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Parents, you may not know it, but there is a threat looming in your home. It’s a frightening and dangerous trend that affects the good girls -- cheerleaders, honor students and college graduates -- and law enforcement agencies across the country are up in arms. No longer needing to walk the streets to offer sex for money, young women are turning to the reputable Web site craigslist.com in order to sell their bodies. Next to the area on the site where you can buy a jungle gym for your child, you can access erotic ads, where young women post sexy photos and advertise sex for money. When Ashley was in college pursuing a bachelor’s degree, she never predicted that she would one day meet strangers for sex in order to pay off her student loans. She says she wants to quit the dangerous profession before something horrible happens, but thinks she’s addicted to the “easy money.” Crystal says she was also addicted to the money until she was nearly killed. Hear her horrific story and how her life is now that she has escaped the industry. Could Crystal’s tale be the wake-up call Ashley needs? Then, meet a mother who fears her daughter may be using craigslist to exchange sex for money. What can she do to protect her daughter? Sheriff of Cook County, Illinois Tom Dart and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal weigh in. Lawmakers have formed a coalition to rid craigslist of its erotic service section, but find out why they’ve been fighting an uphill battle. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: alphak555 on Aug 20, 2012, 7:14PM
I do agree that the internet has allowed predators a vehicle to increase their ability to contact and influence young children! But, these women are not victims and are choosing to get easy money by any means possible! Yes, the internet has make this more accessible but it is a choice, a physical choice! I have never even considered prositiuting myself when I didnt have any thing to eat and 3 young children! I went without and found other ways to cope! On many occasions men have offered me gifts etc. and if I did not have any morals I would probably be very wealthy today! I would not even consider taking something from someone else! I am disgusted by the number of young women seeking sugar daddies or prostituting themselves and justifying it! Where are the parents in all of this? Didnt the parents instill morality and the ability to make good decisions to these girls? I think that in this day and age parents must be vigilant and address all aspects of immoral behaviour from prostitution to drugs at an appropriate age! It is getting harder being a parent as the internet has a huge influence on our children and that is why we must address these issues early in a childs life! I am very soft with my children but whenever I discussed morality, drugs and getting something for nothing I made it clear what was right and what was wrong! I think that parents have to adapt to the changing influences in a childs life and be vigilant in guiding them in the right direction!
Replied By: momcare on Apr 9, 2009, 10:09AM
iT IS NOT JUST THE INTERNET.  Your kids can get it on the PC, and on your TV if you have cable or SATELLITE TV.  Parents need to protect their kids from themselves by password protecting all the electronic devices in their home.,  Call youi cell phone, Cable or Dsih comapny and put passwords on your account so that your teens can not poison their souls with porn while you are sleeping or not home. When your cable of dish accounts are not password protected any on in the home can order pay per  viewmovies and show that are XXX rated!!!  It is not jus teens either I have heard of kids as young as 9 and 10 doing it.

Keep you PC in a public room of your house and keep it locked unless you are home!!!! THe internet is a cesspool that our kids do not need carte blanche to. We Filter your internet connection so that inapproriate pop ups do not poison you child's eyes and mind!!!!!

Thanks for reading :-)
Replied By: sweetcsp on Apr 8, 2009, 8:47AM
I was so moved, and related so much, with Cindy's story of her daughter selling herself on the internet. My younger sister, who I'll call "Annie", did the same thing in Austin, TX. She became horribly addicted to crack cocaine while "escorting" and her sole source of finding dates was craig's list.  She posted herself there, along with several other young girls, and all the while, an older man (if you can call him that) of over 50 was acting as pimp and supplying the drugs as well.  "Annie" ended up on the streets, with nothing but a laundry basket of clothes. Thank God she was picked up while being pulled over with a "friend" and was spent 4 months in county jail and then was assigned to A.R.C. (Austin Recovery Center), where she spent another 30 days.  She's now reporting to meetings, passing UA's and working hard to regain custody of her son, my precious nephew, who is now 2 years old, and hasn't seen his mother in about a year, even though they live in the same city.  But, it is a very slippery slope, and she admits the lure of that "lifestyle" and the easy money is hard to resist. She is pregnant again, and I can only give this to God, and ask for prayers.  Our young women are in trouble...something has to change, whether it's the media's relaxed sexualization of women, or the nearly impossible body type that's portrayed.  "Annie" began using cocaine to lose weight after having her son...it's such a horrible spiral for our youth to get caught up in.  I really feel personally grateful to Dr. Phil and his team for always being brave and facing these issues head on and not hiding behind what some may feel is un-PC.  
Replied By: ls4680 on Apr 6, 2009, 10:17PM
Dr. Phil, during the show “The Dark Side of the Internet” you stated that you went onto craigslist to do research for the show.  Did you see any ads for “lewd acts” for “consideration”?  Did you flag the ads?  If not, YOU violated the craigslist terms of use agreement!  If you did not flag anything illegal that you saw I will give you the benefit of the doubt that flagging the few ads that you saw would probably give you the feeling of trying to fight a forest fire with a squirt gun.  On the show you showed several members of the audience shaking their heads at what they were hearing.  Could you not have enlisted them and your 4+ million viewers to help?  Could local law enforcement agencies enlist local volunteers flags ads?  If their ads were flagged quickly they could not get a response and would quickly quit using craigslist, although I would image that most would find another way to “pedal their wares”.


Now by no means do I mean to infer that I think that craigslist is not culpable in their handling the situation.  I know some law enforcement agencies charge business and homeowners for responding to burglary alarms.  Could these law enforcement agencies also charge craigslist for responding to crimes that are posted on their site?  I think that if craigslist got a $1,000 bill for each one, they would do a better job of policing their own site and removing such ads themselves before law enforcement saw them. 
Replied By: doomsdaydiva on Apr 4, 2009, 9:33AM
I have been reluctant to write anything on this site for a while but after what happened to me today I had to tell someone about my experience. A couple of weeks ago I became interested in YouTube for the first time. After just watching it for a while I decided to sign up so I could make comments about some of the videos, in spite of the disgustingl vulgar, racist, sexist and homophobic language  made by maybe 95% of the people on the comments pages. I decided to force myself to ignore it and keep my own comments  free of such filth. But then this morning I discovered some comments in my E-Mail. I am still  crying after reading them as I type this. How can YouTube and other sites like it allow such horrible, ugly and abusive language on an otherwise fun website?:(
Replied By: angelswngs on Apr 2, 2009, 3:58PM - In reply to yesyoucan
I was looking for that story about the maintenance worker using Craiglist to prey on women and children and someone on here was saying they knew a guy who uses Craiglist for hookers, and may have been a murder suspect and mentioned alie.og which I visited. But I can't seem to find that post now?

Its scary out there, I just don't know how these women  selling themselves and their bodies on the web  do it, how do they meet a stranger and let them into their life, their homes, their bodies just for money? So twisted and sad. I would rather starve to death or kill myself than prostitute myself....Its seems like porn/prostitution in our society are just a joke, why aren't these people getting arrested more? STDs are rampant, families are failing, and our bankers, our politicians, our leaders are criminals and our presidents are too? I don't think this is what the founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution...That Free speech would come mean a person has a right to trade flesh, essentially a form of slavery. It makes no sense.

Is this what we've come to?
Replied By: beaman0001 on Apr 2, 2009, 1:53PM - In reply to elizabeth216

You sound just like her (the girl Dr Phil said had "no compass") and just as lost. Defending something insane makes you delusional. Choosing criminal and prostitutional life styles and behaviors is inherently self destructive, exploitative, parasitic, and narcissistic. You give yourself away. We can all see that, ask yourself why you can't? Destructive life choices belie a sick mind and a sick organism. Others here are just pointing it out for you, but you cannot see clear because you have bought the lies of other abusers and exploiters too.

YOU HAVE TO CALL A SPADE A SPADE. Otherwise its just denial.

Replied By: beaman0001 on Apr 2, 2009, 12:37PM - In reply to angelswngs

And the names can stop, otherwise we have to name the game and name this abhorrent claim to fame! Well put angelswngs!

As a man against the sex trade, I have been aggressively solicited in several cities where prostitution is highly illegal. These prostitutes were predators and criminals and I wished they would leave me alone, but I still felt compassion for them. I gave one girl the address to a shelter and counseling services and she yelled at me for trying to help her and her mouth was so foul I will never forget her, but I would never pay for sex. Anyway, she is in a hell of her own making and choice.

So many men are blamed for being pigs and jerks in our society - but these hookers and aggressive prostitutes are no different. THey are criminals and predators so STOP trying to defend this and make it look like these names and labels aren't part and parcel of all that is what they or you are choosing to do.

Someone brought up the book FEMALE CHAUVINIST PIGS by Ariel Levy, and I suggest you read up on it if you think the hookers are the victims here cause they are getting labeled!!! Talk about delusional. This is why others are saying you have NO COMPASS! And if you can't see it, that is where the delusion sets in! But of course, you can't see your own delusion that is why they call it being LOST!

If you want to have respect and credibility in the eyes of others and don't want people to call you pejorative names like prostitute, whore, or hooker then get another job, preferably one that does not involve crime and exploiting others.

CRIME DOESN'T PAY! Eventually you will see why....


"Getting Off" book by Robert Jensen PhD

Replied By: beaman0001 on Apr 2, 2009, 11:19AM - In reply to sadlioness
Have you tried Perverted Justice COM or reporting her to the authorities? What she is doing is a criminal offense that usually involves other related crimes such as drug activity, homicide, absue of minors and more.

I know its hard to report a loved one to the police - but really you could be saving her life from a dangerous or violent client, from an STD, depression, suicide, perosnality disorders, or from drug abuse. Sometimes its the only way and it has to be done....

I am sorry for you, I know this pain personally and its rampant now in our society.

We all have to STAND UP against this in whatever way we can.

Replied By: yesyoucan on Apr 2, 2009, 8:47AM - In reply to restraint
Did you see the post March 31st, by our fellow member who said that a man he knows partakes of escorts on Craigslists does to try to hook up with teens on Denver Craigslist? Fellow Dr. Phil Website member posted that that man was also a suspect in a murder of a five year old in 1993, Alie, in Colorado and works in Apartment maintenance now. That that man was in same building as Allie in 1993. Of course, here on this board it is hearsay yet I hope our fellow member shares his concerns with Dr. Phil, too.

OMG! It occurred to me, though, that someone with access to others belongings, as in apartment maintenance, could set up someone. In other words, I wonder if duffel bag belonged to person who used in awful crime... or someone else to set up that person. I know of a man who stored his pot in his ex's stationery box so if he got caught he could say instead it was hers. Thank God for DNA and fingerprints as surely such set ups do happen. I wonder how many have taken the fall set up by others who used someone else's personal belongings to camouflage their own criminal activity...

Yesterday, on a TV program a little boy in foster care said he didn't want to go to sleep when his dad stopped by for a visit. His dad asked why and his son said because when he woke up his dad might not still be there. It occurred to me, then, that insomnia might for some be rooted in such childhood separation anxiety situations for some. Oh well, I just got up thinking about a couple of hypotheses and decided to share when I thanked you for your compassion.

G2G... Be Blessed Always... Thanks again for your compassionate reply...

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