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After Nadya Suleman’s two-part special with Dr. Phil, the cameras keep rolling. Dr. Phil leads a town hall meeting between the mother everyone is talking about and the studio audience. See Nadya openly answer viewers’ questions: How will she take care of herself while caring for 14 kids? Where will the children be while she pursues her education? How will she find transportation for all her kids? Where will the organization that's agreed to help her, Angels in Waiting, get the funds to assist with 14 children? How will the donations coming in be handled? Is the sperm donor aware that he has fathered 14 kids? Then, Nadya leaves the stage but the discussion continues without her. The audience doesn't hold back with their heated comments. Plus, as Nadya prepares to move into her new home and make it suitable for the influx of babies, how will her new neighborhood react to the mom of 14 and the media frenzy that follows? Talk about the show here.
Find out what happened on the show.
Replied By: pada10 on Sep 25, 2012, 3:51PM
Thank you, Dr. Phil, for showing compassion & understanding during your interview with Nadya.  I hate all the bad comments and the bad publicity that she receives.  She is intelligent and articulate and a very good mother, in my opinion, given her circumstances.  Nadya is deserving of any good that comes to her.
Replied By: pada10 on Sep 25, 2012, 3:31PM - In reply to monique1975
Very well said!  Thank you.
Replied By: monique1975 on Sep 24, 2012, 6:08PM
I hesitated to come look at these comments because I knew they'd be the usual self-righteous blattering there always is on this topic but let me tell you what I really think just the same.

Yes, what Nadya did having the octoplets on top of her 6 older children was stupid, stupid beyond words, but I know I wouldn't have an abortion if I realized I was carrying healthy babies, so I don't care about that.  I also don't care that she has 14 kids and next to no money to raise them: not so long ago families of 14, 18 and over 20 kids were the norm without anyone asking for credit checks beforehand. There's no husband? Big deal. By the time kids are this age most fathers have flown the coop anyways and the child support they send,when they send it, is laughable, so... she'd still be in this bind.I think tens of millionsof women can attest to that right now.

What I do have a problem with is how messed up your system is. Sure there would have been the same initial grumbling about this situation, but where I live, this woman would have had all these kids in daycare while she went to school and finished her education instead of having a mad scramble to make ends meet. Think about it. This circus has been going on for 4 years by now she'd be on her way to a well-paying job after her doctorate in psychology and would be getting off any form of assistance, public begging and media FOREVER .And what's better, it would have happened minus all this scandal, but you prefer putting people in the stocks when they're down because it makes you feel better to have someone to scorn. You certainly haven't strayed far from your Puritan ancestors, have you?

As for giving the kids up. Yeah, that sounds like a marvelous idea. Kids in foster care speak so highly of how they're treated in it. Make no mistake they're not cute babies so foster care-and all it's abuses-is the next stop if she can't keep it together for them. And, by the way, foster parents would get hansomely paid to mistreat all those kids- so much for saving your precious tax dollars.(Don't bother telling me about the wonderful foster parents you know, they're as rare as hen's teeth or you wouldn't have noticed how good they are.)

It's typical of how blind you are to the way your society makes sure that anyone who is up stays up, and anyone who is down stays down, that you're not wondering why this woman (and millions of others who didn't even make dumb choices) can never be helped out without having to grovel or debase themselves. I don't see nearly as much venom spewed towards people like bankers who got, not a few hundred thousand in medical care and assistance for children, but tens of millions each of your tax money to party and lobby for the continuation of lax regulations. I don't see it, and I'll never see it, because you secretly believe that if someone is rich it's because they're virtuous and blessed which means someone who is poor must be scum and cursed.

Good Luck with that mentality now that the glass ceiling is getting closer and closer to your own heads.I remember Dr. Phil often saying that if you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem. I haven't seen any comment here that was part of the solution.The kids are already here, get over it already and pitch in instead of Monday morning quarterbacking like you always do.

As for me, I'll be looking for ways to send her kids some help since it seems like Miss Suleman loves America too much to get away from the selfish lot of you.

Replied By: careforwhom on May 5, 2009, 11:46PM - In reply to maybol556
Suleman IS  a  CONTROL FREAK - Her past history proves this.

Hopefully, Dr. Phil sees ("gets") this as well. That would really set him apart from the rest of the talk show hosts.
Replied By: careforwhom on May 5, 2009, 11:41PM - In reply to sbrewer82973
There is not much to understand regarding this Suleman Parasite: She is a psychopath in the worst sense since she is using her innocent children to further her financial narcissistic goals.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I wish you all the best hoping you will succeed in achieving your dreams, no matter how many Suleman's may appear on the face of this selfish, antisocial, and egotistical world.

Take care

Replied By: careforwhom on May 5, 2009, 11:36PM - In reply to babyduck1949
This woman is USING  her children for her financial goals -- WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES!!!!!!!
If you CAN smell these roses, which are covered in thorns by the way, then you should run as fast as yoiu can for the SULEMAN roses smell like a hole full of cadavers!!!!


Replied By: careforwhom on May 5, 2009, 11:30PM - In reply to rayvn1004
Regrettably, I do not have the ovaries left to get impregnated with multiple eggs. Oh well, if only I had known then that this could be a F........ GREAT WAY to live without working for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!
Replied By: careforwhom on May 5, 2009, 11:26PM - In reply to iamtylersmom
This woman will never do the right thing so to speak:
She needs them  because they are her bread and butter -- SHE  could not live without them.

She already had her other children to get support from the state and her parents.
Now that her parents are tapped out, she has to use these innocent octuplets to further HER financial goals.

It is really very simple. She is a user, has always been a user, and will always be a user.
Support her????? Hell, no.
Replied By: rayvn1004 on Apr 2, 2009, 7:18PM
Maybe if I were stupid and selfish enough, like this mother, I could get people to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars so I don't ever have to work or have any responsibilities.
Replied By: iamtylersmom on Apr 1, 2009, 6:51PM
I am the mother of three children and step mother to three children.  I have a husband and it is even HARD with that.  I read both sides of the coin about Nayda. 
All three of my children were preemies first born at 25 weeks 10 years later another being born at 30 weeks and a third being born at 32 weeks.  I like Nayda wanted a large family however I used my BRAIN and would have NEVER gotten in as over my head as she is!  My lat two children I wanted more than life!  I could not afford IVF and I have a husband...I dont understand how this women can think that it is okay to take care of her family on welfare after she forked over thousands of dollars for IVF numerous times! 
It is my opion that Nadya should give these babies up for an open adoption to people LONG for a baby and have for years and have the finances and are emotionally capable of taking care of them so they can thrive!!  I am not saying that Nayda is a HORRIBLE mother but there is NO WAY that she can give them the attention that they will need to thrive.  I agree that FOSTER car is NOT a better option but adopting them out to people that she chooses on an open adoption is her best bet!!
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