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Addiction Support


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Are you or is someone you love addicted to something unhealthy? Whether it's food, alcohol, drugs, painkillers, sex, pornography, or something else, find support here.

If you believe you need immediate assistance, please call your local emergency number or crisis hotline listed in your local phone book's government pages.

Click here for addiction resources.
Replied By: brendaalyssa on Feb 25, 2015, 12:15AM
I'm writing this letter to ask for help for my brother. He is 28 years old and he recently lost his children he is addicted to herion, meth. He has been addicted for 10 years. It is so bad he lives on the street and no treatment Can help him. Thank you
Replied By: crystalsheehan on Feb 12, 2015, 5:18AM
My current situation is that I am 23 years old, full time uni student and full time cater for my 11 year old brother. Our mother has been an alcoholic for years due to losing our uncle, grandmother and dad/stepdad from suicide. She is now in the last stages of liver disease and is only 40 years old. She is still yet to accept that she is terminally ill and cannot come around to the fact I now care for my brother. If I decided not to be would end up in foster care and if it wasn't for me she would only be able to see him supervised. I am currently living with my boyfriends parents as we can't seem to get public housing and private rent it not possible as we are both full time uni students and carers. This is also putting a toll on my brother as they tend to be-little him quite a lot. 
Replied By: kslade435 on Feb 5, 2015, 6:05PM
Im a 21 year old addict.  I abused heroin for 5 years and currently have 1 year in sobriety now. Using was my everyday life everything surrounded it. I'm here to tell everyone who is still in active addiction that recovery is possible. Normal  life is possible. It's not easy but it's worth it. It's a daily fight.  I now have healthy relationships and have started a family of my own. Don't give up. Don't ever give up.  

#addiction #fightback #soberlife 
Replied By: scarlett99 on Jan 30, 2015, 9:38PM
hi my name is connie and i have a addiction to food and porn. i need support to get over this. i need to lose 55lbs. and the porn part i look at it about 3xs a week. but losing weight is very hard for me and i need some support now. im very depressed. sincerely, connie
Replied By: gogo10 on Jan 30, 2015, 12:29PM - In reply to britthoward86
I am so proud of u. This is hard to do. I am struggling myself with an issue of pain meds. It makes me not want to go to any Dr. I pray u make this journey ok with your kids too. Thanks for sharing your story.
Replied By: gogo10 on Jan 30, 2015, 12:19PM - In reply to kingschild2u
Thank you for writing that being that u r in the field. I have been praying more now. I am fighting with myself on what to do next. I have not wrote anyone b-4 this. I hope I'm not bothering u. Thank u for that message.

Replied By: jennymkeller on Jan 11, 2015, 6:51PM
This isn't necessarily something everyone would define as an addiction per say, but is having gradual and harmful effects none the less. At the risk of being told off, i'm sharing in hopes of getting some perspective and help from someone out there.

I was born with a rare syndrome which attacks the central nervous system and manifests itself in various ways around my body. One of my issues is that while i sleep, my brain does not tell my body breathe deeply enough and thus does not get enough air supply. Essentially, my brain suffocates all night an i get hardly enough air to live. This not only hurts and suffocates my brain but forces my heart to work overtime which has caused others like to to die of right sided heart failure. To combat this we are forced to wear a ventilator machine or bipap mask (depending on your preference/severity of syndrome). 

My "addiction" is essentially sleeping without any machine. Yes, i am addicted to doing the one thing so many people take for granted, sleeping like a normal person, alone, on my own. A mix of laziness and self-hatred for being stuck with these cards has lead me to sleep night after night without any breathing assistance resulting in lack of color to the skin, high CO2, day-long migraines, heart palpitations, dehydration, terrible skin complexion, actual car accidents from fall asleep at the wheel, and diminished brain cells.

I'm not stupid, i know what this is doing to my body. And somehow i cant get over it, grow up and take care of myself. It's pathetic, and that makes me hate myself even more. It's forced me to question everything from religion to my potential future with a husband and children. It's almost the only thing holding me back with so much. I cant understand why i cant get over this every single night.
Replied By: amata820 on Jan 11, 2015, 3:20PM
I've been struggling with my addiction to Crystal meth for 14 yrs since I was 16 I'm 30 now ive tried to stop was was clean for almost two years but I relapsed I hate the way I'm living I have four kids I'm getting divorced from my husband and my life is totally upside down and I'm so lost I don't even know where to begin to try and find my way back to me I don't even know who me is anymore I'm sick of this existence cause it's not living it's existing
Replied By: booellis9 on Jan 11, 2015, 12:05PM - In reply to kathour
i too have been on suboxone for almost 10 years now and if it wasn't for them i would either be too far gone for help or dead by now. i was addicted to pain pills for 10 years and i tried to quite so many times. after all the withdrawls i went through i still went back to taking the pills. i finally went to a docter for the suboxone and i haven't touched pills since. my doctor is great. i only pay her 20.00 per appointment and my insurance covers the medicene. she is a devout christian and she really does it to help people not for the money. i know it's rare to find a doctor like that so i am truly blessed with her. i really hope that you do find a doctor to help you get off of them. my doctor would help me either way and if the doctor you are seeing won't help you then it's obvious that he/she is only in it for a profit. i will pray that someone comes along to help you. good luck!!
Replied By: apixieis on Jan 10, 2015, 3:27PM

Dear Dr. Phil,
I am sure you get a lot o cries for help. but, I am writing to you regarding my sister Dianna Gustafson. She has become a danger to herself and the other members of my family around her. She has demonstrated self-destructing behavior for an ongoing period now. we have baker acted her 3 times and even did the March-man act on her to no avail. She is verbally abusive on a daily basis as well as psychical. There are many times,especially when she is high, we have to call the police and its tearing our family apart because she wont get help and has been to and now denied any help from treatment centers, the only 3 places we know that would take her including my Mother Paying for one place. They have told us that they will not allow her back there ever again.
To start she was moved into my grandparents’ house to be a primary care giver. My grandfather, Emmett Carney, had Alzheimer’s and was confined to a bed. My grandmother, Doris Carney, suffered a stress induced psychotic episode that has produced ongoing disabilities. The Family decided it was in the best interest to relocate Emmett and Doris from Rome, Ga. to Orlando, Fl. due to their declining health and we could provide them with more support and a better way of life. The agreement was made and since then Dianna has not secured any employment which has not allowed her to acquire her own housing or transportation. Prior to this she was living with my Mother and her Stepfather, despite the addictions, that she could move in with my grandparents to provide the required around the clock care . As the primary care giver Dianna is responsible for the daily administration of medications and basic necessities i.e. daily meals, personal hygiene, custodial needs. There have been instances( now on a daily basis) of medications that were prescribed to my grandparents that have come up missing under Dianna’s charge. These medications are narcotic and are crucial to my grandparent’s health and well-being. Alcohol and or other substances has also caused several instances when medical care has been absent because of Dianna “not feeling well enough” to provide the care necessary. On one instance was my grandfather required nebulizer treatment twice per day and oxygen around the clock. Due to Dianna,s “not feeling well” both were completely neglected the entire day and this would happen several days out of a week. Dianna’s attitude is another issue that needs to be addressed. She has “taken over” the house as if it was her own. My Grandmother feels like she is a just a guest in her own home due to the lack of respect Dianna demonstrates to my Grandparents. Understand that this does not always occur in the company of others but in speaking with my grandmother it is apparent this is what is happening more frequently. Controlling the temperature/thermostat of the house, what bedroom is hers, placement of furniture, accessories, and the schedule of meals are just some examples. Rick Carney, one of my grandparent’s sons and also resides on the premises in a separate part of the house. Both he and I have had discussions with Dianna regarding her actions and attitude. We have tried to talk with her about the repercussions of her actions and how it affects the family. Rick has also volunteered to provide her with transportation to counseling/ meetings which she has only made a very small attempt to utilize.
My mother Ann West has also been affected both emotionally and physically by Dianna’s actions. The stress of the situation has manifested in physical problems. The most recent is that she has developed gastrointestinal problems brought on by stress. She is also seeing a psychiatrist to help with the emotional stress. There have been several cases of Dianna coming in to her house for the purpose of stealing her medications, and succeeded, that she needs to treat the issues. My Sister is an alcoholic with serious substance abuse problems. I feel that my Grandparents quality of life is at an all time low with a person of this caliber left over there to treat them. They have slowly started to decline each day since Dianna has been their primary care giver. She is constantly(DAILY) complaining about her own problems and has my Grandmother order excess Meds ie : Morphine for my Grandfather and xanax for my herself and shows or has no compassion for my Grandparents.Please help!!
My Grandfather recently Passed away and she really has become even more controlling. Pawning anything she can to feed her addictions. I dont know where else to turn. this is my second plea to you! Please help our family1 Im sure you hear that every day. I just want my parents and my Grandmother to live their lives without the fear she instills upon them. I could just go on about her delusions and distorted sense of reality. she never believes a problem is hers and blames everyone else .
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