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(Original Air Date: 09/16/02) Seven seasons ago, Dr. Phil kicked off his talk show  -- what he calls Truth TV  -- by getting real with stressed-out parents. Don't miss this wake-up call for people who argue in front of their kids. Meet Cathy, a single mom who says she was so overwhelmed by stress that she constantly yelled and cursed at her children, Stephanie and Vincent. Cathy wanted to stop her destructive behavior once and for all. Find out what happens when she and Vincent face off on Dr. Phil's stage. And, Stephanie and Bret said they made a huge mistake by saying "I Do." They argued about everything, even battling it out in front of their young son , and feared their confrontational marriage could end in divorce. What does Dr. Phil think? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: fizzlebutt on Jun 18, 2009, 9:03PM
Just a comment on something said on today's show about arguing in front of your children. How it can change a child's life forever. My dad was an alcoholic and my mom was a screamer. I am the oldest and have a younger brother and sister. My sister is 11 years younger and I practically raised her.  She is full of confidence and has a good sense of self worth. My mom used to send me out looking for my dad and my sister would plead for me not to leave her. So our house was very disfunctional and I was particularly struck by your comment today.  I was very close to my dad who seemed to understand snd love  me more than anyone else. I am nearly 65 and wonder what kind of self confidence I would have now, what I would have done with  my life and what it  would have been like if 'things' had been different. Thank you 
Replied By: cyrillakathryn on Jun 18, 2009, 4:57PM
Would love to see a show on above topic as I am a recovering alcoholic with just a year sober.   Keep up the good work, Dr.Phil, this new blog is a great idea.  Thanks.  Maureen. 
Replied By: dolphindancer on Jun 18, 2009, 4:57PM - In reply to ajnash
It made me fearful everytime my parents fought.  I thought if I was better I could stop it.  Scary at that time, I wanted to leave but no where to go.  Now that I am married, but no kids, we have one kitty. It scares him when we fight. He meows to break it up. I know even though they can't talk like us, Animals   get scared with conflicts too. So we try and not to fight around Tigger.
Replied By: sroot89 on Jun 18, 2009, 4:54PM - In reply to hadnodad
i completely understand how you feel. My father was the same way however, he didnt go to counseling and i still live with him. He is an alcoholic and cause me and my brother a lot of pain throughout the years. He mentally, physically, and verbally abused me and couldn't understand why i had low self esteem. I used to get angry when i was younger and acted out by not doing well in school (for attention, i was very lonely), and not doing my chores. That doesn't sound too bad right? The thing that i get upset and blame him for are things that i did when i was younger. Such as picking on others like he picked on me, or punching lockers. I blame him for when i had low self esteem, for making me afraid to stand up for myself, for always thinking i was wrong and that his relationship with my mother was my fault, "because i just couldnt listen". I dont blame him for anything that i do now because i am old enough to understand things. i know what i want, what i dont want, and why. I am very proud of you for forgiving your mother and i'm glad she got help. My dad wont, he's in denial and always feels he's right and can never be wrong. My mother is his "slave", she does everything for him. Women and men are not equal in his eyes. My father and i disagree on everything but have learned to just get over it, at least i have. All i know is after i graduate college im moving out, ready to not make the mistakes he and my mother have. Dont be afraid to be with another woman because of what happened to you as a child. i understand what you mean, the people who actually understand what you went through are on drugs or throwing their life away. You're a strong person for making it through what you went through and you know what you want and dont. Be strong and responsible, that way youll get what you want in life. I'm sure you have many different outlooks on discipline, relationships, etc. it makes you who you are and makes you careful about every decision you'll make in life. That's wonderful! That is what everyone needs, a well thought out, informed decision making process. =)

Good Luck!

P.S. Sorry my english isn't the best!
Replied By: ajnash on Jun 18, 2009, 3:05PM
Hi Dr. Phil,

I must first say that I believe you bring love to the world with your show. I am not a star-struck type, but I sure wold love to say hello to you face to face some day.

You have said time and time again, "When you fight in front of your children, you change who they are."  As far as I know you have never said "how" you change them. On a very recent show, you finally said how you change them. You said that they grow up to be insecure and full of shame.
I am a grown woman but my life was changed because of the non-stop screaming between my parents. I used to go around the house closing all the windows so our neighbors wouldn't hear the arguing. I just want to thank you for finally talking about the result of writing on the slate of a child through constant fighting. I did grow up feeling insecure and I feel I could have been so much more today if it were'nt for those very frightening and horrific experiences. Thanks for clearing this up!
Dr. Phil - you rock!!
Replied By: gbanez on Jun 18, 2009, 1:46PM
Replied By: hadnodad on Jun 18, 2009, 12:42PM
My mom was a monster way worse than these women on the show, she was an abusive physically as well as mentally and verbally. I wanted to kill myself and her as well, luckily for both of us I didnt and eventually got away from her when I graduated HS. But her horrible behavior led me to a life of very low self esteem and drug abuse, thankfully I had no addiction issues and eventually stopped the destructive behavior but many like me werent as lucky and either still are on drugs or are dead because of the treatment they were subjected to. I want all parents out there to know you are the reason your child is a criminal, drug addict, abuser etc etc because of your behavior, my mom should have been put in jail but in the 60s and 70s it wasnt politically correct to not abuse you kids. Thankfully for her I forgave her and she got many years of counseling and begged for my forgiveness but it still effects me today in my adult relationships with women. Do the world a favor and dont have kids if you are not healthy in your brain because you are making the world a worse place by your irresponsible breeding and behavior. God Bless all these kids with horrible parents.
Replied By: afraid on Jun 18, 2009, 9:55AM - In reply to DrPhilBoard1
its a great blog and i do plan to visit it on a daily basis, but i still love Dr Phil . com as i get to use my pretty pics here and thank all of you for this, as thers many times i can say many words with out opening my mouth just by posting one pic, seems a pic is indeed worth a-thousand words and even more at times, have a great day and if you are a dad happy fathers day in advance, if you not concider it a wish to your father, God Bless All Dad's and may they all have a day off from the grill this fathers day  lol.
Replied By: DrPhilBoard1 on Jun 18, 2009, 6:33AM
Check out "Turning Point", Dr. Phil's new, official blog!

Replied By: afraid on Jun 18, 2009, 6:17AM
time seems to fly for us at home,thanks for 7 years of service to the ones you help Dr Phil, i look forward to watching for 7+7 more, Congrads!
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