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Are you or is someone you love addicted to something unhealthy? Whether it's food, alcohol, drugs, painkillers, sex, pornography, or something else, find support here.

If you believe you need immediate assistance, please call your local emergency number or crisis hotline listed in your local phone book's government pages.

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Replied By: dragonlady55 on Oct 28, 2014, 6:12AM
 I have a 30 yr. old daughter who was addicted to methadone and  is now addicted to saboxon. She has 3 small children,and her husband has just left her because of this addiction. I have called every rehab source I can find, but none of them will accept the type of insurance she has through the state. She really wants to get clean, and goes to NA meetings 2 or 3 times a week,but can not seem to get past this addiction. She also is a Type1 diabetic,so her blood sugars are uncontrolled and frequentlyblood sugar. suffers extemely  I am very concerned about her being alone with the children with no one there now to make sure she is ok. Should I involve CPS or just monitor and wait until there is a problem?

Replied By: tinytr on Oct 26, 2014, 10:53PM
I am a 22 year old female, dealing with addiction and many other problems. I am finally ready for treatment, the only thing is I cannot afford it. I was wondering if there are any treatment centers or scholarship like programs I could apply for. I have been taking a high dose of suboxone for months now, and I am scared to withdraw alone, and I do know I need more counseling and help than dealing with my past/current opiate addiction.. 

I feel like I am hanging on by my pinky finger. I do not qualify for my states insurance, and there aren't many treatment centers around me. I am looking at a treatment center that will almost cost me 75,000.. I know I really need the help and would love to put that money towards college.. but I dont know how I would pay for treatment to get back my normalself.. to be able to continue with school.. 

I feel like a lost puppy and really need help, I have started counseling with and addiction doctor, here where I live.. so I am doing something, but I really think inpatient is my best bet.. 

any suggestions, or comments are appreciated. Thank you! 
Replied By: jessicagirl on Oct 23, 2014, 5:04PM - In reply to abonkows
I dont even kno were to begin in the state of colorado for rehab detox places that help people with no money or insurance im bout to just give up completely !!!!!!!!
Replied By: sasc82 on Sep 18, 2014, 1:47PM
Im not sure who to turn to or where to go I tried an non who told me I should go to counseling for my brother which I don't disagree im just wanting to know how I can help him he's 29 years old an alcoholic he has anxiety can't swallow pills scared of doctors states away from me he just started doing coke from what he told me I know he's into pot my family seems to have their heads in the sand and I want to do everything I can to help him its hard living so far away I called police to check on him few times hospitals say I can't force him into treatment and im so new at this he said there's nothing left to live for he has attempted to kill himself before in high school I know he's smart handsome use to be full of life taught himself guitar use to write music and draw amazing pictures but alcoholism has taken over he shakes when he don't drink and I heard his kidneys are shutting down but I'm not for sure he's had a rough childhood he's in pain any suggestions you could give me to help him get help and help support him during this difficult time would be greatly appreciated
Replied By: avo1979 on Sep 18, 2014, 12:54AM - In reply to startingnew
Hello, What does that mean? You refuse to give up on him...

My mother has an alcoholic she is now deceased from it. I tried to do a hard intervention my family feared her reaction to that. They were afraid it would make her mad, I couldn't get them to agree so I told her ...That I loved her and that I couldn't stop her from drinking but I didn't have to watch her kill herself. 7 years after her death. I still do not regret putting that distance between us. I can honestly say I did my best I did give up time with her but I did it for her greater good. Once she was diagnosed with cirrohsis I ran to her side cause I knew I had lost my battle and it wasn't about punishing her. She was never good with communication but she told me she didn't think it could happen. I think that was her way of saying I see why you did what you did.

Staying with them only helps them continue to do it. It is incredily painful to walk away but you must allow them to hit bottom. My brother is currently having the same struggle. There are days I have to sit on my hands to keep from running to save him, but its not saving him. Save yourself and children, put distance there. You are your kids ONLY sane parent if he has an addiction problem. You must protect them first watching that is not protecting them. You can remain faithful to your husband and be on safe ground. Believe me as the kid of an addict, there is nothing good happening for your kids in that enviroment. Many, many prayers for you
Replied By: scott7765 on Sep 17, 2014, 10:05PM - In reply to startingnew
I will pray for him but you must consider yourself if he is a abusive you must get away.
Replied By: startingnew on Sep 16, 2014, 9:00PM
my husband is an alcoholic. he has been drinking heavy since the age of 13. that was his way of dealing with tramatic issuses. his dad died and he turned to drinking. a few years ago he was hurt really bad, died twice and came back. he has head trama, rods throughout both arms and was shot multiple times. since then he has suffered post tramatic stress disorder. waking up in panic attacks, rage, etc. he is literally afraid to sleep most nights. i didnt connect the dots until i stopped and paid attention to how hard it was for him to stay sober. why he had to have a drink every 3 days he was self medicating. i realized he was able to cope without a;cohol if he was incarcerated or being forced to stay clean for his freedom but if it was a choice for him he could not do it no matter what the consequences were.

this is the first time my husband has agreeed to deal with more than his addiction to alcohol. i truely believe if he dont address the mental issuses he battle with he will continue to abuse alcohol and me as well.

i do love him unconditionally and i refuse to give up on him but my safety and the safety of our family has to come first. addiction is never easy to deal with not for the love ones or the person with the addiction. sometimes the only way to help them is to hurt them. its better than loosing them.

im asking for prayer and i will indeed pray for others in need, thanks
Replied By: limeyinbc on Sep 16, 2014, 7:17PM - In reply to jpw1325
She needs a shock, she really does. One which may make her realise just how bad her situation is. Surely she has a family or other friends?

I know this is hard, but leave her. Tell her you will contact her in three months to see her progress.

if she is still at work at the school, she must have stopped, because they will find out soon the way she is going.

if you love her, leave her.
Replied By: jpw1325 on Sep 8, 2014, 10:50PM
I’ve been dating my girlfriend on again off again for over 3 years. I noticed that she was a heavy drinker within the first couple months of dating. I’ve known her for years and we started dating through work, we are both teachers. She is a binge alcoholic and when she drinks its game over after about an hour. We get in the most horrible fights when she drinks and I always feel bad afterwards and, of course, she never really remembers much of the fights. She has gone to rehab twice within the past 5 months. She has done in-patient, out-patient, AA, groups everything you can think of and it hasn’t worked. Just last week she was drinking … AT WORK, with kids present, and decided to leave because she became aware the she was intoxicated. She was pulling out of the parking lot and didn’t look both ways and was T-boned by a truck. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt but her car was totaled. I, of course, came running to save her and was fully expecting to see her go a way in a squad car because she was obviously impaired. I don’t know how she got away with it but the officer didn’t take her away. She must have a guardian angel or something because she always seems to just get by without really getting in too much trouble. She missed a few days of work and didn’t drink until today. She was drinking at work again but some how made it through the day without leaving or getting in trouble. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I love the girl so much but its really hurting me and she doesn’t seem to care that she is really affecting the people around her. What do I do?
Replied By: veesimi on Sep 2, 2014, 6:02PM
I live with my boyfriend of 11 years. A year and a half ago, we took in his 26 year old son, who is a Heroin addict, to get him help. Since the son landed on our doorstep, it has been nothing but a hellish tornado!! The son got on Methadone, and that was about it. No counseling, no treatment, NOTHING! He has financially ruined us, we had to leave our home and move to the other side of town, and his father brought him with us. The son has his own room, sleeps ALL day sometimes until 6 pm, he curses his father out, vicious ugly verbal fights daily,and attacks me verbally even though I don't speak to him and try to stay out of his way.

The father has found needles inhis room, KNOWS FOR A FACT that the son is shooting up in our house and does NOTHING about it! He yells at him once a week to get a job and move out, and ten minutes later they are pals and hanging out together. Does not ever folloow through on anything he "threatens " his son with. IT IS COMPLETE LUNACY!!

The son was in the hospital with liver failure 6 months ago almost dead, and now he is using in our home and dad looks the other way!!

The son has it in his drug fogged head that I am the cause of all his lives' problems. He has been acting irrational, delusional, paranoid, and I fear being left alone in the house with him. I tell the father this, but he said his son would NEVER hurt me,no matter how much he hates me.

Everytime I try to the dad about treament, and putting his foot down he tells me to "stay out of it" ...yes, even though I have been living with it for almost 2 years.

I guess the boy will die with Dad looking the other way, andGrandma sending him $$$ that she knows, but doesn't want to admit, is going for dope.

I am trying to find a way to leave this house, but it is quite hard with no finances. These 2 are living in some bizzare world of co-dependency and enabling and master manupilation and emotional blackmail from the son, and it is making me physically and emnotionally ill.

I guess all I can do is hand it over to God. I am so worn out!

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it, but I think i have done all I can do, since I am not allowed to get involved.
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