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Dr. Phil follows up with a family whose story captivated viewers. Fourteen siblings say they suffered horrific beatings and molestation at the hands of their own father, who claimed to be the Messiah. The oldest daughter, Jeanne, says she was not only abused by her dad, but was forced to brutally beat her younger brothers and sisters to please their controlling patriarch. After the show, the relatives say they made great strides toward reconciliation, but tension and resentment still exist. Miriam and Sarah say Jeanne doesn’t physically abuse them anymore, but they still feel hurt by her constant judgments. They say she always preaches to them and criticizes them for drinking alcohol and for taking jobs as exotic dancers. Another sibling, Jewel, who recently reconnected with the family after 13 years, says Jeanne is jealous of her new bond with the family. Can the women heal the wounds of the past and move on with their lives? Dr. Frank Lawlis, chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, who has been working closely with the clan, shares his thoughts for their future. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: metamaria on Oct 22, 2009, 8:03PM - In reply to bluhrig
I'm sorry but who are you to judge?? To me it feels the same if I would criticize someone for there strict religiouslifestyle....

I’m from the Netherlands so this show was broad coasted today and I really want to pay my respects to those 2 girls (Miriam/logan?). After all they’have been trough they are now beautiful women, trying to make the most of their lives….so girls: live life to the max!!

Replied By: godssbythwtrfl on Apr 5, 2009, 1:21PM - In reply to barboch
Forgiveness is like saying that you accept that it was their mistake for making you a victim.
When you accept that the perpetrator would have done it to anyone ,then you can forgive yourself for being the victim.
When you forgive you take away their power to fantasize about you as their victim.
This frustrates the perpetrator and then they run out of sick fantasies.
Sociopaths have limited imaginations and must dwell on their behavior in order to humor themselves.
They don't have the capacity to enjoy life without someone else suffering.
take away the suffering and you take away their happiness.
Then they suffer,as it should be.
Replied By: barboch on Apr 3, 2009, 5:33PM - In reply to anewearth
Dr. Phil.  You have mentioned you read the boards.  Please, please I hope you read this.

I was savagely betrayed by a so called friend.  I lost my job, my health, my health insurance, and soon I will lose my home--I'll be homeless.  Just after I lost my job, my husband of 25 years passed away.   I knew I had to forgive "Mary."  My turning point was when my therapist told me forgiving is not condoning.  That did it!  I had the notion that if I forgave "Mary" I  was condoning her action.  I'm in a much better place now.

Please, please Dr. Phil.  If you could say, "Forgiving is not condoning" I'm sure other people will be able to forgive and their anger and pain will dissipate dramatically.   Thank you so much. 
Replied By: okgenuine on Apr 3, 2009, 4:18PM
It was a great show. I found it terrible and inspirational. The only thing that bothered me was Jeannie seemed lost for words, and Dr. Phil didn't seem to know how to handle it properly. I don't see why Jeannie, or any of them really, should be expected to handle things maturely at this point, because I know I couldn't. If all she says is the occasional bad remark, can't the rest of them just work it out in therapy?

I wish the Dr. Phil show could go on forever (and Dr. Phil really), but at least maybe they could release the other seasons or a best of series on DVD. The shows have helped me alot. I've almost contacted the Dr. Phil show myself because I didn't have anywhere else to go, but so far I've worked it out. The websites great, but it's easier to imitate the proper attitude when you see the people. Good luck to everyone.
Replied By: shenelle on Apr 3, 2009, 12:26PM - In reply to godssbythwtrfl
amen,hit the nail on the head
Replied By: shenelle on Apr 3, 2009, 12:24PM - In reply to sjgilreath
thanks, thats not whats being told the truth of the matter. whats realy happend, the suicide,the real heros the deaths,the sickneess.lets get the real truth to be heard,about randall the odestt brothers bravery to rescue the children from this mad man. and Radandals sacrfice .and about the sister that was left behind at age 9. lets have some real healing
Replied By: godssbythwtrfl on Apr 3, 2009, 11:35AM
These women are still living their Dads' dream.
Some are playing out the part of good girl, religious fanatic.
The others are still playing the part of prostitute ,living out the sex abuse.
These women should know that pedophiles frquent the clubs they work at.
Just because the men are paying them doesn't mean that they are not servicing child molesters.
I'll bet their dad would go to a strip club if you let him out of jail.
They are not getting even or getting back at dad, they are doing exactly what dad wants them to do.
The only reason the oldest sister refered to the others in a seperate category to herself is because the oldest still plays the role of Mom and caregiver.
She was ordered to beat the other siblings because Mom wasn't there to do it herself.
They all have specific jobs for daddy and they all still work for daddy.
I wonder how many of them still have contact with him.
Even the sister who seems like the normal one is playing her role as the normal one.
Someone in that family had to portray normalcy .
The brother is still screwed up by saying that anyone has to respect thaes strippers for surviving.
No one has to respect a stripper anymore than any of us respects a manager at McDonalds for surviving.
People do it  everyday.
The difference is  that these women were raised to serve men who seek prostitutes.
The older sister was raised to take the place of Mom.
If anyone has seen Rob Zombies movie House of A 1,000 Corpses,you'll see how the family dynamic plays out with the brothers who are the managers for the strippers.
Their brother is probably like their dad.
Replied By: hardtobear on Apr 3, 2009, 9:00AM
As a survivor of this horriffic cult, the issues are beyond comprehension.  To try to be normal, when there is no reference point to "normal" is strangely like walking across country without  shoes or navigation. These siblings never had a reference point of "normal".   Therepy is wonderful in that you can finally express your feelings without a beating.  Fear destroys your ability to react as would be expected, instead,  you react to the demands placed upon you for survival's sake.  Nothing can be examined  as to weather a demand is reasonable, or a beating is justified. You are given no choice or voice except to comply.  To rebel is to face worse excruciating beatings than were origionally  to be given and even greater consequences follow for days afterwards.  Loss of food and sleep were commonly  used to weaken your body, and starve your fight or flight response.  Constant ,in your face indoctrination,  becomes the standard daily onslaught  of mind control in which your previous  informational points of reference in life, which I once had, are totally altered.
The demented state of mind of the paranoid delusional  fanatic  cult leader,  is without question, demonic at its very core.When he caims to know God and takes delight in your torture,  and finally you are in a true relationship with God,  the scriptures bear out the satanic nature of the beast in him. 

You learn to shut your mouth and take it, always hoping that someone will discover the truth about  life inside the home.  To be delivered or  commit suicide becomes your cry of soul.  I was finally delivered and so were the children of this family;  but was it deliverence or just another painful sequence in the struggle to find peace and love?  These children, now grown, have lived with the pain of the madness of their father, and the inability to know love.  I have loved that family and remember how important it was to provide the physical elements to sustain them though so wrongly used by their father.

Anyone who does not understand the methodology  of cult abuse and brainwashing  cannot truly fathom  what this family has experienced.  May All who care, continue to wish them every success in their recovery and healing.  I do because,  I was there and have come a long way, by GOD's grace.

We sing the song,  AMAZING GRACE, how sweet the sound, who saved a wretch like me, who once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.


Replied By: blgspc on Apr 2, 2009, 8:39PM - In reply to cre8tiveclay
I don’t believe that you can use the same yard stick you use on everyone else, to measure a family who have faced the sort of horrors that these folks endured from early childhood!

I saw people-Adult Human Beings- working VERY hard on a path called survival! They don’t have every wrinkle ironed out in this on-going movement out of Cruel, Chaotic, Malious Insanity to a more civilized existence. However, I saw siblings actively MOVING toward greater harmony. So, No they aren’t June and Ward Cleaver. They are them. I saw SO much more compassion and cohesiveness among these siblings since they first appeared on the show!! I SAW individuals growing into empowerment!

They weren’t fortunate enough to have the garden-variety ‘dysfunctional family’ that most of us complain about. These folks grew-up with a sadistic, depraved, man, who didn’t just abuse them through sexual molestation, daily beatings, and depriving them of food and water. Before he was done he used his terror to manipulate and blackmail his oldest child as his proxy!

Today, I saw courage and a family laboring to become whole, a group of people struggling to find another life for themselves and a new legacy to leave for others.

I don’t have ANY criticism or negative judgments for these courageous people. I am VERY grateful to this family for their willingness to talk about their situation.

Replied By: kizzey56 on Apr 2, 2009, 7:14PM
I am not a doctor but it appears the oldest sibling could have multiple personalities. Abused for 20+ years, not admitting she said things others heard her say, living a life separate from her siblings but reverting back to insulting behaviors when in their presence.  She appeared without emotion when confronted with sisters on stage., yet protective and loving with her children. What do you think?
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