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Three young couples who struggle to deal with issues such as domestic violence, infidelity and addiction check into The Dr. Phil House to overhaul their relationships. As the last day approaches, a couple’s conversation becomes an angry confrontation. One wife realizes the need for fun in a relationship, and how it can strengthen their union. Can she overcome her fear of leaving their kids with a babysitter? The men learn that the time to grow up and be responsible fathers is now. Will they embrace the role of the man in the family? And, an emergency visit from a police officer gives all the couples a reality check. Could you be at risk of losing your children and not even know it? Don’t miss the poignant moment with Dr. Phil that leaves all three couples tearfully vowing to change. Get inspired to fix your own problem relationship before it’s too late!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: rclark1 on Apr 20, 2009, 6:30PM - In reply to sunnyflorida
Are you kidding me? Oh my god I felt so very sorry for that man. He is clearly being abused and I thought Dr Phil was way too easy on her!!!!! She made my flesh crawl and the fact that she made him dig through the trash to "fetch" her wedding ring, that took the cake. I would not have done that for any reason. This guy clearly loves her for what ever reason but I don't see her changing. I also wonder why Dr. Phil did not comment on the remark she made about saying she would even tell Dr Phil he was wrong if he found anything wrong with her. Out of all the couples  she was the only one that did not even show emotion when they were in the room with their kids. I wish all the other couples the best and hope they were able to work it out. As for the "perfect one" get some help and to the husband get a new wife!!!!!
Replied By: grobgal on Apr 5, 2009, 5:11PM
Anybody hear if they will be doing a update on the couples to see who made it work and who did not??  My money say's Cadum and Monica will not be together, Matt and Tara will be together and I am not sure about Jenna and Ed. What do you all think on who will stay together and who will not.
Replied By: cocohome on Apr 5, 2009, 11:28AM
Thank you for the show,I was 42 years married, when mine husband said,i want a  separation, he went to a layer, asked me to sit down  and told me,  it is still very devastating,  will never understand it
when i asked,how come, and why,he said ,i did it ,i dont know why
Whe had a marriage  with many ups and downs,please ,do not give up,take everyday  time to reflect on that day , and tell your partner ,I LOVE YOU.
Replied By: denise97 on Apr 4, 2009, 9:11AM - In reply to hellio02
HIs usual approach to women is "stop your feelings!"
Replied By: hellio02 on Apr 3, 2009, 12:44PM
I think Dr. Phil is being way too soft on the men. Maybe the women wouldn't be so difficult if their husbands wern't lazy worthless bums.
Replied By: sunnyflorida on Apr 2, 2009, 5:48PM - In reply to grapevine1
The only problem with that exercise is she won't be able to list anything she dislikes about herself!!!  She thinks she is so damn perfect its disgusting.
Replied By: sunnyflorida on Apr 2, 2009, 5:43PM - In reply to shendr
Dr, phil is my favorite, even over Oprah, if anyone can save these kids he can.  Therare sooo immature, kids having kids.  Maybe when they review thes tapes they can see how foolish they look.  They definitely need alot of help and hard work, don't know if any of these three couples will be capable of pulling their lives together!
Replied By: sunnyflorida on Apr 2, 2009, 5:29PM - In reply to barbtn826826
I think you've finally found your soul mate, good for you!! And your correct,  you don't need a piece of paper to make a marriage. These 3 couples are sooooooo immature. I wish them luck because marriage takes alot of work! The children are who I feel badly about, they're so defenseless and don't understand why mommy & daddy fight all the time, in their eyes I'm sure they think they did wrong.
Replied By: ammm1023 on Apr 2, 2009, 4:06PM - In reply to katcibele
I am married 20 years, however I dated 5 years prior to marriage..  Life is always easy!! You have to work with what you have!!  If you chose to get married, or thought u were in loveI think you are all beautiful couples and ur marriage can be saved..  Monica and Cadum, She needs to slow down!!  Apparently, she must have been in a very controlled childhood, that she needs to control him.  That just proves her own insecurities, which she needs to handle. Cadum is not immature, he is not given the chance to be mature.  She mothers him with control and claims she is always right.  She will be the same with her son!! She will never say she is wrong, and her child will not mature neither.. Obviously she has the problem.. She needs anger management and work on her control..  She can divorce Cadum but she will still be the same controlling person.  Cadum is a beautiful person.  Matt and Tara are my favorite.  There is great hope there!!  They have a strong relationship, it is filled with love they just don't know how to express it.  I do see a good future for them too!!  I was however uncertain about the two of them, but I can understand how they drifted apart.  They can make it work, and they should.  They are just angry with each other, but they definitely have love and u can see that thru their children!!  Jenna and her husband, she can be a bit controlling, I think that can drive him to drink.  She definitely loves him and her children but needs to slow down a bit, and work on her issues before trying to fix her husbands.
Replied By: blooge9 on Apr 2, 2009, 4:05PM - In reply to anewearth
I would just like to add that we are now in the world of get it now with no strings attached. These kids have no clue about marriage because it is lust, not love that got them in this position. they never took the time to really get to know their partner before embarking on the yellow brick road to marriage. there is no respect for the others individuality and there is no meeting of the minds. It is strictly the me me me concept that has permeated our society.

I would like to see FINANCE taught in high schools as mandatory, not as an elective and FAMILY LIVING likewise. these are imperative for couples to continue healthy relationships. It would also help to avoid this stupid sub-prime fiasco that has caused the economic malaise.
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