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When Dr. Phil last interviewed Drew Peterson, the former police officer maintained that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy, or the drowning of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, whose death was originally ruled accidental. In a shocking twist, Drew was recently arrested and charged with Kathleen's murder, and now a grand jury is currently reviewing Stacy Peterson's case. Legal analyst Lisa Bloom shares information about a new law that may allow into evidence some statements Savio allegedly made before her death. Will this reported testimony from the grave be enough to sway jurors? And, Kathleen Savio’s sister, Anna Doman, and her attorney, John Q. Kelly, speak out. Hear why Anna says she knew Drew Peterson was going to kill her sister. And, will Drew’s current fiancée, Christina Raines, stay with him now that he has been indicted? Dr. Phil speaks with Christina’s attorney, Gloria Allred, and Christina’s father, Ernie Raines. How did this family react to the recent news? Don’t miss these and other developments in this case! Talk about the show here.

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Replied By: korg1358 on Nov 13, 2014, 3:38PM
Scott Petterson killed his wife Lacy and her unborn son, now we have Drew Petterson that killed his 3rd wife Kathy and Stacy has disapeard proberly dead also, they have a daughter named Lacy. coincidence.
Replied By: aline3 on Aug 5, 2009, 9:10PM - In reply to iamgoodnow
Yes, he will get what he deserves.  It's good there is God.
Replied By: laura54 on May 26, 2009, 4:44PM
I have been working with domestic violence victims for more than 8 years, and Drew is the poster for abusive men.  His narcissism is typical, his smug attitude is typical, and his succession of victims is also typical. Beware any girl who falls for a "charming" man who rushes you to the alter, and blames his ex for all of his probs.  Also typical. Notice his victims get younger and younger:  you have to be very (young) naive to buy his stories and believe his lies when circumstancial evidence (and common sense) look different.  Yea, he did it.  He read OJ's playbook.  And look how that ended.  Eventually.
Replied By: cathyw122 on May 22, 2009, 8:15PM
I have been following this Drew Peterson story since Stacy went missing last October and it makes my blood boil when I see or hear any interview he gives on the news!!!  His smug attitude is sickening!  BIG question, why hasn't anyone from the 'so called man she ran off with" came out and asked where is my 'son, brother, etc..'?  Why, because there IS NO OTHER MAN that Stacy left with!!!!!!!!!!!!  Joel Brodsky is another slime lawyer!!  He knows damn well that Drew killed Stacy and disposed of her body.  How dare any police officer/judge in the past try and cover up his pathetic sorry-ass excuses for why he wanted these women (Kathleen & Stacy) reported for domestic abuse.  HE WAS THE ABUSER!!!  Wake up!!!  I dare anyone come here and argue with me on my stance on this! 

Drew knew exactly how he wanted his marriages to end.  These crimes were well thought out and much calculated beyond words.  Where is the blue drum that his neighbor helped him carry out of his garage days before Stacy was reported missing???

Why does he prey on young woman???  Kudos to the father of the girl he wants to marry next; keep fighting your hardest to keep that man away from your daugher!!!  P.S.  If it was my daughter, I would drive my car into his house!!!  Heard on Dr. Phil that you wanted to resort to that and Dr. Phil advised not to do anything violent. 

Please, any potential jurors out there reading this......PLEASE put this man behind bars FOREVER!!! For the sake of Kathleen and Stacy ~

Let Kathleen's voice be heard ~ he is a murderer!!!! 

God bless those children.  May they find peace and happiness and much love in their hearts from the ones that truly love them.  Drew uses them as his property to lure another young "mom to be" in his sick web! 
Replied By: klbflash on May 22, 2009, 12:08AM - In reply to godsgal2
Yep, you are so right. My 83 year old mother said the same thing to me last week. The fact that he is engaged should shout to everyone that Stacy is gone baby gone! Being a mother myself, it's hard for me to accept that a mother would abandon her children or kill them.
Replied By: klbflash on May 22, 2009, 12:01AM - In reply to stopthecycle
I agree with you, but that isn't the way things work. Thank God for that! I'm not so sure about Casey, I think someone else was envolved. And it really annoys me that so much is made of these cases in the media, report it and then go on to the next story. Do you realize this happens daily? And why do we only hear about a select few? Any child that comes up missing deserves the same publicity as the others. You are also right about police. I'll just leave it at that.
Replied By: stopthecycle on May 21, 2009, 6:44AM - In reply to klbflash
You said, "IF YOU EVER COMMIT A CRIME YOU'LL PLEAD GUILTY, right?   I'm LAUGHING because ummmmm...let's see, IF I COMMITED A CRIME, lol, yes, I'd admit it....now if I was arrested for a crime I did not commit I would not...not sure of your point.

I agree with the "innocent until proven guilty" THEORY, I understand it's purpose, my POINT was a GUILTY person is GUILTY the moment they commit the crime, not at conviction so the term is frustrating, I understand it, but I don't like it...it makes murderers like Drew Peterson and Casey Anthony sound, well, INNOCENT as if they are sitting in jail right now for crimes they did not commit...AS IF!  Innocent people are arrested EVERY DAY....we aren't talking about anyone here right now but Drew and there is NO DOUBT in my mind that he is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY ....and it makes me ANGRY BEYOND WORDS that the police, coroner, and etc missed his 3rd wifes cause of death.....they have Stacey's blood on thier hands too...cops being easy on cops, favors here, favors there....had they got this ANIMAL off the street LONG AGO STACY WOULD BE OUT SHOPPING RIGHT NOW WITH HER SISTER!  God Bless those poor kids, let's pray they don't grow up to be a thing like their father.
Replied By: godsgal2 on May 20, 2009, 9:50PM
Hey, I'm not a lawyer or anything, but I was under the impression that unless you lived on some remote compound as a member of some "way-out-there" religious group, you couldn't be married to more than one woman at a time.  (By the way that's not legal either...)

If Stacey Peterson is only missing as Drew has claimed, then why hasn't he filed for divorce from Stacey?  I mean, according to Drew, she ran off with some unknown mystery man.  So, where are the divorce papers?  

It is obvious that he wants to move on with his life.  He's "engaged" and everything.

I believe in innocent until proved guilty, but this does raise my eyebrows if no one else's.

I guess if there is no marriage to dissolve (due to death) then the divorce proceedings would be a moot point and a waste of money. 

Replied By: klbflash on May 20, 2009, 9:16PM - In reply to stopthecycle
I sure hope you never get arrested. I didn't say I thought he was innocent, I said I hate that the media convicts people before the trial. I wish they would report the facts and leave it at that. So if you ever commit a crime you plan on pleading guilty, right?
Replied By: lolamtl on May 20, 2009, 6:50PM
In reply to: klbflash on May 19, 2009, 6:04PM
"Innocent or Guilty"
"I would like to know if we still have a constitution? Aren't we suppose to be innocent until proven guilty? Beyond a reasonable doubt!!! And I hate that the media convicts people without due process,
THAT should be illegal !! There are way too many people in the media that influence the mass majority.
I wish people would get educated."

Dear klbflash, 
As a Canadian i am pleased to inform you that your Constitution is doing fine. 
The accused murderer Drew Peterson will recieve his entitlement to due process.  And by
view of the court will be considered, "innocent until proven guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt". 

For the last 18 months Drew Peterson's liberty was not infringed by the court and he was free to galavant, courting the media and any young females he could prey on.  In spite of the sacred constitutional rights to a FREE PRESS and FREE SPEECH that Drew Peterson is or isn't guilty,
no lynch mobs were actually formed, he wasn't tarred and feathered, nor left hanging from any tree.
God Bless America. 

PS. The press just reported the facts concerning Drew Peterson.
        They have never stated that he is guilty. ~  'Don't shoot the messenger'.
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