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Imagine growing up with a father who is suspected of murdering your mother. How would you react to hearing that he was also suspected in your stepmother's disappearance? The four younger children of former lawman Drew Peterson may be facing such a reality. Their dad’s recent arrest shocked the nation, as he's been charged with the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. What will happen to the children if Drew receives jail time? Drew has two sons by Kathleen and two young children by his fourth wife, Stacy, who vanished nearly two years ago. The kids are currently staying with Drew's adult son, Stephen, who maintains that his dad is innocent. Will the youngsters have to testify at their father’s trial? Who should receive custody of them? Kathleen’s sister, Anna Doman, and legal analyst Lisa Bloom weigh in. And, Derek Armstrong, author of Drew Peterson Exposed, says he spent hundreds of hours interviewing his titular character. Learn his observations about Drew’s relationship with his children. Does he believe Drew killed Kathleen or was involved in Stacy’s disappearance? You won't want to miss this explosive show!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: celticspirit on May 25, 2009, 9:17AM
I hope this guy gets put away for life, so he cannot rob another innocent woman of her life.   It is time that the OJ's of the world got their just desserts.      Drew is just as smug and nonchalant as OJ was.  He'll get what is coming to him in the clink.
Replied By: stopthecycle on May 22, 2009, 8:10PM
I feel the Bolingbrook police and the coroner should be SUED by Stacey Peterson's family!  HAD THEY DONE THEIR JOB AND NOT PROTECTED A FELLOW OFFICER this murderer would not have been free to walk the streets and kill again.

If they reduce his bond he will probably KILL his current girlfriend, why not?  What does he have to lose at this point?

I am sick of the speculation of the DRY BATHTUB...hell, if I fill my tub and get busy doing something and forget to get in I return to an empty tub because my drain has a slow leak...who cares about the dry tub...that says NOTHING in my opinion....

WHY AREN'T Stacey's children with the grandparents?  This seems insane to me...I'm sorry, I was married to a sociopath who was abusive and let me tell you his adult children (17 and 18) are the biggest liars, cons, and violent people I've met...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Although I care about these kids...they scare me....let's pray they don't grow up to be sociopaths like their father but given their life circumstances these kids have little chance of a "normal healthy future"  the whole situation could have been PREVENTED with a careful investigation the FIRST TIME he murdered...or how about the first time he was physically abusive to her it didn't get swept under the rug....I feel the Bolingbrook police dept is EVERY BIT as responsible for Stacey's disappearance for allowing slopping police work and investigation allow a murderer to walk among us....IF THIS MURDERER GETS BAIL I PRAY TO GOD HIS CURRENT GIRLFRIEND FLEES THE COUNTY and hides!
Replied By: chrissie45 on May 22, 2009, 2:06PM
All this talk about custody.... Somewhere on this website it was suggested that Drew Peterson would be narcissistic. A NARCISSISTIC PARENT SHOULD NEVER GET CUSTODY OF HIS CHILDREN. Period.
I am an adult child of a N parent (who was not a sociopath b.t.w.) When we were children, the authoroties were not aware that both my N parent and my new step-parent-to-be were narcissistic. And we were so brainwashed, that we had learned to hate one parent and "adore" our N parent.
It strikes me all the time that, at least in the country where I live (in Western Europe), narcissistic personality disorder (NPS) is allways overlooked in custody procedures. That's probably because they are so good at keeping up appearances. That is their second nature. And: mental health professionals do not always recognize NPS at first sight.

This guy sure shows signs of NPS. Reversing every accusation is one of the symptoms. Claiming that he is the victim, in stead of being the agressor. Isolating the children is definitely an other symptom, and so is playing the role of the model father, and being agressive behind closed doors......

This man should be thoroughly psychiatrically examined. If he is a narcissist, or a N. sociopath, God help his children if an unwise legal system grants him custody after all. Because narcissists will always abuse their children. They don't know how to love anyone else but themselves, and they lack empathy, no matter what it may look like on the outside.

Dr. Phil, I hope you will look after the interests of these children.
Replied By: cheeby13 on May 22, 2009, 7:29AM
Why haven't the investigators or coroner been questioned about deciding his other wife drowned in a dry bathtub. Could it be because he was a cop (one if "their own") Seems like pretty shabby police work. I think they should be investigated. If they had done their job correctly or honestly, Stacy may not be missing or dead.
Replied By: marianparoo on May 22, 2009, 3:20AM - In reply to elliegerva
Because Israeli divorce law is based on on religious laws, there was this Jewish guy who convinced the police and rabbis that his first wife left him.

After his first wife disappeared, the police searched, but not because it was suspicious that another wife of his vanished, but because his wife was a pardoned murderess, and they thought that perhaps people who knew her victim might have killed her in revenge.

Nope, he killed her, and he even buried her body next to his first wife's body.

Given how vicious the second wife's crime was, and the seedy way she got her pardon, nobody was crying much over her death, to tell the truth.
Replied By: blgspc on May 21, 2009, 6:49PM - In reply to stsnurse
I not only noticed that, I also found it ironic and eerie!!!

Replied By: blgspc on May 21, 2009, 6:39PM - In reply to dark_knight
And, Neon Orange Is Drew’s Color! Too Bad he won’t get the camera time, poses or angles he’s been used to while at large!

This VERY CUNNING former police officer has ONE WIFE in the grave yard, who supposedly drown in a tub containing NO water, with injuries inconsistent with DROWNING, period. AND has another wife mysteriously disappear after telling any number of people, ‘If something ever happens to me, Drew killed me.’ (Actually, both women, reportedly expressed THAT concern!) I don’t think the women in Drew’s life are his problem. I don’t think that the media is Drew’s problem. I think having a knack for murdering women and thinking he was going to get away with it is Drew’s MAIN problem!

Drew has problems, alright, something strange seems to happen to the women in Drew’s life! They are either dying under suspicious circumstances or mysteriously disappearing after expressing concern for their own lives living with this man!

Oh, and you spoke of FAIRNESS?!? I wonder how ‘fair’ his now deceased wife/wives felt life was with this abusive, murderous man in their lives, every single day?!?

I know that I SURE am going to be sleeping a tiny bit better with the knowledge that Drew is behind bars!


Replied By: grubbowl on May 21, 2009, 5:29PM
It is my opinion that the younger children of Drew Peterson should be placed in the homes of relatives of their mothers'.  As long as they are with Drew's family, they will be programmed - either conciously or unconciously - while they are living with Drew's older son.  Being separated from their maternal relatives will cause the children to believe that the maternal relatives do not care about them; hence, the feeling of abandonment by not only their mother, but also by their mothers' families.  If the four children are put on the stand, it will only cause a feeling of guilt if they say anything negative against their father.  As for the two youngest children (because they believe their mother is still alive), they would probably also feel guilt and/or fear that if they say anything negative about their mother, and thinking that if their mother hears them speaking against her that they would risk any chance of their mother ever coming back into their lives.

During the video showing Drew Peterson being taken into the Will County jail, it was obvious that Drew was 'scouting' the contents of the room (i.e. location and amount of security cameras, Correctional Officers, etc.).  He seemed too chatty and carefree about being taken into custody.  I believe he is an escape risk.

As for the gentleman who stated that Drew Peterson would be treated more severly because he is a retired police officer is the politically correct response.  I know FIRST HAND that police officers have an unspoken understanding to protect their own.  I was married to a police officer for five years.  He was verbally and physically abusive for three years.  I stayed with him out of fear, not love.  The only reason I finally took the steps to end the abuse was because I did not want our two sons (ages 29 months and 7 months at the time) to think that it was okay to abuse a female the way their father was abusing me.  The night I called the police was after a 4 HOUR physical beating, which resulted in a broken jaw, 3 cracked ribs, and a dislocated shoulder that also had a fractured rotor cuff.  After the beating he left, telling me that he would be back to "Finish the job".  I didn't call 911 (I knew he would hear it on his radio), but rather called the police department directly.  When the two police officers arrived, they did not want to arrest him because he was 'one of theirs'.  The only reason he was arrested was because he did come back - armed with a loaded gun and under the influence of alcohol (they saw him drive up to our home) and because my injuries required medical attention.  The following day, his Shift Supervisor and the Captain of his department came to my house - they asked me to drop the charges against him because it would 'look bad' for the department.  They also asked what it would 'cost' them (and him) to keep quiet regarding the situation.  I told them a divorce, $500/month in child support, a restraining order, and relocation expenses (to another city & state).  I was granted everything we owned, free counseling (which I was already attending because of previous reports of his physical and mental abuse), as well as all of the items I asked for.  Our divorce was final in 7 days; also paid for my the police department.  All of this occurred not in a small town, but in Las Vegas.  We resided in Henderson (now Green Valley).  He was a LV Metro Police Officer.

I have no doubt Drew Peterson killed his wife.  When cops go bad, their buddies and departments will go to extreme lengths to cover up any event(s) that could give their department bad publicity.

I would really like to see a show that uncovers the truth about how some police officers treat their spouses and children.  My situation was obviously not uncommon in Vegas - there was a therapy group for all of the women who had been victims of abuse and infidelity.

Donna Bowling
Southern California
Replied By: may141977 on May 21, 2009, 5:28PM - In reply to stsnurse
I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that. The little girl looked to be about 4 or 5. There's no way that isn't the twisted irony of this arrogant "SUSPECT".
Replied By: madmasarita on May 21, 2009, 1:44PM
It is being reported on MSNBC that a body was found in Will County, IL. It is not known if the body is that of Stacey Peterson or Lisa Stebic, another missing women from that area. Also they are not sure that it is a women at this time an autopsy is scheduled. Will be interesting to see what happens if it turns out to be Stacey. Although I doubt he'd confess at that point. Deny, deny, deny..even if it total screws those kids up later in life!
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