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Are you still searching for your dream mate, or do you wonder if the person you’re dating is The One? Along with Patti Stanger, founder of the Millionaire’s Club and star of Bravo TV’s The Millionaire Matchmaker, Dr. Phil serves up advice for finding the love of your life. First up is Heidi, a millionairess from Season 2 of The Millionaire Matchmaker, who says she’s sick of being single. She says it’s hard to meet quality men in Los Angeles and feels like she only chooses men who are commitment-phobes. Could Heidi be sabotaging her chances for romance? Then, Damien, a former pro-football player, says the woman of his dreams must have perfect feet, and Tamarrah says she won’t go out with a man who doesn’t make six figures. Find out what happens when Dr. Phil sends these picky people on a date … with each other! Next, Danielle says she hasn’t gotten to a second date in four years. One suitor even left her high and dry in the middle of dinner. Learn what Patti says Danielle must do to land her man. Plus, another leading matchmaker, April Beyer, says she disagrees with Patti’s dating beliefs. Don’t miss their heated debate!

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: restraint on Apr 1, 2009, 3:44PM
While I believe it is good to have a matchmaking alternative for dating, I do not think it is right to look for a person based on how much money they have.  It is sad because men are looking for the pretty woman that looks good on their arm and women are looking for the rich guy who can save them.

In the end, you end up with phony women who are artificial with fake boobs and makeup piled high, wasting money on hair extensions in order to get a rich man.

You end up with a man who lies about his finances and spends money he does not have on credit card items.

Frankly, I think they are wasting their time on things that are unimportant – things that may not last. Whatever happened to looking for somebody with a good heart?  The good guys are overlooked constantly so that women can chase after some rich abusive brute.

The best relationships are when the woman and man are very good friends and enjoy sharing time with each other.  I would rather live in a dumpy cabin in poverty than to be in a relationship where I did not truly love somebody, but stayed in order to impress others.
Replied By: rmpwyo0116 on Mar 27, 2009, 11:24AM - In reply to goderich
Who does Patti think she is anyway?  Good grief!  I wouldn't like her talking to me as she did those who were on your show.   She seems arrogant and snotty to me.

  This year's shows really haven't been as good as those in the past...........too bad, we really like Dr. Phil.
Replied By: liza992001 on Mar 23, 2009, 1:50PM
You keep promoting matchmaker April Beyer, who seems very professional, However her agency does not accept any women who are over 45. & I quote "Due to the age of my current client list, I am now only accepting submissions from women ages 26-45." But they do accept men 60+ , which means that they consider mature men desirable but not women - According to their age criteria for women , April Beyer would not accept any od the following women as clients -
MADONNA, KIM BASINGER, JANE SEYMOUR, CHRISTIE BRINKLEY, HOLLY HUNTER, IMAN, MICHELE PFEIFFER, SHARONE STONE, CHER, JACLYN SMITH, ANGELA BASSETT, DIANE SAWYER, ANDIE MACDOWELL, RENE RUSSO ...ME,....... AND THE LIST GOES ON & ON .  I find this offensive and insulting. If Beyer takes male clients over 60 why do they only take women up to 45 - Dont you think a 60+ man should be paired with a 60+ woman - what 45 year female would go out with a 60+ male, unless she's desparate or plain gold-digging. I'd like to hear Dr. Phil's view on this disparity between men & women in the dating scene & why this is consodered acceptable. i do not think Dr. Phil should be promoting any organization that promotes double standards.
Replied By: desertlady42 on Mar 20, 2009, 4:18PM
After seeing this show I don't think Dr. Phil should give advice on relationships. It's sad he thinks someone should go into a relationship not really knowing what they want and expect to just "magically" connect. The dating process is about learning what you like and don't like in a mate. Each relationship can help you learn about yourself and what you should look for in another person.  By the time you are mature enough to settle down you should have a very good idea what kind of person is right for you.

I've been with my husband for ten years. Within a few weeks we had discussed many of the things that were important to us in our mate and we matched the majority of our "list". It may sound unromantic to have a check list but it actually leads to quite a stable relationship.

My husband I are very similar. We have many of the same likes and dislikes, we have the same religious and political views, we enjoy the same entertainment and a few things we enjoy on our own. Expecting to just magically connect with someone is not responsible. Physical connection is important but it's just a small part of the whole picture.
Replied By: katcibele on Mar 20, 2009, 12:09PM - In reply to jrmass
You know, I totally desagree.. i'm just married and I got married virgen, 27 years old.. had sex in my wedding night, was rommantic, beautiful and good! my husnband never complaned about it and he's been always crazy for me! I have a lot of grilfriends who married virgencand some still virgens, super normal..
This Patti girl is unique, beautiful and different, I bet that's a lot of guys out there who wish to date her, because she is different, she is the kind of girl to get married!
If the grils wait to have sex, they wouldnt be complaining about being single or not get a serious man, or a marriage, cause you know, if the guy want sex he just have to cross the street and get it!
The marriage is a holy thing, as the sex is!
I'm glad I got married virgen,  is something new, different.. we are super happy, we have great sex.
If you be a serious girl to date, you will find a serious guy who deserve you ;)
Replied By: katcibele on Mar 20, 2009, 11:59AM
I would like to post a comment about that Patti girl, who said she is 24 old years old virgem and waiting for her wedding night... I'm just married and I got married virgem, 27 years old! I had sex in my wedding night, and I have to say, was amazing, romantic and unique! I never had problem of daiting guys and not having sex, I was always dating good guys, the problem was not because of sex, but because I made mistakes and never got the proposal.. when I met my husband (37 years old), on line, we fell in love and got married in 1 year! I never had sex with him before marriage and that was my desicion, he never left me because of that , he's always been crazy for me! and today, in our marrige we are super happy and have great sex!! I dont agree sex befores marriage, I belive sex belong to the marriage, is holy as the marriage is! I just would like to say to that Patti girl that she is super beautiful, unique and different, there's a lot of guys out there who wish to find a girl like her! I have virgens girlfriends and this is super normal, they are more happy and security than most of those girls out there who sleep with all kind of guys!
If a guy marry a virgen girl he will never have to worry about if she will have a unfair, becuase is she didnt haxe sex with him while was daiting, why would she has with somebody else??
Dr Phil is right, if a man want sex, he can cross the road and get it! He doesnt even need to get married! If the girls wait for have sex, they would get married faster and not complaning to be singe!
Be different with your values and you will find a great man who deserve you!
I hope Patti finds the lucky guy who deserve her!
Replied By: eloiseaurelia on Mar 20, 2009, 11:48AM
I was hoping to see this show, but it was pre-empted by the NAACP bakset ball game(s)!  Since I'm not a big fan of this sport, know no one who plays it, I don't "get" how truly important it is to many people. I do respect that, I freely admit I'm ignorant, yet, I really, truly believed that these games/series(?) were played at night.?? Anyone else miss the show from 3/19/09?
Replied By: statcat99 on Mar 20, 2009, 10:26AM
Really Dr. Phil --

The question isn't 

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

The question is

Why buy a whole pig when all you want is a little sausage?

Replied By: goderich on Mar 20, 2009, 2:45AM
Saw the show yesterday with the matchmaker.  She told the man he was lazy and spoiled.  If she told me that I would talk back too her.  What gives her the right to say that in front of everybody.
Replied By: newyearsbb on Mar 19, 2009, 8:24PM - In reply to whittier
I agree with other comments about the homecoming of 2 of the babies this week.  I was horrified that there was no security, the garage broken, the bricks in the front yard crushed.  The audio sounded like a woman was screaming  when they were in the garage, was that Nadya or a member of the media?   I felt so sorry for those babies.  All the bright lights on those poor tiny babies.  She didn't have to have the press in the house the night the babies come home. It should have been a quiet, family time.  When I brought my babies home from the hospital the house was peaceful, and I didn't have a hoard of guests.  I realize that Dr. Phil is trying to help her, but she just seems clueless and stupid.  We are all told how she is so intelligent and likeable, we the public are not seeing it.   
The one situation that really bothers me about this woman is her comments on why she wanted a 7th or 8th child, (since she said she expected 1 or 2 babies from the implanted embryos) is why did she say that her other children we all healthy? I heard her say this, yet, she has 3 disabled children and 1 of these children is autistic.  She has an autistic child and 5 other children and she has time for more?  This is why I think she is so unstable and unfit. 
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