Why are you interested in changing your appearance surgically? Let us know your story and reasons.

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Replied By: titustwowoman on Jul 14, 2012, 10:20PM
I will be 66 yrs. old on Aug. 6. I am also a victim of childhood incest! Started about age 7 and ended when I was 17. I have never felt comfortable being me! So much happened over the yrs. I did not marry till I was 36. He became physically abusive after about 18 months of marriage. He fought in Nam serving two tours as a door gunner on the Schnook helicopter. He became an alcoholic and I was his punching bag. I finally divorced him. He died of cancer 3/17/2007.

I had gastric bypass surgery on April 7 of 2007. The morning of my surgery I weighed 389 lbs. Please see below, as during my treatments I lost down to 128 lbs. After I finished the treatments, I begin to gain. I was left with so much excess skin, well I wanted to die. How much is one supposed to take. Though I am from a large family, I carried all this on my shoulders alone. I wanted out and still do!!!    Then on July 25 of 2007, my precious younger brother died of pancreatic cancer.  Christmas day of 2007. by precious brother-in-law of 44 yrs. died of cancer. My sister just older than I died of liver cancer in 1998. There were 9 children in our family, all with the same parents. 5 diagnosed with cancer. Two have passed away and 3 of us have it now, although in remission.

My mother was in a care facility for late stage dementia, I worked full time, & was her Med. POA as well as her financial POA. She fell breaking her right hip July 31rst of 2009. Surgery the next day, would not improve, & the Dr.'s said she must be transferred to hospice. I wanted to die myself the day I had to sign on the dotted line. That was on Saturday, she went Home on Aug 12th.

I went for my first colonoscopy on 1 Sept. 2009 & was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. Underwent all the radiation treatments every day for 6 weeks, as well as an oral cancer drug. After about 5 weeks they took me in for major surgery. I learned so much during my illness and actually I would not change a thing except to say I am ashamed to live in this body. My Dr.'s tell me I am carrying about 30 to 40 lbs of excess skin. Dr. Phil am I being selfish to want something for me? My "bat wings" are horribly large. My abdominal skin is dropping more & more toward my knees. I am ashamed to be mein this skin. I literally have been alone through all this, by means of caring for myself. I know my sisters love me, but loving Sandie does not pay the bills. Sometimes I think it would be far easier if I exit tis existence, as I sincerely want to go Home. I am not afraid to die. Dying would be the easy part, it is the living that is hard!!

I want something for me. I want to know there is actually life out there. Would having surgery give me that life??  No, I well know, as I tell my neices & nephews, change your way of thinking & you can change your life. God truly has been so very good to me! It is selfish to want to be good to myself???

Dr. Phil, I ask you sincerely, am I grieving the Lord, and in your professional opinion, am I being too selfish???

Thank You for the opportunity of allowing me to vent just some of the happenings in my life.

You & Robin are truly blessed. Your grandchildren are gorgeous. I lost my only pregnancy in womb. Another reason to want to go Home.

Replied By: bailey48 on Jul 12, 2012, 4:11PM
I am very interested in changing my look through plastic surgery. I have always been teased about my nose being large and finally had sugery twice by same doctor and still not happy with results. It is so hard to go through life with being treated different beacuse of your looks. When I smile my nose looks larger so keeps me from smiling and that is not how I feel on the inside. The way I look as kept me from being the person that I really am and I always shy away from taking pictures. I also have flat cheek bones so doesn't look good at all and I just want to be able to smile at my kids and husband without thinking how ugly I am looking.  Love your show Dr. Phil
Replied By: soulangel on Jul 8, 2012, 11:16PM
Hello Dr. Phil and Staff,
I am not a quitter and have to find a way to lose 80 lbs so I can see if I can have plastic surgery on a 11 inch scar on my stomach that is 52 years old and is holding me back from living life!

Please find attached a photos of myself that reveals my ‘oh so hideous’ scar (They were taken by my chiropractor. She was the only one I trusted to see my 52 year old scar - got it when I was three weeks old)

You will see by the pictures that this scar is by no means little or something that I can avoid looking at every day as I bathe, dress and undress. (I’m sure I have the basis for a sad old country song in that sentiment. “I may have a big ole’ scar on my stomach – but when you walked out the door - You left a bigger scar on my heart”

I am looking at surgery, but am told that I have to loose weight first, before I can even be considered for the reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Phil,
I have always had questions about my scar and the possibility of plastic aand/or reconstructive surgery. I was afraid of being disappointed, so I never investigated plastic surgery – until I saw your notice about people considering plastic surgery.

WELL I AM - One look at the picture and and i think you can guess why? So can you help me to investigate what is possible for me???

And if you and your experts can even help me lose trhe weight and/orif I canthen have the plastic surgery????

Off the top of my head I can think of a couple of questions to ask about surgery”– okay more than a couple!
Is this considered cosmetic surgery?
Or reconstructive surgery?
Can this scar be removed?
Can it be minimized at least?
How has this scar developed over time? Because this scar was a result of an operation performed at three weeks of age to a premature baby - After all these years and the delicacy of the skin when it was performed - Is it too late to do something?
If something can be done - Do I lose weight before the operation?
Or would ‘after” the operation be better?
Do I need to see a counselor before plastic surgery?

I am a mess – my body that is…….I feel very self-conscious about my “divit” caused my scar and the “hugeness” of my scar at 11 inches. I am 80 lbs overweight and have to lose weight I know before I can even consider surgery.

My belly button is way off centre. I am missing muscle on the right side of abdomen. My stomach is very uneven. Looks like the surface of the moon. The scar covers a lot of real estate on my body. The scar is front and centre and unavoidable for me and anyone who catches a glimpse of it. I can count on two hands the number of people who have done just that. But these pictures will give you an idea.

It’s not pretty is it? My scar - SO I guess you can see why I don’t feel pretty either.

Fifty-two years is enough time to carry this scar with me. I want and need to rid myself of my scar and move on. I just hope that it’s a possibility - and it’s not too late?

How my scar had impacted me?????

So here goes…
1. Of course intimacy with the opposite sex, as I told you. A nightmare in the past for me. (Again – that’s another show maybe- smiles weakly) Confidence level and self-esteem in the areas of feeling attractive and feminine is very low with this scar. Other wise I’m a confident in my abilities and intelligence in all other areas of my life.
2. The scar is a discomfort when it comes to wearing clothing. I can’t wear certain clothing items or styles – elastic waists or those that hit my waistline and that includes: belts, blouses, dresses, skirts, and coats. This is 90% clothing out there and what I want to wear. Waists of skirts, pants, shorts, P.J.’s – you name it. All my clothing hits my scar and rubs against it.
3. Sitting at my desk job – I have to get up and walk around and take a break to go to the rest room and roll down the waist of my pants or skirts at least three or four times a day because of the waistbands rubbing against the scar. This happens no matter what my waist size or weight is.
4. Having to disrobe: i.e. in gym and fitness centre dressing rooms, change rooms with hired help (foundation garment fittings, bridesmaid dresses, evening wear etc.). Having to work with tailors, seamstresses – being 5’1” I need my clothes tailored – but don’t get it done. So my clothes always look ill-fitting and sloppy. I look like I don’t care and I do!
5. Being uncomfortable at Doctor’s exams and check-ups. In the past I have avoided going as much as possible if I knew I had to undress. I had a bad experience with a doctor at my first yearly exam at age 20. She gasped and said, “Oh God: when she opened up my gown to do a breast exam. I was laying down at the time. So my scar was in full view.
6. I have gained weight because of my scar. I am now trying to live a healthy life in order to lose the weight. My past rationale was if I was fat – then that was one reason I wouldn’t have to become intimate with a man. He wouldn’t be interested in me. Therefore, he wouldn’t see the scar. I created a hurdle to having a man finding me attractive – my fat. I’m ready to set that flawed logic aside once and for all. What was I thinking? Okay I wasn’t I admit it – not clearly anyway! I need help to loose teh weight before I can have the surgery. That's where you come in Dr. Phil...RIGHT THINKING...and your experts.
7. I am also highly restricted by the colours and fabrics I can choose and can wear. I have to choose carefully the type of fabric and colour of my clothing – as you will see I wear dark colours. This is pretty much 12 months out of the year. I also wear many layers to cover up my uneven stomach. My clothing can’t cling or wrap around my stomach at all – not even a bit. Not smooth or flat. And if it does layers. Layers of bulky clothes – always jackets over blouses and sweaters even in summer. Very uncomfortable living in a lakeside town with white sandy beaches. Bathing suit – you must be kidding. And I still got skin cancer! Who knew? (But again – “That’s another show - grin)
8. But it’s more than the article of clothing I can wear – it also impacts my style, and the image I want to present to the world. – I can re-phrase this by saying, “How I present myself authentically.” I don't feel like me all covered up and overweight.

Having this scar removed or minimized will help me on obtaining some lifelong goals. Goals I have decided I want to reach and maintain by age 55:
• Be comfortable in my own skin – scar gone or minimized
• Love my body and my life by living and creating an active lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight – 125 – 135 lbs.
• Live authentically and present my ‘real’ self to the world – on all levels including my appearance and clothing – create a signature style – a style statement!
• Be considered stylish. I am after all - a closet fashionista! (Hard to believe by the pictures I submitted isn’t it!? Oh yeah - I caught ya’ lookin’ at my pictures again - smile and grin).
• Begin dating – ultimately in a LTR - Be comfortable in being intimate– Having an intimate relationship with a man – including undressing in front of him with the lights on
• Going to my home town beach, whipping off my outer clothes to reveal a bathing suit and begin to enjoy something I have promoted professionally for over 25 years and loved all of my life – 52 years to be exact - the Lake Huron shoreline and Lake Huron!
• Have an evening gown created especially for me and attend my favourite awards shows

– you gotta make your goals BIG!

I will not bore you by begging and telling you why I deserve this….You no doubt get that all day long! I hope my pictures speak for themselves as to “Why?” I should be considered for the show and “How” this scar has impacted my life and this letter explains “What” it would mean to me and my quality of life to have it to be able to lose the weight firsdt - and then have the scar removed or at the very least minimized.

As you would say Dr. Phil, “How’s that working for ya’?” – It isn’t and I’m not getting any younger. I want to feel confident in my body and appearance. I don’t want any limitations when it comes to my future and that includes feeling confident at work, in social situations and in intimate relationships with men – so this extra weight and scar has got to go! Being legally blind is hard enough on me- nbut this scar going away would help immenssley!

Help me please and consider me as a guest for your show.....

Uneven, Overweight and Uphappy in Ontario Canada
Mini J.
Replied By: cantfindauser on Jul 8, 2012, 6:38AM
I want plastic surgery because I have lost 55 pounds and have hanging skin which gets red, itchy, and soar.   I need to have that flap of skin removed for health reasons.
Replied By: brittwink21 on Jul 7, 2012, 1:16PM
Dr. Phil,

I would LOVE to have a tummy tuck! I am 29 years old and have 3 beautiful daughters ages 8,6 and 3. I graduated college May 2011 and now work from home as a Special Education teacher for a virtual school. Going to school with 3 kids was very challenging and TIME consuming and left litle time to take care of myself. I find that what I see in the mirror and pictures doesn't quite match how I feel on the inside. If cost were not an issue I would have already went under the knife for this procedure!
Replied By: chevelledouty on Jul 7, 2012, 7:03AM
Dr Phil. I need serious help with my teeth. My gums are receeding causing me severe pain everyday of my life. I don't smile my normal smile in fear someone will notice my teeth decaying :( I don't have the extra money to see an oral surgeon. My boyfriend of 2 years thinks I don't want to kiss him. I have bad breath at times and am very self conscience. Please help me put the smile back on my face and the fire back in our kiss. I'm only 44 and have an entire lifetime of happy smiling memories ahead of me.
Replied By: glorianky on Jul 6, 2012, 8:59PM
My name is Gloria I'm 39 years old I was born & raised in Louisville,KY I have had a difficult life to say the least. I was raised by my alcoholic father with no mother around. I got pregnant with my first child at the age of 17 then married when I was 18. Had my second child in 1999 he passed away from cancer in 2006. My father passed away in 2005 then in 2007 I went through a divorce. Had my third child in 2009. It's been extremely hard on me all of that topped on the issues I already have. A few of those are no confidence & I have never felt comfortable in my own skin. I had three c-sections and now I feel even worse about myself. My tummy is streched and has ugly scars. It would be a dream come true to have something done about it. It would be the start of a new happy me. Well happy in the way of feeling confident & beautiful. Please Dr. Phil help me be the person I deserve to be.
Replied By: loveharley92 on Jul 6, 2012, 6:17PM
My name is Sandra Rosales I have always wanted a nose job I was made fun of all my life my friends peers family members. I am working at a elementary  school and the kids are telling me I look like a witch.  Everyday I dream and daydream about having surgery. My best friends were always making fun of me comparing me to people and animals I have a big nose I took after my dad God Bless him but I just wish I had a regular nose. I would put up with so much but I would cry myself to sleep. My mom asked me one time what I wanted a nose job or a down payment to a house I really wanted to say nose job but I have 3 kids so I chose the house. Two years later it went to foreclosure. Another time I was saving money I had $1500.00 but before I lost my house I was trying not to lose it so I used the money to pay 1 months mortgage. I don't like seeing myself in the mirror my nose my acne. I also have very small breasts. I thought I was an A size but come to see that I didn't  even know there is Aa bra size. So now I know I am a size AA wow that just got worse. Wow what a life I have can you help me Dr. Phil?

Replied By: viviana32 on Jul 6, 2012, 6:07PM
hi dr phil or robin,
im 35 years old with three c-sections first 11 1/2 baby, 9 1/2, and 9pds. After my second child i start having high anxiety and depression, well high bad anxiety i struggled for years also dealing with an abusive ex-husband who at that time was addicted to chat lines, some drama this mama had to go through. Well years later still looking at my belly fat stomach i get problems alot with sweat, itchiness, redness, which can get effective real bad. I am now divorced made a personal decision leaving the state for joidb relocation, but got laid off and have fell into epression. I think a new change for me with a new begining would up my low self esteem. Dr. Phil i watch your show as much as possible and love how you and your wife have a good understanding relationship. I hope your able to read this and as for my pic, i might be smiling but inside im trying to find happiness. I got three wonderful children who i want them to see a strong woman.

thank you,
Replied By: lmjensen74 on Jul 6, 2012, 4:34PM
I am 38 yrs old. For the past 16 yrs I have had many health problems. I decided to look into gastric surgery about 3 yrs ago. I found an amazing surgeon who performed the Lap-Band surgery on me on September 29, 2010. Things were going great for the first 2 weeks. Then out of no where I developed a staph infection. Due to being diabetic, I waited 8 months to see if the infection would clear. It didn't. On June 13, 2011 I went into surgery again, hoping it was only the port section of the band that was infected. If so, it could later be replaced when my body healed. That was not to be. I awoke from my surgery with what I thought was the worst news of my life. The entire Lap-band had to be removed. The entire thing was infected. I thought my life was over. Not yet, said my surgeon. He told me I still had an option. It took less than a month for me to heal, I was given a "wound vac" . My surgeon told me there was another option called "The gastric sleeve". And he knew a surgeon in my area that specialized in this surgery. This is when my life was saved. I went for a consultation and was told I was the perfect candidate. On September 12, 2011...I was born again. I was given a second chance at life. And my world has changed. I started out at 375 lbs. as of today I am 291lbs. I can move, walk, run anything I want to do physically I can now. I am no longer diabetic, my asthma has subsided, and my life does not revolve around a c- pap machine. I only have one problem now... Excess skin. Nothing on my body is where it should be. I have a lot of infections between the layers of skin. And my insurance will not pay to have any of these procedures done to remove the excess skin. If I fight hard enough the insurance "may" pay for my lower abdomen. I cannot tell you how disgusting this skin feels. I still have a little ways to go... I am 5'10" and have been told that somewhere between 170-190lbs will be good for me. I wake every morning excited about life. Which I have not felt in over 16 yrs. but when I have to get dressed to start my day, a new nightmare begins. Infections, odors, and sores are a really bad part of being trapped in a body That I am fighting to improve upon everyday. Exercise is becoming harder, anI have found that I LOVE to exercise now. Anything to keep myself moving. Every day I pray that I can somehow unzip this used and abused body to see what I have waiting for me underneath. I am no longer diabetic, that in itself is a small miracle. To have surgery to repair my damaged, used and formerly abused body would be the biggest miracle I could dream about. Thank you for listening Dr. Phil. You Rock!!! :)
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