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They’re young, they’re famous, and now they’re shining a light on a dark subject. From the moment singer Chris Brown allegedly beat his girlfriend Rihanna on the eve of the Grammy Awards, America has been shocked and polarized by the story. How could Chris do that? And how could Rihanna even think about going back to him after what appeared to be such a brutal beating? With the help of best-selling author Bishop T.D. Jakes, Dr. Phil offers up some straight talk about domestic violence. Learn what to look for and how to stop it. First, the relationship between Megan and Kurt has been on-and-off-again for eight years, but the anger and violence has been consistently on. Megan says Kurt has beaten her, choked her, thrown her against walls, and as if that weren’t enough, Megan’s little boy is stuck in the middle, and he plays a big role in whether the couple will stay together. This relationship is at a new breaking point, and though Kurt says he wants to save it, Megan says it may be too late. Find out which direction Dr. Phil thinks they should go. Then, meet a young woman who says she put up with abuse for years and years, until a knife to the throat made her say, "Enough is enough." You won’t want to miss these stories, plus important information that just may save your life! Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: mimibabies0005 on Jan 4, 2013, 2:32PM
Boy this has changes alot... Haven't been up here in a long time. My husband left me and moved in with his ex wife when he left me he left me with 3 house payment behind and I couldn't get it caught up although I had my 2 daughters and their kids living here we just couldn't make it, not only did he move in with this women he got in engage to her well to make a long story short he moved out of her house and now want me back.... I do not love him there is no feeling there for him.. It took time but I have let go of my anger and now trying to move on. I been told that I didn't really give it a shot or we didn't give it a fair shot. I'AM NOT TAKING HIM BACK OR GOING BACK... IT IS LIKE SAYING THAT I'M OK WITH HOW HE TALKS AND TREATS ME. WHICH I'M NOT. SO I WANT TO KNOW HAS HE CHANGE CAN I TRUST HIM ETC. ETC.... JUST WONDER WHAT YOU THINK
Replied By: freethinker2 on Sep 18, 2012, 1:40PM - In reply to sheritacaraway
It would be nice to see Franklin Graham or his sister.

Thank you.
Replied By: whittydaisy on Jun 25, 2012, 8:09PM - In reply to peacefulone67
Thank-you So much for posting your experience.  I have often looked back on a similar relationship  asking many questions as it caused much pain.  There were many infedelities and the initial honeymoon period.  He was so incredibly attentive to my emotions.  During my many reflections I did feel as though I had been groomed, and as though there were head games, and like I had been tested.   I was not as fortunate as you and some others.  I was naive and coming from an unhealthy family background so I did not listen to my families initial impressions of this particular man and relationship, even though they were correct.  Isn't that something . . .  I spent about a year of my life devoted although not married to a man 14 years older than me $21,000.00 in debt, in a 2 bedroom lease apartment, 2 year cell phone contract, that I could not afford, broken heart and pregnant with his child all at the age of 21, when I had been a devout christian.   I'm not sure I have completely recovered now 15 years later as this turned my world upside down.   

I'm just glad to know that I was not alone, and that there is grooming, and emotional abuse in this.  I would really love to know where you found this information so that I may read it.  Learn and grow more. 
Replied By: hurting09 on Nov 29, 2009, 12:14PM - In reply to shawnamarieo
hello i am in a verbal and abusive relationship  i have  3 kids also  and my husband is the same way he treat my kids like trash  he puts me down like you wouldnt believe i am in therapy im to the point where i hate life already yeah i made a mistake buy when he was n jail  i cheated my mistake  after 5 months of going down 2 c hi always i made the mistake  when he got out i  found out  i was pregnant   we went through that i had the baby  he wanted to raise her so i kept her from her dad but he wont do anything for us  or her  she calls him dad  aznd thatnhurts  i cant take the fact that everytime i look at the bab he  is like oh waht you thinking of the dad and there starts the fight  and physically hurt me and verbally he has put me down where i dont want  to live any more i want to start school  and he like  ok  good for you and 5 min later  he saying y i this i that i should be dead   cant so i dont want to bore you with my issues just wanted to say i feel you and we need to support  each others
Replied By: postivelygood on Jun 7, 2009, 5:21AM - In reply to lovemysoldier
We all have a choice on decisions we make no matter of our back ground. I have even experienced my ex husbands sister and parents justifying his behaviour!!!! There are no excuses he chooses to treat her that way and using he is angry and has issues to deal with is just justifying what he has done. No man has a right to put any woman down, hit them because they are angry or jealous or the woman is not acting they want them to behave!!!
I am speaking from experience and learnt the hard way, but what I have learnt it was not my fault at all!!! The most important thing is that I didn't do anything wrong. He has the problem and only he can fix it or even getting them to admit they are in fault is a hard task.
I know being family you want to protect him but the best thing you can do is be real and face up to his behaviour and make him own it, especially don't make excuses for him.
Replied By: twisted_poet on Apr 23, 2009, 11:24AM - In reply to darlin888
Abuse is abuse. Self defense is a good excuse but if it's against an out of control man this could lead to only a more aggressive attack. Saying "what could I do to a man twice my size" is like me saying well I only hit her with the back of my hand. Run Darlin and don't look back. Any man that finds an excuse to physically batter a woman has major issues and either needs Dr. Phil counseling him or throttling him.
Replied By: shawnamarieo on Apr 22, 2009, 6:50AM - In reply to kdvandiver
You are a really strong person I wish I could be as strong as you!
Replied By: shawnamarieo on Apr 22, 2009, 6:48AM
I am in a verbally abusive relationship. My boyfriend is always yelling at me and calling me the most horrible names. he does this in front of my 2 older kids and his 2 younger kids. His kids now think its ok to call me names and often tells me they will tell "Daddy" and he will yell at me if I don't do as they say.
My 2 older kids are sick of seeing me cry and they are threating to move out.
I have tried to talk to him however he just gets mad and tell me to go F**k myself. A couple of days after he goes on his rampage he is super nice to me and tell me he loves me. I am a 36 year old never been married woman and I am scared I will never find someone who will love me without calling me names. People say to leave but its not that easy, we rent our house and the lease is in his name and my moms name. I am afraid that if I do leave he will screw over my mom by not paying the rent. He is drinker and I don't drink, I find he is worst when he drinks or when he have not had a drink into him.

I feel lonely and lost please help me!!!
Replied By: kdvandiver on Apr 13, 2009, 5:29PM
I also was in an abusive relationship. I was married to a man for 15 years and was constantly mentally & physically abused. My husband would say things like i was a dried up prune. I will never get another man. I am nothing without him, that I was unworthy to receive love, i was ugly, and deserved everything I got from his abuse.  I couldn't even let my children come over or my grandchildren come over because my daughter dated black men & my grandchildren are half black (which is really hilarious to me now because my ex husband is now living with a black woman). He would choke me, give me black eyes, I had bruises on my arms and legs. One time I have a bruise on my leg from the hip aal the way down to the my knee. another time he pushed me so hard that i hit the corner of the night stand and the whole right side of my face was black & blue, swollen and my eyes was almost swollen shut. He never once say he was sorry, only said I made him him do it, and that I deserved it. When my Mom died, he made me leave my parents home and leave my dad who was emotional distraught after losing my mom (they had been married 50 years) to come home and pick him up, he couldn't even drive himself over there, I had to drop everything to rush home to pick him up. When my Dad died in 2005, he told my sister minutes before he died to make sure that I was free from my husband (my dad worried everyday about me living with that man. especially since my dad was a man of morales, his family meant everything to him (he had 9 children). he gave all of us nothing but unconditional love, and hw always told us we deserved only that in relationships, and to sttle for nothing less. he instilled in us "Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you". We lived by that all our lives, that was why it was so hard for my Dad to see me in an abusive relationship. I even tried to comit suicide by taking a bottle of aspirins (my dad saw all of this and what my ex was doing to me.) while I was married because I couldn't take the abuse any longer, and didn't know how to get out from under his control. I started believing everything my husband would say to me, I often asked myself  "what is wrong with me, why doesn't anyone love me". I had no self esteem left, I felt that noone would ever love me, that I wasn't capable of finding love, that no man would ever want me or love me. I am a very giving, caring, and loving person who a;lways treated others with respect and love. That was why I couldn't understand why this man who professed his dying love for me would be so abusive, controlling and manipulative. I felt at the time that was all i could get and that I was lucky to have him. He use to call my dad names and say my family was a bunch of losers even though i have a sister who is a partner in a corporate law firm, twi sisters who are educators, and another sister who is a pyschcologist in a elementary school.  We all have gone to college (my Dad made sure we all had that opportunity with him paying for all of us to be able to go to college), my ex doesn't even have a high school diploma, but he said he was better than me, that I should count my lucky stars that he was my husband, and that he didn't leave me because without him I was nothing, and would never be nothing. So I know dirst hand what abuse can do to a person, emotionally and why they feel like there is no alternative, and why they feel trapped and are unable to leave that relationship. I've been there amd can tell you what it can do to you mentally.
Replied By: lovemysoldier on Mar 24, 2009, 6:40AM - In reply to sharebearboo
ok first i off, i said i do not agree with how he acts at all. i dont think any man or woman has the right to lay there hands on someone. i was saying he needs help with more than just his anger. there are other issues than just that. and second of all i also said kurt had drug problems also, and if they were willing to go on a show about athe abuse well then maybe they should have told there whole story not just bits and peaces of it. Im not blaming his childhood, because i raised with him and im not with a man that beats me and i dont hit my husband of  10yrs, i was just saying he needs help with other issues or he is never going to change.
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