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You’ve followed the story of Nadya Suleman and her newborn octuplets. Now, Dr. Phil updates the octuplets’ situation, including the homecoming of the first four babies, and the recent developments in the partnership between Nadya and the organization Angels in Waiting USA. Find out what’s really been going on inside the nursery, and why Nadya says she terminated the offer of 24/7 care with qualified nurses paid for by public donations. Solely concerned for the babies’ welfare, Dr. Phil mediates a discussion about what’s going to happen next for the octuplets and where Nadya plans to turn for assistance. And, the founders of Angels in Waiting USA speak candidly about their concerns. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: disabledmomof3 on May 6, 2009, 10:35PM - In reply to betsydee
Glad to see that Nadya is no longer a heated subject even though she is still on Radar, showing off her tattoo and yelling at her mom over the black eye her son got. That's one reality show I won't be watching. I have my own problems and got a scare over the flu going around near us. I was sick for 2 days in bed with all the symptoms of the flu except just a 100.5 fever. Feeling much better and hoping to find a better subject to join in a discussion when I can come to use the computer.
My best friend of 40 years died last week after suffering for a very long time, he was only 64 years old.

I've been really busy sorting things out for our estate sale at my parents house and I have to say, it is so great living in the country---peaceful and having the birds wake you up is a good feeling.

Any new topics of discussion? Let me know. I'll be back next week for a doctor's appt. Miss you all.
Replied By: grandpa17 on Apr 14, 2009, 3:41PM
http://web.archive.org/web/20040507020034/http://www.sixgosselins.com/    All of these babies were special same as Nadyas are.
Replied By: grandpa17 on Apr 14, 2009, 3:23PM - In reply to simonae77
There is nothing Jon could do as far as work to make the millions they make and live the rich life style they enjoy. Nadya will do what ever she has to to feed and give her children the same. Why do you see it so wrong for her and not them they both do what is needed to raise there kids. There TV show provides them with a great income far more then anything else  they could would do. Same goes for Nadya she will need to sell pictures, books, movies and have her own tv show to take care of her family. None are better then each other all need to do what ever it takes to raise the children. No matter who they are or how they came to be here. God Bless her can her children and also Jon and Kate.
Replied By: simonae77 on Apr 14, 2009, 2:19PM - In reply to grandpa17
JON & Kate
Replied By: grandpa17 on Apr 14, 2009, 11:15AM - In reply to kalico94
Not bad for two people who have no job other then there TV show. All of these families make money off of there large families and all asked to help from day one. http://www.starsareblind.com/2009/01/27/jon-kate-gosselins-new-house/

well seeing that you have it ALL figured out for them. What do you suggest they do to provide for their family?  Lets see how creative you are? As long as you know the grocery bill ALONE is in the vicinity of $2000.00 a month. MINIMUM. and then we have clothing , doctors, dentists. I wonder how long Jon could maintain making enough money for his family?  As Kate has to stay home now. She has been pretty damned entrepreneurial/resourseful. She has written books and is now in the throws of writing a cook book. Wonder if you could do better.
i also have to wonder what the hell they have to do with the TOPIC ON THIS PARTICULAR BOARD? They are a MARRIED COUPLE, they both have worked kate a nurse and Jon an IT analyst, and they are bending over backwards trying to feed their family.
I guess they should do what octoho has done. put both her parents into bankruptcy not only losing one house but TWO houses. 
1. octotwit  has 14 NOT eight,
2. ocotnut had six at home AND NOT TWO.
3. single
4. no visible means of support since 1999 according the her own mother.
5. got $167.000.00 for her BACK

Replied By: simonae77 on Apr 14, 2009, 1:01PM - In reply to khoke5122
feast on this. maybe do your research BEFORE you jump the gun and go and tell others how WRONG THEY ARE.

You are still comparing apples to oranges. Kate and Jon are 'MARRIED." AND ARE smart enough to know the TWO OF THEM TOGETHER WORKING HELPS THEM MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO "FEED" THEIR BROOD.
IN COMPARISON TO just ONE OF THEM WORKING. I can't believe you would EVEN mention that fact. Do you know the grocery bill for 10 people? The clothing?? The medical??
Do the math, when you run outa fingers take the socks off. that should help. Now I know why you left the other board..heheheheh. oh and go figure A MOM AND DAD? HOLY CRAP WHAT A CONCEPT? HUSBAND AND WIFE WORKING TOGETHER. TELL ME OCTOTWIT WHAT IS MISSING IN YOUR UGLY LIFE NOW. You are such a loser, you're a narcissist. nothing more nothing less.

 Jon Gosselin used to work as an IT analyst. He now stays home and works at the "family job" which is their tv show, speaking engagements etc. He addressed the issue of the family business and work in an interview with KUTV, see entire video of the interview on the KUTV website which is under Related Links.

Jon and Kate have stated "Our life is the show and the show is our life." They support themselves and their family through sponsorships, speaking engagements, and their reality show "Jon and Kate Plus 8."

Because of the show Jon is able to be home full time with his family.

In addition to speaking engagements, the Gosselins AND Beth Carson co wrote Multiple Blessings. Another book entitled Eight Little Faces which features pictures of the Gosselin children along with their favorite bible verses is due out soon. Supposedly, Kate is also working on a cookbook as well. Beside the books, speaking engagements and the show, they also generate income from their DVD sales.


Jon Kate Plus 8 New House
Replied By: grandpa17 on Apr 14, 2009, 11:43AM
Replied By: grandpa17 on Apr 14, 2009, 11:15AM - In reply to kalico94
Not bad for two people who have no job other then there TV show. All of these families make money off of there large families and all asked to help from day one.            http://www.starsareblind.com/2009/01/27/jon-kate-gosselins-new-house/
Replied By: chloetink on Apr 3, 2009, 11:54PM - In reply to mama2os
If you read carefully what AIW was saying then you would see that they did not have a problem with "hispanic" nannies...what they did have an issue with is that the nannies did not have the english competency required to understand the training that they were providing. Would you feel comfortable having someone give you medication if they could not read the labels?? How would you communicate with a person who you hired if you cannot effectively communicate the job requirements due to a language barrier? In the job where I work, you have to be certified in order to communicate with someone who speaks another language...there are social differences, vocabulary and terminology that is job specific that you need to have (in addition to an oral and written exam) in order to "be qualified" to speak another language to a client besides english. (And this is in the United States) Why should it be any different in this situation?? If anything it is more urgent that the care providers understand every aspect of their training as they are dealing with extremely fragile infants.  My husband immigrated to this country over 20 years ago. English was not his first or his second language…in order to work as a professional in this country he needed to learn English proficiently. At no time did he cry "foul" because he could not understand what people were saying to him...instead he studied to make sure that he was able to communicate with his clients. I gather that you have not had any experiences in other countries, they have very little tolerance for individuals who are working and cannot speak the language or understand the job training. 


This is not about racism...I think that you trying to make it become a racial issue is absolutely absurd. 

Replied By: chloetink on Apr 3, 2009, 11:24PM - In reply to disabledmomof3
Unfortunately the staff was justly fired, there is extensive training before hiring of hospital staff and no staff members may access a patients file without actively treating the patient. I totally understand the curiosity factor, but these laws were set into place to protect private medical files not only for self proclaimed celebrities but also to protect all of us. A mother working at a hospital cannot even access her child's medical files, but instead has to go through the normal channels (talk to the physician) in order to get test results etc...How would any of us feel if a neighbor or ex-boyfriend accessed our private medical files to gain info that could be used against us???
Replied By: khoke5122 on Apr 3, 2009, 12:03AM - In reply to kalico94
TO- kalico94   Yes I know that people did not want any more entries on this subject however someone needed to say it. The only reason that they are all being compared to Nadia is that they have so many children. Jon and Kate or the Duggers did not set up a web site to send them money

needed to be said


  I don't expect you to reply because you would have to admit you were wrong and you felt the need to correct me. Jon and Kate were asking for things on their website even before babies were born which even included a 15 passenger van. They refer to it as their prayer list!! They were even registered at BABIESRUS for your donations. The below website shows of them asking for donations from May 2004 to October 2007. You must have missed a few episodes! In this years season finale Jon addresses he does not work from home! They live totally off their children..Not so much different from Nadya at all and Kate sure likes the limelight. That is also addressed on the season finale. Kate wan'ts a season 5, Jon does not..... Google it for yourself and get your facts straight!

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