 13, 2017, 4:40PM
Both my father and step father were extremely bad men. Apparently my father did worse things than my step dad, but I was too young to remember much. I do remember all the painful and horrible things that happened while I lived in my stepfather's house. My mother and older sister took the majority​ of the physical abuse just so I could be safe. After my sister graduated high school and moved out, it was like there was nothing left to stop my stepdad from using his rage towards me. My mother had given up. I would tell her all the horrible things he did, and she would say she didn't believe me. I guess it was easier that way. She and I have a great relationship today, because we both don't acknowledge what happened to each other. But I still suffer from extreme PTSD due to the torment. I start to physical get ill any time I hear a couple argue. Now I'm a mother living with a house across town with the father of my child, and I find that my unresolved issues with what has happened causes problems in our current relationship. I want to be able to function like a normal person, but that is so hard to do when my mother is still living with my stepfather. I am forced to see him everywhere; he even comes to our family events like my birthday and my daughter's birthday. I hold my tongue and let him continue to hold power over me, because I'm afraid to upset him. If he's angry, he would just take it out on my mother. She does not want help and will deny everything. She says she loves him, she can't support her lifestyle on her own. Her problems with alcoholism adds fuel to the fire. I am so happy to free from that household, but I am still terrified of him and what he can do. So in a way, I feel he still controls my life.
Replied By: je55ica29 on Mar 13, 2017, 7:23AM - In reply to spalife
My childrens father used to stalk me. He'd call me and repeat conversations I just had in my own home 5 minutes before his call. I had panic attacks too. It's been 5 years since I left him and he has stopped. The was an end for me. I hope yours comes soon. Ignore as much as possible and focus on what your doing and posting. I love looking back at the end of a week and seeing my social media pages full good things. Keeps my mind off the bad and makes the bad things feel less important. It helps if i refuse to let myself see him or his opinions ;)
Replied By: rubywaldroff on Feb 13, 2017, 1:26AM
Cody is 14. He has ADHD , mild autistic aspbergers. He's ran away repeatedly, tried to burn a house down, been arrested repeatedly, beat me numerous times , almost killed me last weekend. I'm still waiting on results of xrays. He's approximately 6 ft 230 lbs and tried to stomp me to death with some size 15 shoes. He's been in football and I've tried to do so much for him. I'm a single mom and his sisters that are now grown don't even want to come around any more and want me to get rid of him. After he brutalized my life and physically put my life in jeapordy I am searching desperately for help. He's had me lose jobs, homes and friends. Now possibly my eye sight and hearing. Please help.
Replied By: jdblogname on Feb 8, 2017, 8:43AM
SAD DISAPPOINTMENT in Dr Phil DR Phil I am a big fan of Dr Phill.  Except...How can you exploit the story of Little Lauren locked in the closet, raped by parents and friends then not check back with het to discover her life safety.  Bullies, suicide, homelessness.  No surprise right?   I understand she declined help but it does not excuse your responsibility to throw a safety net around her for times like suicide and homelessness.  Your llack of follow up of safety of this Little girl is a disappointment.  You should have been ther when she was ready to be helped.
Replied By: getmadisonhome on Feb 5, 2017, 8:31PM - In reply to cmwest86
You have opened up like a flower blooming. That is an amazing step, the first step to allow your mind, body, and soul heal. By pouring out your issues, it shows that you have passion and Will to Change the quality of your life. That is an amazing thing to read about your struggles and you just want answers. You should feel very powerful soon. You have the strength you continously wish for, you just dont realize it. I am so sad for you, the pain you have dealt with is probably undescribable. The people whom you trusted you continously abused you. There is hope, you know that. It is hard for you probably to function most days, you carry these dreadful feelings. I would like to suggest something, When you are having flashes or them re occurring past events, try something to distract that. You see, I too suffer from PTSD. I have never been in a war in my life. Its the scariest most unfair sickness to me. Its not fair that we have to relive our pain. After years of altering medications, I tried several things on my own research and development. One thing I try is called Operation Move. This is where I turn on the Pandora App and listen to my favorite music. Music that grabs my attention, music that makes me want to get up off my rear and move. Dance. Sing. Music makes you feel good, when you get up and dance and move you start being Physical. Did you know Physical Activity triggers the good endorphins in your brain. Your brain sends "feely good" signals and your mood may change from monotone (if our moods was forms of music) to uplifting. You will find yourself smiling. Well of course this is all during the daytime flashes. At night I listen to calming music.
Replied By: getmadisonhome on Feb 5, 2017, 8:13PM - In reply to spalife
Hello, If you are being stalked and harrassed in any form whether it be real life experiences or internet Cyber Bullying and Cyber Stalking you should contact your local police and provide valid evidencial information, witnesses, documents to back up your aligations. After you have wrote and spoke a statement to your local non emergency police line, then they will tell you whats next. Usually they have an incident or police report number and give you available resources on who to call next. If you are in immediate life threatening nature or in an emergency situation please call 911. Take a stand and fight this. Cyber crimes often go un noticed. It shouldnt. Its time the people stop these acts of Violence. Do not allow yourself to become a Victim. Stop the Abuse today
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