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Replied By: nannyln on Aug 28, 2012, 2:05PM
It was so kind of Dr. Dorfman to do such a wonderful smile make over.  It was beautiful.


I volunteer for CASA, Red Cross, Heart Assoc. & many other organizations.  I also help my neighbors and anyone I may see on the street who needs help.  That's not meant to tell you how wonderful I am, because I could always do more.

I have written before.....several times asking for help.  While working in the ER ( Iam an ER RN) a Meth addict who was also under the influence of alcohol decided to attack me.  He caused several injury's BUT I live with that pain.  He broke over 9 teeth.  I now know some were cracked & the work comp. Dentist failed to diagnose all of them. He also placed crowns that are not sealed.  It was to be about my appearance, now it's about my life.  I paid to have 5 pulled, have not been able to replace them's been    4 years.  Now 2 more are broken below the gum line & this weekend 2 more cracked in half.  THEY ARE SO PAINFUL!!  I used scissors to cut some of the decay out, but it did not help the pain.  I am so sick .....fever, malaise, SWEATS, sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes, right ear pain & starting to get headaches.  I am unable to eat.  I am drinking milk & milk shakes ....but even that is painful.  My tongue is all cut up .......covered in gunk......white patches, VERY RED ... apparently I am biting it & my bite keeps changing.  I could go on .....but you know how dangerous this is.  It could actually cost me my life.  I can not find one single dentist who will help me or give me a discount.  I have already paid at least 10K of my own money having some pulled, meds for pain & infections, IV's & crowns.  This was after the work comp dentist signed off.

I HAVE TO ASK.............. ~~~~~ WHY WON'T ONE SINGLE DENTIST HELP ME??????????

I would volunteer my time to their practice, an organization in their name ...anything it took.

To be HONEST.............. Some of the things on your show are self inflicted, but you still help them.  


This will be the last time I write you for help.  I understand everyone wants help .....but I also want to live!

Thank You Dr. Phil & Staff!!

Ellen M. B
Replied By: robinr99 on Jun 29, 2012, 2:04PM
Dear Dr. Phil,

Your show helped to change my daughter and me.  Thank you.

I was zooming around the house and your show was on in the family room so I sat for a minute or 2 and stared blindly at the TV.  There was a man on the left side of the screen who was there with his family and you asked him how did he think his behaviors taught his son to behave toward the boy’s mom.  Within almost no time at all I was on the phone with my 22 year old daughter who lives 2 miles from home and I told her things that seem to have saved our relationship.

My daughter has been terrible toward me since she is about 12 -13.  I thought it was adolescence and I parented her and she seemed to be in control of her behavior but clearly she was sucking back angry mean feelings.  There were many times it all showed, but we were getting through.  I love my kid and I could see what was wrong, but until that moment, that show, I did not know why.  Now I know.  I told her that she was carefully taught to disrespect and dislike me and that she no longer needed those thoughts and feelings.  I asked her to let go of that and become connected and sweet like she was as a child.  DAMN!  She did it!  It took her a few days to process but she did it.  She shouted at first “but you have to change too!”  Too was the work I loved best.  I said bring it,  just tell me what you need.  Give me a list.  The list never came although I invited it one more time a few weeks later.

Since my divorce from her dad she has shuttled back and forth and we did the best we could in that light.  Dad, his girlfriend, and 2 of my relatives were filled with disdain for me and my girl is very very bright so she absorbed things.  She, like the young teen on your stage, was taught.   I became forced to look at my Amanda and myself and call it.  Thank you.

I think it has been about 3 months now and she is a pleasure to see.  She has moments when she begins to get crabby (bitchy) with me and she hears herself and apologies and cleans up in seconds.  We are working on the structure (?) of apologies but it is so much better to be her mom.  Life change-ingly better.   Apologies are hard because she was torn for 10 years between love and respect for me and her other family member’s opinions and complaints.  She felt sorta justified in being rotten.  My kid could not figure out how to like me although she said she loved me.

We are so much better.  Thanks doc, sweet tearful thanks.



Coral Springs, Florida

Replied By: griffin33 on May 26, 2012, 9:17AM
I enjoyed the May 25th show on the 4 Psychics. BUT..... I think it would have been totally awesome for one of the psychics to try to read the Skeptic who was also on the show.... in the audience.  That would have been great to bring him to tears with some personal information.!!!!!
Replied By: shanew on Sep 6, 2011, 5:39PM
i just watched an old show from 2007. it was about Jerry...the hobo..i just wanted to say that i did not like the way his daughter acted toward him. everyone makes mistakes and he was owning up to his and she sit there and call him a liar. i wish jerry the best..
Replied By: berit54 on Sep 5, 2011, 4:11AM
Dear dr Phil
I have never been more touched, angry, shocked or sad as the day I saw Jaquie and Page on your show.  Words can hardly describe the horrific act that killed their daughter and sister.  It is hard to grasp all the cruelty that can excist in a human being.  It was so powerful to watch how they both confronted one of the killers, with their heads kept up high and with dignity.  To be honest with you, I am not sure I would have managed to keep it together the way they did.  They have my utmost respect and my deepest sympathy.  I can relate to Jaquie, although, thank God, my dear daughter did not die under such horrific curcumstances.  Nina, my firstborn, died from an overdose of pills.  She was 32.  No-one, and I truly mean it, no-one can know what it is like to lose a child, unless they have been in that situation.  It should be against the law to have to burry your own child.  I mean, it goes against everything natural.  I try to learn from you, dr Phil, as much as I possibly can.  To focuse on all the good memories and on the fact that we shared 32 fantastic years.  Still, I cannot help thinking of what we are missing out on.  She should have been around for years to come.  Personally I am planning to be, at least 90, and being 57 I have plenty of time left.  Even though it is very hard, some days tougher than others, I am still standing.  My love of life, and all the good advice my beloved dad gave me, has done me a lot of good.  But the loss of a child, I do not wish it upon anyone.  The fact that Nina abused pills, makes me very scared to watch Alexandra and her careless attitude.  In fact, the way she disrespects her parents, it is terrible and heartbreaking to witness.  At times my daughter had a simular behavior.  So I can, in some ways, relate to Erin.  My heart goes out to them.  If they had not been around. what would have happened to those three innocent children?  I wish the family the best of luck.
My best wishes and my love go to Jaquie and Page. you will be in my Prayers.
Thank you, dr Phil. for all your wisdom. 
Best wishes from Anita in Norway
Replied By: lesliebuc on Jun 23, 2011, 5:11AM
I'm  anxious  to  know  if   the little boy  Ethan  was able  to  get back with his mother instead of  HER  mother, who  claimed she could better take care of him, but  had  not even  gotten  him a  hair  cut  for  the  show!      Imo,  the  young  mother  was surely hampered  by  her  own  mother's  lack  of   loyalty and emotional support to her. Seeing  the  little  boy  reunited  briefly  with  his  real  mother  brought  tears to my eyes,  and  to  the  eyes  of  at  least  one  other  woman  I  could  see in the audience.  He  acted like he'd  missed his  mother  terribly!  Thanks. 
Replied By: dindym on Jun 1, 2010, 6:27AM
I am a parent with just one disabled Child and I loved the show you did on May 31,2010. People who do not have children with problems just do not under stand what we go through on a daily basis. Theses parents are doing quite well and I am very greateful that they are willing to show the world what we all go through. The guilt is such a huge part of it for all of us I hope she understands that. I don't know if it ever really gos away but I think it gets a little easier. I try to listen to other people and what they are going through with there disabled children and it helps me stay off the pity pot and stay focused on the positive. And I am always looking for new procedures that may help my son. I have also made a web site for my son trying to get information out because for me it is like walking in the dark and hoping you can bump into something. I hope you will help them when it comes to the school I am not sure about her state but in mine you have to fight for everything. I hope you do more shows that help show what families with disabled children are going through. I believe alot of us suffer in silence and feel trapped, just getting information out helps so much. Thanks for your time Dindy
Replied By: danninbritt on Mar 1, 2010, 1:19PM
I love watching Dr. Phil but I refuse to watch another episode with the Dr. Phil family (not his real one).
They are stupid and need to grow up and get over it.
Replied By: wildfire2bad on Feb 28, 2010, 9:28AM
This is the one where the husbands mom buys the grand kids gifts and the mother of the kids will throw the gifts away, and also does not want the grandma to sing ,"Happy Birthday" at their birthdays. "WRONG"! That mother of them kids needs to realize that the Grandma has grand parents rights and she needs to file for that. That mother is not right at all. She really pissed me off big time. I am 46 years old and I could not stand my ex-mother-in-law nor could she stand me. My husband was A big time mama's boy and it hurt our relationship as A married couple. No Matter how much I hated her I did not stop her from having A relationship with my son.That mother needs to remember that ,them kids would not be in this world if it wasn't for the grandmother.Not only is she hurting the grandma, but she is also hurting them kids. That mother needs to learn how to be A REAL MOM, not A fake one like she is now. I do not like that lady at all.I am having A hard time believing that their are people in this world that thinks she is the s--t . She needs to take along look in her parenting skills, because she hasn't any. I want the grandma to know that she has rights to them kids and that mother can not do A damn thing about it. I have  to stop  my comment now cause I can go on and on. Thank You,  wildfire2bad
Replied By: cadescove99 on Feb 4, 2010, 12:18PM - In reply to lovemyorkie
Classics are shows from past seasons. Repeats are shows from the current season. And, all shows run repeats during the summer. My favorite Dr Phil classic was when he went grocery shopping and mistook bell peppers for onions.
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