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It's the story everyone is talking about: The horrific murder and alleged rape of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu. Dr. Phil has been flooded with e-mails and questions asking what kind of a person would commit such a heinous crime. Is it possible that a mother could do something like this to someone else's child? People are asking, do I need to worry about my neighbor? How do I spot a person who might be a threat to my child? How do I talk to my children about this? Dr. Phil deconstructs the case and tells you what you need to know to protect your kids. Learn details about suspect Melissa Huckaby you have never heard before, including what Dr. Phil says about something from her past that may help explain this twisted murder. Former New York City homicide prosecutor Star Jones is on hand with important legal analysis. Will the Sunday school teacher face different treatment from the judicial system because she's female? Also weighing in is Candice DeLong, a former FBI profiler, who offers insight into the highly unusual circumstances surrounding little Sandra's murder. And, reporter Jennifer Wadsworth spoke directly with Huckaby before her arrest. Learn her impressions. Plus, hear from the parents of the little girl who sat next to Sandra in class and now is afraid to sleep alone. How safe is your son or daughter? Would you know how to spot a child molester? Find out why Dr. Phil says the most helpful person in your life might be the biggest threat to your child. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: bluelashes on Apr 26, 2009, 10:42AM - In reply to kissieface
Couldn't agree more !!! Women are just as bad as  men and they have gotten away with it for ever !
Replied By: pamjemima on Apr 26, 2009, 2:52AM
I was really surprised at the amount of people shocked about a woman molestor/murderer. Men and women are created equal. We are all capable of heinous things, given the right situations. It is sad that it has taken this long to be talked about openly.  I am  50, in my twenties a horrible memory surfaced. This memory was of being enticed to do sexual acts upon an old man with a wife and three daughters. He died of brain cancer when I was six, so I know these memories are from before 1965. Not only was the father involved, but also his two oldest daughters. My parents never had a clue, nor did my siblings that also attended school with the daughters.  
Replied By: barbmack on Apr 25, 2009, 10:12AM
Why does this still go on? In this day and age we should be able to protect the innocence of our children. It seems to me that the more we try to prepare for the evils of society, the worse it gets. Is it me or are things getting way worse, are the crimes on children more frequent and more tragic? Dr Phil what can we do as a society to combat this evil. Maybe our punishments and the way they are portrayed in the media is wrong? Maybe we need the old way of thinking an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth??
Replied By: mammydo on Apr 25, 2009, 8:33AM
Because of shows like Dr. Phil, Oprah, and America's Most Wanted,  the issue of child rape has been brought into the open.  For far too long carrying the "secrets" have hurt people.  The subject of women who rape seems taboo and since most survivors don't disclose until  later in life, it is hard to determine how many offenders there are.  Rape is rape and it shold not be treated any differently whether the offender is male or female. The pain that they inflict does not discriminate.

There needs to be Federal Guidelins and Federal Laws to protect our children.  We came to that conclusion because of our dealings with different agencies.  It would also be so helpful if there was an advocay to guide people through the process (maze).  We went into our situation naive and got a real education.

Our then five-year-old granddaughter was visiting with us in Tennessee when she disclosed sexual abuse by her mother, father, and others.  We had  no idea where to turn or what to do so we called our family doctor who called the hospital and told us to take her ther for an examination.  The doctor at the hospital called DHS.  The courts took custody of our granddaughter and left her in our care.

Because the offense took place in military housing in Mississippi, the criminal investigation was turned over to Mississippi.  DHS was to investigate the mother and the military had jurisdiction of the investigation of the father.

Records show that when the mother was interviewed by MS DHS she giggled and acted very immature. (She ws 31 years old at that time.)  DHS turned their information over to the local police department and the officer in charge decided to not arrest the mother because he felt that the issue was one of child custody. He came to that concllusion without ever interviewing the child or us.  DHS stated that the child's forensic interview (done by DHS TN) was enough for an arrest.  (The transcript of the interview was heart wrenching because of the detalis of the abuse.)

The civil court and Court of Appeals in TN found "By clear and convincing evidence" that the mother was guilty of "aggravated sexual battery, rape of a child, incest, and especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor.  Court records show that they also believed that the father and others were involved.

That same court that took custody of the child and found that she had been raped and had endured horrific abuse were obligated to go by the law and ordered taht the mother be given telephone and mail privileges.  Can any adult imagine being a rape victim and being ordered to talk to the person who so horribly abused you?  Childen are still property!

The military has guidelines that they are supposed to follow but in our case they did not.  The first investigator who came to our home did not want to meet the child, did not interview her therapist, and said " Unles their guts are hanging out, nothing will be done."  He was right.  She was not forensically interviewed by the military even though they have experts in place to do so and we requested it be done.  We heard crude, rude, vulgar comments.  "With a history like hers, you might want to keep her away from those poles in her ballet class." (Speaking about a five-year-old rape victim!)  Later, a spokesman from headquartes told me that those who had behaved that way had been repimanded.  He went on to say that if our case came to them today it would probably be handled differently and the outcome would probably be different.  I told himt hat the agents involved  should apologize to may granddaughter and he said that he felt that many would probably like to apologize but could not because of possible ramifications.

The investigation by the military was closed without us ever being told and we had to find out what happened through the Freedom of Information Act.

As soon as the father was informed about his daughter's accusations he joined the church and started baby-sitting for Parents Night Out with the blessings of the minister who was fully aware of the situation.  The father has retired from the military with a clean record. He went against court orders and wrote to his daugher informing her that he now does all the sweet things with his little nieces that he did with her .

The mother got a job as a dental assistant for a children's dentist.

We read a story about a child named Mia who was considered a "throw-away" child because of the the results of horrible abuse.  Her story mirrors our granddaughter's. 

We adopted our granddaughter the summer before her freshman year of high school. The system kept her in limbo for 8 years. This year she was voted the most popular girl by her sophomore class.  She is a strong, secure, happy young woman who want to become a therapist so that she can help children.

We have to change the way our children are treated within the system.  We need uniformity.  Children are supposed to protected by the Constitution.  What court would send an adult back into an abusive home?
Replied By: marianparoo on Apr 25, 2009, 12:35AM - In reply to margiesue56
..they believed the mother smelt of alcohol and had some kind of drug, not the one used on the child and nothing illegal, in her purse.

So it was a Sunday School Teacher vs a "mother like that."

At least the mother tried - we had a case here, did not end in death, but in further molestations, of a woman who believed a "man of the clothe" rather than the neighors who warned her not to leave him alone with her son for a minute. She even hired this man to tutor her son, who eventually was raped by him.
Replied By: margiesue56 on Apr 24, 2009, 7:28PM
This story is so sad.  I saw a woman on the television from Tracy and she was saying that her daughter was druged by Melissa Huckaby.  Her daughter was taken to the hospital and confirmed that muscle relaxers had been given to her.  The mom of the druged little girl stated, "if they had only looked further into Melissa Huckaby, I think Sandra might still be alive, I told them to".  Her daughter was druged in January of 09, I believe.  How did this happen?  What, you don't investigate a crime like that?  What were the circumstances that the police would not investigate?  I am overwhelmed by this.  Little Sandra may be alive today if they had investigated.  My outrage is the display of fake emotion Melissa Huckaby presented on television.  I am just so sad about this whole thing.
Replied By: tufflov on Apr 24, 2009, 5:44PM
When I was six my father abandoned my mother with six children.In 1957 it did not take me long to learn to keep a good distance from men and the ones most would think are safe are the worst.My mothers biggest problem was her  naivete to anything like that.Most people could sit in a room with ten molesters and not be able to pick out one unless you have been there it is hard to know the signs.The good thing now is it is talked about and children are told about strangers,but you need to go pass that.We live in a world of ungodly people and it is only going to get worse.
Replied By: tetamarie on Apr 24, 2009, 10:58AM - In reply to tracymomof2
I have read the requirements that the state of Ca. uses to issue an Amber Alert. However these are criteria that the state and police have adopted together. If you read the recommended criteria from the Amber Alert  website it states that in all cases best judgement should be used. This was not the case for Sandra Cantu. They did not use good judgement in her disappearance. I'm not saying it could have saved her but an Alert should have been issued after she could not be located and the mobile home park she lived in was searched.

In reference to the child that was drugged back in January. The system failed this child all together. The mother was judged for her past mistakes and assumed to be the one guilty, case dismissed. Huckaby could have been investigated at that time and was not. The mother could have been investigated at that time and was not. I just find it ironic that the police officer on Dr. Phil would say they take crimes against children seriously. That doesn't seem to be the case to me in either of these situations.
Replied By: branwell on Apr 24, 2009, 5:06AM - In reply to andres2127
You are sooo wrong.When people are given the death penalty
they are not killed automatically.They linger (for the most part)
for 20-25 years until all their appeals are used up.
I wish that they would be put to death three months after their
trial ,like it was in the 'good old days'. And nothing could have brought
home more clearly to a cold-blooded killer such as Ted Bundy
or soon-to-be-tried,Melissa Huckaby the enormity of their crimes than KNOWING
that they will pay the ULTIMATE PRICE for their heinous acts,
i.e.literally with their OWN lives.People want to go to prison.How many
true crime shows have I watched,where the killer refused to 'play ball'
with the DA unless he/she takes the Death Penalty off the table?
Far too many.I repeat,they want to spend the rest of their lives in prison
because they don't want to die and they have nothing to lose while serving a
 life sentence.They can rape or kill another inmate or a guard,knowing full well
that they cannot be punished more than they already are.A life sentence?
HA! They can do that standing on their heads,especially if some
bleeding heart liberal gets them paroled or they escape.
Personally,I believe that the killer should be turned over to Sandra Cantu's
family.Let them see justice done. By the way,the states that have the
death penalty have the lowest number of murders ,whereas the states that
DON'T have the death penalty have the highest.Chew on that. : \
p.s.One of the things that really ****es me off,is that I know that out there
in Hollywood,tv shows like Law and Order:SVU and probably Criminal Minds
and any one of the CSI shows must have a season ending episode based on poor
little Sandra Cantu already in the works.Way to make money off a tragedy,guys! : (
Or even next season's opening episode. : (
Replied By: branwell on Apr 24, 2009, 4:23AM
In an FBI report (about a year ago,I think),they stated that 95% percent of
Rapes and Sexual Assaults are done by men.Not surprising,considering men
have the 'Doodle' in their pants, but they also said that 70% percent of murders
committed in the US are done by WOMEN.70 %!? Rudyard Kipling was right when he wrote
his poem,The Female Of The Species Is Deadlier Than The Male.So if anyone
thinks or wants to kid themselves that Women are more compassionate and  merciful
and live on a higher plane than Men...well,just remember Melissa Huckaby...
and the Bloody Countess of Hungary. And who was she ,you ask?
Elizabeth Bathory lived from 1560-1614 and she is the most prolific female
serial killer in history! And who were her victims? Young Girls ages 12-15.
She murdered in cold blood Six Hundred And Fifty Girls. She wrote down her
victims names and their ages.But she was only imprisoned for Eighty counts of murder.
And why did she kill so many young girls? Because she believed that bathing
in the blood of young virgins would keep her young. Melissa Huckaby isn't unique
or anyone special...she has simply walked down a well worn path. : (
Will the courts treat her differently because she is a woman? I believe so,how many
women can you name that are currently on death row? And people will be jumping
through hoops to explain away or to 'excuse' what she has done simply because
she is a Woman! If She were a He,people would be saying that he was nothing
more than a murdering sadistic bastard but for a woman..well, the poor dear was
either stressed out or had suddenly accquired 'mental health problems'.
Sheesh,how convenient. p.s. I will keep little Sandra's family in my prayers. : (
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