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In tough economic times, people look for ways to cut back on expenses and save more money. If you struggle to make ends meet, don’t miss this show! Jay and Erin are newlyweds who say they live paycheck to paycheck and admit money is so tight, they only eat one meal a day. They’ve only been married two-and-a-half months, but Erin says they feel like an old married couple who fights over finances every day. Erin works seven days a week, and feels like her husband is not doing enough to bring in the dough. She says he spends too much time and money on his unusual hobby. Finance expert Liz Pulliam Weston offers advice on how to live on less and where to make a few extra bucks! Then, spouses Terry and Julie are unemployed and looking for work –- but are they doing enough? Placement and recruitment specialist Tony Beshara offers tips on how to find a job. And, don’t miss the biggest mistakes you might be making on your resume! Plus, see how one couple on the brink of financial ruin turned around their bleak situation in only six months! Tune in to learn how to increase your cash flow and breathe a little easier during these difficult financial times.

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Replied By: dmmham on May 26, 2009, 11:26AM - In reply to rachel3790
I am in the same place, live in the middle of no where, have two kids, daycare is not an option even if I could afford it I worry my baby is not being cared for correctly, I was substituting teaching at my oldest child school until my 16 month old was born which was wonderful, I could still be home when she was home and at the school when she was there, but I can't  sub with the baby not that I couldn't handle it but the principle is afraid of what the other parents might say. I would love to find something that is straight laced to do from home, even if only a small amount was to be made.  Feeling you pain.
Replied By: tinastj on May 14, 2009, 2:51PM - In reply to mbnolde
I am also a teacher living in Canada who has tried for years to stay home and be with my kids while still making an income. Over the years I have found a few things that have worked for a legitament income. There are some teaching English to students in Japan over the phone. I couldn't get my phone and computer to be compatable or find a quiet place with 2 small kids for it to work but it was a real job! I can't remember the company but start looking for teaching jobs advertised in Vancouver or other big cities. They don't charge a fee of course, no real "job" does. Also I am now a homeschool teacher for Christian homeschoolers. I write their report cards and offer field trips and get paid by the school $100 per month per student. I am not sure about each state in the U.S. but some might have some, or you could offer to homeschool kids for parents who can't do it themselves. Private nanny's get paid a few thousand per month so a private teacher should get paid more. One more thing that I have done is be a caregiver for seniors. You make $10-20 per hour or $150+ for a 24 hour shift. It is the easiest work and you get to meet many different people.  This is in private homes one on one, not a nursing home.
Replied By: jtenagli on May 9, 2009, 6:24AM - In reply to baisa2006
I would like to know also how this stay at home Mom makes that much money, what is virtual assistant?  No one on the show went into details.
Replied By: doblin3 on May 3, 2009, 1:08PM - In reply to baisa2006
I sell on ebay.  It is not easy.  One month I made $200. and was thrilled.  Most months I make around $30.  What do these people sell on ebay that makes so much money.  They didn't tell that during the show.  I wish Dr. Phil would do a story about exactly how to make money on ebay and tell what to sell.  We need much more information. 
Replied By: doblin3 on May 3, 2009, 1:05PM - In reply to mbnolde
I so agree with you.  I retired and am going back to teach as a substitute.  They pay $90. a day so that is not bad.  It is not what I was making but it is better than some jobs available for people in their 60's. 
Replied By: clme849 on May 3, 2009, 11:18AM - In reply to dkchristi
I am with you on this one. Almost 60 years old, working a tenuous part-time job and living with my sister.
Getting food stamps and food box, which is the only salvation. I own my car. I only buy gas for \work, thankfully fairly close. I have always lived frugally and now that my three children are grown and gone I know that I can survive on meager income. No credit cards. Paying some school loans and car insurance. I have no medical insurance. I do own an acre of sagebrush with water and electric in Nevada, with a 1980's mobile home on it. If my sister loses her job, which may happen shortly; we will be forced to move there, but it is 80 miles from the nearest hospital. My sister may be able to get around 30-40 thousand equity in her house but that won't last long anywhere. I am thankful that we will not be completely homeless, I work in at an emergency assistance office and see more homeless people everyday. We still have a way to go for our miserly social security allotment and it may get worse before it gets better, but we will survive.
Replied By: bgon07 on May 3, 2009, 10:16AM
I was shocked at the fact that Jay and Erin were married for 2 months and a half, and blew all their money away. That's irresponsible, but at least they learned their lesson. Until you lose everything, you don't know what it's like to struggle. They got a taste of what it was like to be poor. Just as long as they have a job or two, they'll be fine. Hopefully they won't spend it all again.
Replied By: rachel3790 on May 2, 2009, 4:36PM - In reply to klbflash
I totally agree with you on the pots and pans thing. I don't understand that would be like selling a car you owe money on for less than you owe and than going and getting a junker and paying on the better car. I've been looking for work that i can do out of my house. We live in the middle of no where and it's hard to find work that is good. I have a daughter who just started kindergarten and another on the way. I don't trust childcare i had my sister watching my daughter while i worked and she just up and quit on me one day. I have 3 other childcare providers and one quit before she started, the next didn't feed her and the last i found out was going places with my daughter setting on the floor of her car out of lack on space. So needless to say i don't trust childcare anymore. I do childcare but can't get kids where i live. I've listed in the paper about 5 times and got NO ONE. I put up signs and got NO ONE. I sell on ebay unless you have money to put into it it doesn't bring in money. If anyone has any GOOD ideas that doesn't requre money to get into i am game. We live on a neg. balance The only reason we make it is because i am that good with money. We make $1900 (take home) and we live on $2200 no including food. I am good on computers and type well so online would be great but i can't find an online job that is REAL? Thanks Rachel Humphrey
Replied By: timk46311 on May 2, 2009, 6:01AM - In reply to employed
Every time you go to a company all they say is or hand you a paper with their website. Please go to this site and fill out an app. The companies realize that going paperless is the way to go. They look at you like gee what age are you when you come to their establishments and hand them your resume or i should say try to.
Replied By: employed on May 2, 2009, 12:10AM
I have been an H.R. Manager for 20 years.  Things have changed during that time, and Tony does not seem to realize that.  I DO NOT want people showing up at my office with their resume in hand saying "Here I am."  I would say "Go back out the door you came in."  I don't care about heavy weight paper in big brown envelopes--give me an email I can read, review, and forward to the appropriate department.  Paper resumes sent by mail or hand delivered are a thing of the past, Tony!  Tony also said the resumes should say "I increased sales by 42%" or some such thing.  Resumes that have all the big sales numbers and huge accomplishments are B.S. flags in my book because, unless a plausible reason is included in the resume or cover letter why the candidate was terminated or resigned, the company would not want to lose such a "valuable" employee.  At the end of the show, Dr. Phil spoke to Tony who was sitting in the front row.  Tony recapped at considerable lenght his suggestions for getting hired looking off into space somewhere to his front right.  Each time he was done speaking and Dr. Phil spoke, Tony looked back at Dr. Phil.  When Tony spoke again, off he looked into space again until Dr. Phil resumed speaking.  Anyone who doesn't know enough to maintain eye contact when he is speaking or is being spoken to has no business giving advice on interviewing!
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