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After bringing all the parties together to announce the dissolution of the agreement between the octuplets’ mother, Nadya Suleman, and the organization Angels in Waiting USA, who offered care for all 14 of Nadya’s children, Dr. Phil continues the discussion. Attorney Gloria Allred and Nadya’s attorney, Jeff Czech, present two differing views about what happened inside Nadya’s house and why Angels in Waiting USA were dismissed. Dr. Phil continues to advocate for the welfare of the Suleman children above all. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: birger on May 22, 2014, 9:44AM
Let me ask.  Has there been any indication that these babies have been abused or neglected in any way?  As I watch this show, I see the nurses being upset because this mom made a decision on her own.  Like it or not, she is the mother of these babies and should be able to make choices for caring for them.  I haven't seen anywhere where her house has been deemed unsafe or she has been deemed abusive.  At how many babies should lawyers, and outside agencies be allowed to begin making decisions for a family?  It's not that I like her choices, but I believe that until there is evidence that these babies have been abused or neglected in any way, this mother should be allowed to make decisions for their care.
Replied By: tripletmom4 on Feb 1, 2011, 10:11AM
Octomom's house will NOT become a XXX property -- The porn king who wanted to buy the home has officially decided to back off.

After Octo refused multiple job offers and FREE MONEY from Steven Hirsch -- the Vivid Entertainment president has finally ended negotiations to buy the note on the OctoPad.

Hirsch said, "We tried really hard to develop some sort of a relationship with Nadya. We totally understood that she didn’t want to make a movie with us and we respect her decision."

Hirsch adds, "She has refused our check for her February mortgage payment and has made it very clear that she doesn’t need or want our help in any way."

He concludes, "At this point we will no longer pursue buying her $450,000 balloon payment, but remain open to speaking to her about other opportunities."

I guess after the new fetish "baby spanking" video she made, Nadia believes she came make it on her own without the help of Hirsch.....Ya, I saw the video and once again I can't believe that Nadia didn't know what she was doing, and where were the children while this video was being filmed?....Is that her answer for everything ~ "I regret doing it" ????????
Replied By: koaladodo on Jan 23, 2011, 12:58PM - In reply to petfriendlyre
The video is SICK, SICK, SICK.  I know that Suze told her to find some work so she could support her family, but I don't think she meant filming that MTZ video.
Replied By: petfriendlyre on Jan 19, 2011, 9:19AM
Happy New Year!
She complains that the media is ruining her life and then she does this: Octomom -- The Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
can be found on TMZ.   Look at the photos at your own risk.

Replied By: tripletmom4 on Jan 14, 2011, 6:14PM
Basically Suze Orman told Suleman to get an agent to obtain some kind of entertainment deal, go to church, have a garage sale, lose the nannies, stop any unnecessary spending and suck it up. Oh, and Suleman had to admit she was a “baby addict. Oprah and Suze justify Octomon “baby addiction” as the same as owning more stuff than a person can afford..huuuum ~ Oprah and Suze continue to tell us not to be so judgmental, how many other people have had more kids than they can afford. Will I for one have not and would never consider they option; after all we are talking about human lives here, not a shoe addict.

Octomom was offered ONCE AGAIN to tell the truth about her obsession with her looks, the media, and if she had any plastic surgery. Nadia's answers; NO, NOPE, and NEVER, OH EXCEPT HER BOOBS.  Nadya continues to bash her mom and idolize her father, explaining all the moral ethics he instilled in her; like getting an education.....Blahahahaha, what ever happened to that plan????? Physiologist in case any one forgot.

Suze usually has some pretty good idea on getting people finances back on track, but she has no clue on how to get someone to tell the truth.  I would have rather of seen Judge Judy and Octomomon Oprah stage together.  So tired of see and hearing octomom's bullsh** and having people fall for it.  The fact Oprah and Suze believed Nadya's crap; or didn't call her on her plastic surgery by putting up Nadya's before and after picture is beyond me.  You might be thinking, that's besides the point.  What is important now are the kids.  Will the point is Suze and Oprah; once again gave Nadya the opportunity to come clean with the public and Nadya failed 100%.
Replied By: lilysong2525 on Nov 11, 2010, 5:38PM

Replied By: val21445 on Nov 9, 2010, 11:01PM
She was on Oprah along with Suze Orman to try and get her finances in order. She says she has a personal trainer and her eyelashes are real. They grow so long and so fast she has had to cut them since 4th grade. However, Makeup Mandys in West Hollywood says she is a regular for mink eyelash maintenance. And her lips are real, although there is abundant evidence of this also being a lie. Yep, she is really destitute. Needs to go on welfare to feed the kids cause she ain't gonna spend her money on them.

How does she have the nerve to lie like that to millions of people and Oprah and Suze Orman. Unbelievable. She's worse than Nixon, lying to us on TV. LOL!
Replied By: tripletmom4 on Nov 3, 2010, 11:11AM - In reply to pickleslarue
Oooops ~ True; my mistake Pickleslarue!   Must have been wishful thinking on my part...lol
Replied By: andie29 on Oct 22, 2010, 10:24AM
The board also alleges Kamrava provided substandard care to two other women. One, a 48-year-old with three adult children, was implanted with four embryos and became pregnant with quadruplets. One died in the womb, and another was born with severe developmental complications.

In another case, the doctor transferred an embryo into a 42-year-old woman with a history of cancer. An ultrasound showed ovarian cysts, and tests determined them to be "questionable" for cancer. Kamrava failed to order additional tests or to transfer her to a specialist, medical-board documents allege.

Replied By: pickleslarue on Oct 22, 2010, 3:59AM
She demanded the implantation of 12 fresh embryos and then disappeared because she didn't want to honor her agreement to selectively reduce.  She never intended to honor that agreement and she didn't care that she was putting her existing children, herself or the children she was carrying at risk.  You don't get a reality show, a mansion, a staff and enough money to feed your narcissism with a measly little triplet birth you know!
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