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Have your children gone from little angels to kids gone wild? Are they whiney, tantrum-throwing, feet-stomping, door-slamming, spoiled and entitled? Well, good news, Mom and Dad! Dr. Phil launches his parenting boot camp and teaches parents how to take back control and live in peace for the very first time. Meet four families who say they live in chaos and can’t take it anymore. Tammie says her 11-year-old daughter is stubborn, uncooperative and annoying, and she finds herself with no desire to hug her. How can she rediscover that mother/daughter bond? And, Janice says her 11-year-old son is a spoiled little baby whose tantrums are so obnoxious, she’s ready to throw in the towel. Next, Tiffiny and Ron say their two oldest daughters make them regret becoming parents. They say living with their 14-year-old is like living with Hannibal Lecter, and the 10-year-old won’t stop lying. What are they doing wrong? And, Laureen is a single mom who says her 16-year-old daughter is so out of control, she could be headed for jail. How can these families regain control and find peace? Plus, see exciting updates on two mother/son pairs who left their madhouse for The Dr. Phil House last year. Remember the child who slapped his mother in the face? How are they doing one year later? Share your thoughts here.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: lizawren on Dec 16, 2015, 4:23PM
I recently saw this older show in a rerun and wanted to say... I hope everything turned out alright for everyone involved.  

To Davia:  It's hard to grow up with a mom who doesn't know how to be a mother.  I know this from personal experience.  I hope somebody told you that what was happening wasn't your fault. I wish someone had told me; it might have made me see things differently to know that my mom had problems and that the way she acted toward me wasn't normal.  Big hugs and best wishes to you, and even to your mom. Despite the fact that she treated you terribly, I'm sure there was a reason (that had nothing to do with you).  Not that it makes what she did AT ALL okay, but sometimes it's easier to find healing ourselves when we realize that people have their own demons and the best way we can view them and their past actions is with compassion.
Replied By: skaminski on Jun 23, 2015, 7:56AM
I realize this series was aired years ago but I just saw it recently and it is haunting me to think that little girl (Davia -- Tammie's daughter) didn't get the help and support she needed and continued to be abused by her mother.

Please follow up w/ her even though I am sure she is on her way to being a young woman and reconnect with her. 

If her mom blocked  you from her before, she may be an adult now.

And we'd love to see a follow up to her.

Praying for good news.
Replied By: patty531 on Dec 10, 2010, 4:21PM
It would be very good if Dr. Phil could do a follow up now with all the teens that have been through Turnabout Ranch. It would be interesting to see if the program actually did work. 
Replied By: faithdemaz on Dec 30, 2009, 10:33AM
I can not believe that Tammie can treat Davia like that. I am a social worker and thats is abuse. I had to look away, cause seeing how Tammie talks to Davia makes me very angry. Davia keeps trieng and is even hopefull and Tammie heartlessly breaks her down. Tammie is causing serious selfasteem issues to Davia. I can not understand how you can treat your child like that, it makes me so sad to think that Davia actualy believes its her fault. The only way I can understand why Tammie treats her like that, is if she hates herself so much that she somehow feels the need to take it out on Davia. I can understand why you can hate yourself if you are abusing your child like that. Unbelievable how she tells Davia to sit down like she is dog! How humilitating can you be towards someone!?! Craziest thing is that Tammie knows that Davia needs love and attention (not like a dog, but like a child), and that she is not giving it to her. Dont take childeren if you just wanna push them to suicide.
Replied By: mollybrooker on Jul 23, 2009, 12:43AM - In reply to momtjk
You think because u got medical problems that makes you exempt from parenting? my mum has ms, she never behaved the way you did! Also dont use your husbane as an excuse, if you felt she was effected and upset from this, why did you go on to treat her so badly! it does not make sense! you are condradicting yourself. Davia, love dont listen to your mum, you need to believe in yourself what ur mum says is not true ok! just ignore her concerntrate on ur studies and get the hell out of their soon as ur 18-21!
Replied By: margolas2 on Jun 4, 2009, 4:59PM
I understood some of the other parents problems with there kids and how they could happen but I did'nt understand Tammies feelings for her daughter, she gave me a bad feeling even when she cried , I guess I didn't beleive her! I get a sick feeling about  Tammie and feel sorry for her daughter.
Replied By: gurl_heroin on May 13, 2009, 10:24PM
At 16 years old I left my mother's home because I knew I either had to take control of life; by realizing that there was no way I could have done anything to ruin my Mother's life. If i stayed, it is entirely likely that I would have taken my life.

No one could convince me that is wasn't an issue my mother had with me, but rather an issue she had with herself. It was not until I married and had my beautiful daughter. I knew that there was no way at only a few months old, that my daughter had designs to make, difficult my life. That is when I knew for sure that my mother's hatred of me, had absolutely NOTHING to do with me.

I stopped the cycle, adore my child and treat her as I needed and deserved to be treated, In parenting to her and having those tender affectionate monets, snuggling, hugging, loving - thats when my heart gets healed a bit.

Now I have contol over the legacy my mother gave me, but it contributed to me staying with my daughter's father, as he abused us, for longer than I should have. I hope that where I am now, with another father that adores her, that we give her a proper role model for a healthy relationship.

I contribute a large part of our success to reaching out to a counsellor trained and schooled about abuse. We started to see him even before I even left my husband. He has now knowd and counselled my daughter a good chunk of her life (from 4 yrs of age to now, 11 yrs old!)

My message - just because you grew up being told your were the beginning of the end, worse than garbage (because my father "didn't bother to take anything other than the garbage" when he left my mother - me included in that pile of garbage), and were the impetus to all things bad to your mother - you don't have to live in it always.

It takes time to hear your voice saying positive things, rather than hearing the audio from one's childhood. Once you get to that epiphany, things go upwards, as quickly as you allow them too. Strength comes to leave abuse (most seek out patterns, as I did with my ex husband), to believe in yourself and be a better mother than you ever imagined.

Please Davia know - your mother is wrong. Even if things are not fixed right now (after the cameras are gone), hang on until you are in control of your destiny, and remind yourself constantly that you are a good person,

By acting with respect and self control in a flurry of yelled insults (i know, believe me I know!) you are almost guranteeing that you can overcome where you are now.

I'd give you my email here to write me to talk if you wished - but that seems rather unwise to post here. But I would love to sit down with you, console and re-assure you; if only because I wish I had someone to do that for me. It is hard when you have to keep your sanity in the midst if all that choas!

I have been thinking good thoughts for you as soon as I saw how your mother treated you in the very first show.

To Davia's mother - please realize how much you are damaging her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please get a punching bag or a journal to take out your anger.That is not your daughter's job. I know that you have stuff to deal with too, and I am not saying that you are a bad person. Just a person not knowing which path is correct and until this point chooing the "not good" choice. If you want to be a better person, you can be!

As long as you keep saying sorry when you know that you are wrong, I rhink that you are on the right road. The worst you can ever do is tell your daughter that she "deserved it" Hearing that in a conversation with my Mother as an adult destroyed me, and hurts no less than it was, when i was a child.

For me (even as a young, successful adult) - I had to get rid of the person who always told me i deserved all her actions. The heartache is still immeasurable.

I am lucky that I have a wonderful mother in law to be (09/19/09!) This time around, in a healthy relationship celebration, the person that gave birth to me will not be invited.

If you continue on the same path with Davia, that may be your future, as a mother, as well.Your daughter getting married, and you having not the faintest idea about it happening.

Please love your daughter enough to treat her the same way you would like someone to treat you.

Replied By: filoet_17 on May 13, 2009, 12:54PM
Kay, this is to Tammy I think your name is? LOL. Chill out, will you? And get over yourself! You daughter is how old? Children don't grow up on hate, disrespect and put-downs. Yeah, I've been in the whole fighting with parents place once, that's a normal stage, but at NO point did my parents turn away and tell me that I'm a bitch, that I'm only sucking up, etc. Why do you? I'm not defending your daughter, because a part of the fault is definitly hers. But has it ever occured to you that she doesn't understand anymore how to do things differently? That she's lost? Is she not a good person? You definitly think that YOU are a good person and you've raised her, so isn't she a good person inside as well? Take a moment and look iiiiiiiiiinside, stop focusing on the outside behaviour, because it only means that much! And what if you win your stupid fights, Tammy? What if Dr. Phill says that you are right and that you are perfect and your daughter is messed up....then what? Are you going to be happier? Won't you want to fix your daughter, to help her? When people lose their way, it doesn't mean they're bad. It's the effort you have to put into it, not her, YOU, you are the number one. She is not the problem, Tammy, the problem is what YOU have created yourself. You daughter is a child, she isn't capable of much...but you are. So might as well use your power for the better. And to stay together and to keep it together. So get over yourself and start working, instead of trying to prove something that only exists inside your head...
Replied By: cortesfamily1 on May 12, 2009, 2:29PM
I am so angry watching the behavior of this "mother"...........I spent Sunday, "Mother's Day"  mourning the murder of my son, and she wishes her daughter were not alive!!!!!
Replied By: aprilw814 on May 12, 2009, 1:25PM
Tammie (the woman that video taped her daughter) is so damn fake.  She's crying because she got caught.
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