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It’s a story that has parents hugging their children a little tighter. Seventeen-year-old Brittanee Drexel recently went to Myrtle Beach for spring break against her parents’ wishes, and she hasn’t been seen since. Did the high school junior run away, or is something more sinister behind her disappearance? Brittanee’s mother, Dawn, joins the show via satellite from South Carolina, where she is intensely searching for her daughter. What is the grieving mom’s theory about what happened that fateful night? Brittanee’s father, Chad, gives Dr. Phil his reasons for believing that the teen ran away. Then, Peter Brozowitz, reportedly one of the last people with Brittanee the night she disappeared, speaks out for the first time. Will his recollections shed light on the missing teen?  Find out why Dawn and Chad say they doubt his sincerity. Plus, Susan Smith made headlines in 1994 when she tearfully pleaded for the return of her two young sons, whom she said were the victims of a carjacking. The nation was stunned when the mom later confessed to murdering her kids. Her husband, David, describes what he says are the warning signs that Susan was on the edge.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: pakepake on Jan 9, 2012, 2:04AM
Did anyone stop to think the affect this has had on those boys? They will live with that guilt forever knowing that they didnt stop her from going. Yet her parents who are the ones responsible for her seem to be escaping the condemnation. If her own parents couldnt control her, then how can a group of young boys? Her own father was saying he doesnt believe she was abducted, yet this boy is meant to worry about her. I really hope rhis boy has been able to get on with his life. I also hope they find brittanee soon. Poor girl. She didnt understand the consequences of her actions.
Replied By: pakepake on Jan 9, 2012, 1:59AM - In reply to cjwnz2009
You are so right
Replied By: cjwnz2009 on Nov 2, 2009, 5:02PM
Preface! - I wish the parents success and happiness in finding their daughter fit and well. I also wish Peter, restoration of his reputation and good fortune in his future if he had nothing to do with her disappearance.

I have some concerns.

A persons reputation is everything, especially in the Western World.

My concern is for the young mans reputation, based upon what I witnessed during this particular show.

The missing young ladys' father was given an opportunity to state that the young man Peter, had thrown himself under the bus.

At no point did anyone on the show, acknowledge that the missing girl had a strong will and determined mind, which she had clearly demonstrated in ignoring her parents wishes when the girl went on Spring Break with friends.

Peter made a valid point, he was not on Spring Break to babysit anyone.

If the young man did in deed, offer to walk the girl back to her own hotel and she declined why then, by stating he wasn't a babysitter, would the father accuse Peter of throwing himself under the bus, and why would the father not acknowledge the parents role in the situation. Why did the parents not take the trip to Myrtle Beach to recover their wayward daughter instead of leaving her there, and thereby subsequently making someone else responsible for the girls safety.

The piece as broadcast in New Zealand certainly appeared to be giving Peter a forum to be publicly critcised and ridiculed. It seemed to lack balance. Because, although it's possible I missed them, I did not witness any questions of the parents regarding their actions or inactions leading up to the date of her disappearance. Dr Phil was also very clear and strained to state that this was an opportunity for Peter to provide information, that he may consciously or sub consciously have related to Britanee's disappearance. Even though the lawyer for Peter stated for the record that Peter had co-operated with Police fully.

There was no apology from the parents, and Dr Phil seemed to miss this point, that allegations and insinuations had been made that had seriously and will to coninue to seriously impact on Peters future.

Had the parents apologised for any innaccuracies in statement of fact that may have contributed to Peters reputation being smeared publicly, had the parents acknowledged their actions and attitudes may have contributed to Peters disposition on National Television, I feel that there would have been better balance to this segment.

Instead, I felt that Dr Phil provided a forum where both parents could have their feelings validated, but Peters forthrightness unacknowledged or valued. In short damaging.

Was there an ulterior motive for the style of managing this forum? Did the Police feel Dr Phil could illicit a confession from the young man? Were the Police and Dr Phil cleverly drawing the young man out of his cool calm and collected facade?

Either way, the show presented to me an imbalanced picture.

NB! I trust Britannee has been located and appropriate reparations and public apolgies made to the young man.
Replied By: turtle_2005200 on Jul 30, 2009, 3:07AM - In reply to lindasacc
If you bothered to pay attention to the show, you would have understood that the parents actually did not allow her to go.....they didn't even know she was gone till it was too late!......and i'm not saying the boyfriend is responsible for what happened.....but i think if he actually gave a damn about his girlfriend....he would have made sure she got back to the hotel safely and not let her walk by herself...reguardless of what she had told him!!!
Replied By: fortwaynein on May 19, 2009, 6:22PM
It is amazing in a world where children are encouraged to make decisions   - that they are not allowed to feel the negative consequences of their decision.  I'm sure the children were told many times that their behaviour was unacceptable and would result in the roadside drop-off.   If my parents promised anything, good or bad, my sister and I would be certain that it would come to pass. If there are no consequences  how is a child to learn? Child-raising is not always a pleasant experience for either the parents or the children.  I believe that Mom did a good job in correcting the childrens' behaviour and they probably will NOT fight in the car again. 

Society shelters its children too much when we should be teaching our children how to interact with adults instead.  Schools and parents teach them how to recognize threats and deal with them, but not how to respond and relate with adults. 

Our children are ages 21 and 23.  They learned behavior and life lessons through positive and negative consequences in their lives. Both are well-behaved, productive citizens who have no problems relating with other people  and understanding  their motives.

Way to go Mom. Be encouraged.-You've done the right thing!
Replied By: lindasacc on May 19, 2009, 5:00PM - In reply to iluvthe80slvnv
It really makes me mad that the parents are giving this guy such a hard time, he was not getting paid to baby sit this girl for that matter the parents should have never let her go to this place she was only 17 and had no business being there in the first place.  As far as I am concerned it is the parents fault that she is missing.  Peter I am on your side hang in there.
Replied By: tbirdmamma on May 18, 2009, 9:08PM - In reply to panzas1010
The law has tied the hands of the parents to discipline their children.
My son was 13 when we had an argument.  I told him to go to his room and he flat out told me no.
When I went to grab his arm to take him to his room he told me "if you touch me I will call the police".
It doesn't matter if the parent is innocent of any wrong doing.  Try to prove it when your behind bars and they take your children away until the situation can be resolved.
And now the case in Canada where the father was charged in court for crewl and unusual punishment for taking his daughter's computer away from her because she was acting up.  She sued and won.
Children look to their parents for guidelines and boundaries.  When the law sides with the child against the parents it undermines any authority that parent might have had to keep the child in line.  When they realize they can walk all over their parents there are no boundaries. 
Replied By: tbirdmamma on May 18, 2009, 8:56PM
Britanny's parents were pointing out Peter's faults not focusing on what can be done to find their daughter.
I know it wouldn't have made as good a story if you had just had Britanny's parents on and omitted Peter but, to have the parents lambast this young man on tv for being a typical inconsiderate young man.  Most kids in this age bracket are very inconsiderate when with their peers.  This doesn't make them bad people.
Here's one! Why wasn't the question asked about Britanny disobeying her parents and going on this trip.  Why didn't the parents know where their 17 year old daughter and when they found out where she was why didn't they make the trip to bring her home.  Does that make them bad parents?  No it makes Britanny a typical teenager.
Replied By: javierconnie on May 18, 2009, 8:19PM
I find it so complety unbelievable that people would actually judge this mother!  If I recall correctly back in the older days your neighbor or the grocery man could reprimand your child if you were not around and the amount of respect  by young people back then was admirable.  Now a days the kids are practically born with a "call 911" card stuck to their butts.  Don't let your parents yell at you, don't let them spank you, don't let them lock you in your room..blah blah blah..I have raised 3 young adults 24,22,20 and I did it with my hand, if you deserved it you got it.  Time out my _ _ _!  Today I have 3 very respectful young adults that would not think of being disrespectful to me, or anyone else.  My kids are by no means perfect but they know that if you do something wrong you will answer for it.  Those who judge have obviously not had to deal with a teenager before, but just wait your lovable little angel will turn into one and then lets see what happens.
Replied By: iluvthe80slvnv on May 18, 2009, 7:44PM
I feel badly for Peter in this situation.  He's stepped up and cooperated, even speaking with the mother.  I think that the parents feel guilty and are taking it out on him.  He strikes me as a frustrated kid.  I'm shocked that people are neglecting to awknowledge that he is probably a bit egocentric (a phase we all experience--a phase of maturity).  I know it sounds callous when he says that he doesn't want to be a babysitter, but remember he's on spring break.  He wants to makeout with girls and drink--he came across as a jerk, but I think he's acting fairly normal for his age.  Why are the parents not throwing other names out to the press?  It seems that if anybody has something to hide, they do. 
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